Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Characters

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1 Glory

Yes finally something Glory is the best at take that Tsunami-lovers! And if you hate Glory, shame on you, she's awesome! She is the best queen on Pyrrhia and Tsunami can't take that, she isn't even queen, what are even talking about "Queen Tsunami"? That is a horrible name. And Glory did not want to be queen just to be the most powerful RainWing queen on the planet. I also don't get why people hate Glory and love Tsunami, Glory is obviously better then Tsunami. Queen Coral is a fine queen and it should stay that way, no "Tsunami queen" in this house, or shall I say group of Glory-lovers, (we are correct with who we're supporting.) And also Glory is my favorite character, and Tsunami is my second favorite character and no one can get me to like Tsunami better and if they do, watch out you're gonna get slapped. And also Glory wanted to go find the missing RainWings when the other didn't even care. And didn't we all forget that Glory saved Clay in the arena that she also killed a dragon ...more

Ok I'm just gonna say this at the beginning I am NOT a tsunami fan! But still Glory is sooooooo over rated I can't see why people like her so much! if you go through the books and read carefully you will see that Glory is really vain and kind of a jerk. And I think most people just like her because she's queen. To be fair though she is a good queen and a strong Rainwing, but still she is so mean to the other dragonets I know she din't have a great dragonethood but seriously she needs to take a page out of Sunny's book and just be glad for what she has! I know people are going to be really mad with this comment and I just want to make this clear, I respect Glory and her fans but it's something to think about!

Glory became queen of Rainwings and NightWings in the Rainwing challenge, but not out of pure power. She wanted to gather all the Rainwings to free the Rainwing prisoners, and accepted the Nightwings! I also don't get how people hate Glory because she wasn't a Skywing dragonet! It wasn't her fault. People also say that if you're a Glory fan, you think Tsunami is bloodthirsty, but I don't think that! Tsunami is great! Anyway, I also like Glory's cool powers, like she can change colors and shoot venom! But Glory's tribe is too afraid to fight back. Glory doesn't want to be like her tribe, lazy fruit eaters. She wants to become something more. One of my favorite moments is when she saved Clay from the arena

Glory is the best character in the entire Wings of Fire series and no one can deny it (except anyone that dislikes Glory, then you can try to deny it but no way Tsunamis' getting this high) she is much better than any of the other queens before she came to the Rainforest and became the best queen of all time! And I really like that she didn't want to be queen out of pure power, she wanted to save the imprisoned RainWings which was very loyal to her tribe and she let the NightWings into the Rainforest even though they were the tribe imprisoning the RainWings and Glory x Deathbringer brought the two tribes together! And now they rule the tribes together and bother are united once more!-Jewel the RainWing

2 Tsunami

I think Tsunami by far is the best character in Wings of Fire. I mean sure, she makes mistakes sometimes and she can get a little violent, but don't we all? I get that Tsunami really wants to protect her friends so she fights a lot of dragons (though sometimes it can lead to unfortunate events). I don't blame her for Gill's death, it wasn't her fault. Scarlet made her kill Gill. I love her character growth throughout book 2, she's trying to be a better dragon, thinking less of dealing things with violence and actually thinking before lashing out. Her book is definitely my favorite of all time (mysteries are my kind of theme) and I love how she decides she doesn't want to be queen anymore, I think her sisters would make better queens than her. Overall, Tsunami is awesome.

Personally, Tsunami is my favorite character. I wish people weren't so rude about her flaws, I mean, everybody has them. She is not bloodthirsty. She never wanted to kill anyone. She only killed Gill because she was forced to because it was his life or hers. I like about her how much she cares about her friends, and how she said she always had thought that she would fight a hundred SkyWings for them.

For the Glory-Lovers who hate Tsunami, I think that you are being unreasonable. Same goes for the Tsunami-Lovers who hate Glory. So, I admit, Glory is overrated a bit, and no offense to the people who like Glory, but she is a Mary Sue. I know she went through many painful things, but that's no reason to victimize yourself for not being part of the prophecy, being "useless," and for "not" being important. I mean, Glory is beautiful according to most dragons, she is deadly due to her venom and camouflage, and many people (including one of my best friends) like how ...more

Tsunami is by far, my favorite wings of fire character! And to people who hate her, why? She makes mistakes, sure, but don't we all? We can't blame someone for little imperfections. I do not like how glory fans call tsunami bloodthirsty, she is totally not. I can admit that glory is not my favorite wings of fire character, but I won't go spreading mean insults about her. Queen scarlet made tsunami fight gill, and afterwards, tsunami felt really bad. She is a great friend, and is always willing to protect them. She's sassy, smart, brave, beautiful, and caring. I love how she helped anemone in book 2, that's a great sister act. Plus, she also saved queen coral's egg, and caught the assassin. Her name totally fits her, she's the BEST.

I think Tsunami is the best because she really wants to protect her friends. She does get a little violent and all, but it's for her friends. She also tries her best to do better next time.

3 Peril

Ok, yeah- Peril is just kind of funny sometimes. I like her spunk and cute attitude (we won't go about how I kinda her). Um... yeah, I can also relate to her. And admittedly I do feel a little bad for her, it obviously isn't her fault she was born with firescales, so why should other dragons mistreat her? I see the dangers of her, but like, just keep a little distance. No one can see how lonely she is, everyone can only see her for her flaws.

