Best Things That Could Happen to Humanity

Which are the most significant things that could happen that would be beneficial to us?
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1 We live in peace and harmony

We should all know that we will never have peace in our world until Jesus returns. The Bible says that Jesus will return very soon, but we will never know when except for Him. Once it happens, and the end of the world is associated with it, evil will be gone forever.

Sadly, this might never happen. Humanity, shame on you. You've ruined this beautiful Earth. How could you?! Earth is crying, Earth is dying, all because of you!

We can dream. Hopefully, one day there will be no wars, no fights, and no religion. Just everyone coming together as one in peace. I can dream, can't I?

2 Extinct animals of our choosing become resurrected
3 We find a peaceful and advanced civilization from outer space
4 Poverty is completely eradicated
5 We bring a person back from the dead

In this way, we could find out if anything happens after death.

6 We find out the truth about the origin of the universe itself, and its purpose

It would certainly eliminate a lot of pesky wars.

7 Deforestation and poaching are eradicated

The world is already overpopulated and polluted. Why should we keep developing settlements at the expense of the natural world for the sake of the economy? Ban currency and enforce population control. Poachers profit from poaching due to the flawed societies of 2015. This is currency's fault for valuing animal products.

This is the one thing on this list that would be extremely good. Poaching is creating large dents in the ecosystem and extinction. Deforestation is so horrible that I can't even explain how bad it is in one paragraph. This would be a really good thing for humans.

8 We invent a Time Machine which allows humanity to travel back as invisible visitors

I wouldn't change my life because of paradoxes, but I would like to watch many events that have happened in history.

If we could go back about 15,000 years, we could see civilization as early as Mesopotamia.

Historical records will be able to be fully verified!

9 Religion is united under one church

In this way, different beliefs from different cultures will eventually fully accept beliefs different from their own in the most positive manner.

This is quite an interesting concept. I'd personally like to see what the result of this would be.

10 Jesus returns
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11 Humans go extinct
12 God destroys all evil people

That's a good thing, and it will be almost everybody.

13 Religion is eradicated

As long as there are dumb people, there will always be religion. But one can dream.

14 True freedom
15 Earth's population gets culled to 2 billion people

This is really the only solution. The rest are just band-aids that will provide only temporary solutions.

Only the 2 billion people with the best morals would survive here. It only makes sense, right?

No killing. Just don't reproduce.

16 We get to choose what we look like
17 Humanity travels through the multiverse
18 We defeat the Nephilim

They corrupted mankind. Read the Book of Enoch to understand and know the truth.

19 News industry is abolished
20 God, using his immeasurable power, solves all the problems and ends all suffering forever
21 North Korea falls
22 We create our own heaven
23 Socialism becomes the dominant political ideology
24 No more perversion
25 People get judged by religion less
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