Top Ten Things Pro Wrestling Fans are Tired of Hearing

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1 Wrestling is fake

Its scripted entertainment. Most fans know this( I mean unless your like 4 to 10 years old). Matches predetermined and moves. But in NO SENSE IS IT FAKED. It takes so much athletic ability to pull off manoovers and such. Watch crazy pro wrestling stunts or injuries and tell me how that's faked ( OK you got me on Blading) When people say this, its almost hilairious. Duh it ain't real, but we enjoy everything about it. Wrestling is the only type of ENTERTAINMENT that people say this. You don't watch a India Jones film and say this. Reality T.V. is scripted, most people don't know this. For people who for some reason needs to say this ask yourself- WHO ARE YOU HELPING! Nobody. Only a kid thinks its real

2 Nobody watches wrestling anymore

1-Wrong by a gigantic long shot. ( Ok it is not as watched as it was from like 97-2003) but still)
2- over 3 million people watch wwe programing ( Raw/Smackdown ) a week on TV, and 15 million on youtube. Wrestlemania has been breaking PPV records and cities place massive bids on where to have Wrestlemania ( Much Like The Superbowl)
3-almost 2 million people are subscribers to the wwe network in 2017.
4- might as well say nobody watches football or the superbowl, it would be a big no
5-Just cause you don't watch it, doesn't mean nobody does, buddy

3 Wrestlers aren't real athletes

Athlete- a person who is proficient in sports and other forms of physical exercise
that's all I need to say, but...Watch a wrestling match and all the stuff they do, watch some New Japan Pro Wrestling matches. Now try to pull those moves off ( especially you UFC/MMA and Football fans). There is a WWE performance center in florida where they train like mules on athletics, doing basic manoovers and such, plus they have to learn how to do promos.. also wwe has no off season, its year round. how sore do you think these guys and gals are. plus tell guys like Cesaro or Kenny Omega that they aren't athletes, they will prove you wrong.

4 Only stupid/dumb/uneducated people watch wrestling

Wrestling fans are not the white trash rednecks many people think. There are some may say the wrestlers themselves are stupid, but there was once a wrestler who, when he retired was 300-1 ( eat your heart out Undertaker). Now this wasn't like WWE, it was based on true strength and athletics. That man would later on become our 16th president of the USA. Yeah Abraham Lincoln was a wrestler. Don't believe me, I guess you're uneducated.

No, we're not stupid. Get a life and stop hating!

5 Wrestling is violent

Really, you watch Shows like Game of Thrones, South Park ( which I'm not bashing), The walking dead that are much more violent and see movies with enough blood splatter to make enough 'ketchup' for 10 years. Wrestling (especially today is tame ) is nowhere near as violent as those. Plus watch sports like hockey ( where the just let you fight).

6 Wrestlers use steroids/performance enhancing drugs

This ain't the 80s anymore guys, look at a picture of guys like Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan, and other wrestlers from the 80s, compare them to guys like Daniel Bryan, Seth Rollins, Marty Scurll, Dalton Castle, and stars of today. Do they even look remotely the same?

7 UFC/MMA is better

Wrestling may not be as entertaining as it was in 1998 but it's better than UFC. While 75 % of UFC is competitors strictly on the mat, with leg locks, arm bars and rear chokes, to name a few. Wrestling is 75% on the move. Competitors are running around the ring, jumping off or over the rope and throwing punches or chops. All this, I know it's all choreographed but men and women still have the potential to get severely hurt. Landing on their head which can injure their spine, blowing a knee or shoulder out, getting their nose or mouth busted. Plus, wrestlers for the most case are more enjoyable to listen to, whether it's scripted or not.

8 Why are you wearing a wrestling shirt, are you five?

No, I'm wearing it because I love wrestling!

9 Wrestling is for kids

No, I know tons of adults that love wrestling!

10 Wrestling is kind of homo-erotic

1-its not you weirdos. 2- how many of you watch grown men in costumes slam into each other all day for a pig skin?
I'm a homo for liking this, I'm not the one who came up with that stupid claim that wrestling is homo-erotic, and I'm the homo. plus there's women's wrestling, which is bigger than it ever has been.

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11 Women can’t wrestle
12 John Cena ruined wrestling
13 Hogan is important and the biggest draw
14 Wrestlemania 29 is the coolest wrestlemania ever
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