Top 10 Greatest WWE Wrestlers of All Time

WWE is not just a sport, it's a spectacle. It's a show where the most amazing and badass wrestlers in the world put their bodies and souls on the line for our entertainment. WWE has given us some of the most unforgettable moments and characters in wrestling history, from the immortal Hulk Hogan to the electrifying The Rock to the unstoppable John Cena. These are the superstars who have defined WWE and made it the global phenomenon it is today.

But who is the best of the best? Who is the greatest WWE wrestler of all time? That's what we're here to find out. In this top ten list, you get to rank the most legendary WWE wrestlers ever, based on their skills, their charisma, their achievements, and their impact on wrestling culture.
The Top Ten
1 The Undertaker Mark William Calaway (born March 24, 1965), better known by his ring name The Undertaker, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler currently signed to WWE, where he has worked since 1990, making him the company's longest tenured in-ring performer . Calaway began his wrestling career with World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) in 1984 . After wrestling for World Championship Wrestling (WCW)... read more

Time passes and legends come and go. Think about it: how often does this generation talk about Buddy Rodgers, who back in the day was believed to be one of the best? Not often. The Undertaker is one of those guys that 50 years later will still be discussed as one of the greatest of all time.

Simply the best of all time, this guy is a true complete package. He can wrestle and give great matches with whoever he faces: big guys, small guys, high flyers, grapplers, hardcore wrestlers, Bret Harts, HBKs, Kurt Angles, Batistas, Yokozunas, HBK, Mick Foley, Rock, Austin, JBL, Sid, Hogan, Warrior, Big Daddy V, Big Show, Lesnar, H, Henry, Batista, Kamala, Rey, etc. He is the master of Hell in a Cell. He competed in 11 Hell in a Cell matches, he had plenty of hardcore match classics, with Mankind at Hell in a Cell, boiler room, with Brock Lesnar at Hell in a Cell, etc. He can give great TLC matches (with Edge), he is the innovator of buried alive matches and casket matches, he is the owner of WrestleMania, and with 19-0 including some of the greatest matches of all time, this guy can do things that other men cannot do: very agile, very deadly, the pace of The Undertaker matches are brutal, he destroys you bit by bit, his Hell's Gate submission is brutal, his chokeslam is legendary, his last ride is a backbreaker, and his tombstone is the greatest finisher ever, this guy innovates and refreshes himself and copes well with each era, he is the best pure striker in the history of pro wrestling, he has the greatest gimmick, persona, and entrance in history, he is the LEGEND, the DEADMAN, the PHENOM, The Undertaker.

The greatest of all time.

2 Stone Cold Steve Austin Steve Austin (born Steven James Anderson on December 18, 1964, later Steven James Williams), better known by his ring name "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, is an American actor, media personality, producer, and retired professional wrestler who is signed to a legends contract for WWE.

He gained significant mainstream popularity in the WWE (then known as the World Wrestling Federation) in the late... read more

Come on, when he pointed the gun at Vince's head, it was one of the all-time greatest moments in television history. I mean, Stone Cold saved the WWE at a time when WCW was hot on the trail of toppling it. While there's been a few glimmers here and there of new stars to take his place, no one has made the WWE as interesting as Austin did back in the late 90s. Everyone was watching Monday Night Raw and dreaming of being able to do to their bosses what Stone Cold did to Vince. It was the best storyline in wrestling of all time. I mean, when he drove the beer truck into the arena, it was pure brilliance.

Not the greatest overall run because his career was cut short by injury, but the greatest and hottest run of any major superstar in history. Stone Cold Steve Austin helped make wrestling seem cool to teenagers, young adults, and adults who had become lapsed fans. Could you imagine a maverick politician being able to flip off President Trump, hit him with a Stunner, dump beer on him, and then chug more beer? Stone Cold Steve Austin was a blue-collar superhero. He was simultaneously exceptional and relatable. If you agree with my assessment of the Texas Rattlesnake, gimme a hell yeah!