Peril is probably one of the most misunderstood characters in the series She also has a sad backstory. I mean, people call her a "monster" and and a "killer", but Peril changed because of Clay, the love of her life. He was the only dragon who understood her and saw the good in her. Peril would do anything for him. I know people hate her, but it's not her fault she has firescales! I mean, imagine being raised by bloodthirsty Scarlet... she raised Peril to be a killer, and lied to her. But Peril is now kind and helpful and doesn't kill dragons anymore. She feels guilty. Still, everyone hated her for how she was born. But I just wanted to say that Peril is awesome!

Peril! I love Peril. I have tons of reasons to like her if you don't. One, her mother and brother are my favorite characters. Two, Clay & Peril are so cute! Three, I love how Peril stood for her mother. Four, she probably killed those dragons just because Scarlet told her to, not because she's a monster. Five, I like how she wanted to change into a MudWing just for Clay. Six, I was so moved when Peril asked Chameleon to take away her firescales, when it could be a weapon. Seven, she's so misunderstood. So, like her now?

If anyone deserves a point of view, it's you friendly neighborhood Peril. She's probably the most misunderstood and traumatized character of all time thinking she is a monster and will never change and Queen Scarlet just pushes that to an unhealthy extent. If there were such thing as dragon counseling, then I'd try to find one for Peril who specializes in young trauma healing. - Crimson, The Skywing and Silkwing Hybrid

4 Sunny

SUNNY IS litteraly the best wings of fire character that ever Lived! she is sweet, kind, caring, fierce, amazing, smart, swift, and fast. Sunny is amazing and I don't even have the words to describe her and I could go on forever talking about how amazing she is. She is definitely my favourite wof character and she should be number 1 on this list. Her friends underestimate her so much which is not fair she can do just as much as them probably even more. Also she is super kind and she was really nice to Starflight when she told starflight she didn't like him. I was really happy with that because I hate SUNNYFLIGHT because I hate STARFLIGHT!

I love Sunny she starts out with a excitable personality that you would expect from a child, but then in the second book she worries more about protecting her friends then in book 5 she really shines. So far Sunny has had no personality and book 4 and book 1 made her look like a damsel in distress, then in her point of view she had so much personality it was amazing to see her in a way you wouldn't imagine she's just so deep inside.

Sunny is probably the most misunderstood character in the whole series of WoF. On the outside, it might look like she is the happiest, most perfect, dragonet to ever live! But that's not entirely true. She is optimistic most if the time, but other times she can be pretty negative. Like how no one ever listens to her, because they always think "Oh Sunny, how sweet and adorable! Look at her, so small and happy looking!" But the truth is, NO ONE is ALWAYS happy. Everyone has their ups and downs.

Sunny is an AMAZING character in the books she always wanted to make sure everyone was safe and was so nice and sweet. I love how she was different in all her special ways. She has great ideas all the time but she's so quiet and small no one listens to her. I think sunny should be in 1st because she deserves to she loves her friends and would do anything for them

5 Moonwatcher

I don't understand why people hate her and thinks she is Mary sue. I think she's awesome! I mean, she's perfect in every way, and she's the first Nightwing in literally CENTURIES to read minds and see the future! Imagine living in the rainforest all alone... at least she's not evil like the rest of her tribe! (Ok, I admit that there ARE a few Nightwings that are good) But anyway, I personally would have chose Winter over Quibli. Sure, Winter yelled at Moon in the earlier Jade Mountain academy books, but at the end, (In book 14) Winter turned good-hearted! But Quibli is also funny and kind, so I DO understand why she chose him over Winter. But overall, I'd give Moon a star rating 5/5! She TOTALLY deserves to be at the top of the list, number 1.

She is my favorite Second Arc character because everything was so well planned for her character. They cleared all the what ifs and whys of her backstory and powers and gave her a sense of kindness to trust the most dangerous dragon in Pyhhria, Darkstalker. The powers obviously made her friends feel like she couldn't be trusted which added so much to her personality it was amazing to see how she went from shy dragonet to a dragonet who cared deeply for others in just 1 book. - Crimson, the Skywing and Silkwing Hybrid

She is my fourth favorite character (after Sunny, Tsunami, and Glory) and she needs to be one space up, I mean what in the world is Peril doing up there when she literally did nothing for her tribe or her queen (well, plenty of stuff for the ex-queen though). And Moonwatcher is the best NightWing in the world! Why does everyone hate her so much? Because she likes to read? What's wrong with that? I like reading better than math (6th grade math while you're eight is very hard) and she is also the best shipped with Winter, WINTERWATCHER FOREVER! And I love her shipped with Qibli and Kinkajou too, but her shipped with Winter is my favorite of all-Jewel the RainWing

I loved Moon the moment I started reading the books. I don't understand why people hate her and think she is Mary Sue! I mean, it's not Moon's fault that she was raised in the rainforest unlike all the other Nightwings. And it's totally not Moon's fault that she was

the first dragon in literally centuries to have prophecy powers and being able to read minds. I also totally ship Moon and Quibli! They are so cute together. (Sorry Winter) I also love how she is distantly related to
Clearsight. I also like how she could talk to Darkstalker in her MIND. Also Moon was really careful with her powers and very safe, and after her friends found out, she gave them all skyfire to block the mind reading. Moon also uses her prophecy powers to use it for good.
( Sorry for wasting your time I just wanted to say that Moon is awesome.)

