Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Characters

Wings of Fire is a world where the skies blaze with fire, scales glint like jewels, and every dragon has a story to tell. But what elevates this epic saga to legendary status? It has to be the dragons - each a unique blend of daring, wit, and allure.

From the noblest of heroes to the craftiest of villains, Wings of Fire brings you an ensemble of dragons that's as vibrant as a rainbow of dragonfire. Each character adds a new layer to the unfolding saga, making your journey through the dragon-inhabited realms one you'll never forget.
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1 Glory

How can you not love Glory, or as QUEEN GLORY! She is obviously the BEST Wings of Fire character! Tsunami is a great character, but Glory is WAY better!

As you can see, she has beautiful scales that change colors, cleverness, venom, camouflage, and sarcasm! Even though their old guardians, Kestrel, Dune, and Web (mostly Kestrel and Dune) kept calling her "lazy" or "worthless", she still studied and trained harder than anyone. Clay said so himself!

The fact she is a Queen now is amazing! Ok, I KNOW she only did fun competitions, but she still deserves it more than bossy Tsunami! She will be (and already is) a better queen than Tsunami.

2 Tsunami

I feel like Tsunami just deserves to be ranked No. 1. She looks out for the others. Yeah, at the start, some people found her too bossy. But I think you need someone like that, you know? She kept them all in check, while still giving a little bit of comedic relief.

I mean, can you imagine the Dragonets without Tsunami? She would fight 100 SkyWings to defend them. The others, except maybe Clay or even Sunny, would try like that. I think, and this may be controversial, she is better than Glory. I do ship them as best friends, but I overall do think that.

When (Book 8 spoiler ahead) Scarlet dropped Glory's head down at Jade Mountain, Tsunami didn't give another thought and dashed after Scarlet as fast as she could. I don't think Glory would do that. She might be furious, yes, but that's how Glory would react. This is just my opinion, and I value everyone else's.

Let's get Tsunami to the No. 1 spot!

3 Sunny

Sunny was so mistreated. Her friends, who were literally exactly the same age, treated her as a 5-year-old when they were 14 or so. I'm so happy she saved the world and was so brave in The Brightest Night.

Justice for Sunny was all I was thinking about through books 1-5.

Okay, I have to admit, the first time I read the books, Sunny was SUPER annoying, with her endless optimism and how she wasn't really that useful for anything. Then, I re-read the books and discovered that Sunny is actually a lot like me. I'm pretty overly optimistic, but just because I hate it when there's a whole bunch of conflict.

I would totally believe in something like the prophecy with all my heart, and if I were raised with just four other dragonets for my entire life, I would definitely think of them as siblings. My friends don't really take me seriously, like, AT ALL, even though all I do is try to be nice to them. If people bother to pay attention to me, I am pretty brave and fierce, although not many people notice right away.

So, actually, I can totally relate to Sunny. She's definitely my new favorite character. My second would be Glory, and my third is Turtle or Moon. I can't choose! So, everyone, please vote for Sunny, even if you used to think she was a little annoying.

4 Peril

Peril is an AMAZING WOF character. She has these BEAUTIFUL fiery scales. Also, her relationship with Clay is just CUTE! She does kill people, but Scarlet was her only parent or friend, or whatever, which made Peril turn into a murderer, which wasn't Peril's fault.

Honestly, I believe Peril should be in second or third place since she is SO AMAZING. She is protecting Clay at all costs, no matter what! Because he was the only one to become her friend and gave her another chance. Just because she had fire scales doesn't mean she's an evil character. It's just Scarlet who made her so. And so, vote PERIL!

5 Moonwatcher

Moonwatcher is my favorite character! She is not a Mary Sue. Her book was great. I used to ship her with Winter, but then I realized that Winter doesn't love her, and now I ship her with Qibli. Moonwatcher is a great character, and her flaws include friendship issues, trust issues, and shyness.

