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Best flag design in the world could even be an old flag.
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1 Flag of Great Britain

Shows unity between 4 separate family nations (the British national family)and a country that just wanted a family of nations it could call its siblings or coerce nation. It is also the bases of so many other flag design and the first to use red, white and blue that work together so well;you can be proud of this flag as it don't just represent one nation but hundreds of past and present history.

The Union jack in my opinion is the best flag ever! Why? Because it not only symbolises a union of strength, courage and power, but it symbolises family, a family of nations that rise and fall together! A symbol of diversity of different cultures and history.

The one with the asterisk looking thing? Yes, I love this flag. You know, like... Ugh, I can't explain. The X with the cross? Yes, *... Something like that. I just love the country, a lot of great music comes from here, or starts here, and I love the flag, it's very nice.

Has to be Great Britain, I mean it looks the best design wise, so asymmetrical, noticeable, it even incorporates the welsh and Scottish flags, into it too, also our flag is in the corner of other flags, that just is really cool man.

2 Welsh Flag

As a welsh lad myself, of course its an amazing flag. The story behind the red dragon is quite simple. There were two dragons, white and red. The white dragon represented England while the red represented the Welsh. After a long fight between the two, the red dragon came out on top. Hence, it has taken the front of the flag along with the famous green plains, and the sky.

At any time, the Welsh flag outstrips any other in the world. The design itself is just amazing. It commands attention and it's a Dragon :) Nobody can forget the design of the Welsh flag. I am Welsh and mighty proud of it, it is rightfully attached to our Myths and Legends.

There are no ancient Welsh myths relating to red dragons, though as this is the emblem under which King Henry VII rode into England to take the throne of Britain it still holds great meaning (even if most Welsh people don't know it). Yes, the Tudors were Welsh

I'm Welsh so I naturally take to this flag, It would be biased to say that I think our flag is the best in the world but I think it is better than the Union Jack nevertheless.

3 United States Flag

The only people who hate the U.S. are douche bag Americans who believe in conspiracies, jackass teenagers that don't know a thing about the government or U.S. history, or people who are jealous of the United States.

Personally, I like the French flag. Very simple and pleasing to the eyes.

The U.S. flag stands for freedom and equality for all and unlike all the European flags this stands for the people that no king queen or anyone by that matter is born with the god given right to rule and control. Not only that this flag represents our allies all the ones we have saved and the ones that have saved us as well. More people have been freed by this flag than any other country I can think of.

Us flag stands for the unity of the fifty states and there history that comes to makes us one unified country. With one unified history.

America and everything it is meant to stand for is represented by this flag. Not only does it look the best. It also has the best name.

4 Nepalese Flag

The most mathematical flag. There are instructions describing how to make the flag without the common maths we have today, but rather with beautiful maths from the time of the ancient Greeks. It's wonderful.

Unique flag. I believe the triangles on sides are the two peaks of Mt. Everest and the moon and sun are special to the Nepalese. I've heard some explain that without the moon and sun, Nepal is not Nepal.

Best and unique among all other flags. Most of the flags have either moon or sun but our flag has both. It means the sun and the moon exists our country will also remain.

Triangle for mountain, red for bravery, blue for peace relation with other nation and moon and sun for pride. All are best symbol to represent the country Nepal.

5 Bhutanese Flag

It is a flag with a dragon on it, and is a sovereign nation, unlike wales.
Bhutan's name in their native language literally means "land of the thunder dragon".

Awesome looking flag with a dragon in the middle, whilst it might not be as smart/sharp/menacing as the Welsh flag, this flag is very cool!

I do not know how it got 11 th rank on this list but in many other best flag lists Bhutan is the best.(first place, Second to none) I would also rank it as 1st place.

How can a flag with a dragon holding oranges not be number 1?

6 Brazilian Flag

The most original flag of the world, not only because of its geometry but also because of the meaning of each colour!

It's so like chill. Every time I see the flag I think of 'Rio' and that is exactly where I want to be right now instead of uk

Each part and color has a coherent meaning
Also is shown how the sky was in the independence day, really meaningful

I don't know why I like it, but it's great!

7 Philippine Flag

The Philippine flag is a great flag. Every color, every symbol, every shape has a meaning.

Just look at the colors, blue on top of red. It means that there is peace in the country, but also means that sometime in its history, the red was on top of blue, and that the red and blue can still be reversed because the Philippines would not let some parts of its history repeat itself.

The white triangle symbolizes equality. And the color white means purity.

In the middle of the triangle is a sun. In the previous flags of the Philippines, the sun already appeared in some of them but only sunrise in the mountains. It means hope. But now it means that the sun has risen representing the eight provinces that fought against Spaniards in its eight rays.

In the corners of the triangle is three stars representing Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao. The three major partitions of the 7,107 islands in the Philippines.

