Top Ten Favorite Colors

The Top Ten
1 Blue

Blue is the coolest color - the color of the sky, ocean, sleep, twilight. The ancient Egyptians used lapis lazuli to represent heaven. Blue symbolizes the Virgin Mary. A pure blue is the color of inspiration, sincerity and spirituality. Blue is often the chosen color by conservative people. Blue is the calming color. That makes it a wonderful color to use in the home, especially for babies. Blue is so soothing that is a good choice for pajamas. Dark blue is the color of truth and moderation. A blue iris means your friendship is very important to me. Wednesday's color is blue. Blue gemstones to wear to feel calm are blue sapphire and blue topaz. Lapis lazuli and azurite are said to heighten psychic power.

This color has basically no flaws to it. I don't get how anyone can find it disgusting. It's a really calm color and it's also rare in food, too. That's what makes Blue special. It is also a close relative to Green, making things even better.

I would expect that the top 1 will be black since most of the users here are rock and metal fans (including me). However, this color is great. It is great if it's blended with purple, black, dark pink and red. For example is synthwave aesthetic.

Nice color. If you're like me, you associate blue with happiness instead of yellow. Because blue is calmer, easier on the eyes, and can be interpreted in many different ways. Blue is Gymnopedie no.1, melancholic, and strange. It's the sky, endless and deceiving. It's the ocean, deep and mysterious, harboring different creatures you'll never get to know. Blue is the color that I would associate with happiness, because just like happiness, blue can mean different things, and can be interpreted in many different ways. Ah, blue.

2 Red

Red is a beautiful colour, striking and bold yet whimsical. Although not as diverse as blue, it carries strong emotion and desire. it can be interpreted as either love or death, which means it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. It's also a wonderful choice for clothing and it stands out in a crowd.

Red is, to me, a strong, driven colour that never gives up. Red is a stereotype of hatred and anger, but that's not at all true. To me, it's love, fierce loyalty and bravery, standing up for others and having the courage to change the world. People with a red spirit have a passion and a never give up attitude that no one could ever take away from them. These people will do everything to protect those they love. Red is the determination that drives us through hard times, and the intense, empowering passion that makes life worth living.

I see a lot of people stating that red means "Hell" and "Death" which, yes, it does have a lot of connotation with things like that because it's the color of our visible blood (trust me, if you see blood that isn't red then you might see a doctor. It turns red from the oxygen in the air) But red also happens to mean Health, and love. Red is a very visible color, it's the first color babies see! So people use red for "bad" things to make it noticed, same reason they use it for good things. And when its mixed with Yellow It makes you hungry.. If Red was a person/character, it would be very well rounded.

Red is the warmest of all colors. Red is the color most chosen by extroverts and one of the top picks of males. On the negative side red can mean temper or anger. In China, red is the color of prosperity and joy. Brides wear red and front doors are often painted red. Red is Tuesday's color. Red roses symbolize passionate love. Ruby rings should be worn on the left hand. Red is the color of Mars. This planet is known as the God of War.

3 Green

Green is the color of nature, fertility, life. Grass green is the most restful color. Green symbolizes self-respect and well being. Green is the color of balance. It also means learning, growth and harmony. Green is a safe color, if you don't know what color to use anywhere use green.

Green is favored by well balanced people. Green symbolizes the master healer and the life force. It often symbolizes money. It was believed green was healing for the eyes. Egyptians wore green eyeliner. Green eyeshades are still used. You should eat raw green foods for good health. Friday is the day of green. Green jade is a sacred stone of Asia.

Green is without a doubt, the greatest color. It is the color of nature, and I don't care if people say it is "not creative." It has pretty much the most shades of any color, and hardly any shades of it are bad.

Green has a sort of magic to it that sets it apart from other colours. It's mysterious beauty evokes wonder and curiosity, encouraging us to think in abstract ways, and opening up a doorway to new ideas. The calm, mystical beauty of Green grants us the curiosity and serenity to escape from the noisy, cluttered thoughts bouncing around in our brains. Green represents the drive to learn more, to explore our minds and the world around us, and to appreciate the beauties and wonders of life.

