Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Characters

Wings of Fire is a book series that people all around the world love to read. It's a story about dragons and their adventures, and it's full of excitement and fun. But what makes a great book series even better? Unforgettable characters! Wings of Fire has many dragons with different personalities and backgrounds, and they make the story even more interesting. Some of the dragons are heroes who are brave and good, while others are villains who are sneaky and bad. Because these dragons are so popular, we've made a list of the best Wings of Fire characters based on the votes of thousands of fans like you! Whether you're a big fan or just starting to read about these dragons, we hope you enjoy this list and learn more about the most popular and beloved characters in this amazing series.
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1 Glory

Ah yes Glory. It took me a while to decide whether to vote for her or Tsunami (I voted for one dragon per arc). Tsunami just had this fierce, loyal personality that I couldn't get over. That being said, Glory also had a bit of that and happened to have more self-control and be generally a bit smarter. I mean, she was abused for her entire childhood and then went on to be queen of a needing-a-proper-queen tribe, and a tribe that included many dragons who hated everything and were in need of desperate help- and the fact that she's still 6? Like 14 in dragon years? It awes me. And she was just funny, and her presence in the series was always fun to read. The Tsunami Glory battle doesn't need to happen. Their both good in their own ways I just THINK I personally like Glory better. (I also just like the entire original five a lot) :)

I think Glory is the best character, in WOF because, she tried tried to save her tribe, even if it meant TAKING THE THRONE. Some people say Tsunami is better but I disagree. Tsunami is an amazing character but, she acts a lot more bossy then Glory and never did anything to change the tribe like Glory did. Another reason Glory is better is that, she risked her life just trying to save 14 dragons, even though it was a low amount she still tried to save all of them. Unlike most RainWings, Glory wasn't lazy, selfish, or careless! Her personality is just amazing, she would literally do anything to save another dragons life.

Glory is seriously amazing. She grew up with a really abusive childhood, yet still managed to have a really rebellious personality. I also really like how she was given more depth throughout the entire series, unlike Tsunami, who was just bossy and annoying later on. I don't hate Tsunami, but at the same time I feel like the only book you could really understand her motivations. Glory is just such a sarcastic, responsible, and brave character. I don't understand why people hate Glory but love Tsunami or Vice versa, because they are honestly very similar. I just think that Glory had a bigger personality to build on, that showcased in a better way, not just in her book.

I personally think that Glory is better than Tsunami. Glory was always sarcastic and funny and she was also motivated to change her tribe for the better. I didn't have a negative opinion on Tsunami until I saw how much the community loved her, but when I saw this list I somewhat stopped feeling like she's as overrated as I thought before. Glory saw a problem with her tribe and wanted to change it. Tsunami had always wanted to be queen and I don't believe someone like that is actually worthy of the crown.

2 Tsunami

Tsunami should be number one on this list. In my opinion there are lot of times in the series where she is tied or better then Glory. Ok, I know a lot of people like Glory more than Tsunami, but honestly Tsunami is so superior to Glory. Glory ALWAYS gets the better thing and ALWAYS is mean to Tsunami about it. I mean, Tsunami saved Glory's life. Plus, Tsunami could definitely beat Glory in a fight. Let's face it, Glory never tries fighting with her own claws but always uses her magical death spit (yes, I said it). Tsunami is actually strong and deadly. She killed a KING. The WoF kings aren't as strong as the queens, but kings like Gill come at a close second. Now, I don't blame Tsunami for what happened to Gill, because Scarlet is 100% responsible. Plus Glory could have used her stupid venom WAY earlier. Tsunami is the best WoF character and please vote for her if you haven't already.

A lot of people who love Glory hate Tsunami. But WHY?! Tsunami is awesome and people say she's too bossy, but Glory is too! When Glory becomes queen, she FORCES the RainWings to become an army. Tsunami never forced anyone to do anything unless she HAD to. And yes, someone had to help the other RainWings escape from the NightWing island, but in Book 5, Tsunami tells Glory that the RainWings aren't ready to be soldiers and it's not what they like. Glory just dismissed Tsunami and started bragging about how she was a queen. That's why Tsunami is better. She ACTUALLY is a good leader.

This is my opinion. I love Tsunami and I saw some of the comments from people who voted for Glory. They're saying things like Glory is better than Tsunami, and that Tsunami is really bossy, etc. Glory is fine. I like her and there's nothing bad about her. Maybe she could be nicer to her friends for a change. I'm not saying this rudely, but nicely. Glory had a hard life, but so did Tsunami. Glory uses her venom, or "magical death spit" as some people call it, for a fight. Tsunami uses her own power. She doesn't find water at every stadium to go under. Tsunami fights like a real dragon would. She would save her friends. No matter how mad they are, she probably cares about them deep inside.