3 Shawn Michaels Shawn Michaels was born on July 22, 1965 . He is an American professional wrestler. He is the first wrestler to win all the titles the WWE could have offered. He is known for his moves and looks. His nickname provided by WWE is HBK (Heart Break Kid). He was in DX (Degeneration X) a tag team with Triple H, and was the only nWo to not be in WCW. He is known by many names such as: The Showstopper, The... read more

For the ones arguing over who is the "best" in-ring wrestler ever, you'll be arguing forever. That is completely subjective. I personally like the more technical mat-based wrestling, like Kurt Angle, Chris Benoit, or Bret Hart. But never before (and most likely never again) has there been someone that can ADAPT to his opponent like Shawn Michaels. If you want a technical masterpiece like his matches against Angle, he'll give it to you. If you want a high-flying thrill ride like his matches with Shelton and Mysterio, he'll give it to you. Or if you want a bloody brawl like his matches with Triple H, he'll give it to you.

If you're looking for character progression and charisma, The Heartbreak Kid is your man. Shawn oozed charisma. The dude was an absolute savage in D-Generation X, but then could turn around and perform one of the most emotional matches ever with the likes of Ric Flair at WrestleMania. They don't call him "Mr. WrestleMania" for nothing. Shawn Michaels is the Michael Jordan of pro wrestling. Period.

4 The Rock Dwayne Douglas Johnson, also known by his ring name The Rock, is an American and Canadian actor, producer and semi-retired professional wrestler, signed with WWE.

Oh yeah! It is the greatest one, danger man of world wrestling. No one is like him. He is totally different than any other wrestlers. His attraction works into the left side of the heart of the people, and this is why he is the champ of people. Only The Rock is able to electrify when he plays. He is perfect with his body shape, body language, and his height. He is also a good speaker with good logic. His entrance is a threat to all wrestlers. The Rock has come back to win over everyone. Nothing can stop him. The Rock will bring it.

While Austin did save the WWE from WCW in 1998 and was the poster boy of the Attitude Era, The Rock raised the company to new heights in late 1999 to 2000 when he became the face of the WWE. 2000 was the WWE's most successful year from a financial and ratings perspective, and Austin was gone from injury for 80% of it. Professional wrestling is all about showmanship, and The Rock was incredible on the mic and knew how to keep audiences engaged. While he was never booked as strongly as Hogan, Austin, Cena, Triple H, or the Undertaker, The Rock always managed to be a major attraction while putting over mid-carders. He was perfect as both a heel and a babyface and will always be known as the People's Champion!

5 John Cena John Felix Anthony Cena Jr. (/ˈsiːnə/; born April 23, 1977) is an American professional wrestler, rapper, actor, and reality television show host signed to WWE, where he is assigned to the SmackDown brand.

Cena started his professional wrestling career in 1999 with Ultimate Pro Wrestling (UPW), and won the UPW Heavyweight Championship the following year. Cena signed a developmental contract... read more

John Cena does so much for the WWE and is a really hardworking person. He cares about fans, and he's funny and entertaining.

John Cena is the best wrestler. He has almost beaten each and every wrestler in WWE. We can hope that John is the one who will break Undertaker's streak. As you have seen, John is increasing his status day by day. He is the one who will defeat The Undertaker, and he is the one who will defeat The Rock.

John Cena undoubtedly has accomplished a lot: 10-time WWE champ, two-time royal rumble winner, face of the company. Love him or hate him, he's done it all. He's a legend among the rest, officially. He has great strength but is not that good technically, no. He definitely was handed the ball from the attitude era into the next generation as the leader. Yet, in the era now, Cena is not that good. They buried him last year but proved it was worth it for a rematch against the Rock. The era now in WWE is not really focusing on the future, and the storylines are horrendous except for usually two or three around WrestleMania. The rest are just awkward, just like Rock vs. Cena 1 was. Was it just me, or did that year-long wait for that match feel awkward?

6 Triple H Paul Michael Levesque, better known by his ring name Triple H, is an American semi-retired professional wrestler, corporate executive, and actor.

If we start dissecting wrestling into single skills (in-ring abilities, mic skills, etc.), Triple H is not the best at any particular aspect, but yet he embodies the spirit of wrestling like no others, in my humble opinion. His charisma is outstanding, and he can be awesome both as a heel and as a babyface. Although he was mostly a self-absorbed, arrogant character (as a heel), he actually made a whole lot of other talents shine (Shawn Michaels, Batista, Orton, Cena, just to name a few) and never refused a job. No single wrestler in the world (except Ric Flair) can match his career (in terms of longevity and accomplishments). For all these things, he is the greatest (in my humble opinion).