Green is not first. How sad. A colour that represents nature and life. Whenever someone mentions a place full of greenery, you can expect it to be a beautiful, clean place. Green is just awesome. It's a colour used basically everywhere.
A healthy environment is symbolized by "go green". Green is the colour of plants that give us oxygen (and the green part is also vital in photosynthesis). Green is the colour of any light on a device to show that it is on. Green is used in multiple flags all over the world. Green also represents a lot of good things in various religions - including the two most practised ones. Green is the colour of emeralds. Green is the colour of the folk hero, Robin Hood. Green is the colour of so many good things, it should simply be first.

4 Purple

Purple is just mystical and really explains personality and no flags have purple just because it was so expensive. To me it's pure royalty blue is nice but purple is better in my own opinion I speak for my dear purple loves and in my opinion I really love this color its just fantasy to me so that's why I vote purple so thank you who ever reads this I hope you put this on the explanations

Purple is a color that stands out a lot when arranged with specific colors and not so much with others. That describes my personality at a high level. Perfectly balanced, as all things should be!

Purple is the color of good judgment. It is the color of people seeking spiritual fulfillment. It is said if you surround yourself with purple you will have peace of mind. Purple is a good color to use in meditation.

Purple has been used to symbolize magic and mystery, as well as royalty. Being the combination of red and blue, the warmest and coolest colors, purple is believed to be the ideal color. Most children love the color purple. Purple is the color most favored by artists. Thursday's color is purple.

This is my favourite colour. I think that both deep and light purple look good.
But, some BTS fans did assume once that just because I like this, means that I also like BTS, even though I don't like their songs.

5 Black

Many people consider Black not a colour, but this fixed view means they don't see the story or meaning of black. The truth is that Black is so much more than dark, empty space. I see a whole story in it. To me, Black represents Determination and Ambition, a reason to persist and not give up. This is because of it's consistent nature and intensity, evoking progress and inner strength. I think of Black as a leader, who is not afraid to be different. Black is the one who tries things first, the one who introduces new concepts, ideas and ways of doing things. Black is brave and strong, always breaking barriers and defying stereotypes. Black is strength and belief, determination and innovation. The story and meaning of the colour Black is anything but empty space.

Black is the sign of darkness. Evilness. Power. Fame. That's what I will be one day just you guys wait. I will be your ruler and you will all listen to me and if you don't, 5 out of my 100,000,000 guards will throw you in the downstairs dungeon with no food or water for 10 days then you will come out to the sunlight and have to be my slave for 200 days and if you even think about escaping my castle to be a free citizen in another city of country you will be killed in the middle of town. There will be 10 men and 10 women in each small cottage in my powerful city. If you think about hooking up with another person in your cottage you will be exucuted. Oh I love black.

Black is the most misunderstood color. A black tie dinner is very formal and elegant. Women can wear that "must have little black dress" to the black tie dinner. Yet the bad guys wear black hats. Black symbolizes death in some cultures. Native Americans thought black was good because it was the color of soil, which gives life. Saturday's color is black.

Black is the color that expresses all feelings. Most people think of it as a "dark, more evil and satanic color." I believe this color needs to be looked at more carefully by most people. Black is one of the most common colors you see on Earth, even more recognizable than blue. I do admit, I kind of am a goth. But that doesn't mean I have to be goth to enjoy such a massively interesting and well created color.

6 Orange

When I was younger, I only liked the color orange because of the fruit. But now, I also like orange because it is the color the sky usually changes to when the sun rises and sets. And when that happens, it is complimented by the color of the Golden Gate Bridge. And the bridge's color not only compliments the sky, but also the seas and rolling hills. And last but not least, orange is a mix of red and yellow; two colors with opposite connotations. Red has a negative connotation. It is associated with blood, war, and even Hell. Yellow has a more positive connotation. It is associated with joy and optimism. And when you mix the color of Hell with the color of happiness, you get this beautiful color known as "orange".

I personally agree that this is the best color of all time. I know a lot of people don't like orange, and it's not that popular, but hear me out! I love this color, because it reminds me of sunsets, and it also take son a quirky side, that reminds me of autumn. It's a gorgeous blend of gold, yellow, and red, and is neither on the bright side, or dark side. I LOVE orange!