6 Starflight

He has a really sad backstory. First, he was a dragonet of destiny that wanted Sunny to like him when she was paying more attention to Clay. Second he was with the dragonets when they broke out, and there was nothing to read. Third, he gets captured by Queen Scarlet. Fourth, they run away but there's still nothing to read. Then they go to the different kingdoms except for the Night Kingdom because it isn't on the map, meaning they don't know where it is. Fifth, he get kidnapped by the NightWings and no knows that their island is a nightmare. Sixth, at the end of book four he gets blinded and then he can never see Sunny again or even read a scroll. Seventh, he works at Jade Mountain Academy in the Library which probably makes him a little sad that he can't read any of the scrolls. Eighth, he gets attacked by Icicle at the end of book six. At least him and Sunny are together and should mate at the end-Jewel the RainWing

Starflight had one of the most terrifying arcs purely because he had to be almost completely by himself without any of his siblings. And even understood where Sunny was coming from.

I just connect with him (I am the only person that likes history (and my history teacher, but that doesn't count). My favorite character is Glory, but my favorite book is book 4. Starflight is amazing!

Well, Starflight would do anything for Sunny, which is why I like his loyalty. I am a Sunnyflight shipper and honestly I think its good for Starflight and Sunny both.

7 Winter

I just love Winter because he is just so kind. I mean, he IS just so friendly, no mater if he act so mean and grumpy all the time. Because he did really have a warm heart inside, all because Winter IS JUST SO GOOD! So then even if Winter really does something really bad, like shouting at Moon, he really did not deserve it, right? Or is it really just wrong that Winter do all the shouting? And leaved Moon and Qibli? But he returned anyway, so it does mean that Winter is not very likely to be at least meaner than some evil dragons, right? But just telling you, Winter is my favorite character.

I don't understand. I mean like why don't people just like Winter. Winter is literally the best, and so what if he was mean in the beginning. I mean, Winter had a harsh life and quite mean and bossy tribemates, so it gives him the right to be mean. And also, he develops and becomes nicer, so I can't see the problem there. Not only that, but its just SO unfair that Winter doesn't get moon. Like, Moon just does not understand what Winter has gone through. He almost DIED, he had always loved moon, he had come back from the ice kingdom and went back to moon and his friends. And what does moon do? Push away as if he was just a little bug bothering her. I mean Winter just deserves moon, or if moon just sucks and is not right for him, then I hope he can find another dragon he can truely love. WINTER#1

Winter has an amazing dynamic to him that makes him much more interesting then Qibli and it was heartbreaking when he didn't get Moon because he really is a kind dragon and he didn't have anyone else to shape him that way unlike Qibli who had Queen Thorn to care for him with kindness. Everyone says Qibli deserves Moon but Winter went through a drastic change of demeanor and he loved Moon with all his heart. his family brought confusion but he tries to become the best he can around Moon which is a step forward. I also thought that how Moon treated him in the newer books was a little unfair. On the inside Winter is hurting though it may not seem so on the outside, he experienced pain that made him harden. If Qibli hadn't met Thorn he would have become hard as well.

Winter went from a self-righteous jerk, to a good dragon. His childhood made him very prickly. He could have been like Qibli if someone like Thorn came along. But honestly, Winter's prickliness helps with his development a lot. Winter is the most misunderstood character in WoF. Most of the time he is oversimplified as a grumpy, mean character. On the inside, Winter is a friendly dragon. In the second arc, he was still figuring things out. He is in a much better place now, with dragons who care about him. He has probably the best character development in the series. He is one hundred percent my absolute favorite character. A lot of people say "I hate Winter since he almost kiLLeD mOoN!1!11!" That is totally over exaggerated though. He didn't even mean to hit the vase! I hope that his character gets some more stage time in the future. Even though Winter is living his best life in Sanctuary, he still needs someone to love and to lean on. I felt so bad for Winter when he got REJECTED. ...more

8 Clay

He is so sweet and how he is always hungry is adorable! I hate how people want him to go with Peril...Like no. He doesn't deserve that punishment...

Honestly, (dramatic pause) None of the dragonets would be alive without him. He saved glory 2 times in the nightwing kingdom. He saved sunny and Starflight from the viper bite. And he saved Tsunami from falling by using his own body to break her fall. he also saved tamarin from the history cave explosion. So the five dragonets which are for some reason all rated above him would not even be on the list because they wouldn't even make it alive the through the first 5 books with out him! So please vote him to first place or at least top 3 because he honestly belongs there.

Clay has such great loyalty to his friends that he has almost died for them several times. He loves his friends and is kind when he gives Peril a second chance when no one gives her a first.

Clay is a potato. He always grew up being told by the guardians that he almost killed the other dragonets in their eggs, even when he loves them all dearly. He grew up thinking that he wasn't good enough for the prophecy, and in order to be he had to unleash the "monster inside of him" and if he did so, he might risk hurting those he loved again. Clay is so sweet and cares about everyone, he was even one of the only dragons that gave peril a chance, not like most dragons who overlooked her firescales. Clay believed peril deserved a second chance, even after killing all those countless dragons. Clay in the brightest night saved starlight and got bitten by the dragonbite viper, and he ended up with a (heroic) limp after peril burned the poison out. Clay is amazing!

