Top Ten Best Things About Autumn

Fall, the leaves are changing color, apple picking, Halloween, thanksgiving, some apple pie, love it!
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1 Thanksgiving

Even though I'm not american, I must say I'm nevertheless a huge fan of this holiday. The concept of it is about being grateful for what you have (even if Black Friday ironically comes right after), and in addition to this, you get to enjoy an amazing meal of a number of foods, like the legendary Turkey!

A holiday that's about family gathering. Great times are in this holiday during fall. Nice meals and great family times. And also the 3 football games to be played on this day.

2 Beautiful Scenery

The changing leaves look wonderful.

3 The Red, Orange, and Yellow Colored Leaves on Trees

The greenery of summer is amazing too, but there's just something so special and soothing about seeing the forests in an orange hue. It gives off a different feeling from the green summer forests, and it's equally as special and stunning. Even better when it's red.

The leaves are very beautiful in Fall. A very colorful orange, red and yellow color. And in very early childhood jumping in piles of leaves were a joy, weren't they?

I love how the trees are red orange and yellow, it makes the fields of trees I can see in the distance out my window look so buetafull.

4 Halloween

Even though I celebrate it completely differently than most people and americans do, I find my way better because logic. But..., carving pumpkins is really satisfying and feels accomplishing, and it's even better when you're eating pherhaps a fresh pumpkin pie. I don't understand the trick or treat and scary part of this holiday, but carving pumpkins and eating pies is amazing!

Halloween is a pretty fun holiday if your still in your early years. All about trick or treating and getting candy and also Halloween costume parties with friends. And also for some reason bobbing apples.

5 Everything is Calm
6 Cool Weather

The temperature during autumn is absolutely amazing, especially if you live in the right areas. In contrast to the radical extremes during winter and summer, Autumn is a breeze, with its slightly cold but incredibly comfortable temperature. Even compared to Spring I like it far better, because in the latter, there's this semi-warm feel to it, but instead your head feels too light. This one is the winner.

As long as it isn't raining, the weather in Autumn is amazing thanks to the moderate temperature, slight breezes..., and even when it is raining, it's incredibly comfortable if you're inside watching it from there.

7 Election Day
8 Pumpkins

Pumpkins can be used for many things. Jack-o-Lanterns, Carbon, pumpkin pie, and many other things. And pumpkins are usually grown in fall and used for many things.

Pumpkin pie, pumpkin decoration, pumpkin scent.

I do like carving them! I also love pumpkin pie!

9 Apples

Apple pie is my all time faverote! I go apple picking with my cousins then go home and make an apple pie, my grandma makes a really great one, I also like apple sauce!

10 Crunchy Sound Leaves Make

Who doesn't love the sound of crunchy leaves? I remember playing in leaf piles when I was really young, and that combined with the orange colours makes it even better.

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11 Gets Dark Earlier

This is both good and bad but good because it creates an incredibly comfortable feeling of safety and warmth if you have a house. Just imagine yourself eating a nice dinner with candles while it's pitch black outside. It feels great doesn't it?

12 School

Meeting new people and learning new things.

13 Sweaters

During fall hoodies and sweaters are very common to wear and they are very comfortable. Wearing cozy clothes during fall is best.

You could wear comfy sweaters in fall, without needing heavy coats

14 Raking Leaves and Jumping Into Piles

I still enjoy that to be honest.

15 It Makes You Cozy
16 The Fresh Air

The air smells much better during autumn than in any other season. In Summer, it's a bit too warm, in winter, it hurts because of how cold it is, and during spring it makes your head feel light and "weirdish". Autumn air has the perfect combination of crispiness, not too cold, and just feeling fresh overall.

Just the air is so refreshing. It's not humid or thin at all, just perfect and feels great to breathe it in.

17 Hot Chocolate

Even though it's more common in Winter, but this is where it all starts. Near the end of November it starts to get colder, so this is when hot chocolate becomes more common to drink to keep yourself warm.

18 New Seasons of TV Shows
19 Pie
20 Pumpkin Spice Lattes
21 Hiking

Hiking during the Fall is a great time in my opinion. In summer it's very hot and humid and will cause you to sweat. During winter it's to cold and you'll wear big things like cats and jackets. But in fall, it will be a beautiful sight with very colorful leaves and great weather.

22 Seeing Your Friends at School Again

It's always nice to see your friends again. Hopefully.

23 Going Camping
24 Concerts

I'm going to see MCR this October after waiting 2 years due to the pandemic to see them perform live .

25 Rain

Although it does rain in other seasons as well (at least where I live), fall is usually when it starts to rain and I love the rain.

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