Top Ten Wings of Fire Characters

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The Top Ten
1 Tsunami

Tsunami is awesome no matter what her haters say. Here are some bad things that would have happened without Tsunami:
Clay would have died in the white river stuff.
Kestrel would have killed Glory because Clay and Tsunami wouldn't have rescued her.
If the SkyWing in book two had saw Sunny (and wasn't yawning) and Tsunami hadn't stopped him from calling out then the SkyWing's would have gotten Sunny.
Turtle would have swam to Pantala all on his own and probably would have been killed by LeafWings in the Poison Jungle or one of the Poison Jungle's plants would have gotten him.
Auklet would have a different name. (That's not that bad but come on, Auklet is a really cute name.)
Squid or some other probably awful SeaWing would have taken her place.
Tsunami just wants to protect her friends and it really bothers me when they get mad at her for attacking the SkyWing because what if he had seen Sunny? PLEASE VOTE TSUNAMI!

I liked Tsunami the moment I saw her. I usually can tell when I'm going to like a character, and Tsunami seemed to be calling to me, saying "I am definitely favorite character material!" She stood up for Clay against Kestrel, and she tries so hard for her friends. None of them would still be alive if it weren't for her, so she's clearly the best character in Wings of fire.

TSUNAMI IS NUMBER ONEEEE SQUEAL! Seriously, I don't see how people are on the fence whether Tsunami or Glory is better. ITS OBVI TSUNAMI! Who won't love her? (Tbh, I think she should've given whirlpool a chance instead of saying he's ugly -I recreated whirlpool and turned him into an adorable lil seawing- sure, I would've rejected him first sight, but love isn't about looks, its! That made no sense) All those haters out there, WHAT WORLD ARE YOU LIVING IN?! I think Tsunami should've been the first main character. Not that it makes much of a difference.

I like Tsunami. She tries to protect all the dragonets, and she understands that being queen is not her job, unlike GREEDY GLORY, who is the queen of two tribes and thinks she is a fair ruler, but she says, "everyone back to work". No wonder NightWings hate her. Tsunami tries to include others more, the opposite of Glory, who is vain and thinks she is the most powerful of all of them and underestimates Sunny and thinks Starflight betrayed them. Tsunami has faith in her friends when Glory does not, and Tsunami tries not to be violent. Glory soon realized that Tsunami won't be queen and then Glory took the opportunity to be queen herself and now she is the one acting bossy, impulsive, vain, and violent! Tsunami cares about her students so much, so that's very sweet too. I don't know why Glory is higher than Tsunami. She should be on the "annoying but not evil" list. And also Glory turned the RainWings into an army just so that she could prove to her friends that RainWings were not lazy. ...more

2 Glory

She is the spunky, feisty, best character! Her scales are beautiful too! And did everyone forget when she SAVED Clay in the first book in the arena of the SkyWing palace? She's the best, ever. Period. She's helpful, sarcastic, witty, and quick. She wants to protect her friends, she may be out of place because she wasn't supposed to be the real dragonet from the prophecy, but that just makes her even better! She's had to deal with comments on how she's not the real dragonet, but she takes it like a pro. She is. The. Best. Ever. Character. Of. Wings. Of. Fire. Please vote for her, and thank you all that have voted for her.

Honestly, everyone thinks Glory is SO greedy but is she, no. She risked her life multiple times to ( spoiler alert) free the rainwings whereas Exquisite, Magnificent, Fruit bat, Grandeur, and Dazzling would do NOTHING. Also, she may be sarcastic sometimes but come on, do NOT undermine her for that, I mean, books NEED a character like that. And in conclusion, she is so smart and fair and proved everyone (Especially Kestrel, even if she was dead) that Rainwings are the same as any other tribe, if not better, therefore, they are NOT lazy. ( ALL HAIL QUEEN GLORY) VOTE GLORY SHE IS AWESOME!

Okay, so Glory is pretty awesome. There are sometimes when I kinda don't like her but I'm not gonna get into that right now because I am here to boost her up. I'm sorry if you don't agree with all that I said. They are WAY too many amazing WOF characters for me to just pick ten. I think she is a good queen and I love her relationship with Deathbringer. Glory is responsible and takes really good care of her kingdom. She is making sure that all the RainWings are being tracked so that if someone does go missing she makes sure to find them. Also, the NightWings are really ungrateful because Glory could kick them back to the volcano whenever she wanted but she is letting them have their own village in the Rainforest instead. PLEASE VOTE GLORY!