Orange, to me, is one of the most meaningful colours, as it represents the very journey of life. There are so many types of Orange, and so many emotions and so much meaning tied to them. All at once, Orange can be loss, regret, nostalgia, joy, anger and so much more, much like the memories that stay with us our whole lives. Orange is the experiences we have had and the lessons we have learned, that have shaped us into who we are today. The battles we have fought, the challenges we have faced, the joy we have felt, the friends that we have both made and lost. This is all part of the journey of life, which embodied in the meaningful vivid, richness of the colour Orange.

Orange has been my favorite color since I was young. In 4th grade, everybody in my class liked either green, blue, or pink. Our class was learning about colors one day and the teacher asked us what our favorite colors were. Of course, just about every single girl said her favorite color was pink because it was pretty. When it had come to my turn I said something like this: "I like the color orange. It's unique and a very bright color. It's too bad everybody doesn't give orange a chance. It's a great color, it really is. " While most people I know think orange is a disgusting color, I think it's the most beautiful color one could see.

7 Yellow

This was actually my favorite color before Green, but I still like it either way. It is a close relative to Orange, and like Orange, it is also a very vibrant color. Some people hate it because it's the color of pee, which I find really stupid. Yellow is also the color of the sun, which is a thing we need to survive. Long story short, Yellow is a great color.

Okay so no hate here I'm allowed to have opinions, I like light versions of colors and I know how everybody says "yellow is the lightest color" but I don't really like it. For me, it's so bright and the sun blinds me due to its color. That's why I'm not big fan of yellow.

Yellow is the color in smiley faces. Blue and red are cool, but blue is most used for sad faces and red for mad faces. Green is glad, but yellow is glad, bright, cheerful and happy. Yellow cheers you up when you're sad.
Yellow is the color of gold given to the people who are #1. Gold medals. Trophies.
Yellow is the color that shines no matter what. It's warm and caring. The symbol of eternal happiness. The color of the huge bright sun that we can never live without.
Nature prefers yellow, hummingbirds as an example. Sunflowers and zinnias. Daylilies and daffodils.

Yellow is always good. No villains wear yellow, or have yellow things. And who has the yellow stuff? Heroes. Yellow belts, tights, golden rings, bright yellow capes. Yellow saves everyone.

Yellow is mostly used for healing products and drinks. It is so pretty and it shines so bright that almost everyone uses it for highlighters.

The day ends in yellow, giving you good luck. The last color that ...more

Yellow is the best color in the world. Yellow is the leader of brightness, the leader of the rainbow! It's so bright! It makes you smile! It's a happy color. My favorite is Yellow. Without Yellow, there would be no light. The color of Sun is also Yellow, as rainbow reflects the colors from the Sun. And if we mix the colors of rainbow, including Yellow, it becomes White! That's why we see Sun's color as White. But the truth is, if there wasn't Yellow, there wouldn't be any White. So Yellow is very important for the Sun, Rain, Rainbow, Humans, and Earth! If you eat a Banana, your mood will be good. Because Banana's color is Yellow and Yellow is a color that brings smiles and happiness! It calms you up! The best color in the world - Yellow!

8 Gold

Gold is a very pretty color. Like pink, and cyan, it is very underrated and should be given some respect. A lot of people think it's the color of "Wealth", but really? Gold is the color of wheat blowing in the wind, and the color of life, our sun.

Gold makes me feel good at bad times. When I struggled with both of my parents deaths in a car crash I was in the back watching as their heads hit the dashboard. Later at the hospital, when they layed in their death bed. The doctors gave me a choice to let them live without their legs and suffer from brain trauma that cannot be fixed, or let them pass. I had to make a choice fast. I went to their beds, and told them I love them. They told me I made the right choice and were happy. We prayed and kissed and said goodbye. Before the moment I left. They gave me their gold diamond encrusted wedding rings. The doctor escorted me out, I went home and I cried. Later that night I put on the rings, and knew they were there. Gold will be my favorite color forever.

Gold resembles not just power and wealth, when I think of gold I think of sunsets, sunbeams in a forest, love, and most of all our Lord Jesus Christ! who paid more then gold and silver for us. When I think of heaven I think of golden light all around us streaming in from all directions, never ending and beautiful. I being my horse loving self also imagine that the angels ride beautiful Palominos with pure gold coats glistening in the sun. In the earthly life I wish gold did not represent wealth, power, and things of the sort, it should represent beauty, light, peacefulness, security, remembrance, HAPPIENESS-For the GLORY of the SAVIOR

I like this color because when I was little my favorite color was yellow but now it's orange and gray. And gold is a mix of yellow and orange so it looks very good but I still like orange slightly more.

