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1 Darkstalker

I began reading this book with the lowest expectations imaginable, because I had learned to distrust prequels. But this book blew them right out of the water. I LOVED IT! This is definitely on my top ten list for best book, I absolutely adored reading it. I loved all of the details about Nightwing school and their culture, as well as seeing more of Clearsight and Listener and INDIGO and WHITEOUT! I live Whiteout, and I even love Darkstalker, though Indigo is probably still my favorite character. All of the primary and secondary characters in this books rock, and I totally recommend reading this! Totally deserves its first place rank!

Ok, this book is a great book. I love seeing things from three people's perspectives.

Fathom is a careful, worrying dragon who is looking out for his friend and doesn't want him to become homicidal. Darkstalker doesn't ever listen and continues using his magic scroll, worrying poor Fathom more and more when Darkstalker could save him the stress and stop using his magic.

Clearsight is a sweet cinnamon bun who wants to make sure Darkstalker's spells aren't evil and loves reading them with her. She tries guiding Darkstalker on the right paths, but Darkstalker is stubborn, saying he's going down the right paths to best futures. That leads him to getting nearly killed by an assassin the queen herself hired to murder Darkstalker.

And Darkstalker wants to protect his sister, make sure his mother is safe, convince Clearsight that he's fine, and the paths he's going down will lead him to become king with Clearsight on the throne next to him with 6 adorable dragonets. He's always ignoring Fathom but is a good friend to him.

For example, he enchanted a bell to ring when Fathom was lonely, and on the first day they met, Darkstalker took him out of the party to the ocean. All these things are the best things about Darkstalker's book. Here are a few more things I love about his book.

1. I love learning more about Darkstalker's past, and his best friend and beloved.

2. All the little problems like the IceWing-NightWing war in the background, and Quickstrike trying to kill Darkstalker are just the small snacks between each meal that keep you reading.

3. This might make me sound like a murderer, but the royal massacre at the start was the best bit that hooked me in, prompting me to read more of the story. I loved reading it, and I loved reading about the aftermath. Fathom's fears make sense when you remember about the massacre he was involved in. No wonder he was nervous about being at Darkstalker's party!

4. It is a... more

2 The Brightest Night

I just finished this one. It's pretty cool! Here are the reasons: 1. Sunny meets her parents! 2. Burn and blister died, blaze was the sister who survived! 3. Thorn becomes queen! 4. Preyhunters death. 5. They introduced Qibli! 5. They meet flower, smolders pet scavenger! 6. They find out queen scarlet is alive.

*SPOILER WARNING* FINALLY, a book about Sunny, my favorite dragonet! The beginning, even the first page, was filled with action. The NightWings are in the rainforest, Starflight is injured, Sunny gets kidnapped. And we finally get to see how clever Sunny actually is in the inside. And it was so wholesome when Thorn and Sunny reunited. (Even if Qibli kinda ruined the moment) Then, Sunny gets kidnapped yet again, and we're thrown into even more epic action and suspense. The ending is beautiful, so beautiful. (Everyone says Clay getting bitten was so sad and scary but I was just laughing my head off at everyone's reactions) Beautiful, classic book, I love it.

3 Moon Rising

It was a great introduction to the second arc. It was a great way to show everything, from Moon's point of view. The graphic novel images need major tweaking, but that can wait. The novel is great. I never thought Winter was a brat, but I don't ship him with Moon. Moon is also my favorite character so it's probably obvious that I would vote this book. But what really stands out to me is the fact the Moon doesn't want to use her powers, the mind-talking was also very good. It's a bad book to re-read though. It got really trashy before Carnelian died. And some of the other characters, like Ostrich, got too much attention, and at times I kind of forgot that Moon was the protagonist. Icicle attempting to murder Starflight was a nice ending, and also the fact that Hailstorm was alive even though I never liked Hailstorm. This should by number two. In my opinion, it's better than the Brightest Night. It's a great book because Moon is just the best character. - Amethyst the NightWing Animus

4 The Lost Heir

I love Tsunami and I was so excited when I got to read her book. The Lost Heir has so many twists and turns and AWESOME characters like Coral, Anemone, Auklet and interesting villains like Orca. And it obviously has the best main character, Tsunami!

Only vote this for Tsunami. I'm so glad that The Hidden Kingdom is farther down GO TSUNAMI

-Tsunami of the Seawings
I am a boy don't hate me

I wish Tsunami had just killed Coral. Don't call me evil because if it wasn't for Anemone being there Tsunami would have killed Coral without hesitation. I also like how when Coral asks Tsunami about Gill Tsunami just plays it innocent. I love Tsunami so much. Also GO RIPNAMI!
-Tsunami of the Seawings

5 Darkness of Dragons

We get to see Qibli. Qibli is great. Qibli was abused. Qibli never wanted to see his family again but went there anyway to save Ostrich.