9 Qibli

Qibli is such a GREAT character that everyone can relate to - he longs to be loved and he longs for power. On top of that he's charming and clever. . . It feels like he is the most well fleshed out character in the entire series

He really loves the dragons he's around. He's loyal. He did what Darkstalker couldn't and refused himself infinite power.

There is a difference between being kind because you want people to like you and being kind because you want other people to be happy. The difference between him and Darkstalker is that Darkstalker just wants to be liked in a sort of superficial way, whereas Qibli actually cares about the happiness of other dragons besides himself.

-I think his character development has to do with him learning this and acting on it, which is just so RAW I love it. Helped me overcome this in myself.


He is so funny and smart and I love him! I especially how he talks to Winter! He's just perfect. Also he's based of Tui's son so she must have a pretty cool and smart son.

He is hilarious! I love him and moon together and I love that even though his life was really hard he managed to still be goofy and friendly.

He IS THE BEST! I love Qibli. He is so funny, charming, and he is also smart. He loves music and I just love his personality. Also I'm a Moonbli fan!

10 Sundew

One of my favorite characters in Sundew! But why do people hate her? I understand why Sundew can get a little feisty, but I honestly don't think it was her fault, because remember when the Hivewings took away the Leafwing's homes and cut down the trees? Sundew also cared for Blue and Cricket and she didn't just kill them right away. She just doesn't trust anyone, meaning Hivewings, because they took away the Leafwing's home and Queen Wasp wiped their tribe out in the Tree Wars. I'd be pretty pissed, too, if I were Sundew! But the crazy thing is that Sundew is actually kind of like Tsunami. I mean, people LOVE Tsunami, look, Tsunami is in SECOND place for the best character! I like both Tsunami and Sundew! So I personally think that Sundew is a lot like Tsunami they're both bossy (No offense) and they can get violent sometimes, but, don't we all? So, overall, Sundew is my second favorite character (Moon is first.?

(Spoiler warning) I believe that Sundew is a wonderful character, and well thought through. She's a natural leader, brave and defensive. Sure, she's quick to anger and rough around the corners but, what's a character without flaws? Not to mention her relationship with Willow, and how amazingly healthy the relationship is. She was trained to fight against the hive and silk wings but yet she still saw the truth, talk about character development! Overall I believe she's an amazing character!

Oh my gosh, I love Sundew! She's super cool, and even though she yells a lot and seems like she's rude and bossy, she's actually really kind on the inside. She's a bit narrow-minded and has trouble seeing things the other way, but she gets better with Willow's help, and I think it's great that they're the first lesbian ship in this series! (I mean it's about darned time, but whatever)

I have no words... Her personality is WHAT WINGS OF FIRE (and maybe Swordtail) NEEDS. She is just like loveable poison Ivy to Willow and how she has this loyal and feisty leafwing. And let's not forget how powerful she is, sticking trees out into the groud and being able to convince a plant to stop eating that emotional wreck of a silkwing, Swordtail. And I really love how Tui ended up throwing this clingy and haugty little hivewing into Sundew's face, hah. Sure, she wasn't the BEST character at first but giving her an entire book to express herself kind of outweighs her past.

The Newcomers

? Mangrove

Mangrove was a little angry at first, but that was because he was filled with anxiety because he wanted to save Orchid. I loved when he immediately flew to the Ice Kingdom to find answers, and then reunited with her at the Nightwing Kingdom. When Mangrove found her, she thought that he would have left and found someone else. This literally broke my heart and it shows how loyal Mangrove is.

? Dusky

Dusky is a sweet little child, and remember that his parents aren't there for him at the moment. I'm also glad Luna is taking care of him. I didn't like Luna when she was first introduced in the book, but now I do. She and Blue should be in this list.

The Contenders
11 Anemone

Yes absolutely. I LOVE anemone she was a wonderful character all around, but if you think about it, she was the reason that coral is so protective of her and auklet, because of all coral did to ensure her hatching, also the reason tsunami killed gill but I don't care, I LOVE HER also coral's line " that could have been anemone" to Webs made me really mad showing that coral care more about anemone than she did about tsunami

Gosh, as you can tell by my name, I love her so much. She's such a unique character, a spoiled, bratty princess yet has trauma and depth behind her character and actions. Reading about her in DoD absolutely broke my heart. Even though she was a brat, you could clearly see times where things of weak spots slip through, even when she acts all confident and in a way it just gives you a refresher on how young she is, and how even she can be sensitive. For example, that one moment when she put turtles at stick to her heart. When kinkajou said that she probably didn't have any soul left and anemone stiffened because kinkajou had probably hit a nerve. When she told turtle that she should probably do the spell during the ice/night battle, because she didn't want to waste his own good soul, and instead wanted to use hers. When she wanted to keep the soul reader just because she wanted to keep an eye on her soul. In all, even when she sometimes acts like a selfish brat, at the end of the day ...more

Anemone Is AMAZING! She is SO pretty I love anemone she is better than Turtle she is the older sister of Auklet she is Tsunami's little sister she is Queen Coral's loved daughter she is the princess of the Seawings so she is the best I love Anemone.