9 White

White is often thought of as plain or boring, due to it's simplicity. However, White is so much more than that- representing the tranquil serenity and emotions of Dreams. Dreams can be the striking white of action and excitement, or the soft Pearl of calmness and contentedness, or the blue-tinted white of curiosity and wonder. White has many different shades, many of which are quite quirky or unusual, just like the strange nature of Dreams.

White is the color of purity. Brides wear white in many countries, because white symbolizes a virgin. White means kindness. In some cultures white is worn at funerals. White is Monday's color. White daisies are a symbol of loyal love.

White is such a grandiose color it is the one color that can be mixed with another and still remain similar. Say you mix white with blue its still blue just a lighter tint. Mixing any color with black would make it more un recognizable. No one makes black canvases!

Because it just looks beautiful and black reminds me of a devil, but white is the opposite of black so my favorite color is the opposite of a devil. I think it goes good with everything and I think it is nothing but beutiful and it is my favorite color!

10 Silver

Silver is my favorite color is the color of cold because the water.

Without water there would be no human life and why I love when it rains in the streets.

Also is the color of the future, who always choose more advanced than the rest.

In cars and Jewelry is unrivaled.

Silver is the elegance with which you are born.

I am a new fan of silver. It has everything, rock, calmness, confidence, love, purity and best of all maturity. It's a sign not a color. I love holding silver things, and especially books too handy!

Silver is the color of the moonlight that enjoy. The stars, and the moon are all in silver and the constellations very much show silver.

Silver has a vibe of neutral and middle of the rest. for me gray represents the intelligence of humans. And that's important why else do you think that we're made to go there 17+ years

The Contenders
11 Pink

My all time favorite color. I don't know why people say it's a bad color, why does everybody hate it?! People say it's a girly color based on stereotypes. But I would like to ask a question, blue is a masculine color meaning by stereotype. But nobody really says it's a boyish color but they say it with pink. I find it quite unfair.

I don't care if people think that pink is "too girly of a color", it's a beautiful and unique shade that's unlike any other. Pink is a rare color that is not found on the visible light spectrum, so technically speaking it doesn't exist as it's own particular color but as a shade of red. Pink represents femininity, romance, and charm, and it looks especially good on clothing and decor. Besides the bright eye-disconcerting shades, I've never seen a shade of pink that was ugly. Both boys and girls should learn to embrace this color. I hate all the negative stereotypes surrounding it!

Few people call pink a girl color. And I disagree with that. When I was a little boy, I said that pink is my favorite color. And I still don't hate pink even though I love blue a lot. Look, I'm a boy, and I like pink. You don't have to be a girl to consider pink as your favorite color. Boys can also like pink. Ignore people who say pink is a color that only girls can like when you are a boy and like pink the best and this is also the same for purple and magenta. People who call pink, purple, and magenta a color for fairies, princesses, and girly, they are totally wrong. Describing pink, purple, and magenta like that isn't right. Why should you treat a color like that? If you do that you do nothing but bragging the color's appearance. You shouldn't brag the color's appearance and force someone not to like or to like that color just because of their gender. Nobody is allowed to stop me to choose which color I will buy, color, or something else, and I can choose whichever color I want ...more

When I was little, I loved pink. Then some of my friends told me that pink was a stupid color that was just for "princesses and fairies", so I changed my favorite color to blue. Why? I don't know. But now that I'm older, I realize that my blue phase was just to make myself seem like everyone else. I realized that my favorite color is, and probably always will be, pink. It's not just a color for princesses and fairies and girly girls. It symbolizes love, romance, and women, and I love it. Now, I admit, pink doesn't look great with my skin tone; it probably is one of the worst colors for my skin tone (I have very warm-toned skin and look much better and dark greens, reds, and oranges), but that doesn't mean I can't make my room or phone pink!

12 Turquoise

Turquoise can either be vivid and exciting, or cool and calm. It's one of the most beautiful natural colors in the world, and even the word is aesthetically pleasing. Imagine, just standing on a balcony with the wind flowing at a calm, yet strong, pace, and all you see is a golden beach kissing the vivid sea, spanning past the horizon. It feels like you're on the edge of spiritual enlightenment...

