Worst Things About the Mad Magazine Reboot

In April 2018, after issue Five-hundred and Fifty, The Popular MAD Magazine, had rebooted. Yes, after over 60 years, they had reverted to MAD #1, and it really does not feel the same as it was earlier. So let us dive into why the MAD Magazine Reboot Sucks.
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1 It was unnecessary

For me, issue #550 was THE final issue of MAD magazine in it's original incarnation. I did not buy the premiere issue of the rebooted MAD magazine and I absolutely refuse to buy that issue or any further issues that follow. Makes no sense at all for this stupid reboot to be in existence. Of course the dumbasses running MAD never had any sense to begin with. don't want the new MAD and don't need it. It's just pure liberal communistic crap anyway!

The reboot is vile,humorless,leftist crap...Peddle your psychotic politics elsewhere,I say and though always a left leaning publication,I certainly miss the far tamer,hilarious Mad magazine of the 60s-90's...I'm paid up for the next 1 1/2 years but honestly don't even want the remainder of issues due to me...What a shame...Sergio Aragones is still on target though and I must admit,the art and characterizations are noteworthy...Always have appreciated Sergio's contribution to Mad magazine...What a shame...

To be honest, while I did say there was swearing, It's hilarious they got away with Alfred flipping off the camera while picking his nose, which during the mag's heyday, would've been censored by grocers.

MAD did not seem to be doing badly at all, so why was this reboot commencing? No one knows why, but I certainly didn't ask for MAD Magazine to be back to like it was in the 50s

2 It came out of nowhere

The only foreshadowing of the reboot of the Well known and Idiotic magazine was on the very last issue before it. No foreshadowing as far as I remember was placed on their social media on stuff like that, and no one thought it was doing badly either.

3 It focuses on what the magazine was like in the 1950S in many parts

Again, I did not ask for MAD Magazine to be like it was back in their very first decade. They keep placing articles in their magazine reminiscing about their issues in the 50s (It wasn't even a great decade for MAD), They have been making some of their comics styled like they were back then, and they even changed the font of their title to the way it was back then! I really did not think this necessary back then.

4 They're trying to be trendy

You know when I said they keeping focusing on the 50s at an annoying rate in some parts, well in the other parts, there are these single panel comics on what used to be the Fundalini pages, I guess? Well, what was in there was something you'd usually see as a webcomic on google images or one of those slideshow maker youtubers, and they even referenced Tide Pods in one of the panels?! This isn't the Fundalini Pages I remember, and this better not be what we'll be seeing in future issues.

5 Alfred's words of wisdom are weaker

The Famous Mascot of MAD magazine used to have very clever things to say like "Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life- Because you'll be unemployed", or "It's Funny how no one is ever so busy that they can't find the time to complain about how busy they are". Now, they are just spread between random panels using the inside jokes of the Magazine itself. Yeah. Ha ha. Mad Magazine is dumb and idiotic, but this is too far.

6 The Fundalini pages being replaced

There used to be the best of the idiotical, which had dumb movie posters spoofs, startling similarities and differences, celebs without their makeup, etc. They later got merged with the fundalini pages, which I could get used to. However, after being replaced with shorts and briefs, it's now filled with many single panel comics that don't even make sense. Just like I said in the "Trying to be trendy" part.

7 The Wisenheim Museum

Same thing that I said about the thing about MAD being just like they were in the 1950s.

8 The theming for each magazine is all over the place
9 They now have swearing in them

Didn't they always?

10 They moved letters and tomatoes to the end of the magazine
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11 They removed the Strip Club
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