Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Books

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1 Darkstalker

I began reading this book with the lowest expectations imaginable because I had learned to distrust prequels. But this book blew them right out of the water. I LOVED IT! This is definitely on my top ten list for best books. I absolutely adored reading it. I loved all of the details about NightWing school and their culture, as well as seeing more of Clearsight and Listener, and INDIGO and WHITEOUT! I love Whiteout, and I even love Darkstalker, though Indigo is probably still my favorite character. All of the primary and secondary characters in this book rock, and I totally recommend reading it! It totally deserves its first-place rank!

2 The Brightest Night

SPOILER WARNING Finally, a book about Sunny, my favorite dragonet! The beginning, even the first page, was filled with action. The NightWings are in the rainforest, Starflight is injured, and Sunny gets kidnapped. We finally get to see how clever Sunny actually is on the inside. And it was so wholesome when Thorn and Sunny reunited (Even if Qibli kind of ruined the moment). Then, Sunny gets kidnapped yet again, and we're thrown into even more epic action and suspense. The ending is beautiful, so beautiful (Everyone says Clay getting bitten was so sad and scary, but I was just laughing my head off at everyone's reactions). Beautiful, classic book, I love it.

3 Moon Rising

It was a great introduction to the second arc and a great way to see everything from Moon's point of view. The graphic novel images need major tweaking, but that can wait. The novel is great. I never thought Winter was a brat, but I don't ship him with Moon. Moon is also my favorite character, so it's probably obvious that I would vote for this book.

What really stands out to me is the fact that Moon doesn't want to use her powers. The mind-talking was also very good. However, it's a bad book to re-read. It became really trashy before Carnelian died. And some of the other characters, like Ostrich, got too much attention, and at times, I kind of forgot that Moon was the protagonist.

Icicle attempting to murder Starflight was a nice ending, and also the fact that Hailstorm was alive even though I never liked Hailstorm. This should be number two. In my opinion, it's better than The Brightest Night. It's a great book because Moon is just the best character. - Amethyst the NightWing Animus

4 The Lost Heir

I love Tsunami and was so excited when I got to read her book. The Lost Heir has so many twists and turns and features awesome characters like Coral, Anemone, Auklet, and interesting villains like Orca. It obviously has the best main character, Tsunami!

Only vote this for Tsunami. I'm so glad that The Hidden Kingdom is farther down. GO TSUNAMI!

- Tsunami of the SeaWings

I am a boy. Don't hate me.

I wish Tsunami had just killed Coral. Don't call me evil, because if it wasn't for Anemone being there, Tsunami would have killed Coral without hesitation. I also like how when Coral asks Tsunami about Gill, Tsunami just plays it innocent. I love Tsunami so much. Also, go Ripnami!

- Tsunami of the SeaWings

5 Darkness of Dragons

We get to see Qibli. Qibli is great. Qibli was abused. Despite this, Qibli never wanted to see his family again, but he went there anyway to save Ostrich. He defends Thorn and her secrets from Vulture and doesn't tell him anything. He risked his life escaping Vulture's compound to give Thorn an earring to protect her from Darkstalker. This just shows his amazing loyalty to dragons he really cares about. Yes, he has his flaws, and yes, he's trying to be better.

There are times when he has the right to be power-seeking, and he has the right to desire animus power sometimes. If the universe had given him animus powers, he would've changed the world with it. After casting a small spell to make everyone like him, of course. But he would only do that because of his childhood. He only wants to be liked to prove to his mother that he isn't a waste of scales.

His loyalty, his faith, and his hope to make others happy and the world safe are what make Qibli a remarkable character. There are a million things that are good about him, and of course, he has flaws, everyone does. But if Glory wasn't my favorite character, Qibli would beat her by a mile. His book just tells us more about his childhood, his loyalty, his faith, and his life. He is a fantastic dragon, and his book is so good I can't even put it into words.

6 The Hidden Kingdom

I am being biased and I don't care.

The Hidden Kingdom should totally be number one or two! Glory is such a great character, and I absolutely loved her book. I also liked the way Tui made her and Deathbringer meet. It was perfect. I love how there was the perfect balance between seriousness and comedy in the book.

I'm very biased on this because Glory is my favorite character, but I think this book should be the number one or at least number two best book.

Glory is so amazing! I can't believe it is only 6th. It totally should be first! Glory may be sarcastic at times, but that just makes her better.

One of the reasons I like this book is because it introduces Kinkajou, who should totally have her own book. I was disappointed when she didn't. It also introduces Deathbringer, who is amazing, and the RainWings (especially Kinkajou and Glory) are my favorite tribe.

Also, I love how Glory isn't afraid to use her venom (or acid). Although I really like The Dangerous Gift, The Hidden Kingdom is still my favorite.