Tsunami is sarcastic, funny, caring, kind, and so much more. She is also powerful. She killed a king, her father. I don't blame her. She didn't know it was her father and she was sad about it. She didn't want her mom, Queen Coral, to be sadder by telling her she killed her father by ...more

Tsunami deserves more love everyone say's Glory is better because she changed into a better dragon but, Tsunami did too! She became less bossy sure she still is but, she also thought she should be a queen one day and in the end she didn't want to. Tsunami wants to protect her friends because she loves them so much and cares for them. I think people need to be more understanding towards Tsunami because she is a tough, confident, amazing, loving character.

3 Sunny

Sunny is such a happy character. She always makes me smile. If something bad happens in the books her goofy personality would always make me laugh. Honestly I feel bad for her , She was small and her friends who hatched on the literal exact night that she did treated her like they where babysitting her.

I don't know why people aren't picking her as much but I am starting to be happy with how she went from 5th to 2nd! I think we should all keep voting for her if you really like her, you could cross out the tab and wait for 24 hours then you could vote again for the most amazing character in the whole universe witch of course is SUNNY!

Sunny doesn't have my top vote, ofc, because I'm just not a fan of her overall. All the prophecy dragonets are just kind of ... I don't even know how to describe it. It's like they've been around for too long and I've just gotton bored with them, you know?
But yeah Sunny has a bright personality that attracts many people to like her.

Sunny is super sweet and I love her and I can't describe so well how much I do. Sunny is a special, in a good way. I loved her relationship with starlight, I cried when they "broke up". I love how she is always positive even in hard times. She looks at the bright side.

4 Peril

Peril is such a killer queen but she has god intentions at heart. She never knew what she was doing was wrong because her whole life she was treated poorly, and was raised to believe if a dragon makes you mad you kill them. She finally realized what she was doing was a horrible thing when Clay opened her eyes and brought her to the real world. Although most people think she belongs with Clay, it took him years to find out that she loved him. Peril's childhood trauma made her think that if she told him he would ban her from Jade Mountain Academy and hate her for being firescales, whereas with Turtle she opened up to him.

Peril has a a great personality even though people see her as a monster, Scarlet raised her like that, after the event of freeing the dragonets of destiny you can now see her loyalty has moved to clay and Queen Ruby, she definitely loves clay and and want him to love her back, she is brave, kind, funny and fierce. Peril is the best!

Peril is super funny, and her occasional awkwardness is really awesome! I love how she isn't perfect, and was this super destructive notorious death monster, when really that was just Scarlet using and manipulating her, and she actually has a great heart!

Peril is REALLY underrated! Please vote her!
She's NOT a monster. I think she derserves more attention and love. She was used by Queen Scarlet and I find that really unfair.

5 Moonwatcher

MARY SUE alert! OMG I can not express how much I hate this character! She has absolutely no story ark! Everyone absolutely loves her. That part in book 8 where she's like, " Oh yeah I'm a mind reader blah blah blah." Made me want to rip the darn book.
My favorite part in any of the books, and Anemone's only redeeming part was when she stood up to moon. Everyone's like, " OMG she's shy and likes books just like me." Literally the blandest character ever.

I don't know why people on the internet just hates Moonwatcher, but I think she is the best character out of all the WoF series. But at the same time, I just hate how people bring down other characters to raise THEIR favorite characters higher. I think that's a wrong decision because it hurts other people's feelings, and what will happen if Tui saw it? Wouldn't that be disrespectful to talk bad about characters that she created using months of time? All characters in stories are meant to be made for enjoyment, for delightment. And of course, people can have their favorites, but it's just wrong to hate certain characters because of their role in stories. I hope that after reading my comment, people would stop sending hate messages about certain characters, especially Moon. Moonwatcher is just a sweet little dragon that helped Darkstalker BECAUSE she wanted to be helpful, and finally have a friend that was similar to her. Is that supposed to be a crime? I don't think so. And I think ...more

I just don't understand why people just love moon. She can't make one decision by herself. She picks her evil mind friend over her real friends, and Darkstalker wasn't even there manipulating her. She didn't even have the courage to say she didn't like Winter to his face. She is such a baby! People only like her because she's the starting 2nd arc character. She doesn't deserve any love!