The flag represents the country and its unforgotten history ...more

The Philippine flag should be the best flag in the world, because each part of the flag has its own meaning.
A field of two horizontal bands, blue which symbolizes peace, on top and red which symbolizes courage and bravery, at the bottom. During war, the colors are reversed. They are joined at the staff side by a white equilateral triangle which symbolizes equality and purity. In the middle of the triangle is an eight-rayed sun where its primary rays represent the eight provinces of the Philippines (Bulacan, Pampanga, Cavite, Manila, Nueva Ecija, Tarlac, Laguna, and Batangas) which declared a state of war against the Spanish Colonization. And in each corner of the triangle is a yellow star, which stands for the major island groups of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao.

This is amazing
It's the most awesome flag
No other flag is bi triangular
Who the heck voted for others man

1) It is a universal flag since it is not have one country/state.
2) It is the only flag (apart from the Union Jack) that I know of that has a nickname.
3) And it is so well known, if you show a different flag to a stranger, there is a chance they might not know it, but if you show them this flag, they will definitely know it.

This is really the simplest but elegant looking flag because it shows how each Filipinos live in the past with such simplicity and braveness that they earn our today's freedom that is truly deserved to have by us. We are colonized by different countries but our heroes never gave up just to save our mother land from their cruel hands. That's why in simplest sense, our ancestors made a flag that symbolizes the experiences they had in the past.

8 Canadian Flag

Canada's flag is a symbol of national unity, using the country's two official colours and it's national symbol to show a unity between all of it citizens, no matter their race, gender, or religion.
The flag is used to represent everything Canada believes in, and it's simplicity and elegance is attractive and eye-catching, making it one of the most recognizable flags in the world

Not only does this flag represent the maple leaf, but also unity and peace. The design is simple but it's very bold. The flag has simple colour, and it doesn't seem that you're looking at an optical illusion like some countries. The Canadain flags show that you don't need to add a lot of things to the flag to make it amazing, but rather a simple piece of thing like the maple leaf.

Honestly, whats not to love about a flag that has a leaf on it. Plus it went through so many different ideas before it became what it is now, like the first idea was blue bars instead of red and three leaves, that would have been more awesome but the one now is amazing as well.

Simplicity and easily recognizable all in an eye catching design. None of this stuff about trying to show off. We just do it with grace.

9 South Korean Flag

This flag is excellent in the use of placement and colors. It is very unique, and so beautiful. Wonderful flag!

I find this flag is different from others and I love the simplicity of it. The use of colour is great as well!

The combination of colours are great!

10 Indian Flag

The Indian Flag is simply awesome. Its overall design, being very simple, represents the simplicity of the Indian people. Saffron panel on the top represents Sacrifice, it reminds the people that we cannot achieve success without sacrifice and it visualizes the Great Indian Freedom Movement and all the martyrs of the country. It represents the country that was born out of the selfless sacrifices from billions of innocent souls. The middle White Panel stands for Purity, it recognizes the purity of the heart over the purity of the body. It also represents Light to the path of Truth and Success. The bottom Green stands for Prosperity of the Nation along with the need to protect Mother Nature from threats. The Ashoka Chakra or the Wheel in the middle of the white panel represents the endless wheel of Law. It reminds the Indian people about the Laws of Dharma or Truth and tells the people to make Truth the principle value of their life. The Wheel has 24 equidistant spokes and it represents ...more

Every single colour, design in this flag has a meaning and a reason.
Bhagwa or the saffron colour denotes renunciation or disinterestedness. Our leaders must be indifferent to material gains and dedicate themselves to their work. The white in the centre is light, the path of truth to guide our conduct. The green shows our relation to (the) soil, our relation to the plant life here, on which all other life depends. The "Ashoka Chakra" in the centre of the white is the wheel of the law of dharma. Truth or satya, dharma or virtue ought to be the controlling principle of those who work under this flag. Again, the wheel denotes motion. There is death in stagnation. There is life in movement. India should no more resist change, it must move and go forward. The wheel represents the dynamism of a peaceful change.

This is best flag in the world. Union Jack best in the world? How? Please compare the meanings of both the flags & judge them with its meaning. Keep the both flags physically in front of you and then judge. Union Jack colours are really loud but Indian flag is mind pleasing.
If Union Jack is the best flag then why there is a possibility of changing their flag (especially England). The use Red Cross with black background. You will biasly judge the flag as the best one.

Topmost Orange band represents scarifies that you have to make in your life (for your country / others), Middle White Band = Peace, Lower Green Band - Prosperity, Wheel - progress, Color of wheel - Purple represents power. Wheel has 24 spokes representing 24 hours of day (really the Time). True representation of Indian Values... Rarely you will find such meaning in a flag.

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11 Mexican Flag

The story of the Mexican flag is one of the best stories that come with a flag. I don't know the story in detail but you should definitely take the time to search it and read it.

The rich cultural background it has is incredibly interesting, The meaning of the colors are great and the Eagle and snake coat of arms is all around awesome looking.

The central emblem is the Mexican coat of arms, based on the Aztec Symbol. The eagle is Located on a lake island where the Aztecs made their home, current day Mexico City.

Aside from it's beauty, the eagle holding a serpent while atop a cactus is part of the history of Mexico.

12 Australian Flag

National Flag (2000 -):
What you often see with the Union Jack, 6 stars representing the states, with the 6th Gear-like star on the left representing developmental progress of the nation (albeit, our economy is kinda stagnating due to the communism).