Glory is, the BEST WOF character ever! She is so smart and she is very sarcastic (like me) and she is nor afraid to use her venom when she has to. She protects her kingdom and she is AMAZING if I didn't say that already. Also, might I add, how is Glory GREEDY? She is very GENEROUS! If it wasn't for AMAZING Queen Glory, The Rain-Wings would Still be trapped on the Night-Wing Volcanic island! And maybe blister would be queen, and the night-wings might have wiped out the rain-wings! So there!
*Mic drop*

3 Sunny

Most think sunny is cute and small. But I'm here to tell you she is way more than that! She clever, bold and has a large sweet heart! despite her size she has to be by far the boldest dragon I met. Plus she is the first hybrid we met! She plays a important role always pushing her friends to believe in the prophecy and themselves. Sunny is probably the only reason the group didn't turn on each other like the prophecies replacements keeping there group close and happy. plus without her how would glory have saved the night wings without her idea? and how would queen thorn be queen without her clever mind to figure what flower the scavenger was saying? would jade mountain exist without her? So sunny is definitely underrated and by far the best character!

Sunny is so cute and trusting and trustworthy, I love her book because, it ends the battle of the three sisters (Blister, Blaze, and Burn) while also not choosing a new Sandwing queen who is not as dumb as a concussed sheep, who dosen't collect disturbing things and kill other dragons for fun, and who isn't the most smart super sinister dragon in Pyriah! She was critically important along with Clay in keeping the other dragonets from fighting and becoming like the altrinitives. And is just such a sweet character. HOW IS SHE EVEN DISTANTLY RELATED TO TSUNAMI!


Sunny is so sweet (don't tell her I said that or she'll get mad) and she has good ideas. She's always getting underestimated, not just by her siblings but by the WoF fandom as well. For years she's been the "cute innocent one" and everyone pretty much ignores her and pats her on the head. Everyone thinks Clay comes up with great ideas, but really he's just relaying Sunny's suggestions. This was so common that when Sunny finally suggested her idea on her own, she was worried everyone would turn her down. I think Sunny is the true mastermind behind the Dragonets of Destiny, and so she is my second favorite dragon in the series.

Sunny is amazing! All dragons completely underestimate her. I hate that her ideas never get listened to and that her friends don't think she can do anything. I love that her mother is Thorn. Her dynamic is amazing and I love her. She is just flat out amazing and no one can ever replace her! PLEASE VOTE SUNNY!

4 Starflight

I really like starflight because he is very smart and kind. In the 9th book, it says "Turtle like him because he not only was quiet but let others be quiet" which I think really sums up the quiet, contemplative demeanor that is one of the reasons I like starflight. I share his love of scrolls (books) and he's become much more brave. Finally, even though he's a genius he does brag or obsess about it.

Scrolls, lectures and libraries are some things Starflight does/likes. Starflight is so kind, helpful, smart, and awesome! You should vote him right now!
I like how he loves books and is really smart and everything. I wish I was really smart! I mean, I am but I wish I was SMARTER!
I don’t really understand why he choose Fatespeaker? I mean, he loved Sunny his whole life then Fatespeakers pops up and he starts loving her? I don’t understand. EDIT: Now I understand why he loved Fatespeaker! I now ship both Sunnyflight and Starspeaker.
Make sure to vote Starflight!


I love Starflight as a character. He is very smart, and is very nice. Unlike Glory *Cough cough* Anyway. He plays as a good main character in the fourth book, and I think you should vote him!

Starflight is the best and so lovable, kind, and smart, also ( spoiler alert) he becomes really brave and is a great librarian, I mean, who else would come up with a system for blind dragons? VOTE STARFLIGHT

5 Moonwatcher

I love Moon for being super kind and trying to trust everyone and do the right thing even if it doesn't turn out well. I really don't like how so many dragons shame moon about being shy and not telling people about your powers. I mean if you had a secret that you thought would instantly make everyone hate you then would you go telling everybody after people specifically said people were lying about it? Not only that but people shame her for partly having no flaws yet trying to hate her for her flaws at the same time, of course, she has flaws, she's too trusting but tats nothing to hate someone for. I feel like the kinds of people who would hate her seem to be the kinds of people that hate and bully types of introverts just because they are shy.