I feel like turquoise is the calming color. It reminds me that the earth is around us,and the turquoise ocean. Turquoise is a loud color. It screams its name of difference and it's a proud color too. Ever since I was 8 turquoise was kind of a factor of the world to me. Turquoise is also the color of my brothers birth stone. It is a misty color but with a bright twist. Turquoise truly rules!

Turquoise is a pretty and unique color. It represents the amazing turquoise waters all around the world. It is important to me because it has two colors that mix together to make an amazing color. Turquoise has been one of my favorite colors for about six years. I will aways love turquoise.

I love the color turquoise because I just love the mix of blue and green and it makes a beautiful color. It just has this tropical feeling to it that makes me feel so peaceful. The blue is the ocean and the green is nature and it really is a relaxing color.

13 Sky Blue

Sky blue is amazing! It would actually be better if it was known a bit more because blue is 1st but sky blue is actually better than the main 'blue' but people don't find out about it, they just press blue because sky blue categorises in blue. It is so relaxing and it just gives me happiness when I look at it.

This is the best color ever! It can be so comforting and calm yet also bright and energetic. It's the color that makes me happy when I look up when I'm outside. It's also an awesome coincidence that my favorite color is azure (sky blue) and my name is Skyler.

The blue, it sinks in to your heart and gives you a great relaxation when needed. ''It has been my favorite color since end of 3rd grade (I'm in 4th grade by the way) I have been waiting for people to bring sky-blue up to it's popularity it deserves. What do you think about blue?

Sky blue is definitely my favorite color. It matches well with my other favorite colors, yellow, pink, and purple. Everything I own is blue! I think it is a bright vibrant color. I know it is nothing special, but I just love it.

14 Sapphire Blue

This color is very beautiful, even thought I'm not a fan of blue since I think it's too popular. I'm more of a red person. But sapphire blue is truly is beautiful, a much unique, better version of blue. Plus it's the color of super junior! :D E.L. F FOR LIFE!

Best colour in the world.
You would agree with me if you have read sapphire Battersea. By jacqueline Wilson. 1 of the best books of all time, along with the name of 1 of the best colours of all time!

Very strong blue, this is my absolute all time favorite color, and is the gemstone on the wedding ring I gave to my wife when we got married 7 years ago.

Sapphire blue is just amazingly beautiful color. It's the color of a stone for heaven's sake, it has to be a good for if it's a color of a gem!

15 Cyan

Cyan is often considered childish and naive, due to it's brightness and intensity, even more so than yellow. But Cyan is so much more than that. While Yellow more signifies happy moments and hope, Cyan is more of a grateful and excited colour, representing enthusiasm and fun. It is also more on the quirky side. People with a cyan spirit are bubbly and enthusiastic, always looking forward to the future. They are not necessarily childish or naive, but they know how important it is to laugh and have fun. The colour Cyan represents enthusiasm and gratitude, and the excitement of life.

I've always liked Cyan since I first found out about the color in 2014. I couldn't stop talking about how good it is, and don't lie, it's a pretty satisfying color. Cyan is kinda underrated in the real world, and I don't really like that. It needs to be recognized more by the outside world, and not be called other bull crap names like "aqua" or "turquoise".
TL;DR: Cyan is awesome.

Cyan is seriously underrated. It's an amazing mix of blue, and aquamarine, and reminds me of nerds candies! Also. It's so pretty and not too bright that it hurts your eyes.

I agree.Cyan should be near the top. I love this beautiful colour. Cyan is one of the most pretty colours. I don't know why anyone would dislike it. This colour reminds me of happiness and joy. It's a nice bright colour in fact it's one of the brightest colours. If you said this colour is the 16th most favourite colour then your wrong

16 Blood Red

It has presence, more so than simple bright red could ever have. I could stare at the color of blood forever, as weird and creepy as that sounds. It's captivating and intense and causes this strong emotional charge to ring through me. It goes phenominally with black, white, and grey. It is life and death, far more than black or white could ever be. It's the tingle in your toes and the soft breath against your neck as you fall asleep. It's love, assionate love, and deep blistering hatred, pain beyond human comprehension and seemingly impossible pleasure. This deep red can be anything but ordinary. Those who love it have stories to tell because this color is not simply a color but a catalyst. It's beautiful or terrifying, never mundane, and what it is all depends on who's looking at it.

