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1 TanaCon

It's an event that had the potential to be a hit, but it turned out to be a disaster.

Here's the story:

When Tana Mongeau got kicked out of VidCon since the staff saw her dark content and her other hazardous actions, she made a vlog telling us how she felt about the incident and how she decided to host a convention of her own.

So she planned her event in 2 months, and worked with Good Times and their founder Michael Weist, and sold 5,108 unlimited tickets to guests, and the pay came to the event.

The event took place on June 22nd, 2018, at the Anaheim Marriott Suites in Anaheim, Ca, and the thing was that the venue could only hold 1,018 people.

But 5,108 people showed up (though some media posts said 20,000, which wasn't true) and they had to wait in line for 7 hours, outside, with no shade, food or water, as the rules said outdoor liquids of any kind were prohibited, and while food would be brought in, it had to be container-sealed, so it was practically unused, and that also meant no sunscreen, so there was no shade, and they all got sunburned, yet extreme.

Yet they were also severely dehydrated, and some passed out from heatstroke while waiting in line, and once some got in really soon, they were told by the staff to go to the back of the line and were forced to wait in line.

Yet those who first saw the inside of the hotel realized there was hardly anything but a hallway and that there were no creators walking around, and they would get kicked out if they also drank water and/or went to the bathrooms.

Yet it got worse when riots were forming and people were panicking and some wrote graffiti on a dirty car, and just had to suffer through.

Yet she even saw what appeared to be a dead body and she filmed herself laughing at it (Logan Paul move).

Once they got in the hotel, they were chanting Tana's name, and then the event was shut down, leaving everyone disappointed and chanting for... more

3 DashCon
4 Power Morphicon

Held in September 19th, it's based on Power Rangers.

For years, it used to be good, but in 2018, it all went downhill.
There were issues with crowds and staff, which led to long lines where guests had to wait 5 hours to get a badge, and it was outside with nothing to protect them from the Sun's rays.

Like I said, it was good, but it all went downhill from there, though at least the next days there turned out better for them.

When planning a convention, think about the safety of the guests.
It was a horrible start to an otherwise decent convention.

5 Democratic National Convention
6 Republican National Convention
7 RainFurrest
8 VidCon

VidCon wasn't as bad back in the day, but now it's filled with these 'YouTuber's' that I don't know who they are.

9 San Diego Comic Con

It used to be a masterpiece, but then recently it went downhill.

In this, it's pretty much a place where you're on your feet much of your day.
That includes walking for miles in it, and the worst facts happen where you have to in line to get in, as well as to buy food, and you'd still have to wait like 2 hours just to go to the restrooms.
Food and drinks are expensive, imagine paying $16 for a bottle of water.

It's just like a busy day at Disneyland, where you are in crowds, everything is overpriced and you wait hours to go on your favorite rides as well as wait in line to go to the restrooms.

Not to mention the fact that the wait time numbers here are sometimes higher than the real wait times as too with Disney's Attractions.

Imagine wanting to pee when you have to wait that long just to go.

10 AdultCon

What's this? A regular convention, but with stripper poles and lap dances?

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11 New York Comic Con

Just like San Diego, it's an event that used to be good, but then went downhill.
You wait in line for everything in this, including entering, buying food and water, and using the restrooms.
Everything there is expensive, including food and water.

12 Anime Expo

Highly overpriced hotel staying and conversation entrance for 4 days

Again, especially when they thought putting up a bunch of videos still passed for a convention

13 Fyre Festival (2017)
14 BronyCon
15 Las Pegasus Unicon
16 TwitchCon

At TwitchCon 2018, in the wake of the Mandalay Bay Shooting, organizers set up security measures including banning backpacks and bags, therefore prompting people not to bring anything, including food, water or sunscreen.

When it opened, there were huge crowds forming and there was a long line outside in the heat that wrapped around the convention center for 1 1/2 km(0.9320568 miles) and guests had to wait 6 hours to enter and get a badge which costs $190.

Yet part of the line was in the middle of a highway, which is not safe.

Therefore since they were outside waiting in direct sunlight the whole time, they were sunburnt and even dehydrated while waiting 6 hours to get a $190 badge.
Yet many passed out from heatstroke.
Then afterwards, they had to wait more hours to get into the actual event.

What a horrible way to start a convention that's been running successfully for years.

Another convention gone downhill.

17 KVIE Kidsfest
18 PAX

This year at Pax, people waited in line for hours in the bridge on a hot day, and they never got any panels or stuff when they went in.
Sounds like a disaster.

19 BlizzCon

They opened the convention center the day before the actual event so people would wait in line for hours to get badges and stuff, just so the lines for the actual opening days are shorter.
They could've done better than this.
There's safety hazards arising.
It seems this is a thing for conventions nowadays.

20 Beautycon
21 SizeCon
22 Dragon Con
23 E3
24 Otakon
25 Anime Matsuri
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