Ok, I know, She did keep it a secret that she could read minds and see the future, but she used them for good! she used her visions to save Icicle and any other dragons who were going to history class early. Moonwatcher haters, U DOn't KNOW AN AMAZING CHARACTER WHEN YOU SEE THEM! Moonwatcher is so underrated. She was not a moping baby when Winter was being really mean to her. If I could choose a dragon to have the power of wings of fire, I would give it to her trusty talons so if someone tried to steal it, she would foresee it and keep it safe.

I love Moon! I think she is probably my favorite character in the whole series, I have re-read Moon Rising over and over again! I have to say she probably could've told someone (Kinkajou?) about her powers, but I get why she didn't, between her mom's crazy worries, her own fear, Darkstalker, and more crazy stuff that made her as shy as she is. I also don't get why people are always complaining about how shy she is- imagine being bombarded by what every other dragon is thinking- all at once too! She did trust Darkstalker, but who didn't! He was so charming and well-spoken, that it was almost scary- basically the Sol of Wof. ALSO, I competely hate those dummies who think it's actually her fault that she grew up in the rainforest. I do think Moon could work on being more skeptical and not immedietly trust everyone. Moon Rising is cool partly because you get to hear what everyone is thinking about in the same time, which never happens before this. Winter does NOT deserve Moon! I'll ...more

It make me so mad when I can't reach into the book, pull out Moon and stab her countless times. She is the fourth best dragon in the jade winglet, following Turtle. (In case your wondering, fifth is Kinkajou, but to me, she doesn't even make the top hundred) I hate her, there are so many words in my vocabulary (That shouldn't be there) I want to yse to describe her, but I won't.

6 Clay

I believe that Clay is a good character in Wings of Fire, because he was the 4th character ever introduced, and he is helpful, and a big part in Wings of Fire. So much could have never happened without him. I hope you agree with me. I ship Clayril. (If you don't vote him, we'll throw a pineapple at your face!)

-Chen sisters(Wings of Fire MANIACS!)

I'm typing so much I don't want to anymore but I have to wright about Clay. He is just so good, kind, and loyal, also (spoiler alert) he let leaf live which I'm so happy about, so, VOTE CLAY!

Everyone says Clay is dumb and stupid, and lazy, but he has kind and a loyal heart , clay is my FAVORITE character cause he cares so much! And he saved his friends life countless of times!

Clay is awesome! He is super kind and nice and Sunny would have died without Clay saving her from the dragonbite viper Blister sent out. Clay cares so much. He is the best!
-Frostfruit (Ice/RainWing Hybrid)

7 Peril

Peril is incredibly misunderstood, first of all (Spoiler Alert) everyone thinks she is an insane killer because she has fire scales and was tricked into believing she was supposed to be a killer. I totally think Clay and her should be together, and that she should befriend more people who were kind of lonely, like Turlte. Also, she has had INSANE character development, all because of one dragon! Clay has made such a huge impact on Peril and has made her a definite fan favourite. In conclusion, if you somehow don't like Peril and you like Clay, where would Clay be without her? DEAD. That's where. VOTE PERIL!
Hurricane the HiveSilkSkyIcewing

Peril is awesome and I love her with her firescales. I was so mad when Chameleon and Scarlet made her forget Clay! Ruby was right that she wouldn't just forget him. I hate how a lot of people (and dragons) hate her because of something she couldn't control. I like the point she made about how anyone would have killed for her queen in her situation. She was loyal but who isn't loyal? Scarlet took care of her. She thought that Scarlet was taking good care of her so she was loyal. She is definitely one of my favorite's and I hate that some dragons judge her for something that she can't control! PLEASE VOTE PERIL!

I haven't exactly started the 8th book yet, but I've gotten a sneak preview, and it looks like Peril has some kind of "special fire" power? Like some seawing is a puddle and the other seawings are fire? But from what I've seen so far, Peril is so amazing! She has firescales true, but she can't help it! She THOUGHT she was an insane killer all because of QUEEN SCARLET. Scarlet...*whacks in head*. Peril seems to really like Clay and I ship them. But, I mean, if Peril is THAT bad, BLAME it all on SCARLET! She's the reason Peril killed so much innocent dragons! I just hate Scarlet and love Peril. *Mic drop*

I honestly think she deserved more. Just because she killed a bunch of dragons doesn't mean she was actually evil. She was following Scarlet's orders, who basically told her that she was a killing machine. Peril was also lied to her whole life. She also cared about Kestrel and even saved her. And who saved Clay in book 5? Peril did. Clay wouldn't be alive if it weren't for Peril. I get her obsession with Clay at the beginning; he was the first dragon to actually care for her. But in the "end", she learned to care about others more.