Okay. I admit. The real reason I love anemone is because of her relationship with tamarin. There may be a bit more, like how after all the darkstalker stuff, she became her best self.

12 Kinkajou

She is so cute! She was so exited for school and I bet she still is, she was Moon's first friend when she got to school, and Kinkajou defended her when Winter thought she was just a NightWing after his pet scvenger, he misunderstood what she was trying to do. And Kinkajou was pretty good at making friends, even Moon mentioned in her thoughts that Kinkajou was probably the kind of dragon that made a new 'best friend' every two minutes-Jewel the RainWing

Kinkajou is just an amazing, funny, and brave dragon! I LOVE how in the end she was the one who hurt Darkstalker in the eye with her venom, and how she turned DarkStalker's majic against himself. I think that she is not reconized for all of the stuff she does, and I can relate to her wanting to be a hero- where others can look up to you in the future instead of being the lame sidekick. Overall she is awesome and I love her

Um yeah I literally adore kinkajou but why is nobody talking about all her depth? A lot of these comments are saying how she's always optimistic no matter what and is encouraging and sweet, but what about her depth? SHE HAS SO MUCH DEPTH! She was captured by Nightwings, experimented on, had parts of her wing spattered with venom, suffered in a coma, was LITERALLY one of the only dragons in history to physically hurt Darkstalkers and everyone's talking about turtlejou? (I mean yeah I love it too but there's so much more to talk about with her character!) She went through so much, she fought for her home and her friends, she's loyal and energetic and stays that way through it all, even when she had trauma she became friends with a Nightwing and she's just a great character I love her so much.

I don't know why people hate her. She is an amazing character! She is funny, cheerful, a great friend, amazing meme material, brave, and just awesome! The ship Turtlejou is adorable! Just because ma girl is very happy doesn't mean she isn't an interesting character! She's indestructible! She survived the NightWing island and a dark evil dragon! Every time I write her in my fan fictions I always make it that her weapon is pineapple. Her lines are amazing! I bet everyone was cheering so loudly for Kinkajou when she scorched Darkstalker's eye out! She single handedly defeated the most powerful dragon to ever live! With a strawberry! She is the best dragon to ever live and she should be crowned the top Wings of Fire character!

13 Clearsight

I will ship Clearsight and Darkstalker for my whole entire life! I did not like her after she trapped him under agate mountain and don't appreciate that she left him for a ugly beetle wing.

I love her smartness and vision powers! I really like Clearsight, especially because she's related to Moon. And being in love with Darkstalker! Who wouldn't love the?

Clearsight is one of my favourite characters. I wish there was another book about her so we could learn more about her. I wish she could have given Darkstalker another chance and maybe just visit Pantala. I think it would have been better off for the Beetlewings.

Clearsight is awesome, sad she left Darkstalker but she had to. She changed the world for the better and for the worst and I respect her decisions

14 Fatespeaker

Ok, ok, Everyone loves to hate Fatespeaker, but she's sometimes a funny character yet caring for Starflight. If you gave Fatespeaker her own point of view book, I bet that what happened with Sunny when we saw her in a deeper level would happen with Fatespeaker. - Crimson, The Skywing and Silkwing Hybrid

Whenever I see this character, my mind says "I'm sure that Fate is here so people can judge her" because some people just do that.. I know opinions, idm if someone hates a character the reasons are what bothers me. I just love Fatespeaker, I don't think she's "copy of Sunny" if we look from that way, Kinkajou is also a copy of Sunny but one different trait (I don't like Kinkajou but that's not the reason).

I am happy Fatespeaker exists. That means Sunnyflight won't happen. And honestly, Sunny wasn't that rude when she rejected Starflight. Moon didn't even have the guts to say she didn't like Winter to Winter's face.

Fatespeaker is really funny and she's the perfect dragon for starflight and I totally ship Starspeaker. I think they will make an awesome couple. She is a great friend. And I think she nearly hatched on a full moon so I think she has minor minor seer powers.

15 Turtle

I love Turtle! I relate to him better than any other character in the book, except maybe Willow, but he has such a complex backstory in my opinion! He is awkward, shy, and I guess you could say "boring." But when he's around the right dragons, he can make jokes, and worry a bit less about everything. And I understand why he would worry: He has to try and blend in with the rest of his 32 brothers, and not be noticed as an animus, while also dealing with so many other things! And yes, maybe he isn't perfect, but I think if you get to know him, you would find that he's not just a boring, cowardly SeaWing.

I like that Turtle hides his powers from other dragons and tries to be invisible because of that. He will still help his friends fight and use his powers to protect them. Also, he gives Peril a chance and they become friends because he ends up trusting her.

He was very wise with his animus magic, he only did small enchantments and made them the stuff he really needed, instead of "Mr. Let's use our animus magic however we want" (Darkstalker) and "Mr. Animus magic is a gift, not a curse" (also Darkstalker) and guess who used his animus magic wisely? Turtle and Fathom they were both very wise with their animus magic-Jewel the RainWing

Turtle may be boring, cowardly, and, well, boring, but he's got reasons.