He defends Thorn and her secrets from Vulture and doesn't tell him anything.

He risked his life escaping Vulture's compound to go give Thorn an earring to protect her from Darkstalker.

This just shows his amazing loyalty to dragons he really cares about. Yes, he has his flaws. And yes, he's trying to be better.

But there are times when he has the right to be power-seeking, and he has the right to desire animus power sometimes.

If the universe had given him animus powers, he would've changed the world with it.

After casting a small spell to make everyone like him, of course. But he would only do that because of his childhood. He only wants to be liked to prove to his mother that he isn't a waste of scales.

His loyalty, his faith, and his hope to make others happy and the world safe are just what is good about Qibli. There are a million things that are good about him, and of course, he has flaws, everyone does. But if Glory wasn't my favorite character, Qibli would beat her by a mile.

His book just tells us more about his childhood, his loyalty, his faith, and his life. He is a fantastic dragon, and his book is so good I can't even put it into words.

6 The Hidden Kingdom

I am being biased and I don't care.
The hidden kingdom should totally be number one or two! Glory is such a great character and I absolutely loved her book! I also liked the way Tui made her and Deathbringer meet, it was perfect. I also love how there was the perfect balance between seriousness and comedy in the book.

I'm very biased on this because Glory is my favourite character, but I think this book should be the number one or at least number 2 best book.

Glory is so amazing!
I can't believe it is only 6th, totally should be 1st!
Glory may be sarcastic at times but that just makes it better! One of the reasons I like it is because it introduces kinkajou who should TOTALLY have her own book, I was disappointed when she didn't. It also introduces Deathbringer who is amazing, and the rainwings (especially Kinkajou and Glory) are my favourite tribe. Also, I love how Glory isn't afraid to use her venom (or acid). Although I really like the dangerous gift, the hidden kingdom is still my favourite.

7 Winter Turning

Amazing character development. Winter starts as a snotty royal jerk but learns that his tribe is wrong about many of their accusations and he doesn't have to support them. I feel like the progress done with him is forgotten in later books though.

Winter had the best character development, unlike Snowfall, Seeing how he fell In love with moon and turning out a almost different character. The only problem with the development is that it seemed to forget about it the moment book 9 came into motion.

*SPOILER ALERT* I like this book because - and not only - Winter finds out that his tribe is wrong in many ways. I found out two of the IceWing "tests" for dragonets:
o At one year old, IceWing dragonets must survive a blizzard
o At two years old, IceWing dragonets must catch a polar bear
Honestly, I knew IceWings were harsh, but not THIS harsh. I got a bit confused at the Diamond Trial part and I would fix the part where Hailstorm was bleeding despite not attacking Foeslayer?
Anyway, the book was great and should be rated higher. - Jaguar the RainWing.
P.S. This is so funny, the 7th book in 7th place!

8 Talons of Power

Turtle is underrated. He beat Anemone in an animus fight even though she was more willing to use her magic. Turtle's book is the best SeaWing point of view book in the series. The end of a book was a great cliffhanger when Turtle was kept prisoner by Darkstalker in the old City of Night. Turtle thinks of his life as a story (which sometimes I do too) and that was kind of funny because it was the effect of reading his mother's scrolls. I wanted to read it forever! Some of it was boring, like at the beginning, but then it got so much better towards the end of the book! - Amethyst the NightWing Animus

9 The Poison Jungle

I absolutely love this book, Sundews point of view really shows how tragic the leafwing really are, the end of the book was SPECTACULAR! It's a huge cliff hanger! Just like oh no! The jungle is on fire wha5 do we do?

*SPOILER WARNING* It was action packed and introduced new characters, like Hazel, Mandrake, and Nettle. It had a big action scene and twist with Hawthorn when they found out he was under the othermind, and when Willow killed him! There was a good ending in my opinion for the last chapter, but then the epilogue with Jerboa and Snowfall brought to much suspense! I can't wait for book 14!

Loved this book! favorite one in the whole third arc! First WoF book I ever read (I get it I didn't know there was a whole series) It was one of the scariest books in my opinion. Sundew is the definition of sassy. Literally second best book ever. (First is Darkstalker)

10 Escaping Peril

I always liked Peril somehow.She had changed a lot. I thought that Peril actually loves Clay too much and their relationship is sort of one sided. It was such a relief that Ruby finally challenged Queen Scarlet. Peril was a killer but now she's not.I bet that she probably would no longer believe that dragons are born for killing. (Glad that Ruby got rid of the arena)

Amazing! Peril is just so dorky and it's hilarious. Queen Ruby's battle against Scarlet was thrilling and the Mystery! I love it!