MOON! Ok so don't say she's a Mary Sue I get it she's a little bit overpowered but she had a lot of mental health stuff and was never the best fighter and anyways how can u not love her? She started out as a young dragon who didn't know why she could read minds and have visions and loved the first four years of her life only seeing her mother once in a while. Then she has to go to school and read all of these minds and then have Darkstalker in her head, deal with people not liking her, have scary visions etc. I shipped her and Winter but now I ship her and Quibli, I'm sorry I don't really understand people who ship her and Darkstalker he's like a million years older (literally), and in fact evil. She was the perfect little bookworm and emotionally complicated- it was just so well-written, love Moon;)

6 Starflight

He is really smart, brave and is a little bit shy. But it says that in the book. I say he is really brave since he gathered up the courage to tell how he really felt about Sunny in the 4th book. He is really kind and would do anything for his tribe and his friends.

Poor Starflight. He had a sad backstory. 1. He wanted sunny to like him, but she was liking Clay more. 2. He gets kidnapped by Queen Scarlet and has no powers 3. He was kidnapped by nightwing and was being forced to do stuff by Morrowseer in book 4 and was forced to be killed by the fake prophecy dragonets! 4. Sunny got lost and he was really worried and his dad was horrible 5. He gets blind and could never read a scroll or see sunny again! I feel bad for starflight, and might have a tiny crush on him myself, but yeah… - sundew-is-the-best

He has a really sad backstory. First, he was a dragonet of destiny that wanted Sunny to like him when she was paying more attention to Clay. Second he was with the dragonets when they broke out, and there was nothing to read. Third, he gets captured by Queen Scarlet. Fourth, they run away but there's still nothing to read. Then they go to the different kingdoms except for the Night Kingdom because it isn't on the map, meaning they don't know where it is. Fifth, he get kidnapped by the NightWings and no knows that their island is a nightmare. Sixth, at the end of book four he gets blinded and then he can never see Sunny again or even read a scroll. Seventh, he works at Jade Mountain Academy in the Library which probably makes him a little sad that he can't read any of the scrolls. Eighth, he gets attacked by Icicle at the end of book six. At least him and Sunny are together and should mate at the end-Jewel the RainWing

Starlight is very shy, and loves to read. I love his personality. I know this is a really short comment, I just can't explain how much I love him

7 Anemone

Some of you might think, what the heck? Anemone? If you look deeper into her past, she was tortured by her mother and that idiot whirlpool. She was forced to turn evil. But in the end, she helped to fight against Darkstalker.

Anemone is great. She is bossy, like her sister. She really loves her jewels/gems/treasures a lot. In the end, she became a better sister to Turtle, which I loved. There is something about her that I like...

Yes. Anemone. I love her. She is just so badass. She was so sweet in the 2nd book and took a dark turn in the 9th book. I personally think she should be ranked number 2 on this list. Behind Winter of course. To me Anemone doesn't deserve hate. I mean she's got magic. The only think I hold against her is her and Tamarin being a thing now. Anemone x Pike is a way better ship.

Gosh, as you can tell by my name, I love her so much. She's such a unique character, a spoiled, bratty princess yet has trauma and depth behind her character and actions. Reading about her in DoD absolutely broke my heart. Even though she was a brat, you could clearly see times where things of weak spots slip through, even when she acts all confident and in a way it just gives you a refresher on how young she is, and how even she can be sensitive. For example, that one moment when she put turtles at stick to her heart. When kinkajou said that she probably didn't have any soul left and anemone stiffened because kinkajou had probably hit a nerve. When she told turtle that she should probably do the spell during the ice/night battle, because she didn't want to waste his own good soul, and instead wanted to use hers. When she wanted to keep the soul reader just because she wanted to keep an eye on her soul. In all, even when she sometimes acts like a selfish brat, at the end of the day ...more

8 Kinkajou

Kink has survived a lot. She was abducted by Nightwings when still a child, nearly starved, was experimented on, had a venom injury, was put in a coma, defeated Darkstalker, yet still has her spunky, optimistic, and brave personality. That takes serios heart. And she's even willing to forgive some Nightwings, which is really admirable. I feel like Kinkajou is just an amazing role model for anyone, and is the most vibrantly perfect personality. She has survived much more than she should have, being only four, and anyone who hates her has not put her life into perspective.

Where do I start with this happy piece of garbage. She's just so annoying! She isn't even the hero of the 2 arc. She didn't make the strawberry! Foeslayer did! She never deserved a book. Go away happy noodles!

She is great and has the best ship in the books with turtle and again is very cute. She is a great friend of glory and is very editable. 20/20

When I first saw Kinkajou, I immediately realized that she will be my number one favorite. Now she has become my safe place alongside with Sunny. Just love her personality and design sm!