Moonwatcher is small, with cool, smooth, shiny purplish-black scales that are imbued with hints of dark blue and green. She has one glittering silver scale on the outside corner of each of her dark green eyes, like a teardrop about to fall. These scales are bigger and shinier than Fatespeaker's. She has powerful muscles, black wings, and frequently has small furrows crossing her forehead, as though she has a perpetual headache. She is nervous and anxious, but simultaneously kind, firm, brave, determined, loyal, and friendly.

She is easily flustered and sometimes reluctant. She thinks that there are a lot of things wrong with her. During the events of Moon Rising, Moonwatcher often found herself stammering when trying to talk, and her mind-reading and foresight made it difficult for her to communicate with others. She suffers from social anxiety and is easily frightened by loud, overwhelming, and hectic situations. She often tried to avoid being around others by reading scrolls to calm herself down.

Moonwatcher was worried about what others would think of her and did not open up to her peers very easily. However, she still looked for the good in dragons. Moonwatcher eventually learned to be more open about her powers and chose to use them for the good of other dragons instead of hiding them, although she still struggles to tell others about her mind-reading.

According to Luna, she is kind of "spacey" at weird moments. She has a sort of distracted air to her, as though "invisible dragons whisper in her ears while everyone else is talking." Moon is generally well-liked by others, and according to Qibli, she is fascinating. Moonwatcher is also a great... more

6 Anemone

Gosh, as you can tell by my name, I love her so much. She's such a unique character: a spoiled, bratty princess who yet has trauma and depth behind her character and actions. Reading about her in DoD absolutely broke my heart.

Even though she was a brat, you could clearly see times where her weak spots slipped through, even when she acted all confident. In a way, it just gives you a refresher on how young she is, and how even she can be sensitive. For example, that one moment when she put turtles at stake to her heart. When Kinkajou said that she probably didn't have any soul left and Anemone stiffened, Kinkajou had probably hit a nerve.

When she told Turtle that she should probably do the spell during the ice/night battle, it was because she didn't want to waste his good soul and instead wanted to use hers. She wanted to keep the soul reader just to keep an eye on her own soul. In all, even when she sometimes acts like a selfish brat, at the end of the day she's essentially a 7-year-old who has been used as a weapon.

7 Starflight

Starflight was my first ever favorite character! He's smart, brave, and kind. He didn't fight at all, though, but that's awesome! Because I just wish, just like Sunny, that there was just peace!

Anyway, Starflight is a smart, introverted, small dragon. Anyway, I still love this character!

He is really smart, brave, and a little bit shy. But that's mentioned in the book. I say he's really brave since he gathered up the courage to express how he really felt about Sunny in the 4th book. He is really kind and would do anything for his tribe and his friends.

8 Kinkajou

Kinkajou is so bubbly and bright! I love how in the book she thinks that she'll be the Wham Bam Chika Bam, stuff the pineapple up his nose kind of dragon! She thinks that life is a fantasy. She is so cute and carefree. I wish I could be more like her.

Kinkajou is an amazing character, but her potential was barely even explored. Usually, I'm very irritated with characters like her, who seem so happy and optimistic for no reason. But the more I think about it, the more I realize how complex she is.

Saying she's annoying is your opinion, but the fact is that she's not only a great and loyal friend but also just a good dragon all around. She would literally risk her life to save someone she barely knew, and this is even more impressive considering how much trauma she's gone through. If you find her annoying, don't blame the character. Blame the author for not developing her enough.

9 Qibli

Qibli is the best boy and he deserves to be number one. His relationship with Moonwatcher is incredible and they deserve each other.

He went through so much and he deserves everything in the world. He is the sweetest character ever. He is always thinking about others and he is just an overall great character!

Qibli is so nice, but also silly! Qibli is so intelligent but I think he would also look so good with Moon! (Don't tell him) He is also very scary sometimes! Not to mention his wonderful drummer skills!

10 Turtle

He is just a really sweet character in general. Especially when Kinkajou is under the love spell. He could easily be happy she loves him, but instead, he wants to give her back her will to say no.