Always one of the top on the records book, HHH dominates the WWE Championship, World Heavyweight Championship, and even Tag Team championship. Triple H was part of groups that have revolutionized the WWE. Everyone is familiar with the likes of D-Generation X and Evolution. Furthermore, he was part of the WWF during the attitude era, which was probably the hardest time a wrestler could win a championship due to the competition. Yet, regardless of his young age, he was able to be one of the greatest wrestlers during that time. After the attitude era, and the retirements of these wrestlers, he still dominated the ring against the likes of John Cena and Edge.

The only thing you can deny is that HHH doesn't have a strong record like The Undertaker or Shawn Michaels. However, despite his age, he is still active in the ring to this date, as he is the current World Heavyweight Champion!


7 Hulk Hogan Terry Gene Bollea, better known by his ring name Hulk Hogan, is an American professional wrestler, actor, television personality, entrepreneur and rock bassist.

Hulkster must be @ #1. He made wrestling more popular. WWE ran into a billion-dollar industry and paved the way for today's high-paid stars. He ruled wrestling for over two decades. Hogan is beyond an icon in the wrestling world. You ask anyone who he is, and they know for the most part.

His ability to sell tickets is unmatched by anyone. His past matches basically have proven that if you work a program with this guy, then you are going to get noticed.

He has never been the best worker, and he has the tendency not to put people over, but face facts, fans, there is nobody more charismatic than this man.

Not the best-looking, not the most talented, and not the most respected, however, Hulk is the biggest draw and most popular and well-known wrestler in wrestling history! People who don't watch wrestling know the name Hulk Hogan! How many fans in attendance for Hogan vs Andre, Hogan vs Rock, Hogan vs Warrior? Remember, pro wrestling is not Olympic wrestling. It's not entirely real like a sport, it's entertainment! Hulk and Vince M have done more for wrestling than anybody else! From Japan, Canada, and the States, Hulk has received the loudest and longest ovations/cheers in history! Love him or hate him, Hulk Hogan is, by far, the greatest wrestler of all time! Facts are facts!

8 Bret Hart Bret Sergeant Hart, better known by his ring name Bret "The Hitman" Hart, is a Canadian-American writer, actor and retired professional and amateur wrestler. A member of the Hart wrestling family and a second-generation wrestler.

Some may have a great personality or be really good with mic skills, but it is the in-ring performance that really matters, and Bret Hart was the best at it. Even something as trivial as punches and kicks were perfection. He was a good technical wrestler with a pinch of tradition, good at hardcore battle leaving all orthodoxy behind, and also an acrobat to a certain extent. To add to this, great theme music, attire, and character helped a lot. And unlike many legends, he attracted all sections of fans: kids, men, women, and the older crowd.

Bret is the greatest of all time, in my opinion. His skills helped anyone who wrestled him to have their greatest match - British Bulldog, Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, etc. Bret was the first true "World" champion as no one had defended the championship belt in more countries than the Hitman did. I am amazed by how far down the list he is currently, and I imagine it is from current fans who don't know any better. I mean, how is Triple H so high? I would be the champion so often if I were married to the boss's daughter too. Seriously!

9 Randy Orton Randal Keith "Randy" Orton is an American professional wrestler and actor who is signed with WWE, where he is a member of the SmackDown brand. He is a 12-time world champion, having held the WWE World Championship eight times and the World Heavyweight Championship four times.

Randy is the best... And at the age of 24, he became the youngest world champion ever... He's the perfect champion... The apex predator... THE VIPER. Randy is the best wrestler ever born in the WWE, better than John Cena, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Batista, and every other superstar. At the end, HE CAN BEAT THEM! Nobody is safe from the Viper. He will kick anyone in the skull if they just tried to stand against him. Actually, nobody can. Randy is the best. You must all admit that... What you think doesn't matter because he is the best wrestler ever and the best champion ever.