Also, near the end of 'Darkness of Dragons,' he says he wants to be a better braver dragon- one that he would like to read about. He says he's working on it, and maybe working on it for the rest of his life, but he was getting there.

He really shows symptoms of anxiety, so I don't think you can blame him for his cowardliness. He has a tone of self-doubt, but don't we all sometimes? And he needs some weaknesses, I bet that people would hate him even more if he wasn't boring, cowardly, and forgettable.

Plus, most people forget his strengths. He's very humble and sweet. He cares about other dragons, and he has a sense of right and wrong.

Just don't forget, Turtle is like any person. He's realistic and relatable. We all get scared from time to time, but the difference is that some people (or dragons) like Turtle, choose to at least try to evolve from that. It takes time and work, but as ...more

16 Deathbringer

I am So happy for Glory that she got Deathbringer! Warning this may not be important to you. Anyway I am writing a novel about a Nightwing dragon named Moonstone. He has many likable traits like Deathbringer . Anyway , quick summary , Moonstone was an abnormal dragon , his father disown him , his mother died , Moonstone was sold into slavery . I know dark but here is a happy thing . Where it was about a classmate Galaxy had a crush on him and begged General Scar to give Moonstone a mission where she can be in . However , Moonstone looks at Galaxy as she was crazy well general scar said," oh yes Moonstone wants to be with you all the time." Moonstone responded '', I hate you ." General Scar said ," now we are even ." Sorry everyone if I made you bored and I am trying to finish the part 1 book by summer and thanks for listening. Overall , Deathbringer inspired me and other people and he is the best.

He is my favorite. He is hilarious and charming. I hate almost all the night wings but he is amAZING! Why do I always like the assassins...?

I really like Deathbringer because I believe he makes Glory happy. They're the perfect match, and Firefly (their dragonet in Moon's vision) is so cute! They're a great couple, and Glorybringer is the best!

This guy is just straight up funny. He's always so full himself but in a loveable way. And his conversations with glory are hilarious. It's just so obvious he likes glory that even sunny wonders what there baby will look like in book 5. He's just so entertaining to watch.

17 Whiteout

Yes, other dragons call her Weirdout, but what's wrong with being weird. She's lucky! And also really pretty! I like how she doesn't care that she's different, and I wish she could've maybe played a bigger role than being the sister of the biggest villain ever (literally).

Where do I start! Whiteout has the best design in the whole series! Her dialogue is amazing. Who doesn't love her! I loved it when she said "The sand is falling!" She expresses her feelings! It would have been tough on her because her mother got captured and tortured for like 2000 years, her father had to disembowel himself and her brother got put into a 2000 year long sleep! She should be higher on the list. EVERYBODY VOTE WHITEOUT! I would have liked to not only hear about her in Darkstalker Legends but also the main arcs. Whiteout is also the prettiest hybrid and I support the Thoughtout ship. I want what is best for her. She is my favourite character by far! I am not impressed if you haven't voted her already. To all the rest of the Whiteout lovers: Stay strong, and thank you for voting Whiteout, it was our destiny!"
Bye Bye

"A lot of people I know think that Whiteout is just a weird background character in one story, but I think different. Whiteout is amazing, in a lot of different ways. Sure, she has a color mind, but that's just part of what makes her great. And I personally think that Darkstalker is not evil. And Whiteout has interesting hobbies, and if she found her true love, then she found her true love. Nothing you can do about it. She is so sweet and complicating and also a bit weird, but she deserves to be further up the list. Go Whiteout!

She is my FAVOURITE character out of the while series! She's just so interesting and lovely. I wish we got to see more of her. Overall 10/10!

18 Cricket

Cricket is THE BEST! She believes that most dragons have at least some good in them and I love that about her. She is actually a lot like me. I have SO many questions, although I know how to keep them in my head. I absolutely fell in love with her towards the beginning of the Hive Queen where she said that normal conversations were hard. I am also just awkward around people, so I know what that feels like. I love her relationship with Blue and I think it's super adorable. I don't think Cricket actually made a hating sundew face in book 13, but if she did, she had every right too in my opinion. Cricket is amazing and if you don't think so, I respect your opinion but please don't ever say that to me.

My all time favorite! Cricket is probably one of the most relatable characters ever, seeing as she is a social outcast and would prefer to be in the library than anywhere else in the world. Also the other half of Blicket, which is a great ship, even though it had little development. If I am anyone in Wings of Fire, I'm Cricket. So if you insult her, then you are insulting me! Also I love how she sticks up for her family and her tribe despite what everyone else thinks.

Cricket is AMAZING and the BEST dragon in WoF! She is an interesting and unique character her book was REALLY interesting for me it made me ask as much questions as she did! Cricket is super underrated and deserves better. Unlike Sundew who is a dumb outgoing doofus who is taking the spotlight instead of Cricket who deserves it. Blinket is the best ship although I love LQBTQ+ Blicket is better than Sunlow! Her personality is amazing, also the way we can see HiveIwngs from other eye than SUNDEW.

Cricket is the BEST CHARACTER EVER! She is intelligent, hopeful, curious, clever, and kind. She knows that everyone is good in some way. When her tribe was controlled by Queen Wasp, I can see why she wanted to save them all, and was trying to convince the others that they weren't themselves when Wasp was controlling them. She still believed in Sundew despite the fact that Sundew didn't really trust Cricket. I love her relationship with Blue, too - Blicket is so cute! Cricket is an awesome character overall. I like how she has a hunger for knowledge, even though I don't like hunger for knowledge myself. It fits her, though. Cricket is the definition of AWESOME!