7 Winter Turning

Winter turns from an arrogant jerk into someone I can relate to and enjoy reading about.

It isn't uncommon for books to revolve around the theme of not fitting in, but this book focuses on it in a very different way for two reasons:

1. He needs to be involved in the Ice Kingdom because of his debt to his brother.
2. The plot doesn't entirely focus on that.

The character development is outstanding, and Pyrite is great. Because this comment was written in 2024, I should mention that the graphic novel has been released, and it is outstanding.

- That Warriors Fan

8 Talons of Power

Turtle is underrated. He beat Anemone in an animus fight, even though she was more willing to use her magic. Turtle's book is the best SeaWing point of view book in the series.

The end of the book was a great cliffhanger when Turtle was kept prisoner by Darkstalker in the old City of Night. Turtle thinks of his life as a story (which sometimes I do too), and that was kind of funny because it was the effect of reading his mother's scrolls. I wanted to read it forever!

Some of it was boring, like at the beginning, but then it got so much better towards the end of the book! - Amethyst the NightWing Animus

9 The Poison Jungle

Definitely my favorite. The Poison Jungle was full of exquisite new characters, such as Hazel, who I adored. Her relationship with Sundew was really cute. I also loved the PoisonWing and SapWing relationship.

Sundew, being my favorite character from all of the Wings of Fire arcs, made this book a lot lighter, and her main POV was very interesting to read. I love this book mainly for its greatly developed characters.

- That Warriors Fan

*SPOILER WARNING* It was action-packed and introduced new characters like Hazel, Mandrake, and Nettle. There was a big action scene and twist with Hawthorn when they discovered he was under the Othermind, and when Willow killed him! In my opinion, the ending of the last chapter was good, but the epilogue with Jerboa and Snowfall added too much suspense. I can't wait for book 14!

10 Escaping Peril

Spoiler warning: This book is really underrated! Everyone says it's boring, but it's really not! The most boring part is when Turtle and Peril are going on the journey (and everyone starts shipping Pertle, the worst ship ever), but even that part is really exciting.

The end is the best part. When Scarlet takes over the kingdom and all the drama starts. For those of you who still want a Kinkajou book, admit it, this is ten times better than any Kinkajou point of view could ever be. I love love LOVE this book, and I hope you agree.

The Contenders
11 The Dragonet Prophecy

This book is very worth reading. It is kind of the beginning of everything. I wonder how you feel about it, but it's confusing. It still makes a pretty awesome start.

Everything seemed more clear when I reread it after the first 5 books.

Also, this book is pretty violent. My mother yelled at me when I used it to freak out my younger sister. It kind of drove her insane. (She's yelling all over the place about how she's extremely mad at Queen Scarlet)

Okay, so this is the story of me reading this: My family and I were on vacation. I checked out The Dragonet Prophecy and we drove back to our hotel. I got into my bed and started reading it.

Then I got to the part where Glory kills Fjord and screamed at the top of my lungs. Someone knocked on our hotel door, and my mom answered it. A lady asked who was screaming, and my mom got mad at me. I showed her the dead Fjord, and my mom fainted. The lady walked away, and I woke my mom up.

After that, I started just reading the chapter books, not the graphic novels.

12 The Lost Continent

It's a solid introduction to the third arc. The only strange thing is the huge hole in the roof of the flamesilk prison that let Wasp's most valuable prisoners escape. The Lost Continent starts off kind of boring, but we do learn some of the SilkWing and HiveWing culture and how they treat one another.

There's a strange part where Cricket removes Blue's wristband with a single sliver of flamesilk even though that's not scientifically possible, and the toxin activates out of nowhere. It gets a little boring but also interesting when Cricket is introduced. I've always liked Cricket, but her character seems overused and should have been more developed. She is portrayed as a "I'm good and I'm not supposed to be" character, which feels unrealistic.

I recommend watching Cyprus's "How I Would Rewrite the Third Arc" on YouTube because it's awesome, and I agree with all of it. Cricket should have been portrayed more as a dragon who excused how HiveWings treated SilkWings because she didn't know any better. I would have preferred it if she was a dragon who didn't condone it but saw it as something other dragons did without understanding that it was wrong.

Other than that, it was a pretty good book. I rate it a 7/10 just because some parts were confusing to me and didn't make sense.

13 The Dark Secret

Me: Gets to the part where Viper dies.
Me: Looks away from red things that look like lava.
Me: Takes a deep breath and looks on the floor.
Me: Looks at my family that is asleep.
Me: Tries to go back to sleep.
Me: Hears a big splash and almost screams.
My mom: Sorry! I was grabbing water!

