Top 10 Tips on How to Be a Good American

It just seems like the U.S. is getting worse and worse (mainly American culture that is). It honestly scares me sometimes that my homeland is starting to go down the drain in a certain way. So because of that I've decided to make a list on how we can evolve as a nation and as a culture.

The following tips are just my own personal tips on how to make the country's culture look more better. I'm sure there's more tips but you're free to add them if you want. These are just my tips and how they can help you out in American life.

Hopefully this list turns out good and doesn't spark anger in anyone. I'm NOT trying to offend. I'm just trying to help.
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1 Be Polite to Other People

Not saying all Americans are rude, but this is important as we want to keep a clean and classy image towards other countries. Seriously, reputation matters. Never forget that.

So most of these items seem as they are important but is this a list of things many Americans should improve on?

I'm American, and I always try to be polite.

2 Learn More About American History

Americans are so parochial. As well as learning about America, how about learning about other countries in the world. There is a whole lot more to the world than America and there are Americans who know very little about the rest of the universe.

This is important because we should never forget the most important events that led to the formation of our own country. Enough said.

Not just America, that also applies to any country where you're living.

3 Raise Your Children Better

I've noticed that a lot of American parents don't seem to raise their kids better. They would just let them be online wathcing videos they're not supposed to and have them upload sexually suggestive videos (most of these kids are as young as 12-years-old. Gross I know).
It's important to know that being a parent is a really serious thing because sometimes we need kids to grow up into people who might help all of us change the world for the better. Really think about it because if we have more kids like Danielle Bregoli and Malu Trevejo then we're absolutely screwed as a race.

4 Be More Classy

I honestly would like my country more if it was less uncultured. I get it's a free land but seriously have some class. Again, I'm not saying all Americans are unclassy, just a few.

Yeah! More feeling! More heart! Less fake fashion!

5 Don't Be Homophobic

Yes, this is a big issue America is a free country we love who we want we are who we are we can't help that it's not our fault. You shouldn't get mad or be disgusted about that.

6 Obey the Law
7 Try to Help Others Out

This is important because it would make us all look better as we would be helping more people within the country. We could help others out with certain issues and even give them enough important information that they need to know (like this whole list because I personally think they need to know some of the tips I've listed. Just saying).

Expecting altruism is unrealistic, and forcing altruism unfair. Charity is wonderful but should not be permanent. Better to show people how to help themselves, and change their own circumstances.

8 Learn as Much as You Can

Note: I'm not saying that all Americans are uneducated in certain things like politics, science, history, etc. but I put this here anyway because I don't think this applies to just Americans. It could apply to anyone of any country. We all need to learn enough about different things if we're going to take action. Fortunately for all of us the internet is much better now and we can learn things faster. But we shouldn't forget to read a good book once in a while either.

9 Eat Healthy

I don't think this necessarily applies to Americans, but just about any other nation. The US is already stereotyped as being fat and lazy so we really don't want that kind of stereotype at all. We'll eventually have to give up processed foods if we really wanna live longer.

The fast food industry would collapse because of this sudden change of course. Can't put healthy and American in the same sentence.

Yes. Sometimes they should cut down the fast food and chips get some veggies and fresh meat in the diet. That should help them

10 Do Not Litter

I'm American, and I hate finding trash on the ground because somebody was apparently too lazy to take it to a garbage or recycling bin. How hard is it to walk to a garbage bin and throw your trash in there?

This is really important. We want to protect our land's environment so it's really not that hard at all if we just recycle our empty bottles and cans. Littering is against the law anyway.

They are talking cr4p about Chinese for this, all while they litter Stop being hypocritical!

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11 Don't Murder People

Yes, definitely, there are two types of murderers, serial killers and spree killers.

12 Take Responsibility for Yourself
13 Be a Good Sport
14 Do Not Renforce Bad Stereotypes

Not saying that Americans do this (what kind of screwed up individual would do it anyway?) But I put it on here anyway because I think it's something to always be reminded about. We should never encourage bad stereotypes in any particular group of people because it isn't right. And we especially don't wanna make ourselves look even more worse as a culture.

15 Don't Abuse Animals
16 Don't Be Racist or Sexist
17 Don't Smoke
18 Be Charitable
19 Don't Vote for Donald Trump in the 2020 Election

I don't like Donald Trump, but everyone has their own choice if they want to vote for Donald Trump or not.

Oh really? I know Redrocm didn't add this, but seriously? Unless he meets an SJW like Hillary it's obvious Trump is going to win!

20 Don't Obsess Over Celebrities

One thing I've noticed about Americans is that they obsess over certain celebrities so much. Seriously what's even the point? To me it's honestly a violation of privacy. Plus you don't owe your favorite celebrities anything because they don't even know you in real life so it makes it even more pointless to follow them all the time.

I think it's okay to be obsessed with people like Stephen Hawking or Martin Luther King Jr. because they did some pretty incredible things. But having Logan Paul or Tyler Joseph as your idol is, in my opinion, kind of lame.

21 Be Smart with Your Money
22 Don't Be Addicted to the Internet

There's more to life than the internet. Go outside and do something more productive

23 Care About America More Than Any Other Country

Imagine valuing an abstract idea such as borders and nationality over human lives. What a Egoist spook.

Indeed, you must take care of yourself first before you can take care of others.

Unless you are a Native American. Your ancestors are from another country.

24 Don't Sexually Harass People
25 Don't Drink Too Much Alcohol
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