Randy Orton, AKA "The Viper," "The Apex Predator," or "The Legend Killer," is always the Greatest WWE Wrestler Superstar of all, but that's not all. He can also make his own new moves, he can create a logo, and a new motto: "Orton Vs. Everybody."

Randy Orton also has his own leadership, so he can create his own wrestling group called "The Viperville." He will assign 2 members, Baron Corbin and Finn Balor, to make the group a total of 3 members, and that would be a perfect combination for the group. With that, they will easily prepare to fight and destroy The Wyatt Family. Randy Orton and Baron Corbin - The WWE Smackdown Tag Team Champions, and then Finn Balor - The WWE Universal Champion or The WWE NXT Champion.

10 Rey Mysterio Óscar Gutiérrez, better known by the ring name Rey Mysterio, is a Mexican-American professional wrestler who currently works for WWE on the Smackdown brand.

The Giant Killer, The Biggest Little Man, The Masked Maestro... He is a 2-time world heavyweight champion, former WWE champion, 4-time WWE tag team champion, 3-time cruiserweight champion, 5-time WCW cruiserweight, 2-time intercontinental champion. You GOT to love him...

If he's not in the top 5, I'm committing suicide!

Rey could sweep any wrestler to the floor or to the ropes. His techniques and moves are guaranteed to take down any wrestler he faces. He gave all his opponents a good fight in the ring, and he was determined to knock them into submission as quickly as possible.

I like Rey Mysterio because he had all the abilities and skill that WWE superstars have. He is small, but he can beat almost all the wrestlers of WWE. He has beaten superstars such as Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, Kane, Alberto Del Rio, and many more. He won his first world heavyweight title at 2006 WrestleMania. When he won, it was the greatest day of my life. I love him very much and want to meet him.

The Contenders
11 Edge Adam Joseph Copeland is a Canadian actor and professional wrestler. He is currently signed to WWE, where he performs on the Smackdown brand under the ring name Edge.

Edge was such an incredible Superstar. If you ever hear other WWE wrestlers talk about Edge, they all say how he was the best performer and was great in the ring. He just knew what to do. The ring was Edge's home, and he knew exactly how to please the crowd. Edge was in numerous classic matches, laying his body on the line. I always loved seeing him go crazy, waiting for someone to spear, and then finally spearing the guts out of someone. Absolutely no one can beat Edge's spear by the way. Edge is, without a doubt, in my top 3 of the best superstars of all time. Not to mention that his entrance music was the best too! Hate that he had to retire. We miss you, Edge!

He is in my opinion the greatest superstar of all time. His name is in the record books that can never be replaced. He has more titles than some of the greatest of all time. He has 31 titles to his name, which is more than John Cena, Triple H, Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and even Ric Flair. I loved how he was a goofball with Christian and turned into one of the greatest heel characters of all time, and loved his relationship with Lita and his rivalry with John Cena. He was one of the greatest tag teams of all time with Christian. One of the greatest factions of all time with the Brood (their music was awesome). He had the most insane music that I feel is the best and had one of the greatest matches of all time, both being at Wrestlemania. The first Wrestlemania greatest moment is Wrestlemania X7, which is one of the single greatest TLC matches in the WWE, and in Wrestlemania 24 against The Undertaker.

12 CM Punk Phillip Jack "Phil" Brooks, also known by the ring name CM Punk, is an American comic book writer, actor, upcoming mixed martial artist and retired professional wrestler who is signed with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

He is best known for his career In World Wrestling Entertainment. He had multiple title reigns over multiple titles. While he was in the WWE, he was the leader of the New... read more

CM Punk deserves to be in the top ten because Punk is the best in the world. There are a few superstars as influential to the WWE Universe as CM Punk. Always controversial, Punk has never been afraid to speak his mind. Having won multiple World Championships, Punk has the skills to back up his words and the ambition to inspire change in WWE. He caused an uproar in 2011 when he left the company with the WWE Championship in hand. But his controversial absence paid dividends, as he became a fan favorite upon his eventual return.

I don't hate John Cena. I don't even dislike you. What I hate is this idea that you're the best, because you're NOT. CM Punk is the best.

