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1 The Lost Heir The Lost Heir Product Image

I think it's cool. I haven't read it in a while, but overall I think it was pretty wild. Tsunami figured out: She wasn't the LAST heir, Orcas
statue was killing the eggs, and... some other stuff happened I cannot remember. - Bronze the SandWing.

It is so violent! I mean, the way Queen Coral killed Tortoise gave me nightmares.(Pulling out her teeth then crushing her head against the coral wall making her smash into pieces) And those crushed unhatched dragonet heirs. So sad

The Lost Heir is amazing. Tsunami is THE BEST character in the book. Queen coral apparently had another Heir. The only time Starflight could ever be wrong.

This one is better then the hidden kingdom by far. Tsunami's flaws are perfect. Hidden kingdom is bad because glory has no flaws. GO TSUNAMI!

2 Darkstalker Darkstalker Product Image

Okay, first of all, this is a really good book. I love the way Clearsight, Darkstalker, and Fathom become friends, and there's something in Darkstalker's perspective, cause he's the villain. Also, I just want to say that Indigo is a horrible character and why do you want Kinkajou to suffer for turning Darkstalker into Peacemaker, if you let him survive he would've done evil stuff, and she already suffered being knocked out by Shapeshifter and experimented on by NightWings, which isn't exactly a walk in the park.

I think this book is amazing! It tells you a lot about Darkstalker and his early life and this is when I actually started to realise that he wasn't always horrible he was just a dragonet trying to find a happy and powerful path to go down.

I like the way they switch characters every chapter, but darkstalker was annoying and it was frustrating reading the prologue but then reading how foeslayer and Arctic always fought. Quite violent too.

I love how this book has not only Darkstalker's perspective, but also Fathom and Clearsight. I hope Tui makes more books like this.

3 Moon Rising Moon Rising Product Image

This is definitely my favorite book in the series. The main reason I love this book is because Moon can read minds and it's cool seeing into not only the main character but other minor characters that probably won't get their own book. It shows much more perpective and no matter how many times I re-read this book, it never gets les awesome.

BEST BOOK OF THEM ALL. I loved the fact of how Moon could read minds and that you could actually read what they were thinking without reading their book(I have read ALL of them Bunches of times). I love how Winter was the pretty rude guy and She evenuallty stuck up for here self. Also I ship Qibli and Moon!

*SPOILER WARNING* Yesssss, new arc, new start. I loved the structure of the school and how you got to see how the dragonets of Destiny and all the other characters from arc 1 have grown. On the inside AND the outside. Moon was so relatable. (But also generic) and her powers and struggles were really interesting to read about. The explosion was action-packed and mysterious. I wish Carnelian and Bigtail could have lived. SUCH an amazing book.

Moon is another favorite. Though once again I am terrified by the visions of the future, mind reading blows me away, and unlike the rest of the series, it taught me a lot about the true cost of power. This book also set up Darkstalker by introducing Fathom and Clearsight.YAY!

4 Brightest Night Brightest Night Product Image

Sunny is SO CUTE! Although I really wish she ended up with Starflight (I hate Fatespeaker SO MUCH.), it was still a good book and it's nice to have a dragonet of destiny with both parents. The ending was nice but I totally cried when I thought Clay was gonna die. Even though he's not my favorite, I still want him in the series.

THIS IS THE BEST BOOK OF ALL THE 14 BOOKS! For one thing, you have Sunny's point of view, and Second, it revels A WHOLE TON OF SECRETS! Not only is it funny, it tells you a lot of things that the dragonets didn't know. SPOILER ALERT, it was AMAZING when Sunny was walking with Smolder and basically gave the whole definition of the Eye of the Onyx accidentally! I cracked up on that part. So this whole book was amazing, and the funniest book I have ever read!

The Brightest Night is so good because it's in the perspective of an awesome character that everyone loves - Sunny. You finally get to dive into the mind of a little, happy, faithful character! Sunny forever!

*SPOILER WARNING* FINALLY, a book about Sunny, my favorite dragonet! The beginning, even the first page, was filled with action. The NightWings are in the rainforest, Starflight is injured, Sunny gets kidnapped. And we finally get to see how clever Sunny actually is in the inside. And it was so wholesome when Thorn and Sunny reunited. (Even if Qibli kinda ruined the moment) Then, Sunny gets kidnapped yet again, and we’re thrown into even more epic action and suspense. The ending is beautiful, so beautiful. (Everyone says Clay getting bitten was so sad and scary but I was just laughing my head off at everyone’s reactions) Beautiful, classic book, I love it.

