Top Ten Things That Elements of Nature Symbolize

The Top Ten
1 Air - Freedom

Air is something you can't conquer. It's everywhere and belongs to everyone. No entity can ever monopolize it.

That reminds me of a Big Lots commercial!

Air is everywhere, freedom.

2 Water - Peace

Every form of water? So tsunamis are peaceful?

Wow, this is such a creative list :O. Nice!

Whether it's oceans, seas, or rain, water in every form defines the qualities of calmness, coolness, cheerfulness, and in short... peace.

3 Sky - Hope

The sky is hope. Sky is something that has no boundaries. It always has something for us. It's the sky that envelops the air for us to breathe, blocks the UV rays, and it's always there. The sky is our gateway to the rest of the universe and thus it symbolizes hope.

4 Forest - Knowledge

The forest encompasses everything about life: the resources, the history of life from dinosaurs to the modern world. It records everything. It's where humans started their lives, and it's where we all have our roots.

Forests are full of trees.
Trees stand for a long time, observing and watching.

5 Land - Opportunity

Sailors of the medieval European period went on long voyages in search of new continents, new land, for new opportunities, for resources, for trade opportunities, and for the settlement of their ever-growing population. More land means more resources, and more opportunities in every possible field.

The land of opportunity.

6 Sun - Power

Every form of energy present on our planet comes from the sun, except for geothermal energy. From wind power to the energy present in our food, to all weather phenomena, it's all from the sun. Without the sun, all life would come to a standstill. It's definitely our source of power.

Scientifically, we are all solar-powered. Plants consume solar energy for photosynthesis, releasing the oxygen which we use to power ourselves.

7 Biodiversity - Happiness

Biodiversity as a whole brings a smile to our face. The Earth is a happy place only because of the life that resides in it. Without it, it would be as dull as the rest of the planets in our solar system.

Symbolizes overcrowdedness for me.

8 Lightning - The Unexpected

In thunderstorms, no one knows when and where lightning will strike. It's always unexpected, and that's probably what's so frightening about it. Undoubtedly, it's our symbol of the unexpected.

9 Fire - Rage

For example, forest fires: fire represents rage and destruction.

10 Mountains - Hidden Potential

Mountains are something that is exploited the least because of the rough terrain. But they have many untapped resources we have yet to find. Mountains are also a symbol of the unknown and thus of hidden potential.

The Contenders
11 Ice - loneliness
12 Snow - Joy

Oh joy, I'm going to freeze to death because of the weather.

13 Earth - Life
14 Nature - Beauty
15 Light - Joy
16 Clouds - Serenity

Clouds float by freely and gently, serenely.

I want fluffy clouds.

17 Wind - Confusion
18 Shadow - Mistrust
19 Rose - Love
20 Flowers

Flowers are nice.

21 Rotten Apple - Two-Faced
22 Birds - Freedom

I think that birds are the best sign of freedom.

23 Darkness - Evil
24 Ice - Stillness
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