9 Qibli

Qibli is really, really, really complex. I feel like a lot of people completely disregard his complexity. He's extremely intelligent but also very needy. He grew up in an environment where he never received the love he needed from anyone, which made him desperately crave that same love. It's fascinating to observe the psychological effects of his childhood unfolding in his character. I find it intriguing how he would be willing to manipulate everyone's feelings and force them to like him if he could, even his close friends. He desires to possess a spell that would make everyone like him. I appreciate his personal growth as a character and how his dark past influences his yearning for love, warmth, and comfort. I admire his humor, intelligence, and how he ultimately becomes a hero, despite sharing similarities with Darkstalker. His frenetic intelligence is truly captivating.

I feel like I don't need an essay to describe how amazing Qibli is. Because he just is. He's sassy, funny, and incredibly smart, despite having such a dramatic childhood. He is a truly amazing character, that just wants to be the hero, which I think many people could relate to. The only thing I wish is that he could have ended up with Winter (I'm sorry, I ship Moonbli to, but I just live Winter and Qibli together).

Qibli is a very smart dragon, yes he makes mistakes, but he makes up for them. He cares for his friends a lot, especially moon, but his friendship with winter is getting stronger.

Sweet and funny. Anytime around Winter is so funny and I love reading those parts. Everyone should like him, and he deserves more love.

10 Clay

He is really brave and really strong. Even though he is the largest one in the dragonet of Prophecy, he is the most playful one. I like how he always looks out for others. Wait actually I can go on and on about him. Because he is my favourite character from Wings Of Fire.

I don't get why people don't like him. He may be dumb and easy to trick but he is also strong and brave. Plus he is one of the nicest characters in the series.

He is so underrated after the first book. Everybody thinks he's lazy and just wants food while he is really the sweetest! He is brave and will do anything to protect his loved ones

how is Clay not in the top 3 or number 1 he is always willing to put himself on the line for his friends he is selfless, kind, and thoughtful, and if he is not in the top because he never thinks for himself then your wrong l love him he is the best.

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11 Turtle

I'm going to start with saying: I don't like Turtle. But at the same time, he is one of the most relatable characters anyone could ever find in a book. Because in honesty, no one's as brave as book heroes. We're all cowards who only do brave things for selfish reasons. I think this is why Turtle is a really good character to have in comparison to some characters that sacrifice themselves like it's nothing (cough…cough…Tsunami). I don't think I can ever like Turtle, but I can accept him as one of th3 most realistic dragons.

Turtle is just so relatable, he is such a real dragon. Sometimes I do get mad when he makes dumb decisions, but I still love him. The 9th book is definitely my favourite book out of the first ten.

He is by far the best character and is an animus. Again royalty, and he is an amazing friend. His love for kinkajou is really adorable. 20/20

Turtle may be boring, cowardly, and, well, boring, but he's got reasons.

Also, near the end of 'Darkness of Dragons,' he says he wants to be a better braver dragon- one that he would like to read about. He says he's working on it, and maybe working on it for the rest of his life, but he was getting there.

He really shows symptoms of anxiety, so I don't think you can blame him for his cowardliness. He has a tone of self-doubt, but don't we all sometimes? And he needs some weaknesses, I bet that people would hate him even more if he wasn't boring, cowardly, and forgettable.

Plus, most people forget his strengths. He's very humble and sweet. He cares about other dragons, and he has a sense of right and wrong.

Just don't forget, Turtle is like any person. He's realistic and relatable. We all get scared from time to time, but the difference is that some people (or dragons) like Turtle, choose to at least try to evolve from that. It takes time and work, but as ...more

12 Sundew

Sundew is honestly the BEST character in Wings of Fire. She deserves a higher rank and she's done a lot for her tribe. I've always liked her character since the beginning, it was funny when she used to snap at Cricket or Blue, but she's changed! It's also really cool how she has leafspeak! She's been through a lot in her life, and I can totally understand why she's always angry. I get angry too, and I can relate to her. But- she's also kind and loving. She loves Willow and also is determined to help her friends. I really feel connected with Sundew the most out of all the other Wings of Fire characters. And I'm glad she's finally getting the attention she deserves! So please, vote Sundew! Let's get her to the top 5!

I am just so proud of Sundew for being who she is. She has been through a lot of things in her life, and I totally understand her anger. I can also really relate to it in my life right now, so if you think she has no reason to be as angry as she is at Hivewings, then put yourself in her shoes. But at the same time, she kind of realized that Hivewings are individuals, not just one mob of mindless beasts (except for their leader). She also is really defiant in her relationships, despite what her mother expects. I really feel the most connected with Sundew out of all the Wings of Fire characters (except her parents are really horrible), and am glad that she's getting recognition.

AKA Snudoo, Sundew is the character I can relate most to. She has anger problems and thinks at first that all HiveWings are bad, but realizes that she shouldn't direct her anger at all of them, just the leader (Queen Wasp). Also, I love how Tui made her lesbian! GO GAYS!