8 Clearsight

Clearsight is a really great dragon. She just wanted the best for her friends and tribe. She used her power only to help others and for the greater good. She loved Darkstalker and did everything in her power to stop him turning evil. Although I have one comment on her loyalty... she basically cheated on Darkstalker with all those SilkWings. I mean seriously Clearsight, I know you need to move on and Darkstalker wouldn't come back for another two thousand years but he didn't know you'd broken up. And he technically didn't die. So did she cheat on him? I still don't know but other than that she was pretty great.

I love Clearsight. She is kind, brave, and self-sacrificing. She put her love to sleep for two-thousand years just to save the world from him. I am kinda sad that Darkstalker is evil because before he was they were a really cute couple and I completely shipped Clearstalker! She is also really brave because she flew through a hurricane to save a whole bunch of dragons she had never even met! If you don't call that bravery then I don't know what is. (I also love that Fathom and Indigo named one of their dragonets after her.) PLEASE VOTE CLEARSIGHT!

CLEARSIGHT IS THE BEST! She clearly really just wanted the best for everyone, and even though she loved Darkstalker she still stopped him knowing she would never be able to see the love of her life again. She has gone through so much and was still so strong throughout it all! Even if you say that she loved someone who is evil, she truly didn't, she loved Darkstalker before he had turned that way, she loved him when he was still a good dragon.

Clearsight is an awesome dragon that really cared and wanted the best for everyone, which shows in whenever she thought or analyzed her visions she wasn't trying to choose the path that made her the most powerful but was the best for everybody. The first section in the book of Clearsight found in book11 shows how kind and amazing she is.

9 Winter

Okay so Winter has to be one of the most tragic dragons on Pyrriah. He loved Moon be knew he could never be with her. The first time a read Winter Turning I didn't fully appreciate how sad that book was. The second time I read it my heart just went out to Winter if I could I would have jumped into the book and given him a hug. I mean honestly, finding your long lost brother who didn't remember a thing from his life as an IceWing and still thinking he was a SkyWing who worshiped a horrible queen who made him kill his own tribe in battle! And then going back to a Kingdome of ice with your horrible parents who hated you. I mean honestly Winter is to good for those dragons.

Winter is my favorite character and I won't change my mind, he is not the type of dragon to kill someone but is the type of dragon to save someone. He is brave and honorable and can sometimes be a little grumpy. And his book is my favorite too, I don't understand why people don't like him or his book.

Winter haters, listen up! Winter has gone through a lot! His family absolutely wishes he would die and only care about their rankings. Would YOU act a bit different when YOU have a lot on your mind?! When you have like, literally NO LOVE? Winter is so tragic and sad, I just want to give him a hug. I also ship Winterwatcher!

Winter is more grumpy than anything else about him. But sometimes, he cares about his friends. He cared a lot about Hailstorm, which tells us that he loves his family. Winter is a good dragon. I ship Quinterwatcher. If you do not vote Winter, be aware that an elephant will drop on your skull.

-Chen Sisters (Wings of Fire MANIACS)

10 Kinkajou

I don't care what any of the haters say. Kinkajou is awesome. She and Turtle are such a good couple. I don't understand why you say a that she rejected him because I read all of the books at least 6 times and I cannot find any trace of this. Yet I can find Traces in book 10 of them Being boyfriend and girlfriend, and and trying to figure things out. but still being boyfriend and girlfriend. So take that. Anyone who said that he that she rejected him. Yes, I know she likes winter. But honestly. Turtle is the match. turtle loves her. She loved turtle for a short period of time, even if it was just from a spell and she still has memories of that. Which they're trying to figure out what's real, what's fake, blah blah, blah blah blah. But overall she’s awesome.

Kinkajou fans, sorry but she is terrible! She difinitely does NOT deserve her own book. Here is the reasons why she is so horrible.

- immediately rejects Turtle after the love spell is taken off.

- falls in love with winter just because he is handsome.

- Thinks of turtle like some better version of an adorable sloth, not dragon with feelings and heroic personality and magic.

- has not objections to loving winter.