CM Punk's been the best ever since day one, when he walked into this company and has been vilified and hated because Paul Heyman saw something in him that nobody else wanted to admit.

That's right. He's a Paul Heyman Guy. He's the best in the world.

On that microphone, in that ring, and even at commentary, nobody can touch him. He is the best "wrestler" in the world.

There's one thing that Cena's better at than CM Punk is, and that's kissing Vince McMahon's ass. I'm not sure if Cena is as good as "Dwyane" (The Rock), though he's a pretty good ass kisser.

13 Brock Lesnar Brock Edward Lesnar is an American professional wrestler and former amateur wrestler, professional American football player, and mixed martial artist who is currently signed to WWE.

In reality, no wrestler in WWE could even stand 10 seconds in a match with Brock Lesnar. He has honed the skill of mixed martial arts, which makes him even more dangerous than when he arrived on the scene the first time. Cena is at #2 on this list only because Lesnar left WWE at his peak. If Lesnar had been around for the last decade in WWE, his stature in WWE would be even bigger than that of Taker, Hogan, Michaels, etc. Moreover, let me tell all the Cena fans that the FU (now AA) is just a cheap attempt to copy the F5. Don't believe me? Then check the record. Brock Lesnar once broke the ring by slamming Big Show from the top. This shows how much strength he has.

Brock Lesnar is the most hardworking and dedicated wrestler. I mean, The Undertaker himself wanted Brock Lesnar to be the one to end his legendary 21-0 undefeated WrestleMania streak. He became the youngest WWE champion, undisputed WWE champion, the king of the ring, and Royal Rumble winner within two years of his debut. And here are those fake wrestling fans because of whom people like John Cena, Ryback, Daniel Bryan, etc. are the cause for so much hype. These guys are just newbies. Brock has truly earned it all, and that's just WWE. He left WWE because he knew WWE was just fake wrestling, scripted storylines, and a lot of money, which was not what he wanted. So, he started doing mixed martial arts and became one of the UFC greats, but that's another story. That's what I've got to say about Brock, the real beast (and the current reigning unified WWE champion).

14 Kane Glenn Thomas Jacobs is an American professional wrestler, insurer, and actor. He works for WWE, and is best known by his ring name Kane.

Kane had the best storyline buildup to a debut more than any other gimmick in the sport of professional wrestling. And intentionally only being a temporary gimmick at the time, just to shock the wrestling world with his skills and physique and his height. But the mask played a major role in his success. Kane was not a talker, just a destroyer. Even without the mask, he showed a demented side to his persona, destroying Raw GM Eric Bischoff, tombstoning WWE owner Linda McMahon on the steel ramp, electrocuting Shane McMahon's testicles, setting Jim Ross on fire, just to name a few.

But Kane also has humor in different ways, like when he showed up during the Minis Matches when he had the mask. His night of destruction (which is my favorite moment of Kane), owning both The Rock and Hulk Hogan in one segment, to anger management where Kane was asked to tell his life story, which everything he said was actually true, laugh out loud.

But even though Kane was more of a mute with the full mask on, Kane's underrated mic skills really showed in 2010 when he was feuding with The Undertaker and Rey Mysterio. Even though everyone is entitled to their own opinion, in mine, Kane is one of the greatest all-around performers in the history of the business. From having all those terrible gimmicks to having a temporary gimmick and making it into a main eventer, not many wrestlers can do that. Kane will always be a legend in WWE. And Kane-A-Nites like myself will never let the legend disappear. Kane has earned the right.

15 Chris Jericho Christopher Keith Irvine, better known by the ring name Chris Jericho, is a Canadian-American professional wrestler, musician, media personality, actor, author, and businessman, currently signed to AEW.

This really pisses me off. Jericho 21? Can I remind you that he is a multi-time world and WWE Champion! 9 Time Intercontinental Champion! First Undisputed Champion by beating The Rock and Stone Cold Steve Austin in the same night. Chris Jericho has beaten the greats like Undertaker, Kane, CM Punk, Steve Austin, Rock, Edge, Randy Orton, Rey Mysterio. Hell, he beat Shawn Michaels on consecutive occasions in the same month, including defeating him to retain the world title.