Sundew has a fierce personality but a soft side for Willow, I love how she can talk and kinda control plants(so epic). I can easily relate to her. So please vote for Sundew!

13 Winter

Winter doesn't deserve all the hate he gets. People are always thinking about how Winter was a jerk and not about the dragon caring for humans in sanctuary. I hate how moon was mean to him in book 10 when he was just mad she was trusting the dragon who mind-controlled him and started killing his tribe. And who wouldn't fight for their tribe if the dragons who are trying to wipe you out are at jade mountain. Moon doesn't deserve him. She can't even stand up for the icewings or say she doesn't like Winter to his face. Go Winter!

I realized that some people here are sending hate messages. But really, the comments are just for comments about how you like them, not how you hate them.

Besides, Winter is a wonderful dragon who started off mean because of many reasons. Then he developed and turned nicer and friendlier. I was so sad when Moon chose Qibli over him. But I knew he would get another dragon he would love.

So just think about it, and you could understand how Winter is a really good character.

Winter shouldn't be hated. Is it his fault he was born under strict teachings? It's hard to break free of what you knew your whole life. And Winter did, even when his tribe didn't allow it. And what does he get for losing everything? Denial by Moon and a shrug from Qibli! They don't know what he's been through. And now he stays back from adventures while Moon and Qibli go to Pantala. Winter deserves more! Nobody thinks about how hard he tries. All the see him for is what he used to be, a jerk, and not the dragon he is now.

Why are people getting mad because Winter yelled a little? I mean wouldn't you be a BIT frustrated if your queen died, if your tribe was suffering from a plague, if you were banished, if you were hurting inside, if your brother was supposedly killed, if you were a disapointment to everyone you ever knew, if your friends were totally oblivious to what you have been going through, if you were dearly in love with someone who would cost you your life? I mean COME ON PEOPLE HAVE A HEART. Moon was the only dragon who actually looked at him and gave him grace. She is the only dragon that was patient enough to put up with his cold exterior to reveal the diamonds underneath. Winter was also willing to give up everything he was taught to love what seemed to be unlovable to his entire tribe. He is the BEST CHARACTER.

14 Luna

Luna is a REALLY good character. She's my favorite Silkwing! Even though she's a bit complicated, I know she's willing to do anything to save her friends or brother.
I mean, come on- her power "flamesilk" obliviously isn't her real power- her real power is giving love. Remember lizard? It made me so sad that lizard had no real life.
Luna showed her empty. She showed lizard love. We need more dragons like that. We don't always need ferocious or fierce dragons, we need ones who care.

Her personality is pretty complicated. At first, I became kind of annoyed of her because of her relationship with Swordtail and all, you know, but she's quite brave and has ambitions *good ones*, and that's what I like about some dragons. Ambition isn't always the trait that makes me like them, but it always is a factor.

Ah, our good friend Luna. She used to be one of my favorites, and while I don't like her as much as I used to, she's still in my top ten! Rebellious, hilarious, determined... she's amazing.

Luna is an amazing character, she is brave, kind, reckless in a good way, cheerful and just awesome in her own way. Luna should be in the actual top tens because she is the main protagonist of Flames of hope, and she saves EVERYONE WILLINGLY! Unlike Blue, she wants to do something special, which is not every hero does, most become accidentally heroic, but Luna, she is a real hero, and she's a SilkWing my second-favorite tribe after the RainWings, Luna is the BEST!

15 Clearsight

Clearsight, the best one of them all. She was brave enough to defeat, Darkstalker, fly across the whole entire ocean based off her visions, and save a whole continent that she didn't even know. That's insane. No wonder she was looked up to as a hero in Pantala.

Clearsight did all she could to protect the dragons around her. She even found a way to protect dragons in the future! Over all, she is very decent

Clearsight should be respected as a hero who saved all of Phyrria, since she stopped her evil boyfriend. And she more or less probably knew what would happen thanks to her gift of foresight. She also had a very tragic story. one of the saddest in history probably.

Clearsight is a really great dragon. She just wanted the best for her friends and tribe. She used her power only to help others and for the greater good. She loved Darkstalker and did everything in her power to stop him turning evil. Although I have one comment on her loyalty... she basically cheated on Darkstalker with all those SilkWings. I mean seriously Clearsight, I know you need to move on and Darkstalker wouldn't come back for another two thousand years but he didn't know you'd broken up. And he technically didn't die. So did she cheat on him? I still don't know but other than that she was pretty great.