A lot of people hate this book, but I love it. It takes advantage of the setting not changing to kinda slow down before the finale and get some information. I LOVE Starflight, and his arc here was SO inspiring. It left me with some great setup for Book #5, and it has the BEST final battle in the entire series.

14 The Hive Queen

Cricket could have been a better character, like I explained in my Lost Continent comment, and the book didn't make sense for me at parts. But otherwise, I like the book. It has good suspense and mystery. It was also a great follow-up book for The Lost Continent, but it was kind of slow at the end, and Bumblebee is overrated.

It isn't the best book in the series, and I find it not as appealing as the second arc books. It was kind of boring to me at some points, and Lady Scarab turning up at random points was super confusing. Otherwise, 6/10, just because the plot was slow, and it didn't really connect to book 11. - Laurel

15 Dragonslayer

I'm currently reading this because I've finished all the series books. Wren's chapters were the best, with her and Sky. The capital letters in the book were fun to read. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with Wren's chapters. They were well-presented and written.

Ivy's chapters are my second favorite. Ivy and her two friends, Violet and Daffodil, become Wingwatchers and try to find out the secrets of Ivy's father, Dragonslayer.

Leaf's chapters are my least favorite. They were boring and never got to the point, especially when they are trapped inside a box going to be eaten. I mean, Leaf is going somewhere (I haven't finished the book yet in 2023) and at the first chapter he has, he's just such a jerk to dragons and he has to announce it.

Anyway, great protagonists, but anyone can replace Leaf. Rowan would have been a better protagonist than him. - Amethyst the NightWing Animus

16 The Dangerous Gift

SPOILER ALERT Snowfall was unlikeable at the beginning of her book, being all bossy and unqueen-like. I was so happy to finally get the perspective of a queen. The ring really changed her into a better character than she started out as. I love how Snowfall is so dramatic about the Rankings Wall that was so "torturous" and "awful!" Crystal is a jerk and Snowfall shouldn't have given her permission to marry that MudWing.

I love the book and it was great at the end when they smashed the Great Ice Cliff, despite Snowfall thinking at the beginning of the book that the only sane animus was the one that created the Great Ice Cliff. I didn't like Mink though (like AT ALL). Mink was just a stinker who loved everyone too much and tried to take the throne. - Jaguar the RainWing

17 Assassin

This book brought tears to my eye at the end. This book earns a special place in my heart when it comes to Wings of Fire books. Not my all-time favorite but still a really good book.

This winglet book is just great. I loved reading it and watching Deathbringer grow and become a better assassin. I think it's ranked too low. It should definitely be in the top 15.

Deathbringer is my favorite character in the whole series, and I was upset that he just got a winglet and not a whole book. But this was still the best winglet, and it was pretty good.

18 The Flames of Hope

Fine. However, I wish Luna was actually in the action. I only put it here because it's slightly better than other books. If I had a choice about how many books I could list as my favorites, this one wouldn't be included. I would have done a top 9.

I loved this book! Dusky! Lizard! Drama! I loved every inch of this and absolutely adore it. It had me giggling, grimacing, getting goosebumps, and laughing out loud. A wonderful ending to this series, it deserves to be higher on the list.

I almost cried at the end of this book because of Freedom's death. Other than that, it was just amazing!

19 Runaway

My friends ALWAYS ask, Are the Winglets ever worth reading? And me? Well, yes! I love the Winglets, especially this one specifically. I'm a complete Foxflake fan through and through.

Have a wonderful day to those who took their time to read this comment!

- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

My favorite character of all is Princess Snowfox. I'm obsessed with her. She deserves to be queen, and I wish she had managed to wipe out the NightWings. I can see why not many like the book, but I just love the characters.

20 Deserter

To be honest, hearing Six-Claws' story was really inspiring and relatable. It was well-flowing, too.

My favorite winglet, you get to know a whole lot more about Dune and Six-Claws!

I love this book! I think it's really underrated, and I feel really sorry for poor Dune and Six-Claws. Burn was horrible to them both after they had been hardworking, loyal, and determined to keep fighting, and she was horrible.

21 Prisoners

Prisoners was a good book! I think this should be in the top 5. But that's just my opinion! -Frost the IceWing/RainWing

22 Wings of Fire: A Guide to the Dragon World

This is an exceptional guide. I like how it was written as if it was a scroll actually made by Starflight with notes from Glory, Sunny, Fatespeaker, and everybody.

The reviews of each tribe were interesting, as they seemed to be written by different people even though they were authored by Tui T. Sutherland.

Each tribe description was accurate enough for my liking. The inclusion of the legend of the Scorching was helpful, as I never really had a full understanding of it before. Overall, it is a good book.

I can't say it's my favorite because it's not a real novel, but it is an extraordinary guide.

- That Warriors Fan

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