- annoys everyone by yelling and speaking and talking so much (Like, Carnelian. She is mean, but still kinkajous worse.)

- huge dumbhead. (true, she defeated darkstalker, but only having foeslayer's help)

I would have shipped turtle-kinkajou if kinkajou did not reject him! hate her so much, and should not have her own book. She should know to stop rejecting dragons who actually love her (we don't know if winter likes her back: he's in love with moon)

- Fire and Ice

KINKAJOU IS AWESOME! No one can change my opinion about that. She definitely deserves her own book. She showers everyone with kindness, and as annoying she is, that's just her way to give everyone the happiness they need (especially Winter.) She's funny, optimistic, and faithful, and you can always trust her when you're walking along the edge of the highest cliff, swimming in the deepest parts of the ocean, and scaling the tallest mountain. She'll always be there for you. Kinkajou forever!

Kinkajou haters, sorry but she is great! She probably didn't get her own book because her personality was developed enough and so her book wouldn't've been as fun to read. Here's why you're wrong, Fire and Ice.
- If I recall correctly, she did NOT reject Turtle. In the epilogue of Book 10, it is shown that Turtle was about to swim with Kinkajou. (Okay, it might have been Anemone? I don't fully remember.)
- I'm also pretty sure that she liked Winter as a friend, NOT A LOVER.
- It's been too long since I read Books 6/7 for me to remember the details. Sorry, Kinkajou :(
- Again, she didn't love Winter. Who even ships Winterjou?
- That's called a negative character trait to some people! (For the rest, like me, we like that character trait.) If your OC doesn't have any, then you really should give them some.
- Uh, she is the third RainWing in hundreds of years to learn how to write, the other two (Chameleon and Glory) learning because they didn't grow up in the ...more

The Contenders
11 Qibli

Okay now Qibli is one of the best characters ever. He's sweet, funny, kind, and one of the smartest dragons on their planet (I'm not kidding. Try comparing Qibli's brain to any other dragon on their planet. He's the smartest.) even Darkstalker said Qibli has come up with animus spells Darkstalker would never have on his own. And he grew up with a horrible family who all hated him and all he wanted was to be liked by literally anyone. I think Moon and Qibli make a pretty good ship, their both smart and kind and they both just wanted to make friends when they came to Jade Mountain.

He's amazing! One thing I didn't like about him is that he was kinda obsessed about wanting to make everyone like him (or wanted to be loved), but that's the only thing I can't understand about him. Other than that, he's a realistic, great, character with flaws, and I love how witty and smart he is. One thing I DO wish however, is that there was more Moonbli in Moon's book... And I also wish that instead of Qibli getting a book, maybe Kinkajou got it? But Qibli's amazing, and I'm so sorry Winter fans, he's better.

Qibli is awesome. He is smart, kind, funny, and so what if he wants everyone to like him? I bet you would be lying if you said you never wished that more people would like you, or just one certain person. (or, in this case, dragon.) I'm really sad that he didn't make the top ten because he is amazing. (I'm also really bothered that so many amazing characters are really far down like Blue and Io and Sky and Wren. Please vote them they shouldn't be that far down) Qibli isn't anything like Darkstalker and I don't like it when they are compared. PLEASE VOTE QIBLI!

Qibli is an amazing character! Darkness of Dragons was my FAVORITE book. I feel kinda bad for Qibli bc of his family and stuff. He's kind of a misunderstood character. People kind of think he is a character that is too smart, but I disagree. He is smart, kind, funny, but with his flaws. Ik some people think he isn't a good character because of his desire for love and animus magic, but I think that is just what makes him more real.


12 Turtle

I absolutely love turtle. He is funny and most people think of him as a wallflower for kind of dragon, but he's not. He has the best back story in WOF. And he has a thing going with Kinkajou. And he was smart enough to hide himself from Darkstalker. I know what the book says, that it's just he did it in pure terror. But I think it was just because he is generally smart.

I don't know why, but I just think Turtle is amazing. I literally can't put it in words. That's how good he is. I ship Turtlejou like it's nothing.

Only one of the Chen Sisters (A Wings of Fire MANIAC)

Turtle is honestly one of the most relatable characters of this series. He’s kind and compassionate but also has a guilty and dark side, which he tries to shy away from. Reading his book actually made me feel like I was getting to know myself as well as the character.