It's not blood we're talking about, people! It's the COLOR of BLOOD. Blue was my favorite color once. I realized that blood red was close up there, but I refered to it as "watermelon red". It moved from 2nd to 1st place as I realized many blues were plain and blue was so popular that it is simply not unique. Watermelon red is certainly my favorite color.

I dunno, I just like the color. It really doesn't matter which color is voted the best? Blood red just appeals to me more than other colors. Sorry, I'm not as passionate about my favorite color as the people who like pink.

Oh my gosh, dark red is way better than normal red. This is my opinion but, I think red and dark red is way better than blue.

Don't bully me 🥺

But I think blue is too basic, and too many people like it, like if you come up to a person a say
"Hi! My favorite color is blue! How about you? ",then the other dude might will be like,
"What a coincidence! I like blue too! ", then really it's savage. I don't wanna speak too much about myself, but I like colors that not so many people like, for example, purple, orange, yellow but I prefer dark red the most

Thanks for reading

17 Lime Green

Lime is definitely the best shade of Green, aside from regular green. It's very vibrant and bright, like Orange, Yellow and Cyan. I don't have much else to say, other than it's a good color.

Lime green is the best color of them all. It's the color of radiation you can use to fight off your enemies. It is also bright, and bright colors are better than dark colors. Lime green is the better version of green. It represents everything that green represents. But lime green represents radiation to fight off your enemies. It's a brighter version. It represents bright people. Intelligence + brightness = very intelligent. So it is even better than green. Lime green can represent healing. It also represents emeralds. White is bright and green is intelligent. When combined, it is lime green which equals very intelligent. Lime Green is amazing VOTE LIME GREEN!

Lime green is the best color because It shows the true bright part of you. Lime green represents the soul of a true warrior, because it has the power to make people actually feel like they are strong, and powerful.

I see lime green as the center of all colors, and what I mean by this is how it can control the other colors by how strong it can be for everybody. It gives all of the colors power. So by what I said there I'm obviously saying lime is the battery that you're looking for the put in your remote, the thing you need when you need water from running so hard and doing sports, and the one thing that makes stuff work.

I would like to say so myself but when I said lime can do anything to anybody... I really meant it could do anything to other people. For an example, When you're going shopping for cloths you'll see a lime green shirt and you'll be mom I know that shirt is like outstandingly cool but I want that its cool-er. eh eh you getting my ...more

I absolutley love lime green! When I buy school supplies lime green. When I painted my room lime green. When I pick out clothes usually lime green. Who doesn't love green? To make it even better add a lime to it and it will light up your world! Lime green is my favorite color because when I see it it makes me happy. It's bright and brightens me up, and not to mention but I happen to look good in lime green!

18 Dark Blue

In my opinion, dark blue is better than the other hues of blues. It's mysterious, enchanting, and magical. In fact, it's very similar to purple. Very pretty indeed.

It shouldn't be down here! If the world's favorite color is light blue then you got some issues people!

Just reminding! Love shades of blue but not normal blue, just the reason I would love this color.

It' mysterious, beautiful and symbolises royalty.
It's the epitome of the beautiful dark sky..

19 Gray

Gray can look different every time you see it. You can paint a detailed picture in full gray. You can have aqua grays, rosy gray, cool gray, earthy gray, etc. It's such a versatile color. White when tinted becomes a different color, as does black. With gray... It's still a color of gray. Gray is not a shade, nor is it a tint. Gray is a paradox and I love it. You may think of thunderstorms, seastorms, the winter sky, a rainy day, wind, or the soft warm fur of various animals. Gray is an amazing and underrepresented color on this list.

Most people see this color boring, but I find it beautiful!

Grey is the color of the hurricanes that conquer towns

Grey is the color of the dolphins that leap the sea

Grey is the color of the necklace that my boyfriend gave me

Grey is NOT boring!

Gray is such a flexible color. It's neutral like beige, flattering and sophisticated like black, cool and relaxing like blue, and pure and simple like white. Of course it has to be a gray with depth, not flat, but gray can be the prettiest color. Maybe it's just because I love rainy days, but gray has always been my favorite.

Gray in cars is like awesome. One must see the shades of sky during winter and spring seasons you'll love it. The smoky shade of color is worthwhile. Someone who travel in trains or buses in hillstations can have a perfect beauty view of the color. Observing the climate with a hot cup of coffee will be amazing.

