Top Ten Things That Keep People Up In the Middle of the Night

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1 Heat

My room is the only bedroom in my house without an air-con. It's horrible during the summer, it gets very hot and I really don't like it. That's one of the reasons I'm not fond of summer.

If your bed is too Hot you can't sleep but if your bed is too cold also can't sleep because of the blocked nose from It.

This usually happens to me. I usually don't want to get out of bed in the middle of the night, but sometimes I have to.

2 Noises

My neighbors are huge fans of hammering the walls, at night! To make it all the more harder to sleep, my sister watches stupid YouTube videos in the middle of the night, AT FULL VOLUME! My grandma's making all huff and puff in the room between mine and my sister's rooms, so sleeping through the night successfully is pretty rare.

Once when I went to a college camp and stayed in the dorm, I stayed awake all night because the bed would squeak every time I moved. I'm one of those guys who moves around a lot while sleeping. It wasn't just me; I think that everyone had that problem.

3 Light

Yes, I can't sleep with light. My family doesn't have the same problem though, so when they walk through the house, they generally leave all the lights on. Normally, I have to get up and leave my warm bed to turn the light off, otherwise the light goes under my door.

Oh gosh! I HATE this! Me and my younger sisters share a room and my youngest sister, (5 years) likes to use the lantern and blare the light like torture burning me and my sisters eyes out

Well, the light I'm talking about is the light from either the alarm clock, or the hallway light.

4 Animals

My cats are always screaming their head off to go outside. Even though I close my door at night, I can still hear it and it's extremely annoying.

The dogs will wake you up...And some humans at night bark like dogs riding their two wheelers, Wonder who exactly the dog is...

They will Steal all of my Blanket and Will snore and always need to Go out in the Middle of the night.

5 Homework

Especially if it is due tomorrow and you haven't done it yet.

6 Video Games

They can Be very addicting and you can't get your eyes off them.

7 Insomnia

Blame my phone, blame homework, but in the end. It's insomnia that's keeping me awake, I can spend hours eyes shut and still, exhausted with melatonin taken, I still wont be able to sleep. Non-insomniacs really must not know what that feels like, because they're hardly empathetic.

With your brain pushing to keep you awake, your life becomes cumulatively stressing.

8 Nightmares
9 Flies
10 Pain

Can't sleep if you in serious pain.

The Contenders
11 Crazy imagination

Oh yes My imaginations...About so many things that just get stuck in my mind and won't go...It's like a fact that the more you try to calm your mind the more the thoughts emerge

12 Bullies
13 Anxiety
14 Excitement

I can sometimes be so very excited for something. This month, I'm visiting Bohol for the 4th time!

15 Technology

Sometimes I open my dad's phone or keep my laptop firing up just to continue with my business. It's all in the night

Haha that's true, I love to watch movies at night or listen to music

16 Ghosts

Ghosts are not real. But even if they were, just call Ghostbusters, because Egon can be really sexy sometimes!

17 Things Falling

It gets annoying and You have to pick it up in the Middle of the night and it will fall again and again.

18 Porn

This is horrible and disgusting to think about. I don't know what's wrong with people nowadays

How the hell is this not on the list?

19 Having to go to the bathroom
20 Bodily Functions

I kept having this last week at Guide camp and I got constantly yelled at by the leaders.

21 Reading
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