-Shard- Leaf/SilkWing hybrid

Turtle is the best character ever. He is so kind and loyal to his friends. Turtle also has the best storyline and personality. He should be higher up.

Turtle may be boring, cowardly, and, well, boring, but he has his reasons.

Also, near the end of 'Darkness of Dragons,' he says he wants to be a better, braver dragon - one that he would like to read about. He says he's working on it, and maybe he'll be working on it for the rest of his life, but he's getting there.

He really shows symptoms of anxiety, so I don't think you can blame him for his cowardice. He has a ton of self-doubt, but don't we all sometimes? And he needs some weaknesses. I bet people would hate him even more if he weren't boring, cowardly, and forgettable.

Plus, most people forget his strengths. He's very humble and sweet. He cares about other dragons and has a sense of right and wrong.

Just don't forget, Turtle is like any person. He's realistic and relatable. We all get scared from time to time, but the difference is that some people (or dragons) like Turtle choose to at least try to evolve from that. It takes time and work, but as Turtle says, we'll all get there one day.

The Contenders
11 Clay

Clay is easily the best character in the WOF series and you cannot change my mind. Though he is featured as dumb, he is loyal and braver than most other protagonists. If you say that he is not featured at all in books two through five, I don't know what is wrong with you because he does the most out of all of the dragonets of destiny.

He saves Glory from the NightWings, Starflight from the volcano, and Sunny from the viper. If you say he has no character growth, well then, I say look at Tsunami. Why would you like her?

Clay is so underrated! Although he may be seen as dumb, he is really kind and brave. He deserves way higher. He is literally my favorite character, and you cannot change my mind.

12 Sundew

Sundew is honestly the best character in Wings of Fire. She deserves a higher rank, and she's done a lot for her tribe. I've liked her character since the beginning. It was funny when she used to snap at Cricket or Blue, but she's changed!

It's also really cool that she has leafspeak. She's been through a lot in her life, and I can totally understand why she's always angry. I get angry too and can relate to her. However, she's also kind and loving. She loves Willow and is determined to help her friends.

I feel most connected with Sundew out of all the other Wings of Fire characters. I'm glad she's finally getting the attention she deserves. So please, vote for Sundew! Let's get her to the top five!

13 Winter

Winter is my favorite character because he is the most realistic, in my opinion. He was absolutely right to ask about NightWing powers. I don't know why so many people got mad when all he was doing was asking a simple question.

NightWings have been known to lie and deceive other dragons. Remember that Carnelian, Turtle, and Umber were also on his side. Anyways, that is just my opinion and I respect everyone's. Winterwatcher is better than Moonbil.

He's not my favorite, but he should be higher. People hate him because they think he's "emo" and because "he was a brat to Moon." He was trying to impress his parents! I don't ship him with Moon. I ship him with Lynx (because I used to love him and I was looking for some random IceWing to ship him with and BOOM).

And people who hate on him: What did he even do that was emo? Sure, he was a brat because he hated NightWings. And then he changed because he met Moon. He doesn't belong with her, but sure, he changed because of her. Plus, Lynx used this to help him become a better dragon. - Laurel the LeafWing

14 Luna

Luna is a really good character. She's my favorite SilkWing! Even though she's a bit complicated, I know she's willing to do anything to save her friends or her brother.

I mean, come on - her power "flamesilk" obviously isn't her real power. Her real power is giving love. Remember Lizard? It made me so sad that Lizard had no real life. Luna showed her love. We need more dragons like that. We don't always need ferocious or fierce dragons. We need ones who care.

I know I'm saying all of them are relatable, but... she masks her emotions, is a rebel, loves her friends to the moons and back... I mean, what more could you want?

15 Clearsight

Clearsight is so amazing. I love her personality and how she sacrificed so much to save Pyrrhia. And she is so similar to Moon, and I love that.

Clearsight is so fun! I think she might be the calmest character Tui has written. I like her friendly personality and how she is able to deal with her emotions. She had a very interesting point of view.

