Top 10 Most Controversial Symbols

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1 Swastika

The mother of all hate symbols! Millions of innocent people died under Hitler's regime. The Swastika will forever be a disgusting symbol of hate, and a reminder of what could have been prevented.

It was a peaceful symbol, to represent good luck, but people soon believed it to be racist after the Nazis stole it and put it on their play.

This ancient symbol can be found in Native American artwork, Egyptian stone carvings & many other cultures way before Nazi party.

2 Confederate Flag

Throughout the 20th century, no one saw it as a racist symbol, but rather a symbol of Southern pride. Many southerners fly this flag because they love where they live and aren't racist at all. However, racists also use this flag which begs the question: Who does this flag actually represent? I think it depends on your motive for flying it. Either way, it is extremely divisive and has no business being on state or government buildings.

Since a couple weeks ago I was swimming at lake Martin and when I saw a boat with the confederate flag up I was very ticked off that I called them racists!

3 Jihadist Black Flag
4 Blood Drop Cross

Isn't the Vodafone logo the KKK emblem? I'm going to sue Vodafone.

5 Hammer and Sickle

I am not offended by the hammer and sickle. But it does have a bad reputation. It was originally a symbol of equality. However, it is now a symbol of totalitarianism, as well as a reminder of the millions that were murdered under Stalin's regime.

In my opinion the soviet russians were worse than nazis. They killed way more people. But the Swastika is more controversial

Saturn had a sickle and Saturn represents Satan.

6 Burning Cross
7 Rainbow Flag

This symbol is disgusting! It is a middle finger to God who created the rainbow as a promise not to flood the Earth again. I don't hate anybody, but of all the things the LGBTQ+ could have chosen as their symbol, they chose the rainbow. It's just sad.

This symbol is heresy. After the Flood, a rainbow was shown showing that Yahuah would not flood the earth again. It is a symbol of His covenant, His promise to the inhabitants of earth, a symbol of peace. Whenever we see rainbows, it is usually after a storm; usually a terrible storm. The rainbows that we see in the natural world are seen having 7 colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet, and indigo. The homosexual flag only has 6 colors, so it is indeed mocking His creation. There flag is the symbol of homofacism. There is a page somewhere (just search for it yourself) where it shows that many people, Christians who didn't want to be apart of celebrating homosexual marriage (which is not even real marriage when you think about it) got persecuted for not catering to them. One store owner said they would gladly do business with them as long as it was not for their "marriage" purposes. Why can't the homosexuals just start their own wedding businesses instead of trying to make people go against their beliefs, which are supposedly protected by the first amendment in the Ju.S.A.
constitution? I guess it can, huh.

8 Israel Flag
9 North Korea Flag
10 Inverted Pentagram

I feel that the inverted cross implying Evil is a hypothetical case..Many I've had a conversation with blatantly dismiss this notion and deem it to be a huge misconception and that its connected with the history of St. Peter being executed upside down as he considered himself unworthy to be crucified in the same manner as Jesus Christ...Even thorough research led me to this conclusion.

The symbol of dark magic. Used to be a good symbol of the 5 senses but got a bad rep associated with evil magic and witchcraft.

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11 The Rising Sun

This may not be the most controversial especially not more than the swastika but I consider it far worse and Imperial Japan was almost infinitely worse than Nazi Germany In my opinion.

I think that Japan still use this flag on their naval ships. And to think that flying the WWII Nazi German war flag will land you in prison!

12 Illuminati
13 Nazi Flag

It is an interesting well-designed flag, but it represents Xenophobia in general.

14 Make America Great Again Sign

This should be ranked WAY HIGHER than the rainbow flag. At least the rainbow flag doesn't promote hate and utter stupidity like the MAGA flag does.

15 Apartheid Flag of South Africa

It has become a symbol of white supremacy, not just in South Africa, but also worldwide.

16 Atomic Whirl

Ok, that is TOTALLY one of my ultimate symbols right there. Read my profile to know what I'm talking about.

17 Washington Redskins Logo

Well, I've heard people complain about it being offensive.

18 ISIS Flag
19 Inverted Cross

Look at it sideways and you can see the base for the flags of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Iceland.

20 Taiwanese Flag

It controversial because it was once the flag of China and not just Taiwan. Back when China was a republic, this was their flag. Because of its history of freedom and democracy, the People's Republic of China has banned it.

21 Pepe the Frog
22 The Puzzle Piece
23 Leviathan Cross

I believe its satanism's symbol, am I mistaken. An emo girl on youtube said it so I trust it

24 Kekistan Flag
25 Kosovo Flag
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