Ight let’s begin:
Turtle is the coolest and CLEARLY DESERVED KINKAJOU MORE THAN STUPID WINTER. He saved Winter’s life, was nice to moon when everyone hated her, stopped Chameleon, was Perils only friend(peril and clay are more than friends), chased Anemone all the way across the continent to stop her from becoming evil, spied on Darkstalker and got useful information, enchanted the magic bowl and earring that would save the world (yes I know Qibli came up with the idea but Turtle still enchanted them), and saved Kinkajou and Anemone from Darkstalker in the throne room.

He’s also very relatable and his point of view was very interesting. His story was one of the best ones in the whole series. When you stack up all of those great things about Turtle, you get a great character who does not deserve hate.

13 Sundew

Sundew! Our favorite ABOMINATION! I will describe her with one word but use Five ways to put it together. 1. She yells too much. 2. She is way too bossy. 3. Honestly, she deserves to be in place #75. 4. You call her Snudoo in honor of bumblebee. 5. Even just thinking about her being a lesbian makes me disgusted let alone picturing it in my mind. And it all puts together the word... Horrible! Truly! If I had a chance to vote book 13, 1 to 10, I'd pick negative 10. And it's all because of this one character. When I was waiting for book 14 to come out, I read book 11 and 12 again then skipping the book of greenery. I just wanted to save the rest of my good mood for book 14 as most of it was easily drained out by book 13

Sundew is a super great character and if you don't agree, I think you should jump off a cliff and land IN a sundew. Some people might hate on her just because of Willow, but personally I think it makes her even MORE awesome. She has everything a good character needs...: Bravery, intelligence, independence, loyalty, and her interactions with Bumblebee are SUPER cute! She's one of my FAVORITE characters and I am PERSONALLY OFFENDED that she isn't higher on this list. I also agree that she would get along really well with Peril, who is another one of my favorite characters. They're both mostly seen for who they are on the OUTSIDE instead of who they are on the INSIDE. Overall, VOTE FOR SNUDOO- I MEAN, SUNDEW! (XD)

Sundew is a great character with so much strength, courage, willpower, and determination. Without her, so many things would go wrong (I can't remember what exactly cause I have not read the third arc in a while) and I love how she and bumblebee interact. SNUDOO! I think some people might judge her for her relationship with Willow but if you DO, I will take her from the book and make her tear you to shreds, because that relationship may SEEM less common, but it really just makes her a better and more diverse character. VOTE SUNDOOSUNDEW!
Hurricane the HiveSilkSkyIcewing

Sundew has everything a character needs- smarts (she doesn't get much credit for this, but she's totally smart), independence, and danger. You don't want to be on the wrong side of her malicious centipedes (I PAYED ATTENTION. They are not caterpillars.) Plus, she's sarcastic, and, just like Peril, she's a well-developed character. She'd get along very well with Peril. They'd be a cutthroat team, but Sundew by herself is more dangerous than most of the dragons in the series! She's deserves so much more credit for everything happening in arc 3. And she has the strength and willpower to leave Pantala behind in search of Pyrrhia. She's the my favorite dragon on Pantala.

14 Deathbringer

I am absolutely obsessed with Deathbringer! He is the freaking BEST character in Wings of Fire. I love how witty and hilarious he is. My favorite parts of the books have to be when Deathbringer and Glory make an appearance. Their my favorite ship by far. I love how Deathbringer risked everything for Glory and I mean EVERYTHING. He risked the wrath of his queen, his tribe, and even to probably be thrown into the volcano for a RainWing he was sent to kill. Also he's super sneaky and literally killed a NightWing named Slaughter right behind Morrowseer without anyone seeing him. Every single time I read anything with Deathbringer I laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair once. When I read the second Winglets I felt so sad for Deathbrigner I mean he had it hard. He was raised to murder people but then when Quickstrike died! Oh my gosh my heart went out to Deathbrigner! And then in the Winglet when he said "But this will never happen again, if I ever find someone else to care about, I ...more

I'm gonna say it. I have a crush on Deathbringer. He is the most charming, funny guy there is! He has so many traits that make him so likeable. He's loyal, easy-going, friendly, adventurous, charming, funny (as I said before), and he's also very strong and skilled, so you don't want to make him angry. He is so loyal to Queen Glory, and their relationship is so cute! I would say that I'm jealous of Glory, but she's like my spirit animal, so I totally ship them! I hope that their daughter Firefly will be born sometime in the series. That would make me so happy!

