Top 10 Most Depressing Months of the Year

The Top Ten
1 January

A very cold and miserable month, always such a long and boring month, not being able to go outside much, stuck indoors, school final exams for courses, winter break being over, second semester courses open, constant snowfall, the transferring to the new year remembering, year end for some jobs, just plain miserable.

I am not born in this month, I am born in November and I used to want a birthday in January, but it isn't that fun when you birthday is SO early.

My birthday's in January. I remember as a kid a couldn't have birthday parties and stuff literally because of the weather.

2 February

February is miserable, but unlike January, it pretends to be something less miserable than it actually is. Just when you think you're done with snow, think again. At least January gives you the excitement of a new year to power through it, and a full month of football. February has no redeeming qualities

A very annoying month, just plain annoying to go through 28, or 29, days of more cold and snow, snowfall still constant and cold temperatures, Valentine's Day is the only good thing, which you don't even celebrate after the 3rd grade.

3 September

For children, this month is normally the worst, having to go back to school and see the same students for months can be miserable, and online students have to start all those annoying lessons for courses and they see many bad school teachers nowadays. Writing all those miserable papers for English, it just is miserable, also the nice warm air turns to a cold miserable air, and the coats are needed again and the A/C says goodbye, the furnace will start running a lot more.

School is fine to me but the FLU SEASON is HORRIBLE and will be horrible every time fall arrives. I get sore throats and constant coughing and also a damn stomach bug that keeps forcing me to vomit. God damn you September!

4 March

I hate March. SO much. It is the worst month to be born BY FAR. Lots of terrible things, like the Japanese Tsunami, happened in March. The month itself is very bad. I'm very upset to say I was born in this month.

Because of zoos, safari parks, aquarium places, and theme parks closing due to the coronavirus pandemic.

5 November

For me, in Australia, it is the time when the days get hotter and longer and it starts to rain less and less and then the heat gets so unbearable that it feels like the world is on fire (this isn't exaggeration, it is hot down here) and the fact it is only going to get even hotter closer to Christmas, so it isn't really depressing but more hellish in Australia.

Days becoming shorter, days becoming colder, school for many children becomes miserable, losing all the beauty of outside, just a sad month, the only good thing is Thanksgiving and Black Friday, but the Black Friday has ruined Thanksgiving for many.

6 December

December is so depressing. Christmas, Hanukkah, and other holidays may take place near this time but in reality December is just depressing. The end of the year, you realize you're growing older, definitely not my favorite month.

The end of a year means a lot of work ahead, year end at work, exams for kids at school, Christmas shopping to make kids happy with their gifts, having to remember the new year the next month, just plain long and miserable, also such short days and always night. The only good thing are the pretty Christmas tree lights, but so much work to set it all up.

7 August

School is starting, and I realize that as the years go by everything just gets progressively worse, and I have to endure that for a long while.

A blah month. The weather's a but iffy, with being hot on some days and cold on other days... Plus for children, school is right by the corner.

12 weeks of summer, 9 down, only 3 to go. Goodbye summer. But we can still enjoy it. Unlike the NEXT month.

8 April

Boring month, wish it can end. Winter keeps killing Spring by sitting its lazy ass and keeps snowing on us whenever we DOn't need. I don't care if winter can't thing. I want it to end and for every single spring.

It's got cold and warm days. And the warm days feel great after the coldness mother nature threw at your face.

This is the month where standardized testing are very frequent

9 June

June is the month where my least favorite season starts (summer). As a vampire, I hate the sun and I hate hot weather.

The weather is enough to make anyone not like this month.

10 October

We had bad Octobers in the past few years. In October 2023, my older sister was busy with college applications and almost every day of the month she was throwing tantrums. In October 2022, the month was ruined by Itaewon Incident. In October 2020 my grandmother got lung cancer. Super rough months i have to say….

A long and boring month, children will start to get really annoyed at school, and many adults will start to fell dead, looking outside at all those fallen leaves and dead looking trees, just plain ugly, also that annoying Halloween where younger kids have to dress up and go out for candy, and having to answer the doorbell and hand out candy, what even is the point of that.

The Contenders
11 July

July is hot and miserable, not to mention the fact that stupid back to school commercials always start playing in the middle of July.

12 May

Don't shout at me for putting May on here. It's simply a "worst-to-best" list.

May has been like a curse for my family/friends in the recent years. No May without anything bad/unlucky happening like every other week (and mostly in this month!)