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1 The Hookman

The legend goes that a young teenage couple was parked at a lovers lane. As they were about to go "all the way" they heard a news report about a serial killer with a hook for a hand who had escaped in the area. The girl freaks out but the guy isn't ready to go. Finally the guy gives up and takes her home. He gets out to let her out of the car, and that's when he sees it. Dangling from the car door handle is a hook.

2 The Killer in the Backseat
3 Aren't You Glad You Didn't Turn on the Lights?

This urban legend is about two college roommates. There's a final exam the next day, and one of them decides to study while the other decides to sleep. When the studious roommate leaves to get an extra book, she comes back to rustling noises and moaning. Assuming her roommate is having sex, she decides to leave them alone and study in another room. When it gets too late, the studious roommate goes to sleep and leaves the lights off so as not to wake her roommate. The next morning, she wakes up to find her roommate brutally murdered, and on the wall, written in her blood, are the words "Aren't you glad you didn't turn on the lights?"

4 The Body in the Wall

A construction worker knocks down a wall, and finds out that their was a skeleton bones in the back of that wall. Joseph Schneider was the person behind that wall. It turns out that that he has been missing for 27 years! He climb a chime trying to brake into a bank in 1994.

5 The Old Woman Buried Alive

A woman was buried alive, thinking that she was dead.

6 The Premature Burial
7 The Quietly Dead Guy

A guy has appeared to be passed out on a bus. Most people thought he was just asleep but until the bus driver checks his body and finds out that he's actually dead. But here's the real story, in 2011 Robert Young and Ark Rubinson was a friend's house named Jeffrey jaret only to find him passed out, and they load him into a car and they party at night. But the only thing is that, he was dead in the back seat the whole entire time. They thought that he was passed out.

8 Ants in the Brain
9 The Body Under the Bed
10 Brain Bugs

This one may be disturbing. This one got me in the creeps. this one guy, goes to bed and wakes up noticing that he has a pain in his ear. But it turned out that the pain was caused by these bugs that nested in his skull. In 2013 an old woman named Machele Harris set a vacation to somewhere, and afterwards she started hearing scratching noises inside of her own head. She decided to go see the doctor after a fly flew out of her ear. It turns out that several flesh eating maggots have nested deep inside of her ear canal.

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11 Calls from the Dead

This person gets mysterious many phone calls from a family member, but turns out that the family members were dead when these calls took place. But this actually happened! It's unbealievable but on September 12, 2008 their was a train crash that killed 25 people. One of those people was Charles Pact. Many members has reported missed phone calls by Charles Pact. He has called several of them 35 times in a row after his pass. Family member think that Charles was trying to get a hold of them trying to tell them that he loves them.

12 The Fatal Tan
13 Creatures in Your Toilet

This is another one that gave me the creeps. This may be disturbing. A man gets out of bed half asleep in the middle of the night and walks to the restroom to do his stuff. But all of a sudden he got bit by a giant rat right on the tush. In 2007 in Portland Oregon, a man did just that. A giant rat got trapped in his toilet bowl. But, the man tried to flush it which got the rat even more angry. Unfortunately! The man caught it!

A yes but that happens a lot in the U.S.

14 The Girl in the Shadows

This is about a man having the thought and feeling that he was being watched by a girl. But it turned out that in his own house. A girl has been living in his attic this whole entire time! This legend did happen back in 2008, their was a chines man that was living by him self discovering that food has been vanishing and stuff were being misplaced. But the man set up a camera, and noticing that a homeless woman has been living in his home for an entire year! She's been sneaking food and even taking showers. But when he watched the tape back, she was only a few feet away from the fridge.

15 Carmen Winstead
16 The Killer Police Man

A cop knocks of somebody's door and tells them that their's a murderer on the loss and when the person lets the cop inside, the cop was actually the murderer! The cop chops them up. This conflict happened in 1974 when a woman was approached to a book store by a police officer. But turns out that this officer was a cereal killer! He told this woman that somebody tried to brake into her vehicle. The woman went with him but the officer tried to hand cuff her.

A good creepypasta indeed. Gives me chills.

17 Humans Can Lick Too

This is just plain creepy. The girl found her dog dead with the words written on the bathroom mirror in the dog's blood: Humans Can Lick Too. Probably a pedophile or escaped mental patient that found his way into the house. Either way, it's creepy.

This one is creepy! So this girl was in her bed and she heard dripping noises in the

One of the more disturbing legends on this list.

18 The Knife in the Briefcase
19 The Choking Doberman

It turned out that someone broke into the house and the Doberman was choking on his finger. Very unsettling!

20 Bloody Mary

One of the most urban legends in history.

21 Don't Drink the Water

This is a legend when a person moves into a new home and he found out that the water coming out of his faucet is a dark black color. This water was not water at all. It was liquid from a dead body! But in 2013, in a hotel in LA (Los Angeles), it was later to discover that their was a liquid dead body inside of the hotel. This liquid was traveling threw out the hotel. It turns out that it was a Canadian student who's body was dead, and dripping liquid. Nobody knew how that body got there.

22 The Clown Statue

A teenage girl is babysitting for a rich family while the parents are out for the night. She calls the parents to ask if she can watch T.V. in their room since none of the other rooms had cable. However, she asks if she can cover up the clown statue in the corner because it's her out; however, the father says they don't own a clown statue and tells the girl to get the kids and call the police. An escaped mental patient perhaps?

23 Kidney Thieves & Ice Baths

A guy get's kidnapped and drugged and wakes up in a bath tub full of ice cubes where his kidneys used to be. Gross! But, sorry to say but, this turned out to be true, except for the ice part. In 2008 an Indian construction worker was told he was hired for a new job. When he arrived he was drugged and knocked out! But he woke up on a steel table with his kidney gone. Very disturbing. And that is it. I hope you enjoyed this theory.

24 Bunny Man Bridge

A man in a bunny costume that murders people. That sounds like a movie

25 Peeing on the Third Rail
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