*SPOILER WARNING* This book is really underrated! Everyone says it's boring, but it's really not! The most boring part is when Turtle and Peril are going on the journey (and everyone starts shipping Pertle, the worst ship ever) but even that part is really exciting. The end is the best part. When Scarlet takes over the kingdom and all the drama starts. For those of you who still want a Kinkajou book, admit it, this is ten times better than any Kinkajou point of view could ever be. I love love LOVE this book, and I hope you agree.

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11 The Dragonet Prophecy

This book is very worth reading. It is kind of the beginning of everything. I wonder how you feel about it, but it's confusing. It still makes a pretty awesome start. Everything seemed more clear when I reread it after the first 5 books.
Also, this book is pretty violent. My mother yelled at me when I used it to freak out my younger sister. It kind of drove her insane. (She's yelling all over the place about how she's extremely mad at Queen Scarlet)

I got so bored while reading this I just moved on to lost heir halfway through.
My favorite was the third arc though really creative.

Ok so this is the story of me reading this, me and my family were on vacation.I checked out the dragonet prophecy and me and my family drove back to our hotel.I got in my bed and started reading it.then I got to the part where glory kills fjord and screamed at the top of my lungs. Then someone knocked on our hotel door and my mom answered it. A lady asked who was screaming and my mom got mad at me. I showed her dead fjord and my fainted. The lady walked away and I woke my mom up. After that I started just reading the chapter books NOT the graphic novels

12 The Lost Continent

This book is trash. it took me 4 days to read it because so much I had to putt down the book and process what happened. For the first part of the book I didn't even know what the heck was happening this book is totally trash at the beginning, and less trash in the middle and end. Tui didn't do a good job at introducing a new setting, in fact this was the worst start of an arc ever. One of the only things I like about the book is my favorite ship Blicket for the win! I also don't like how Luna is always talking about Swordtail before he's even introduced I was literally just like "Who the heck is Swordtail?" So yeah that's my opinion. People who love this book please don't hate me.

It's a bit interesting at the start, you know, getting to know what the hives are like and Blue's life, but then the whole escaping part and- Cricket comes into the scene- is just kind of boring. Besides, I've never liked Cricket.

13 The Dark Secret

Me: gets to part where viper dies. Me: * looks away from red things that look like lava*. Me: * takes a deep breath and looks on the floor*. Me: looks at my family that is asleep Me: * try's to go back to sleep*. Me: *here's a big splash and almost screams*. My mom: sorry! I was grabbing water!

Dark Secret is really a dark, mystery-type book that I barely consider fantasy, except for the dragons. Nightwings are plain awful. That's the whole point this book is trying to get across. That's all fine for the first 150 pages, but enough is enough. I don't really have much good to say about this one, aside from the spectacular Greatness, and how she was able to step down and let Glory be queen. The way they revealed that the prophecy is fake was lame, though.

This book. I was excited for a nightwing book since they are my favorite tribe. But this was amazing. I don't like Starflight that much but this book was so dark I just loved it.

14 The Hive Queen

I like the way Cricket is different from other HiveWings. Luna's book shows the reader that HiveWings are somewhat evil (page _ with _ as the "evil" HiveWing), and when you look at Queen Wasp, you can actually see the anger and need for power. However, when you look at Cricket, you see a big, mushy heart that likes Blue and wishes to save the whole continent and free her tribe! I think this book should be second, after Darkstalker's book.

- Webs the WebWing

I feel like Cricket is super silly but really cool too. The queen's mind control starting to be solved, Cricket being arrested, SO MUCH MYSTERY! The ending is a little slow so I'm gonna give it a 9/10

I love the Hive Queen because Cricket really relates to me! I think that the hate that the third ark gets is is unfair I loved the third ark! It was (in my opinion ) has the most mystery in! Although Legends like Darkstalker and Dragonslayer were pretty good too it's not an entire ark!

