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1 Starflight

The reason why he is one of my favorites is because he is very much like me (I might of made this comment a bit late, sorry)

His book wasn't my favourite but he tries to be kind and protect his friends whenever he can

He's my second favorite & I still care for him.he was my first ever favorite dragon!💞


2 Sunny

I LOVED HER BOOK SHE REMINDS ME OF that one friend whose opinion never gets heard unless somone else says it. She came up with the idea to end the war of Sandwing succession meanwhile the rest of dod were taking a day off

She is sooo cut and silly

I like her. She is the best Wings of Fire character that I know so far.
-Cloud the SkyWing

the best

3 Glory

Glory is a great character. Her sarcasm always gets me because I'm sarcastic too. Glory is also a really great character and she is not a Mary Sue! She has flaws. Glory is also part of my favorite tribe and she's also my favorite queen. I love her a lot and not only because I can relate to her, because she's also just the best in general. Who couldn't like Glory? No one, unless you've been hit on the head and need instant medical care. Glory is the best! - Clarity the Animus NightWing

Glory is awesome in all the best ways. She rules two tribes and is a strong, empathetic, and independent leader. She's also no nonsense which I also like.

She is so smart and pretty

4 Peril

Peril is one of my favorite characters. At first she turned out to be a tiny bit creepy. But even after her betrayal she is still a good friend. In book 8 Escaping Peril she is a bit annoying "Clay, Clay, Clay". But she changed a lot she no longer believes that "dragons are made for killing". She is being a good dragon.

Peril has a fiery and tough exterior (fiery, see what I did there? Heh.) but has a great personality. Her relationship with Clay is adorable and I love when she yells at bowls!

the best

5 Moonwatcher

Moon is my favorite Wings of Fire character! Moon x Qibli is my favorite ship. Her book was very interesting until I read it one million times and then I got sick of it for a while and now I want to read it again. Moon is also one of the few character who has an interesting backstory. She was raised in the Rainforest basically by herself. She didn't live with the RainWings and was solo. Then she went to Jade Mountain and blah, blah, blah everyone knows the story. Moon is the best! - Clarity the Animus NightWing

Moon is pretty good! Her book was really interesting to read (even though it made me SO paranoid that people could read my mind) and it added a lot to the story. Sure, she has some flaws, but nobody's perfect!

Moon, in my opinion, Is the best WoF character. I know people like to call her a Mary sue which by the way she isn't. She has flaws like any other dragon.

6 Winter

Winter gets to much hate. I hate Winter x Moon but I like Winter x Lynx. Everyone brings up how he acted like a "jerk" to Moon in the second arc and then those people refused to admit that he actually changed. He was taught to hate NightWings so he had all the reasons in the world to be rude to one because he didn't know any better. But he's a different dragon now, and not in a "Now I can be Moon's mate!" way but a "I should stay here" way. Winter is a great character and is severely underrated and over-hated. - Clarity the Animus NightWing

Okay. Winter gets a lot of hate for how he acted in arc two, and personally I hated him back then as well. But nobody mentions how Qibli helped him become a better dragon and he's now a friendly nerd helping scavengers! (But sorry I still hate winterwatcher)

I don't care that people say we was rude on top of entitled, HIS BOOK WILL LIVE IN MY HEART RENT FREE FOR ETERNITY. Not to mention the reason he's like that is because of his parents and hailstorm getting kidnapped.

7 Tsunami

She may be 'bossy' but she has a kind heart, like she saved cute little aunklet From being killed from the statue orca made! That's good enough for me!

She is so brave and a great big sister for her siblings.

I wish tsunami was a queen,like why not get the throne in front of your mother(the queen!)


8 Clay

I think hamburgers and cheeseburgers go well with fries.

9 Kinkajou

She is so pretty , kind & funny! She is protective of her friends but not like 'oi don't touch,look or think of them!' She's like loving ,caring & sweet. That she will try to stop people from hurting the, but in nice way

She is so funny and cute

A lot of people think she's annoying, but she's funny like that. At least she's not so stupid it's annoying (like a NightWing I know called fatesp-) she also stands up for her friends and even though she kind of likes Winter, when he's mean to moon she tells him to stop. So ya SLAYZIES 💅💅💅

Love her!

10 Queen Thorn

Queen Thorn saved Qibli from abusive family, is a strong and caring leader, and is a way better choice than the Sanderson Sisters.

She is the best queen.

She's like an Angel who got sent down like, she saved Qibli from his ugly,horrible & evil fam

love her! -savage

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11 Queen Scarlet

She's the worst queen.

She's the best queen.

12 Darkstalker

Oh yeah uhh I can't-like-well- I don't know what to say but like yeah, he good

13 Turtle

He is my friend and he is not evil. Turtle is kind, loving, cute to kinkajou, aware about the capabilities of his powers, a good older brother, fun, he would be a good parent with kinkajou, he cares about others, nice, knows when others need help and help them and would never hurt anyone unless it would save his family or friends

So underrated. I think I mostly like him because he is similar to me, and how he has magic powers but usually just hides. He likes writing as well and I think in a future arc he should become a successful author.

Turtle is a great character. - Clarity the Animus NightWing

14 Six-Claws

He is really brave.

15 Queen Glacier

I liked queen Glacier. I wished that she hadn't died. She is a great queen. The Icewings loved her. And she was one of the few dragons who understood Jerboa.
I think that her daughter Snowfall should be added to the list as well.

She is an amazing queen.

She is my favorite wings of fire dragon character

Cougar the HiveWing

16 Princess Blaze

Uh huh she da best of dem all , bLiStEr? WEAK! , BuRn? STUPID! & blaze? Beautiful,pretty,kind,nice & lovely!meanwhile BuRn & bLiStEr? DEAD

Blaze is so oblivious and dumb and that's why I love her so much! So underrated. One of the best characters.

She is clumsy and prety dumb but she has a big heart.

17 Riptide


18 Umber

He's nice, brave & loving of his Syblings. And u know what gay is ok!🏳️‍🌈

19 Princess Blister
20 Anemone

Oh yeah she like meh girl tamarin & come to think of it I think they would be a good match

21 Queen Coral
22 Princess Burn
23 Mastermind

I hate him

24 Morrowseer

Sorry Morrowseer, but I am not sorry that you have died.

25 Tamarin

put her higher she's a really good character she's blind give her a little empathy and put Qibli up there too

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