Most consistent superstar who has the best match of the night more than anyone here on this list. He can turn from face to heel in a split second, and nobody is questioning it because he is so good. Top 3 superstars at the mic, cuts promos like a boss, and always has a great in-ring match. Only 2 other superstars have that talent of the mic, character building, and in-ring performance, and that is Shawn Michaels and Rick Flair, and Jericho has gone from the attitude era to PG-era and still is as relevant, if not even more. Drink it in, man. If you don't agree, then just shut the hell up!

16 Ric Flair Richard Morgan "Ric" Fliehr, better known by his ring name Ric Flair, is a professional wrestling manager and American retired professional wrestler currently signed to the WWE under a legends appearance contract.

Flair and Hogan are to wrestling what Bird and Magic were to basketball. Flair is the best wrestler, and Hogan made it the commercial success it is today. Today's wrestlers are not near as good. Some are very athletic, but just aren't the overall wrestlers of the past (with the exception of Orton and McIntyre). Cena and The Rock are vastly overrated. Bret Hart and Kurt Angle are the best technical wrestlers of all time. Steve Austin and The Undertaker are the best badasses. NWO (Hogan, Hall, and Nash) and Goldberg deserve tremendous credit for turning WCW's fortunes around back in the late '90s.

Ric Flair is definitely the greatest wrestler in the history of the business. He wasn't considered high on this list because he only spent about 8 or 9 years overall in WWE, and most of that was when he was past his prime. In a career that spans 35 years, he wrestled almost every top superstar in the business and won. Names like Race, Rhodes, Steamboat, Sting, Michaels, Hogan, Savage, Mulligan, Windham, Austin, Magnum T.A., both Valentines, all Von Erichs, Undertaker, Bockwinkel, Lawler, Jericho, Guerrero, Andre the Giant, both Garvins, Backlund, and many more. Also, he won 16 World Championships, 6 U.S. titles, 1 I.C. title, and several World Tag Team Titles mainly with Valentine and Batista. Nobody did it at such a high level for so long.

17 Jeff Hardy Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy is an American professional wrestler, singer-songwriter, painter and musician.

I don't think any list even has Jeff Hardy, but he's on my list, and I will give 3 facts why he should be number 9:

1. He is one of the greatest risk-takers the WWE has ever had. His Swanton Bomb, his Whisper in the Wind, and even his basic high-flying move - my point is he just isn't scared of anything.

2. He and his brother Matt are just one of the best teams. The Hardy Boys, I mean, not better than, but they're my second favorite team, and what's better than seeing Jeff and Matt battling it out!

3. I'm kind of out of reasons, but here is one: His face paint. I know you might think face paint is a big deal, but go to Google and type Jeff Hardy face paint, and you will be stunned.

Best ever in WWE. You can't fake home-jumping off a 20-foot ladder through tables. He is the person in WWE that I had the strongest connection to. When he won the WWE championship, his speech was so awesome. He said the title was for the rejects and screw-ups. I dig that about Jeff. He shows his love for all his fans, including the outcasts. Jeff Nero Hardy rules!

18 Goldberg William Scott "Bill" Goldberg is an American actor, former professional football player, and semi-retired professional wrestler.

Goldberg in WCW was one of the best times you'll see in wrestling. His WWE career was average. In WCW in 1998, that's how WCW got their ratings. Goldberg's biggest match was against Hollywood Hogan. They should have built it up for Starrcade 1998. It would have been the biggest attendance of all time. Instead, they put it on Monday Nitro.

Goldberg is the man with the Iron Fist. You cannot simply compare him with other wrestlers of all generations. The people who don't believe me definitely need to watch his journey in WCW, his undefeated streak of 173-0, and all the big names like Hulk Hogan, Lex Luger, Raven, Triple H. The list goes on. They were never able to come to the level that Goldberg reached, so before commenting on disliking this comment, PLEASE first watch at least 10 matches of Goldberg.

I still have all matches of Goldberg on my PC.