Royal Flag:
Green. White, and Black flag with 3 red stars in the middle.

Old National Flag:
Red triangle in the left side, with black, green, and white stripes

It's perfect we have the best colours, the union jack and the southern cross hands down the coolest flag in the world from the best country in the world!

I am an aussie, and this flag has some serious issues. The first thing people see when they look at it is Britain. The union jack is meant to symbolise "the first people in Australia" which is incredibly racist to Aboriginal people. Then there's the Southern cross, which we Aussies think is something unique to us. ALL COUNTRIES IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE HAVE THOSE BLOODY STARS, it's not unique. The big star again represents Britain - it;s the commonwealth star, the commonwealth being all countries that were under British rule.

I love Australia, but the flag needs to be tinkered with.

I have had enough of this BEST COUNTRY bullcrap. I like Austrailia but its not "duh bezt". Calm down kangaroo's, the flag is still awesome. -said me, a guy that loves the Austrailian flag-.

13 South African Flag

Rainbow nation and colours. Old Dutch power and new power ANC flags combined. Splendid.

Red, white, green, yellow, black, blue. "Y" flag.

14 Jamaican Flag

For such a small island it one of the world's most recognisable flags...
Everyone wants a bit of Jamaica.

Like the colors

15 Albanian Flag

This flag is so easy to be proud of and that fits perfectly with the Albanian people, who are filled with pride for their country. Easily the coolest design out of any flag, and it's not shallow either because it holds a lot of meaning. Let me ask you a question, would you rather have a tattoo of the flag of great britain or the flag of Albania? If you say Britain, I say you're lying.

The national flag of Albania is a red flag with a silhouetted black double-headed eagle in the centre. It is the only red and black flag of a recognised sovereign state.
The eagle is the national and ethnic symbol of the Albanians and was used for heraldic purposes during the Middle Ages by a number of Albanian noble families, including the Kastrioti, whose most famous member was George Kastriot Skanderbeg.

Dude, it's a double headed stylized black eagle on a red field. Not one but two heads. The Albanian flag has got to be the most badass flag ever. The choice of color is great. The design it's great. What more can you say. I would jizz in my pants if I ever met the person who thought of this. Genius.

How is this amazing flag 19 place.its really cool with the double - headed eagle on top and I feel proud to be an Albanian. It has lots of wings that it uses to fly that nearly no flag have and the purpose of the flag is a brilliant eagle that actually was in a football match cool ist it? I vote for yes yes yes

16 Olympic Flag
17 Sri Lankan Flag

Most beautiful and most meaningful. Shows true power and strength.

By far the most beautiful, meaningful, powerful.

Sword lions. Never saw that.

Unique and vibrant

18 Skull & Crossbones

The Jolly Roger is clearly and utterly the coolest flag that has ever been flown. These are the reasons it is so good:

1) It is a universal flag since it is not have one country/state.
2) It is the only flag (apart from the Union Jack) that I know of that has a nickname.
3) And it is so well known, if you show a different flag to a stranger, there is a chance they might not know it, but if you show them this flag, they will definitely know it.

So hoist the colors for the Jolly Roger!

Unquestionably the best flag, as well as my family crest... It is also the flag that REALLY represents freedom. Leaving aside the petty theft angle, pirate codes were real social contracts, and pretty fair ones to boot. Hoist the colours!

Pirates! Yeah! Pirates totally rock! And the flag is so well known, it even has a nickname - the jolly roger - and it is known by the whole world! It is also universal because it is not of a certain country! Go pirates! Pirates rule!

No reason. The flag is unexplainably AWESOME! I cannot believe the people who voted for the other flags! Yo, people who don't think this is THE best flag, well, you should be ashamed of your selves!

19 Serbian Flag

Slick flag, nice colours, very nice arms, might of been better had they put the old arms in.

Bright colours, Fantastic Crown-Bit of Royal, Nicely represents us Serbians, and Loyal Design.

20 Macedonian Flag

It was voted second best flag behind Bhutan's in 2002 by Almanac, a famous world information publisher. I think it looks pretty kick-ass!

The most beautiful flag...

Great flag. Love the sun

21 Greek Flag

It has the cross of ancient kingdom of Knossos which exists 1600 years before Christian ages. Its pattern is unique Greek (Greek cross). And nowadays represent Christianity.

The meaning of this flag is "freedom or death"! It was the moto in the greek war against the ottoman empire for indepedence in 1821

It also represents the blue and white of the sea and sky, which Hellas (Greece) (Hel: Gods - Las: Rock), is famous for...

The Greek flag is the best..

22 Portuguese Flag
23 Prussian Flag

As an American who thinks the American flag is the most amazing flag ever this is a pretty nice looking flag.

NO other reason as to liking it I just DO.

24 Turkish Flag

So Cool. It has the epic Combo of Blood and Clouds.
So Turkey should be at the top! Whats not to like about this flag?

The blood of the people defending their homeland and the crescent with star reflection on this blood lake... Epic

This is the most beautiful flag in the world.

It is as plain and as powerful as a flag can be.

25 Japanese Flag

Simple design makes it easy to understand the meaning of symbols. Simple is best.

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