Top Ten Things You Shouldn't Leave Home Without

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1 Your Cell Phone

If you do not have your cellphone with you, then there would be no way to contact others if you are lost or in case of an emergency.

Well, cell phones always get confiscated during school time.

Blackberry? I haven't seen one of those things in years.

2 Your Money

The number 1 thing we can't live without is money. No doubt, it is part of our life. Because in this earth, there is no free. In reality, we can't live without money because we have different needs that makes us to be happy. Who doesn't like money? Of course, we love money. It's all about our needs which sustain us happiness. It's all about the Money, MONEY, Money...

NO DOUBT! We can't live without money. How we can buy our needs? Of course we need money because we love money. Money is very important to us!

Oh come on I understand some of u have jobs but some of us range from 14 to 9 do we really need money besides lunch and the ones to pay for your education to go to school?

3 Your Sense of Humour

I have a difficult sense of humor. People on the internet seem to get it, but no one at school.

Britgirl, you must never leave home without yours. You have a great sense of humor.

Under no circumstances leave this behind - you'll need it where you're going.

4 Your Brain

This is weird. Thankfully Justin Bieber himself isn't here though. The locket one is also weird but I can't vote two things.

This doesn't make any sense. You cannot move or think or, you know, breathe, if you don't have a brain.

If you forgot your brain at home, you'd be kinda dead. At least it got a break. It is constantly active, like ALWAYS

5 A Song

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" helps - and sing it with gusto! You can't sing a song like this in a timid, little voice.

6 Your Wallet
7 Your Gun

I never leave home without it. In fact, in a way it ensures I can make it back home in one piece, even if some criminal was planning otherwise.

Only when you live in some criminal place.

Yeah, you're probably right on this one.

8 Your Right Shoe

As sure as God made little apples, by the time you've finished work and scrambled about with tube passengers, you'll have no shoes left - so at least remember to take the RIGHT one!

A proud leftie is here to say that the left shoe is important as well! In fact, leaving without it will make you look like a nut!

9 Your Homework

Too late. I used it as toilet paper and flushed it down the toilet.

I left it at home and I don't care.

10 Your Clothing

Imagine going to school and realising that you forgot your clothes.

No one (myself included) wants to go around the city or blah blah blah..

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11 Your House Keys

This is important. Without your house keys, you can't go in your house anymore.

12 Your Mirror

This is a fun thing to do with a mirror: hold the mirror up to someone's head (with the mirror bit facing you of course) and pretend that YOUR head is on THEIR shoulders. Silly, but it passes time.

I've never thought of that, simply hilarious what you think of, Tina! I must try that someday...

This is funny. A woman's head on a man's body. Yeah it would look crazy. Funny.

13 Your First Aid Kit
14 Your Condoms

Especially since it would be best if some of us didn't reproduce. (I'm looking at you, parents on Supernanny)

15 Your Underwear

This is the most important thing we shouldn't ever leave behind going outside home and I think I don't need to tell why is it so.

16 Your Sanity

True. Who knows where you would end up without it?

17 Your Self Respect

Definitely the most important quality.

18 Your Portable Gaming System

Who knows, maybe you'll get bored while waiting on a line or something.

When I want to enjoy myself, I take my 3DS.

Ugh! I clicked on this by accident.

19 Your Knife
20 Your Newspaper
21 Your Key
22 A Snack

Don't leave it in your bag too long, cause it magically becomes black.
It looks really cool- but when you try to pick it up...

You never know when you will need some taste in your life.

That awful moment when you're hungry... And you see someone eating a banana

23 Your Bible
24 Your Phone
25 Your Dignity
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