5 The Hidden Kingdom The Hidden Kingdom Product Image

*SPOILER WARNING* I love this book! It just gets better and better the further you get into it! When Glory and Deathbringer were flirting and being all mysterious and slick around each other, I was laughing out loud! And the escape from the Night Kingdom was so awesome! My favorite part was the contest for the throne at the end! And then Starflight is gone?! Whoa, what a cliffhanger. Really, really awesome book.

I Like this book. And seeing things from Glorys perspective differs from the others. And (SPOILER ALERT) she becomes Queen of the RainWings AND NightWings! That's all I can remember cause I'm on the 9th book. - Bronze the SandWing

My favorite. character is Glory, but I like the Brightest Night better cause more Glorybringer and also more from Sunny that proves she is amazing.

The Hidden Kingdom is good, probably one of my top five favorites, but you're right I think the Brightest Night was better. Still I like how they were able to cover a LOT of events in only a few days.

6 Winter Turning Winter Turning Product Image

WY IS TIS BOOK ONLY 8T? It is the best book in the series, tied with the hidden kingdom. I hated how Winter was such a jerk in moon rising, since he's one of my favorite characters.

Winter Turning,without a doubt, was always my favorite book. He was hated by his parents and he didn’t deserve it. He saved his brother, and did his best to save his friends. And he did his best to make his parents proud, and never could. It’s sad.

This book was... okay.. I liked the end, and getting to look into the lifestyle of IceWings, but everything else was just boring. I don’t have much else to say. It’s not bad, but it’s not very good either.

It was nice seeing Winter's point of view on Moonwatcher, it was awesome seeing how he reacted to everything. by the way I do not ship Winterwatcher.

7 Escaping Peril Escaping Peril Product Image

I like how Peril is given more perspective in this book because she was introduced all the way at the beginning of the series but I never really expected her to get a book because she was mainly a first arc character but her perspective is so cool. Although I ship Clay and Peril, I don't like how clingy Peril is to Clay.

I love this book! It is sooooo funny when Queen Scarlet gets bombarded by the SkyWing dragonets. Haha. I'm laughing now just thinking about it. A part of the conversation goes as follows: "I thinking, maybe you got the wrong palace. We's already gots a queen. Queen ruby. She super nice. "Ruby is not your queen. She's an impostor. I am your queen." "Whats a nimposser?" "It's furry and sleeps upside down and has a really chewy tail." "Melty face ma'm, you's wrong. Ruby's not furry at all, and I bets her tails not chewys either, but I's hasn't checked." LOL!

This book was pretty good and I loved how she turned for for Ruby who is actually...You know if you read the books! I also like the action but unfortunately it happened for me later in the book.

*SPOILER WARNING* This book is really underrated! Everyone says it’s boring, but it’s really not! The most boring part is when Turtle and Peril are going on the journey (and everyone starts shipping Pertle, the worst ship ever) but even that part is really exciting. The end is the best part. When Scarlet takes over the kingdom and all the drama starts. For those of you who still want a Kinkajou book, admit it, this is ten times better than any Kinkajou point of view could ever be. I love love LOVE this book, and I hope you agree.

8 Darkness of Dragons Darkness of Dragons Product Image

*SPOILER WARNING* I have mixed feelings about this book. First of all, Qibli’s point of view makes even the boring parts a little more exciting, and the sandstorm, the battle of Jade mountain, the ending, the beginning, when they were rescuing Turtle, they were all really exciting scenes. But, there was a lot of boring parts that overpowered it. Such as the whole thing with Vulture and Cobra. That had to be the most boring thing in the entire series. It just dragged ON and ON and I just wanted to book to end already. But then it got more exciting towards the end and I was hooked. But, still Wings of Fire, still awesome, just not the BEST book ever.