19 Darkstalker

I think Darkstalker's book was probably my favorite, even though he isn't my absolute favorite character. I would say Darkstalker is evil. But at the same time he is good. He didn't mean to cause a war, or really any fighting. He was only blinded by his love for Clearsight. So much that he forgot to think about himself and the other dragons he fought against. He didn't want to be evil. Sure, he wanted to be an animus, but remember when he put his powers into the scroll, to at least try and not go crazy? He is still a good dragon, and will hopefully be even better as Peacemaker.

He's the best bad guy in the books, and when you get to see his backstory and how he became evil it adds more depth. It makes you pity him and understand that he thinks that he's doing the right thing. I just love him. Also, he actually tried to care for Whiteout so. 9/10! I think there could have been a stronger relationship with Clearsight so the ending would be more interesting.

I'm one of those people who thinks Darkstalker was just a guy who wanted to impress those around him and live up to being the most powerful dragon on the planet. Legends: Darkstalker was incredible do to his character interactions and arc. He is probably the most relatable character in the entire series, you might think I'm an awful person for thinking that but, he has my head, my intentions, my thoughts, it's hard to think of someone like that as a villain. Clearstalker is AMAZING, and the experiences he went through were so relatable. I can see all of that through my eyes. He's incredible. He just made those two wrong choices and that's it.

Honestly, I think that not using his powers for a long time when he was trapped turned him into a decent character during his telepathic chats with Moon. He is so misunderstood all he wanted was the life of his dreams but instead his own girlfriend betrayed him. This poor guy really needs of WoF fan who respects him like this. - Crimson, The Skyping and Silkwing Hybrid

20 Hailstorm

(Yes I'm a fast reader) I know he wasn't a main character but he's a great brother and his story in interesting. I was surprised no one put him on the list.

He's a good dragon and made it to the top of the rankings . He is strong ad bold ad confident but he is a very good brother .

21 Fathom

Ok, my final vote goes to Fathom.
Fathom has ptsd from the royal seawing massacre. I didn't like how Albatros literally gave his grandson trauma by killing tons of dragons in the seawing kingdom, and I hate Pearl for putting Fathom into isolation, sperating him from Indigo (I love Fathindigo). When Darkstalker came into play, the relationship of Fathom and Indigo was tested. Fathom believed Darkstalker could help him with his animus powers, while Indigo thinks that Darkstalker was just trying to manipulate Fathom. All in all, Fathom was tested to see if Darkstalker could be considered a friend or not. Indigo ended up being right in the end and Fathom was devastated when she turned into a wooden statue. He also helped Clearsight in the end and put Darkstalker into a 2,000 year sleep. He was able to get Indigo back and have a happy ending with her.
Overall, one of the best written seawing characters ever, and I live seawings. Fathom's my favorite male seawing character.

Just a sweet character. He took the fall and made his crush the hero despite having to deal with so much backlash for something he couldn't control.

Four words: Darkstalker, Albatross and Indigo. Fathom's PTSD is extremely powerful. You can feel his terror in every tragic and violent scene in Legends: Darkstalker. Fathingo is the best ship in the series and when he reads Darkstalker's scroll, it's such a punch in the gut.

Fathom is simply the best. He is kind, even though he thinks he isn't, he's darkstalker's pal, which is super cool, he is very careful about his animus magic, and he got with indigo... Yay!

22 Thorn

With Glacier right behind, Thorn is the best queen in the series. Of course, she's the one we see the most of, along with Glory and Scarlet, which makes it easier to like her, but she's a loving, fair, and fierce queen, who would do anything for her tribe. She cares about her dragonet so, so much, like, she actually prepared to invade Burn's fortress to rescue her! It was also awesome that she prepared a system to feed all dragonets in the tribe every day, just in case some weren't getting the food they needed! She had a really sweet personality, while also having a fierce side to protect those she loves and awesome leadership skills to keep her tribe strong. She doesn't care about fame and being feared, nor does she care about being rich, like Queen Scorpion did in the age of Darkstalker. All she cares about is being a fair queen and restoring order to the Kingdom of Sand after the 20 year war known as the War of SandWing Succession. Don't forget that the Eye of Onyx actually ...more

She is like the only good parental figure that any of the prophecy dragonets had all together. She is a great Queen and I love her and Qibli's realtionship. She is like an adopted mother to him and her outclaws were the best kingdom in the book...even though they weren't technically a kingdom lol

I love Queen Thorn. She's super smart and I think she's the best SandWing queen so far. (Also just the fact that all the female Dragonets of Destiny are royal. Is super freaking cool) I think Thorn's a really awesome mother to Sunny and was a great leader to her Outclaws. In the fifth book when Sunny met Thorn she said that Thorn radiated safety (I think. I have to check) and something made Sunny want to fallow her wherever she went. Also am I the only one who totally ship's Thorn and Smolder? I mean honestly there's some pretty great chemistry between them. Anyway, in the Scorpion Den all Thorn want's is peace, She let's dragons come use her oasis and she takes care of everyone. When she becomes queen, Thorn frees all of the prisoners because they where mostly there for displeasing Burn.