It breaks my heart to think about her and Darkstalker. Clearsight keeps trying and trying to save him. She thinks there's hope.

And then she has to give it all up. Not just her future husband, but her future children and the life they would have had.
-Shard- Leaf/SilkWing hybrid

16 Fatespeaker

Fatespeaker is just awesome. She's optimistic and imaginative. She may not have future-seeing powers, but I admire her imagination and determination.

She and Starflight should definitely go together. I would also love at least a prologue or an epilogue about her, now that Tui has already done two NightWing books. Fatespeaker forever!

Whenever I see this character, my mind says, "I'm sure that Fate is here so people can judge her," because some people just do that. I know opinions differ. I don't mind if someone hates a character. What bothers me are the reasons.

I just love Fatespeaker. I don't think she's a "copy of Sunny." If we look at it that way, Kinkajou is also a copy of Sunny but with one different trait. (I don't like Kinkajou, but that's not the reason).

17 Deathbringer

Such a protective husband-to-be. We love him. From the start, he knows he could never hurt Glory. He risks his life trying not to kill her.

And even after the NightWing Exodus, he is still that way, helping protect Glory from "assassination attempts." He makes me laugh every time I read about him.
-Shard- Leaf/SilkWing hybrid

I am so happy for Glory that she got Deathbringer! Warning: this may not be important to you. Anyway, I am writing a novel about a NightWing dragon named Moonstone. He has many likable traits like Deathbringer.

Quick summary: Moonstone was an abnormal dragon. His father disowned him. His mother died. Moonstone was sold into slavery. I know it's dark, but here is a happy thing. A classmate named Galaxy had a crush on him and begged General Scar to give Moonstone a mission where she could be included. However, Moonstone looks at Galaxy as if she was crazy. General Scar said, "Oh yes, Moonstone wants to be with you all the time." Moonstone responded, "I hate you." General Scar said, "Now we are even."

Sorry everyone if I made you bored. I am trying to finish part 1 of the book by summer, and thanks for listening. Overall, Deathbringer inspired me and other people, and he is the best.

18 Auklet

Aww, she's just the cutest! I really want to get to know her more and find out what kind of personality Tui would give her once she's older. I hope that if Tui's writing another arc, she'll make little Auklet a protagonist and tell us more about her!

Who wouldn't love Auklet? The youngest SeaWing princess is one of the cutest dragons in the series. She genuinely cares for her brothers and tries to remember all their names.

Auklet is just adorable! But why does everyone love her just because she's cute? I bet even the Orca statue felt bad for attempting to kill Auklet! She is one of my favorite SeaWing characters. Doesn't anyone see how adorable she was when she flipped out at Turtle?

19 Bumblebee

Bumblebee is the best. She has hilariously cute dialogue. You can't tell me that the first time she said "snuffing," you didn't burst out laughing.

When she told Cricket not to go because it was too dangerous, I thought that was just so kind. But then she goes, "Me should go because ME SNEAKY." I was so amused. She is an incredible character.

Bumblebee is just the cutest character in the whole entire world! Her baby talk relates to my 2-year-old baby sister. I love her so much! I burst into laughter when she said "Gwoss!"

20 Thorn

I love Queen Thorn. She's super smart, and I think she's the best SandWing queen so far. Also, the fact that all the female Dragonets of Destiny are royal is super cool. I think Thorn is a really awesome mother to Sunny and was a great leader to her Outclaws.

In the fifth book, when Sunny met Thorn, she said that Thorn radiated safety (I think. I have to check), and something made Sunny want to follow her wherever she went. Also, am I the only one who totally ships Thorn and Smolder? I mean, honestly, there's some pretty great chemistry between them.

Anyway, in the Scorpion Den, all Thorn wants is peace. She lets dragons use her oasis, and she takes care of everyone. When she becomes queen, Thorn frees all of the prisoners because they were mostly there for displeasing Burn.