I actually don't like this book too much. I mean I don't know if that's a hot take or anything, but compared to the other books, this one lacks in quality. A lot of the plot is boring, SECOND HOT TAKE!, Qibli is a boring character and is unsuitable for the finale book. Also, Winter in this book is handled horribly, and that's a lot coming from me (he's my favorite character). Winter is made into a tag-along character, doesn't win Moon even though that was how to book really would have been improved. Yes Winterwatcher is much better than Moonbli. Also, Winter was made in this book to look stupid and untrustworthy, and Tui literally blinked out of the finale of the book! Literally! Peril was sorrowfully not in this book, and she is possibly one of the best characters. Much better than Qibli. Also, Qibli is a mixture of snobby, Nerdy, and Romantic. I do not think those traits mix well. However, I did enjoy how much Qibli messed up. It made him look really bad. Seriously though, I sort of ...more

This book was pretty good except when I got to the ending and apparently quilibi wasn't the hero. Although he pretty
much thought of the plan to take down darkstalker no one gives him any credit. its all kinkajou (sorry if you like kinkajou but I hate her character she talks to much and was overall annoying in my opinion, but if you like her that's fine with me I don't care I just don't like the character.) and how she gets all of the glory instead of quilibi (which should've been the hero.) By the way @ the person who said all of the harry potter books combined couldn't beat Darkness of dragons sorry, but I don't think that's right. Every Harry Potter book could beat the Darkness of Dragons ( as much as I like this series Harry potter is better overall.) I hope (even if you disagree) that you respect my opinion.

Qibli is a great character. This book really shows how much he cares for Moon. Qibli is such an interesting character. His thoughts are interesting.

9 Talons of Power Talons of Power Product Image

Boy, Turtles development. He went from a shy, introvert to someone who could stand up to all of the bad things in life and face them with confidence. Turtle’s fight with anemone was just the best scene in the whole series. A lot of people say that they don’t like this amazing book because they thought it was boring, but those people need to seriously reconsider. The book gave a side character who didn’t have a story a whole sequence of interesting events and back stories.
Turtles relationship with Kinkajou was very interesting. I think what Turtle does in this book is severely under appreciated.

Turtle started out as a side character that didn't matter and I didn't think much about him, but as he found his confidence in this book I realised how much Turtle is like me! He is shy (sometimes), kind, brave, and thinks of his life as a story. He learns that it isn't the animus power that corrupts you, but the hunger for more. This book has a true meaning, but I cried for so long at the cliffhanger in the end. I also think that Kinkajou and Turtle are perfect for each other.

Turtle is a cool point of view although I hate how almost all the animus dragons (How do you say it plural? Animuses? Animi?) are either scared to use their power or use it too much and become evil. I think Qibli would be a nicer animus dragon although if he was born an animus he probably wouldn't have become such a lovable character as he is in the books.

Turtle is a super cool character and I have reason to believe he is more powerful than Darkstalker, hear me out. First of all, he quite easily made his scales diamond which Darkstalker could do as well, but he also made Anemone an animus which Darkstalker said he couldn't do, coincidence, I think not.

10 The Dragonet Prophecy The Dragonet Prophecy Product Image

The Dragonet Prophecy is one of my favorite books in the series because, first of all, it was the book that started off the whole series. Without this book, there wouldn't be any Wings of Fire. Second of all, Clay is just amazing and cares about everyone. I can understand why this is 10th(as I'm writing this), since some of the other protagonists feel more interesting than Clay, but I think we still gotta give Clay's book some love for the wonderful series it grew into. - Ninja

This book started off the series well. The best parts was when they were in the sky kingdom and fighting in the arena. Clay and Peril are very cute together. The funniest and best thing about Clay is how he loves food so much. Clay even dreams about food, but this book didn't show this fact about him that much. I liked Clay better in the other books, he was just so hilarious in other books.

This book was funny, wonderful, and cute. Clay never realizes that Peril has a crush on him even before Peril says she's not to be with him. I never got why Sunny thinks Clay's to good for Peril. Clay has barely any smarts but no one makes fun of him. When's lunch is the best line ever to be like Clay. Snore snore snore!

Ok, no cap I listened to this book 5 times. It was an audio book and I really liked it. I still like it. Clay tried to help his friends hatch and the guardians took him away.

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11 The Poison Jungle The Poison Jungle Product Image

I LOVE Sundew. She is one of my favorite characters and I'm glad I finally got a main point of view who isn't just "Heroic, Wants to save everyone, Would never kill anyone". It's so fun to read of someone who is angry and voices her opinions and is willing to fight for them. Also, Sunder x Willow is the CUTEST SHIP EVER. Homophobes stay out!

