Top 10 Ways to Annoy Short People

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1 Get down on your knees and look at them eye-to-eye

I had a classmate in first grade who really disliked me and called me names. I should do this when I see him because I'm at least two feet taller than he is.

I did this to someone I knew who was 5'0", and I'm 6'4". He wasn't, how shall I put it, happy.

Gee, I'm laughing at this so hard, and I'm short myself!

2 Buy them items (chairs, tables, etc.) designed for kids

I couldn't help having a little giggle. No offense, shorter people.

My dad still gets me kids' clothes, and they fit! Thanks for reminding me, Dad.

3 Say, "Can you reach that for me?"
4 Say, "How's the weather at that altitude?"

I think this would be funnier to say to a tall person.

This is hilarious. Short people would be angry.

No, say this: "How's the weather down there?"

5 Dangle something above them if they ask you for something

I remember when I was 4 years old, someone about 5 years older did this to me. He may still be taller than me today, but it's unlikely, and I would certainly love to do the same thing again.

There is a home video of me as a toddler where my mom was dangling a piece of lo mein noodle above me at a restaurant in Philadelphia's Chinatown.

I am human, not a puppy!

6 Offer them piggyback rides

That'll be fun. The good thing about weighing 83 lbs is that no one struggles when they give me a piggyback ride.

7 Say, "Come here," and when they are halfway there, ask, "Are you tired yet?"

I'm quite short, and I am quite fast. Well, I used to be. I still am, just not as fast as I used to be. My endurance was much better than it is now. I need exercise.

This is the best one here. Haha! I didn't know that collaborations are done at TheTopTens. This is the first time I'm seeing one. I wish I could try one too!

Great list, Positron and CG!

Well, I am pretty fast and energetic, so I won't feel tired.

8 Put your arm on them like an armrest

Do this to everyone your height as well. It's a sign of friendship. We are willing to put our trust in you to support our arms. Isn't that cool to think about?

I agree. This annoys me when people do it to me. Please, don't do this to us short people. It starts hurting with you bony-armed people.

Everyone is taller than me, and I hate it when people do this.

9 Ask if they need a booster seat when they go to sit down
10 Glance around as if you cannot see them when talking to them

I absolutely hate it when those giants in my class, who are nearly 1.5 times my height, do this to me.

And that's the point in time when shorty decides to kick you in the shins.

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11 Crane your neck down at them like a flamingo
12 Call them short
13 Call them an "oversized mouse"

This is annoying. People can't get it through their heads that we are oversized humanoid mice, not basic oversized mice. (Note obvious sarcasm.)

This one is hilarious! It must be higher on this list.

I'm short, but this is one cool list.

14 Call them each of the Seven Dwarfs
15 Say, "I can't hear you from all the way down there"
16 Pat them on the head
17 Pick them up and say, "Now can you touch the top of that doorframe?"
18 Call them "fun-sized"
19 Put an elf hat on them
20 Call them Lucas
21 Ask them to get something from a high shelf

This really annoys me. Like, do you really expect me to reveal my secret identity as a tiny ninja just to get you something? No!

22 Stand next to them

Today on the bus, I felt something brush my shoulder, and there was this tiny woman there. She seemed personally offended by my presence in that space. It was a crowded bus, so she was forced to stand there, looking into my shoulder for the next 30 minutes. Served her right. She was probably about 4'6.

When tall or even average-sized people stand next to a short person, it makes the short person feel even shorter.

23 Tiptoe over them and bend down, making them bend back

Did this to my little brother, and he felt short!

24 Tell them their neck must hurt from looking up all day

Yes! I've been dying to find something mean as revenge to this really short brat!

25 Measure them
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