16 Fatespeaker

Ok, ok, Everyone loves to hate Fatespeaker, but she's sometimes a funny character yet caring for Starflight. If you gave Fatespeaker her own point of view book, I bet that what happened with Sunny when we saw her in a deeper level would happen with Fatespeaker. - Crimson, The Skywing and Silkwing Hybrid

Fatespeaker is just awesome. She's optimistic and imaginative. So she might not have future-seeing powers, but I admire her imagination and her determination. She and Starflight should definitely go together. I would also love at least a prologue or an epilogue about her now that Tui has already done two NightWing books. Fatespeaker forever!

Whenever I see this character, my mind says "I'm sure that Fate is here so people can judge her" because some people just do that.. I know opinions, idm if someone hates a character the reasons are what bothers me. I just love Fatespeaker, I don't think she's "copy of Sunny" if we look from that way, Kinkajou is also a copy of Sunny but one different trait (I don't like Kinkajou but that's not the reason).

I am happy Fatespeaker exists. That means Sunnyflight won't happen. And honestly, Sunny wasn't that rude when she rejected Starflight. Moon didn't even have the guts to say she didn't like Winter to Winter's face.

17 Deathbringer

Honestly, I found Deathbringer to be a little bit annoying at first, but reading the winglet Assassin reversed that. He was so brave and hard working, but he couldn't save Quickstrike. Glory kinda treated Deathbringer like a rotten avocado, but he still works for her. GO DEATHBRINGER!

As a Glorybringer Ship fan, I need to vote for him, but aside from that, we have evidence that the ship has become canon! in book 6 (graphic novel) when Darkstalker shares his vision with Moonwatcher, it shows 3 dragons reading a scroll about the sanding war, we have Firefly, 2 other dragonets that are not named (yet), and anyone who looks up any Glorybringer fanart, then most of the WoF community agrees that their child is names Firefly. Coincidence? but aside from all of that information, I think that Deathbringer is a pretty cool character.

I am So happy for Glory that she got Deathbringer! Warning this may not be important to you. Anyway I am writing a novel about a Nightwing dragon named Moonstone. He has many likable traits like Deathbringer . Anyway , quick summary , Moonstone was an abnormal dragon , his father disown him , his mother died , Moonstone was sold into slavery . I know dark but here is a happy thing . Where it was about a classmate Galaxy had a crush on him and begged General Scar to give Moonstone a mission where she can be in . However , Moonstone looks at Galaxy as she was crazy well general scar said," oh yes Moonstone wants to be with you all the time." Moonstone responded '', I hate you ." General Scar said ," now we are even ." Sorry everyone if I made you bored and I am trying to finish the part 1 book by summer and thanks for listening. Overall , Deathbringer inspired me and other people and he is the best.

Deathbringer doesn't get the recognition he deserves! He is hilarious, and annoying in a way that I LOVE! His character just gets better when we add Glory to the picture, Glory and Deathbringer are probably one of the best couples by far! And underneath all that annoyingness, he is so kind hearted and dedicated in everything he does, and he has a sad, tragic backstory. Overall Deathbringer is a great character that I love, makes everyone laugh, and deserves better! (Again, Glorybringer is the best ship also)

18 Auklet

Aww, she's just the cutest! I really want to get to know her more and what kind of personality Tui would give her once she's older! I hope that, if Tui's writing another arc, that she'd make little Auklet a protagonist and tell us more about her!

Who wouldn't love Auklet? The youngest Seawing princess daughter is one of the cutest dragons in the series. She genuinely cares for her brothers and tries to remember all their names.

Auklet is just the cutest seawing in the history of Pyhirra (sorry if I misspelt) and I loved her more in talons of power when she hugged turtle and was chasing around the bubbles.

Auklet is just adorable! But why does everyone love just because she's cute? I bet even the Orca statue felt bad for attempting to kill Auklet! She is one of my favourite SeaWing characters. Doesn't anyone see how adorable she was when she flipped out at Turtle?

19 Thorn

Thorn is the current Queen of the SandWings. When she wasn't, she was the leader of the outlaws. She married a NightWing called Stonemover and had an egg. She hid it in the desert so Dune wouldn't find it and steal it, but Dune did. One day, Stonemover left without Thorn knowing, making Stonemover wanted in the scorpion den. Then, Sunny comes to the scorpion den, finding Thorn and figuring out she is her mom. When Sunny gets captured, Thorn comes and saves her. When the DOD goes to choose the new SandWing Queen, Sunny chooses Thorn even though she has no royal blood. Thorn is an amazing Queen. - sundew-is-the-best

Thorn is awesome. She managed to run the Outclaws while fending off the underworld of the Scorpion Den. She also managed to become the queen of the Sandwings because her daughter Sunny thought that she was fit for the job. The eye of onyx didn't kill her either, proving that Thorn is nowhere near completely evil.