The Poison Jungle is by far one of my favorite Wings of Fire books. Sundew actually isn't my favorite character, Cricket is, but Cricket's book wasn't that great. Sundew's book, on the other hand, was by far spectacular. READ IT NOW

*SPOILER WARNING* It was action packed and introduced new characters, like Hazel, Mandrake, and Nettle. It had a big action scene and twist with Hawthorn when they found out he was under the othermind, and when Willow killed him! There was a good ending in my opinion for the last chapter, but then the epilogue with Jerboa and Snowfall brought to much suspense! I can’t wait for book 14!

I like Sundew and it's hilarious that Bumblebee loves her so much. It had quite a lot of action and was a good book, but it's not one of my very favorites. it placed ten on my list.

12 The Dark Secret The Dark Secret Product Image

The dark secret was a really good book. Morrowseer finally dies after telling the dragonets that the prophecy never was real, and was only a way for Battlewinner to get control of some dragonets.

Dark Secret is really a dark, mystery-type book that I barely consider fantasy, except for the dragons. Nightwings are plain awful. That’s the whole point this book is trying to get across. That’s all fine for the first 150 pages, but enough is enough. I don’t really have much good to say about this one, aside from the spectacular Greatness, and how she was able to step down and let Glory be queen. The way they revealed that the prophecy is fake was lame, though.

I enjoyed the Dark Secret and I agree with the first person, the RainWings rescuing the prisoners was easily the best part. The entire Part Three was the best part.

My favorite part of The Dark Secret was when the RainWings rescued the prisoners from the NightWing island, because that part was just AWESOME. I also love seeing how Starflight became more sure of himself. He did not deserve to go blind.

13 The Hive Queen The Hive Queen Product Image

CRICKET IS THE BEST PROTAGONIST WHY IS SHE LOWER? Cricket is the best protagonist and I like her way better than Qibli. Both of them are kinda nerdy but Cricket is a better, more well-written nerd because sometimes Qibli is annoying when he gets everyone to like him and I feel like he really annoyed Winter no matter how funny it is to the readers. Cricket only really annoys her teachers and grandparents, who are horrible and largely unimportant anyway, and Sundew, and it's not like she's trying to annoy Sundew. She just asks questions and forgets. Qibli knows his teasing annoys Winter yet he does it. Some of the parts are kind of annoying but I feel like Cricket is an AWESOME dragon and the Katydid/Malachite part is great too, I really really want to see Malachite freed from the Othermind and Cricket finally meeting him cause that would be awesome!

Don't you known that Cricket and Bumblebee of the HiveWings are the best? Yes, so smart and nearly save Snodoo (Sundew) sundew, can't you believe it) With her intelligence. Figuring out what attracts tsetse flies (the color blue).

This book has got to be one of my favourites, I just love Cricket as a protagonist, the way she thinks and plans things out is really smart, and she’s like me, asking questions every 5 seconds. In my opinion, even though Sundew’s book, The Poison Jungle, has a bit more action in it, Crickets personality and the way she thinks of things makes The Hive Queen better than the Poison Jungle. I love how Cricket also has a fierce determination and never gives up. The Hive Queen has lots of cool discoveries in it and a lot of interesting things happen, like where Cricket keeps on getting caught and than dragons help her escape, like where she gets paralysed but than Lady Jewel and Lady Scarab help her escape. There’s also a lot of cool stealth missions through out the book, and I like how Cricket always finds cool creative ways to do things. This book is really awesome, SO WHY IS IT SO FAR DOWN!? Come on, let’s try and get this to at least number 10#
-Darkshade (Nightwing and ...more

Cricket is so cool! I love how Blue and Cricked have crushes on each other but won't admit it. It makes it interesting and fun to read.

14 The Lost Continent The Lost Continent Product Image

It's good, I like Blue. I need him to get wings now! I know The Hive Queen is out but still I can't stand him without wings! -Starflight my dudes

Blue may not be my favorite character, but this book started the third arc off nicely. It was overall a good book.

Love the third arc, yay, tired, sorry for being unprofessional. I’m really-really-almost-zombified tired.

pxfferfish, a dying reviewer

I liked that we had a new place because we heard about all of pyrhria so on my top 5

15 Dragonslayer Dragonslayer Product Image

Dragonslayer shows you the world of Pyrrhia in a whole new perspective, through the eyes of humans! Wren is my favorite out of the three and I cried so much when: I found out that Peril's brother is alive, Undauntable proposed to her, and at the end of the book when it's Undauntable's perspective I had to read the chapter about five times before accepting that there was a MAJOR cliffhanger.