20 Aquamarine

Once you look at the colour Aquamarine you instantly fall in love with it!

At my school all the my friends are finding really realistic colours with cool names and I think I am going to win!

Its like a mix of all my older favourite colours: Sky Blue, Mint Green, and Pastel Blue!

I <3 Aquamarine!

Aquamarine was taught to be a tertiary color when I was young while watching Blue's Clues. I loved the color and I think it is amazing and have loved it since I was little

Aquamarine is turquoise with just a hint of rapturous silver involved, making it shine more radiantly than any color in the universe...

Not my favourite colour that's red but this colour is awesome and just strange. It should be more well known than it is.

21 Teal

Ah yes, I was looking for teal on this list. I like it because it's not as blinding as some of the other shades of blue *cough* cyan *cough* some might argue that it's green... I'm not going to argue that because you can't debate colors but teal seems blue to me. Anyway, it's not as dark as navy either. It's right where I like it. It's just my favorite.

My favourite interior colour, the colour of my favourite roller coaster, the colour of cosy and relaxing, the colour which is a shade of my 3rd favourite colour; green. This colour is majestic, powerful, rich, relaxing, it's awesome.

So calming, yet cheerful. I wouldn't wear this everyday but when I need to brighten my mood. Reminds me of perfect balmy mid-spring weather that is at the midpoint between rainy spring and scorching summer.

Once I saw the color, It instantly became a favorite of mine, no only is it a mixture of the to colors in the top 2, it's like cyan, but warmish, and I kind file deep shaded colors.

22 Violet

Violet, while still a type of purple, has a type of magic unique to itself. Violet embodies playfulness and lightheartedness, similar to colours like yellow or cyan, however, it's more of an calm, and introverted kind of quirky. Violet sparks curiosity and intrigue, with it's mesmerising and surreal, abstract beauty. It introduces new possibilities, and makes you think about the past at the same time. Violet is arguably the most unique colour, it's mysterious beauty representing the curiosities and quirkiness of life.

To me, this is still in the purple family and I love everything purple - all shades, colors, hues, and intensities! Grey and black are my second favorite colors.

Lovely vibrant colour. Often associated with being girly, surely anyone, boy or girl, such a lovely colour, just the colour! VOTE FOR VIOLET

I love violet because I love when the sky is that nice violet color and it makes me feel warm inside.

23 Light Blue

Light blue has always been my favourite colour ever since I was five. don't know why people don't like this colour but I think it's beautiful They should be in the top five or eight first place

Always my favourite because I like being in the cold. Light Blue is like winter, and so is white.

What this makes no sense that's an amazing color somethin mg is wrong with these people.

One of the best colors! It makes me think of snow, fog, and frost.

24 Brown

Yes Brown is my color too. Brown hair and brown eyes and I frequently like to wear brown clothes. It's a down-to-earth color that exudes honesty. That's my personality. Why people don't like this color I don't know. Just because it's the color of a couple disgusting substances should make people look on the brighter side of brown like chocolate, coffee, Coke, and the earth, autumn

I am living in a place where nobody likes this colour. It is the worst sight ever. Because of that, I wear brown every day. I have brown eyes and hair. I love it. I don't know how anyone can hate it. Brown is the best last name as well. It might be the colour of poop but it is natural, and chocolate. I have loved brown my whole life. It is a truly underrated colour.

A ton of people hate this color, but I honestly think it's a great color! Most people I know have brown as their least favorite color, I respect that you can have your own opinions, but brown is the color of chocolate, and also dirt, a ton of people's hair and eye colors! Brown is honestly a great color!

Brown is for healthy earth and for the ability to keep one's feet grounded. It is the color of autumn and death, but also the ground that is abundant and giving and the mother of all life. I don't like the example panel's shade, though, too reddish in my opinion.

25 Emerald Green

Emerald is a magical color. Think about it! It's a birthstone, it's a crystal, and The Wizard of Oz has a whole city Oz loves so much he pretends that it is EMERALD!

My favorite eye color, and shade of green next to lime green. My eyes are very slowly turning this color, S-L-O-W-L-Y.

I like emerald green because when there's a wedding, I use the same colour theme and that is emerald green.

It s the colour of beauty and it makes me feel powerful like a running cheetah.

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