I love Queen Thorn. She's super smart and I think she's the best SandWing queen so far. (Also just the fact that all the female Dragonets of Destiny are royal. Is super freaking cool) I think Thorn's a really awesome mother to Sunny and was a great leader to her Outclaws. In the fifth book when Sunny met Thorn she said that Thorn radiated safety (I think. I have to check) and something made Sunny want to fallow her wherever she went. Also am I the only one who totally ship's Thorn and Smolder? I mean honestly there's some pretty great chemistry between them. Anyway, in the Scorpion Den all Thorn want's is peace, She let's dragons come use her oasis and she takes care of everyone. When she becomes queen, Thorn frees all of the prisoners because they where mostly there for displeasing Burn.

With Glacier right behind, Thorn is the best queen in the series. Of course, she's the one we see the most of, along with Glory and Scarlet, which makes it easier to like her, but she's a loving, fair, and fierce queen, who would do anything for her tribe. She cares about her dragonet so, so much, like, she actually prepared to invade Burn's fortress to rescue her! It was also awesome that she prepared a system to feed all dragonets in the tribe every day, just in case some weren't getting the food they needed! She had a really sweet personality, while also having a fierce side to protect those she loves and awesome leadership skills to keep her tribe strong. She doesn't care about fame and being feared, nor does she care about being rich, like Queen Scorpion did in the age of Darkstalker. All she cares about is being a fair queen and restoring order to the Kingdom of Sand after the 20 year war known as the War of SandWing Succession. Don't forget that the Eye of Onyx actually ...more

20 Indigo

Indigo, although can be occasionally irritating (more so towards the end of the book Darkstalker) is a strong and independent character.
It's not fair that she's known as a bad influence on Fathom, especially just because she's not royalty. It's not fair that she's forced to stay away from Fathom by Queen Pearl. But she sticks it out, and stays loyal to Fathom to the end.
She will always be a special character to me, however irritating she can get!

Indigo was an amazing character. At first, she was pretty much the most annoying character in the whole Darkstalker Legends book because she constantly stops Fathom from befriending Darkstalker. My friend was reading the book before and she said she wanted to shoot Indigo with a gun and scream at her for being as annoying as Fatespeaker. But then, after she finishes the book, she said that she loved Indigo like me. I loved Indigo because she was so brave and loyal to her boyfriend, and was one of the only two famous ships to ACTUALLY have dragonets (And I mean their dragonets even appeared), the other being Arctic and Foeslayer. I SHIP FATHIGO! GO INDIGO!

First of all, I loved Indigo from the start. She was smart, brave, and kind, and I haaaaated how Darkstalker trapped her in the carving Fathom made. I also get why she tried to stop Fathom from befriending Darkstalker - Darkstalker is an animus whom she probably thought carelessly flaunted his power, she saw firsthand what animus magic could do when not used sparingly and was just trying to protect Fathom.

Indigo was so sweet to Fathom, and was such an amazing guard around all other dragons! She saw right through Darkstalker to! I think she deserves top 3! Anyway. Cowrie, Ripple, and Clearpool are adorable! GO INDIGO!

21 Ruby

I think Ruby is great! I know, she exiled Peril, but Scarlet raised Peril to kill Ruby! She is underrated and needs to be in top 15. She loves her son. more than anything, and her sister is also.

Queen Ruby is forgiving, understanding and absolutely kind, while still fair to justice. She knows all the Dragonets names in the SkyWing hatchery, while ex Queen scarlet, didn't know them at all! She shows great love to her son, Prince Cliff, and shows her love to her sister (I'm not saying any spoiler alerts who know the true identity of ex-Princess tourmaline) even bough that sadly means having a grudge on peril thinking the death of her sister was because of her!

Umm excuse me why is Queen Ruby not at the top of this list? Let me explain why she's a great and underrated character.
1. Unlike her mother, Ruby isn't cruel, she's actually very nice and benevolent. Instead of making her prisoners fight to the death in an arena for entertainment, she turned the arena into a hospital and released all the prisoners after the war was over.
2. Remember the stereotype about SkyWings being grumpy? That came from the dragons under Scarlet's rule, she was an awful queen (but an amazing villain) The soldiers under Ruby's rule are actually super loyal to her, and not just mindless zombies trying not to get executed.
3. Ruby is also a complex and deep character. She's generally seen as judgmental and cruel to Peril, but after witnessing what she did (with the Brightest Night eggs) who wouldn't be? Her mother was threatening her with the most dangerous dragon alive. In the end she comes around, which is good. She also suffers identity crisis, which ...more

Queen Rubys amazing and I was slightly annoyed when she said to peril 'monsters have no friends' but then all was forgiven and everything. Bye!