You're just diving into this whole different view of the world. It's scavenger perspective, and everything is so different. I love it!

Dragonslayer is so interesting! Wren is really clever and Ivy is really artistic. I like the feuds between Daffodil and Violet, like even though they argue so much they're still BFFs. Tbh Leaf isn't really my favorite character but he's okay too not like I hate him or anything. Wren and Ivy are my favorite characters in Dragonslayer.

This book shows you the world of pyrrhia from new eyes! Its awesome seeing what humans do and they are actually smarter than the dragons think!

16 Assassin Assassin Product Image

Assassin was the best Winglets book. It's cool to see things from Deathbringer's perspective, and it's a great story. Also they made Deathbringer too old because now he's nearly twice Glory's age.

I loved how we got to see stuff from Deathbringer's point of view, the part about Quickstrike is so sad! But you also get to see his conflict and it's great.

I love death bringers point of view. I just love these three books so much I can't explain why.

Deathbringer is a cool beans boi and this was my favorite winglet book

17 Hidden Kingdom: Graphic Novel Hidden Kingdom: Graphic Novel Product Image

The hidden kingdom will always be and will be my favorite book whether it’s the Graphic novel or the book I will ALWAYS love it! I love the scenes of Glory and Deathbringer when they’re flirting with each other. I also like how she doesn’t fall so easily for Deathbringer and I like that. Also for the people who say that Glory was stupid to Tsunami I think they’re just arguing like siblings after all they DID grow up together.

Why is this here? It’s the same as the real book, but with pictures! And I don’t see the graphic novel of The Lost Heir or The Dragonet Prophecy on here!

Seriously. The Hidden kingdom was great. I loved it, both graphic novel and actual book

I don't like Glory, all she does is sleep and eat.

18 The Dangerous Gift The Dangerous Gift Product Image

Just finished this and it was pretty good. Snowfall was kind of annoying in the first part of the book, but I really liked her in the last two parts. She had great character development. This book was very interesting and it just felt different from all the other books. I also love Lynx. The visions were interesting and this book had me starting to like the Icewings. I didn't like how strict the Icewing traditions were, but with Snowfall as queen the tribe will get better. I was so happy when she smashed the cliff and the wall at the end.

At first I didn't like the isea of Snowfall being the main point of view (I wanted a lost continent character to get a book, like Luna or Willow), but Tui made the book awesome and enjoyable, as always. A great new addition to the series, will definitely re-read soon!

Great Starclan (Sorry Warrior cat language), why is this book SO FAR DOWN!?!?!?
This book is by FAR one of my favourites! I love how Snowfall’s character changes from an anxious, nervous wreck to a confident, wise Queen, who in the end made lots of great decisions, Go Snowfall!

THE DANGEROUS GIFT WAS AWESOME. COMPETELY, 100 percent AWESOME. It's like, my favorite book, besides the Poison Jungle. The Dangerous Gift, in the perspective of Queen Snowfall of the IceWings, is great! Snowfall changes a lot, from rather grouchy into a kind dragon that puts others before her. The Dangerous Gift reveals so many secrets that were waiting to be discovered. I love this book!

19 Deserter Deserter Product Image

My favorite winglet, you get to know a whole lot more about dune and six claws!

Nobody knows who Six-Claws is sad face I love his character and this book.

To be honest, hearing Six-claws’ story was really inspiring and relatable. It was well-flowing, too.

oooh it is so good and really adds a side to dune we never saw before

20 Runaway Runaway Product Image

Getting a bit tired of writing reviews, but let me say this. This book is UNDERRATED as hell! I like how under her exterior, Snowflake has a PERSONALITY. I also love Snowfox. Let’s face it, Foxflake is meant to be. Homophobes, be warned.

pxfferfish, a lesbian reviewer

My favourite character of all is Princess Snowfox, I'm obsessed with her. she deserves to be queen, and I wished she managed to wipe out the night wings. I can see why not many like the book, but I just love the characters

I hate snowflake and snowfox the big dumb idiots

I love Snowflake.

21 The Dragonet Prophecy: The Graphic Novel The Dragonet Prophecy: The Graphic Novel Product Image
22 Prisoners Prisoners Product Image

Prisoners was a good book! I think this should be in top 5. opinion! -Frost the IceWing/RainWing

prettty good. I think its rated correctly

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