Goldberg... His 174th match and 1st loss was caused by a TASER. He utterly destroyed Kevin Nash, knocked two wrestlers right out of the match that tried to help out Kevin, and then got hit by a taser. He was going to win, and it was obvious, but the taser just did him in. He holds the best win/loss ratio in the wrestling industry, and no way in hell you're going to get up from two of his jackhammers, you're dead. No way in hell is ANYONE going to be able to beat him in a valid one vs one, disqualification match. None of the best wrestlers today would be able to do him in, he can take a lot more damage than Undertaker. Hell, The Undertaker even lost to the Big Show, and Goldberg completely and utterly annihilated him. Not many people can say they picked up Big Show, let's not even think about the jackhammering. Peace.

19 The Ultimate Warrior Warrior was an American professional wrestler, who wrestled, among the others, under the ring name The Ultimate Warrior for the World Wrestling Federation from 1987 to 1991 and again in 1992 and 1996. During his 1998 stint in World Championship Wrestling, he was known as The Warrior.

Ultimate Warrior won the title 4 times, and he didn't use as many steroids as all the other wrestlers did. Plus, he beat all the greats, including Undertaker, Hulk Hogan, Andre The Giant, Terry Funk, Rowdy Roddy Piper, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, and I could go on even longer! Plus, he was one of the first greats. He basically ruled the late 80's to the late 90's.

Legend, pure and simple. Yes, he was all clotheslines and shoulder blocks and 2-minute squash matches, but that was what the persona was. What would have been the point in being the Ultimate Warrior if it had been 20-minute matches every time? The most entertaining "wrestler" that I have ever watched. RIP, Mr. Warrior.

People forget how popular the Warrior was. He is the only guy on this list that was a pure, larger-than-life cartoon character. His energy was unmatched, and when you hear his music, you feel that power. When he died, just look at the reaction. His character was beyond loved.

20 Kurt Angle Kurt Steven Angle is an American professional wrestler, actor and former amateur wrestler currently signed to professional wrestling promotion WWE, where he was the on-screen general manager of the Raw brand and an occasional wrestler.

24? That's so low for the guy who is the only wrestler to win a gold medal at the Olympics, with a broken neck. Nobody else could do that if they tried. Kurt is a top 10 and one of the best performers, and makes so many matches like vs Shawn Michaels at WM 21 and vs Stone Cold at SS 2001. He deserves a lot more credit because he is way better than Brock Lesnar, Goldberg, CM Punk, Randy Orton, and Batista. Give him more respect, please. He is amazing!

One of the funniest, most entertaining takers in history; face or heel. But his wrestling ability is world-class, and he can have good matches with anyone. He is the only wrestler to have had a good match with Brock Lesnar without the need for blood. He is one of the very few wrestlers that can have a great match without needing blood. But he can also bleed.

True, the fact that, in real life, the Olympic champion would beat any one of these guys in combat is probably not reason enough to give him the vote, but add that he's one of the best in-ring performers, that he can be a hilarious heel or a likable face, and that he has the best theme music EVER, and that's more than enough to give him the vote.

21 Randy Savage Randy Mario Poffo, better known by his ring name "Macho Man" Randy Savage, was an American professional wrestler and color commentator best known for his time in the World Wrestling Federation and later the World Championship Wrestling.

He performed in the WWF in the late 80s and the early 90s. He has been in 3 WrestleMania Main Events. The first time was against the Chinese legendary superstar Ricky Steamboat "The Dragon," and he lost after the "Dragon's Revenge" from his broken neck. Then in 1989, he faced King Hulk Hogan after thrilling Miss Elizabeth, his spouse, but he lost. In 1992, Ric Flair "The Nature Boy" posted a video of him with a picture of Elizabeth. Randy refused every interview and faced the Main Event of the year, and he won that time. He was probably unlucky at WrestleMania, but he has the 8th best WrestleMania moment after his wedding to Miss Elizabeth at the WWF entrance. The former Intercontinental champion was one of the most hated superstars of his era. Elizabeth and he both died.

Macho, without a doubt, was the entertainment of all his matches. He kept you on the edge of your seat in all his matches. When he was a bad guy, you didn't expect him to turn good, and vice versa. With all the other wrestlers, especially Four Moves Hogan, you knew what the outcome was going to be right away. I know I stopped watching WWF wrestling once he left. It really became lame.