22 Darkstalker

Darkstalker actually has a lot of good inside him! No matter what other dragons say about him, he has good intentions for the things he does. If other dragons don't want him to kill dragons, then maybe they should stop trying to kill him or hurting his loved ones. I mean, I literally cannot think of any scenario where he hurt somebody that did not do anything to him. If he kills someone that tried or did kill his mother, for instance, wouldn't he want to avenge her? Wouldn't that just make sense? He also has such good qualities, like his sense of humor, comforting wings, and care for his family and friends. He is not evil, he is just focused on avenging dragons. That is a fact.

He is charming, funny, and scary, and I love his soft spot for moon, it is just super cute. He was also very smart and decisive. I also felt bad for him when, in the 10th book, when he tried to make clearsight.

Darkstalker is by far my favorite character. Some may say he's over powered or poorly written, but I disagree. Darkstalker may be super powerful, but he's anything but poorly written. His past is sad, sweet at times, and all the bad things he does are for a reason. His legends book is my favorite book of all time and I could read moon rising over and over just like legends since Moon and Darkstalker's relationship just makes me feel warm for some reason. It's just one of those things I can't really explain. Maybe it's the way Darkstalker helps moon and is sad when she leaves and a few books later Moon is the only one Darkstalker doesn't cast a spell on. Proof he's not a bad guy.

Darkstalker was evil towards the end, but at the start he was kind and loving to Clearsight, Whiteout, Fathom and Foeslayer. If he didn't make all the bad choices he did, he could have been a nicer and better dragon.

23 Bumblebee

Bumblebee is SO cute! she's my all-time favorite character because she's SO adorable! especially the memes when Bumblebee calls Sundew, "Snoodo". another reason I like Bumblebee is that she is from my favorite tribe (HiveWings).

She is the cutest baby dragonet ever, I no longer care about Cliff and Auklet and Peacemaker! Bumblebee is everything! She causes so much trouble for a dragon who is like, only a few days old. Also I kind of ship her with Dusky. I don't know why, I guess I just think it would be cute.

I love Bumblebee! She is SO adorable! And I love her baby talk and how she calls Sundew Snudoo. It is so funny! She deserves to be in all of Tui's future books.

Bumblebee is my favourite. She is absaloutly adorable and I love her so much. Not to mention how feisty this little cutie is. Bumblebee forever!

24 Whiteout

Whiteout is probably the most underrated character in Darkstalker Legends, which is one of the reasons she is my favorite character. Don't believe me? I have more! First, she's a baddie. She says what she wants, when she wants, without a care. She went after Listener's crush, Thoughtful, and I'm pretty sure that she got him. Second, she's beautiful. Darkstalker literally said so, so don't doubt it when some ginormous undead monster comes flying after you just because you disagree. Third, she's a crackhead! But in a good way! That's what I thought when I first read the book. Then I read it again and realized that what she said made sense. I won't explain it further because that would turn this sentence into a paragraph. Finally, she had to deal with so much in the books, and no one even realizes it! Just imagine being in her claws and experiencing all that! - Haze the Seawing

Whiteout was a little strange at times, but that's no reason to underrate her. Even if she wasn't given the power of the 3 full moons, Darkstalker still thought later in the book that she was giving her own version of a prophecy. And he also mentioned that she was the most beautiful dragon in the Nightwing kingdom(as mentioned while he was reading people's minds).

Whiteout is soooo underrated! My second favorite character, she's often covered by the shadow of her older brother, Darkstalker, and only getting put in the spotlight when she's called 'Weirdout'. Weird can be good! And it's fantastic here. She deserves so much more than what she has, because she way better than most think she is.

I like her mix of being kind, observant, and her strange way with words! I really like how Tui implemented her star angle way of talking.

25 Cricket

What. On. Earth? How is CRICKET underneath *Bumblebee, Clearsight and Darkstalker*?! She is my second favourite. But seriously, what bot made her 25TH PLACE? She's just so cool! I really like how she's not a stereotypical nerd (don't get me wrong, I have nothing wrong with stereotypical nerds- my favourite character is STARFLIGHT), but still super smart. I think she's on the autistic spectrum. I really like how she's kind of socially clueless. Anyway, why is she not AT LEAST 10th on this list?

Cricket is so smart and is a bookworm (in a good way) I love how took a a big risk to save bumblebee and to tell the truth about the book of Clearsight, she so has a crush on blue and its cool how she thinks how people are like book. I don't want to say too much but she it the best. Vote for Cricket!

Cricket is my all time favorite, one of the reasons being that she is a book worm just like me! Also because she smart, kind, and let's just face it she's lovable. Another reason being I love her a blue shipped tighter. I just wish she was higher.

Cricket, a smart and supportive HiveWing. She was there time and time again for her friends. She was able to stand up for them. She is amazing.

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