21 Indigo

Indigo, although occasionally irritating (more so towards the end of the book Darkstalker), is a strong and independent character. It's not fair that she's known as a bad influence on Fathom, especially just because she's not royalty.

It's also not fair that she's forced to stay away from Fathom by Queen Pearl. But she sticks it out and stays loyal to Fathom to the end. She will always be a special character to me, however irritating she can get.

Indigo was an amazing character. At first, she was pretty much the most annoying character in the whole Darkstalker Legends book because she constantly stopped Fathom from befriending Darkstalker. My friend was reading the book before me and said she wanted to shoot Indigo with a gun and scream at her for being as annoying as Fatespeaker. But then, after she finished the book, she said that she loved Indigo like I did.

I loved Indigo because she was so brave and loyal to her boyfriend. She was one of only two famous ships to actually have dragonets. (And I mean their dragonets even appeared.) The other being Arctic and Foeslayer. I ship Fathigo! Go Indigo!

22 Darkstalker

Darkstalker actually has a lot of good inside him! No matter what other dragons say about him, he has good intentions for the things he does. If other dragons don't want him to kill dragons, then maybe they should stop trying to kill him or hurt his loved ones.

I mean, I literally cannot think of any scenario where he hurt somebody who did not do anything to him. If he kills someone who tried or succeeded in killing his mother, for instance, wouldn't he want to avenge her? Wouldn't that just make sense?

He also has such good qualities, like his sense of humor, comforting wings, and care for his family and friends. He is not evil. He is just focused on avenging dragons. That is a fact.

23 Cricket

I love Cricket. She is kind, funny, and smart. Her and Blue's relationship is super adorable, and trying to care for Bumblebee sounds really hard.

I love her enthusiasm for trying to stop Queen Wasp. She is a real sweetheart, so that means any haters of dear Cricket are not true WoF fans.

What on earth? How is Cricket ranked below Bumblebee, Clearsight, and Darkstalker? She is my second favorite. Seriously, what bot placed her in 25th place? She's just so cool! I really appreciate that she's not a stereotypical nerd.

Don't get me wrong. I have nothing against stereotypical nerds - my favorite character is Starflight. She's still super smart, and I think she's on the autistic spectrum. I really like how she's somewhat socially clueless. Why is she not at least 10th on this list?

24 Whiteout

While I don't know much about Whiteout's personality, I love her design. She's like the perfect balance between IceWing and NightWing. Also, can we just have a second to appreciate the name? Wow, it's an awesome name.

Whiteout is probably the most underrated character in Darkstalker Legends, which is one of the reasons she is my favorite character. Don't believe me? I have more! First, she's a baddie. She says what she wants, when she wants, without a care. She went after Listener's crush, Thoughtful, and I'm pretty sure that she got him.

Second, she's beautiful. Darkstalker literally said so, so don't doubt it when some ginormous undead monster comes flying after you just because you disagree.

Third, she's a crackhead! But in a good way! That's what I thought when I first read the book. Then I read it again and realized that what she said made sense. I won't explain it further because that would turn this sentence into a paragraph.

Finally, she had to deal with so much in the books, and no one even realizes it! Just imagine being in her claws and experiencing all that! - Haze the SeaWing

25 Ruby

Ruby might have exiled Peril, but she thought Peril killed Tourmaline. I mean, if someone killed my sister like that, I honestly would do the same. But at the end of book 8, she resolved what happened and let Peril back in. And she is 100% better than Murderer Ex-Queen Scarlet.
-Tawny the HiveWing

Queen Ruby is forgiving, understanding, and absolutely kind, while still fair to justice. She knows all the Dragonets' names in the SkyWing hatchery, while ex-Queen Scarlet didn't know them at all! She shows great love to her son, Prince Cliff.

She shows her love to her sister (I'm not giving any spoiler alerts. You know the true identity of ex-Princess Tourmaline), even though that sadly means holding a grudge against Peril, thinking the death of her sister was because of her!

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