15 Dragonslayer

I'm currently reading this because I've finished all of the series books. Wren's chapters were the best, with her and Sky. The capital letters in the book were fun to read. Honestly, there was nothing wrong with Wren's chapters, they were well-presented and written
Ivy's chapters are my second favorite. Ivy and her two friends, Violet and Daffodil become Wingwatchers and try to find out the secrets of Ivy's father, Dragonslayer.
Leaf's chapters are my least favorite. It was boring and it never got to the point, especially when they are trapped inside a box going to be eaten. I mean, Leaf is going somewhere (I haven't finished the book yet in 2023) and at the first chapter he has, he's just such a jerk to dragons and he has to announce it.
Anyway, great protagonists, but anyone can replace Leaf, Rowan would have been a better protagonist than him. - Amethyst the NightWing Animus

I love this book because it introduces Ivy, who is officially my favourite scavenger. And Sky! Sky is in this book! Wren and Sky and Ivy are the reason I love this book :D

16 The Dangerous Gift

*SPOILER ALERT* Snowfall was unlikeable at the beginning of her book, being all bossy and unqueen-like. I was so happy to finally get the perspective of a queen. The ring really changed her into a better character than she started out as. I love how Snowfall is so dramatic about the Rankings Wall that was so "torturous" and "awful!" Crystal is a jerk and Snowfall shouldn't had given her permission to marry that MudWing freak. I love the book and it was great at the end when they smashed the Great Ice Cliff despite at the beginning of the book Snowfall thinking that the only sane animus was the one that created the Great Ice Cliff. I didn't like Mink though (like AT ALL.) Mink was just a stinker that loved everyone too much and tried to take the throne. - Jaguar the RainWing

I liked the book a lot. In Winter Turning and the beginning of The Dangerous Gift it kind of introduced Snowfall as an annoying character. I was worried that she is going to be a horrible queen, because as soon as she became queen she provoked war with the Nightwings. There is an astonishing ending, Snowfall used to be a self questioning dragon. At the end, she finally destroyed the wall and the great ice cliff. She learned to be kind and gentle, a true queen.

17 Assassin

This winglet book is just great. I loved reading it and watching Deathbringer grow and become a better assassin. I think it's down too low. It should definitely be in top 15.

Deathbringer is my favorite character In the whole series and I was upset that he just got a winglet and not a whole book, but this was still the best winglet and it was pretty good.

It was awesome to see deathbringers point of view and the tragic death of his mother. Honestly when I got to the part when his mother died I was crying lol. He was so young and he was so determined to become an assassin, also Tempest was a great addition to the story

18 The Flames of Hope

Ok judging by the other comments I might get hate for this, and I respect the other opinions for this book but I thought this was pretty bad. Every other word Luna said related to tapestries in some way, the villain turned out to be a bitter old man who died in the most anticlimactic way possible, (he didn't even say anything, he just died as soon as Luna used her silk), and they literally got through to lizard with the "power of friendship". Again, this is just my own opinion, and if you enjoyed it that's cool too.

Fine. However I wish Luna actually was in the action. I only put it here because it slightly better than other books. If I had a choice about how many books I could put as my favourites this one wouldn't be apart of it. Would of done top 9

I loved this book! Dusky! Lizard! Drama! I loved every inch of this, and I absolutely adore it. It had me giggling, grimacing, having goosebumps, and laughing out-loud. A wonderful ending to this series, it deserves to be higher on the

19 Runaway

My friends ALWAYS ask, are the Winglets evert WORTH READING? And me? Well, YES! I love the winglets, especially this one specifically. I'm a complete Foxflake fan through and through.
Have a wonderful day to those who took their time to read this comment!
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

My favourite character of all is Princess Snowfox, I'm obsessed with her. she deserves to be queen, and I wished she managed to wipe out the night wings. I can see why not many like the book, but I just love the characters

Getting a bit tired of writing reviews, but let me say this. This book is UNDERRATED as hell! I like how under her exterior, Snowflake has a PERSONALITY. I also love Snowfox. Let's face it, Foxflake is meant to be. Homophobes, be warned.

pxfferfish, a lesbian reviewer

20 Deserter

To be honest, hearing Six-claws' story was really inspiring and relatable. It was well-flowing, too.

My favorite winglet, you get to know a whole lot more about dune and six claws!

I love this book! I think it's really underrated and I feel really sorry for poor Dune and Six-Claws I mean Burn was horrible to them both after they'd been hardworking, loyal and determined to keep fight AND SHE WAS HORRIBLE

21 Prisoners

Prisoners was a good book! I think this should be in top 5. opinion! -Frost the IceWing/RainWing

It was not good

22 Wings of Fire: A Guide to the Dragon World

Yay! It's finally here! The book is finally out in 2023! I love it, I've read most of it and the song Cliff wrote about SkyWings was so funny and so cute. I also loved how it showed the maps for all the tribes and it said the Sluggish Qualities of MudWings because MudWings stink! RainWings are be far the best! I love each one the chapters andhow they were personalized for each tribe, the one Anemone gave Tamarin was so sweet (even though it was rude to Kinkajou and I love Kinkajou and Anemone is still a jerk.) I love this book so much! - Jaguar the RainWing

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