Queen thorn is one of the best queens. EVER. She doesn't care about fame and power or riches, like blister blaze and burn! She cares a lot about the peace and order of the sand kingdom

23 Sora

Believe it or not, my real name is Sora! I don't really mind that she has PTSD, but I do mind if she's alive or not. She's my favourite character, and I hope she appears in a future wings of fire book, or maybe even a main protagonist in one of the books! Wings of Fire is my favourite book, and I am extremely thrilled to know more about her! I heard that MudWings are the biggest tribe. I'm short though, hehe. And they're not that smart even though I'm 'one of the best students in my class'. Thanks!

Sora is a little complicated. I understand how she wants to avenge crane because she literally had to live with the person who killed her sister, I am very close to my sister and I see how hard it must of been for sora. I'm not saying her choices were good, it like obviously have been better if she had told clay or someone else about it, but I can understand how she felt.

I get why Sora tried to kill Icicle. I mean I'm not saying she should've done it, but I get it. And obviously the dragonflame cactus bomb wasn't really well thought-out. But I totally understand where Sora is coming from. Also for those of who you think Sora shouldn't be on this list because she killed Carnelian and Bigtail and tried to kill Icicle and injured Tamarin, a) I already explained why Sora's actions are understandable, b) Sora had to share a cave with Icicle, which influenced her decisions even further, c) Carnelian and Bigtail and Tamarin were complete accidents and she felt guilt for them afterward. Also, Icicle smiled a cruel smile at Sora when she killed Crane. She sees Sora's distraught at Crane being killed in front of her and she laughs. Read Moon Rising again when Moon looks into Sora's thoughts and you'll see what I mean. Plus Icicle is way more malicious. All killing aside, Sora is smart, loyal, and shy, and we really need to find out what happened to her and ...more

I get why Sora killed Icicle. I'm not saying she should have, but she wasn't some murderous, malicious dragon. She knew that Icicle was way more malicious, and Carnelian and Bigtail were both accidents. She felt guilt and sorry for them. Being Icicle's clawmate definitely didn't help matters, and Icicle smiling when she killed Sora DEFINITELY didn't help, I mean come on! Killing Crane is enough, but then you have to LAUGH, which is completely unnecessary. So it's understandable at least.

24 Riptide

Riptide is so complicated being the son of one of the guardians of dragonets of Destiny! But he's nothing like webs, instead he's sweet, got humor, is really good at keeping secrets. I'd rather think he's related to Secretkeeper. Looking over that, he is PERFECT for Tsunami. They've got similar names, and they have a connection that's sorta between teasing and breaking up but also cute. He is NOT a traitor, and he even helped Tsunami and her friends escape from his own queen! He is THE best.

Honestly I love Riptide. I didn't think he got enough character development. He's super smart and handsome. I think it was really brave of him to talk to Tsunami in the first place sense his father was the one who stole her as an egg. I also think Coral was WAY to hard on him for what his father did but also in a way at the end of the second book it was pretty generous of her to let him leave the kingdom of Sea with his life after the attack on the Summer Palace. Riptide is super sweet even though he lied to Tsunami - multiple times - about who his father was, and his job. Tsunami and Riptide have to be one of my favorite ships ever and I'm really hopping that the Fourth Arc is about Firefly and their dragonet(s)!

Riptide has such an awesome personality! Did anyone notice how easily he befriended Tsunami in book two? Even after they fought? I have Riptide's personality- I find it easy to make friends with my friendly and humble mind! Although I sometimes keep secrets from my friends. Riptide is awesome!

Riptide is a good character. He isn't the best, but I still like him. He is in a lot of trouble and lies/keeps secrets from Tsunami. I still like him. I think Tsunami has a really good friend. I'm glad that Coral and Blister didn't kill him and Webs.

25 Glacier

I just like her . She is My favorite queen and probably the best . She managed to be queen without showing her frustration and was polite and respectful .

The queen of the IceWings! They sound so fierce, don't they? They withstand subzero temperatures, living in the coldest area of Pyrrhia. They could be silver or white (sorry if I'm wrong I haven't read it for such a long time) and they can breathe frostbreath and have sharp spikes on their tail. They are fierce and strict with their own dragons. When I think of IceWings, I think of ferocious, and then beautiful, dazzling scenes of places covered in a deep layer of snow, that has piled on the trees and slowly drifted down, sharp ice spikes with the light filtering through it, and blizzards where each snowflake is carried by the wind, back and forth, until they all eventually land on the ground.

Anyone who's read book 14 knows that Queen Glacier is the most loving and respectful queen out of EVERYONE. She said that she would just give up her throne if any of her dragonets challenged her, and she respected and sympathized with Jerboa's situation (she even cried), and said that Jerboa didn't have to use her powers if she didn't want to (FINALLY, a royal queen who doesn't abuse animus powers)

She Is so amazing! I honestly think that other than Glory and Thorn, she was the best queen ever! Yes, she wasn't a very important character in the story, but she loves her dragonets! Think about your mother (If you don't have a mother, I am so sorry for your loss) and all the things she does for you! Glacier didn't get much time with her dragonets, but you read how in the vison how much she cared. GO GLACIER!

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