22 Batista David Michael "Dave" Bautista Jr. is an American actor and former professional mixed martial artist and professional wrestler.

This guy is great at wrestling, and that's what I just said, one of the reasons I came here. But the MAIN reason why I came here was that 2 weeks ago from now, I had a little feeling that I was going to get a little bit POed. And that feeling just came true. And you know what it is? I'll tell you. People on the Monday Night that Batista returned started to tweet that "The Animal" will WIN the Royal Rumble. Which is exactly what happened last night. Now I start seeing people tweeting how Batista shouldn't even have won it or didn't even deserve to win it. Now I start hearing people booing Batista tonight? PEOPLE, what did Batista do? He's only been in the WWE for a week, and at least give him a little bit more respect than this. He only won the Royal Rumble, which is impressive because it was his second Royal Rumble win. My point is, he's a very talented wrestler and a very athletic man. Just stop criticizing him. He didn't even do anything wrong!

23 Eddie Guerrero Eduardo Gory "Eddie" Guerrero Llanes, was a Mexican-American professional wrestler and a member of the Guerrero wrestling family.

One of the greatest superstars in SmackDown! history. He is a one-time WWE champion, 1-time United States champion, 4-time WWE tag team champion, 2-time European champion, 2-time Intercontinental champion. He also won other championships during his time wrestling in other companies such as WCW, ECW, and A. Without any doubt, this legendary Hall of Famer is one of the greatest wrestlers in WWE history.

Eddie should at least be #9. He is probably the only wrestler in history who had a ring instead of a trampoline in his backyard. And you're saying that Daniel Bryan is better than him? No way. His ability to wrestle is out of this world. I miss Eddie so much. Thank you, Latino Heat.

The most passionate wrestler to ever embrace the brand... One of the most technical wrestlers with the best personality... love you Eddie. My thoughts will always be with you. Rest in Peace, Latino Heat! VIVA LA RAZA!

24 Mick Foley Michael Francis "Mick" Foley Sr. is an American retired professional wrestler, writer, color commentator, actor and voice actor.

A person who has always put his body on the line every Monday Night.

The reason he should be number one?

1. He has been thrown off the cell, and then he was thrown through the cell and later chokeslammed right on the thumbtacks. Undertaker vs. Mankind, King of the Ring '98.
2. He had taken 10 chairshots just to have the WWF Title. Royal Rumble '99.
3. He has always put his body on the line every Monday night. He explains his actions by saying, "The viewers give all their hard-earned money to see the show. If they don't get what they deserve, I won't be able to look at myself in the mirror." These words show the love that he had for the business.
4. Cactus Jack. <- This word explains it all. He has had one of the greatest hardcore matches in the history of Professional Wrestling.

This guy has made me love him ever since I watched King of the Ring '98 on YouTube.

Foley is GOD.

There are a lot of people voting who are apparently too young to have ever seen Cactus Jack or Mankind in the ring. If they had, Mick Foley's rating would have been much higher. This man completely sacrificed his body in every match. In the ring, a few good throws and a choke slam might stop him. In real life, you would need a half dozen Marines and a bulldozer.

25 Andre The Giant André René Roussimoff, known as André the Giant, was a French professional wrestler and actor. André He most famously feuded with Hulk Hogan, culminating at WrestleMania III, and his best-remembered film role was that of Fezzik, the giant in The Princess Bride. His size was a result of gigantism caused by excess growth hormone, which later resulted in acromegaly. It also led to him being called... read more

There is no one who defeated the opponent like Andre did. Every time he toyed with his opponent, drawing out the pain to please the audience. Never has one gone before who has been so great. We should never forget about this giant. Even his last match with Hulk Hogan was pre-arranged so that Andre would purposely lose. Andre was undefeatable and feared by all in the ring. He should definitely be in the top 10, if not #1! Such a great man!

The 8th wonder of the world is the greatest wrestler of all time. Everyone stood in awe of this man, and nobody could truly beat him. He has the longest undefeated streak in the history of wrestling. He truly is the champion of champions.

Most people don't remember him because it's been about 25 years since he wrestled. As big and strong as he was, he would have been nearly unstoppable today. The Big Show is a joke compared to Andre.

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