*Aplause* *Aplause* *Even more Aplause* I love this guy, ever time he comes into a book my heart gets all jumpy and my head is like, "Where's Glory? This is the perfect moment, I just need Glory here." Dispite my hate for the Queen of RainWings, (I said Glory way too much) I think Glorybringer is a great ship. I love their cute bantering, where the NightWing treis to win the RainWings heart and she's like, "Nope." He da best.

I honestly LOVE Deathbringer! I have no idea why he even agreed to murder dragons, I didn't even finish the whole darn series yet. I think he is super funny. I ship Glorybringer.

Only one of the Chen Sisters (A Wings of Fire MANIAC)

15 Fatespeaker

Fatespeaker is just awesome. She's optimistic and imaginative. So she might not have future-seeing powers, but I admire her imagination and her determination. She and Starflight should definitely go together. I would also love at least a prologue or an epilogue about her now that Tui has already done two NightWing books. Fatespeaker forever!

She is adorable and sweet! she's like sunny just more excitable and more pop rocky! I feel like shes what a guy like Starflight would need, someone whose brave and confident who encourages him to be more out-sy. Sure she might be a little uprfont aout her visions but SHE DOES have them! very weak but they are there! she feels special and wants to share her power, overestimating it a bit. But SERIOUSLY whats a book without the happy go lucky sweety girl? Fatespeaker ROCKS

Fate speaker is just the best, man. She is funny, imaginative, and nice, unlike most NightWings. I ship Starspeaker.

Only one of the Chen Sisters (A Wings of Fire MANIAC)

She honestly thought she could she the future! She's nice, funny has a a good imagination, and she's SO SWEET! I ship Starspeaker.
-Violetseer the NightWing-RainWing hybrid

16 Queen Thorn

I love Queen Thorn. She's super smart and I think she's the best SandWing queen so far. (Also just the fact that all the female Dragonets of Destiny are royal. Is super freaking cool) I think Thorn's a really awesome mother to Sunny and was a great leader to her Outclaws. In the fifth book when Sunny met Thorn she said that Thorn radiated safety (I think. I have to check) and something made Sunny want to fallow her wherever she went. Also am I the only one who totally ship's Thorn and Smolder? I mean honestly there's some pretty great chemistry between them. Anyway, in the Scorpion Den all Thorn want's is peace, She let's dragons come use her oasis and she takes care of everyone. When she becomes queen, Thorn frees all of the prisoners because they where mostly there for displeasing Burn.

Queen Thorn is actually the best SANDWING queen possible! Not too smart and corrupt (Blister), not too much of a fighting type that will crush every dragon skull (dumb Burn), and not a dumb princess that acts like there was no war at all (Sorry Blaze). She's a perfect queen actually

Thorn is a very good and responsible queen that cares about her subjects and tries to do the best for her kingdom. It shows how awesome she is when she was smart enough to take control of the crime-ridden scorpion den then used that power to help others inside of make herself rich like the crime lord Vulture.

Yus! Queen Thorn for ever! She is so kind and wise and I love her so much! She stands tall even when danger threatens her at every turn. She is a brave, strong, caring Queen!

17 Sora

I get why Sora killed Icicle. I'm not saying she should have, but she wasn't some murderous, malicious dragon. She knew that Icicle was way more malicious, and Carnelian and Bigtail were both accidents. She felt guilt and sorry for them. Being Icicle's clawmate definitely didn't help matters, and Icicle smiling when she killed Sora DEFINITELY didn't help, I mean come on! Killing Crane is enough, but then you have to LAUGH, which is completely unnecessary. So it's understandable at least.

sora is an amazing dragon and I see why she tried to kill Icicle because I think that her and Crane were very close and knowing that your roommate murdered your sister will make me want to get revenge and the whole library on fire was an accident I doubt that she wanted to kill carnelian and Bigtail. I'm also wondering where Umber and sora went I doubt that they would go to Queen Moorhen after what she did so maybe she will go to reed and ask him to protect her.

I get why Sora tried to kill Icicle. I mean I'm not saying she should've done it, but I get it. And obviously the dragonflame cactus bomb wasn't really well thought-out. But I totally understand where Sora is coming from. Also for those of who you think Sora shouldn't be on this list because she killed Carnelian and Bigtail and tried to kill Icicle and injured Tamarin, a) I already explained why Sora's actions are understandable, b) Sora had to share a cave with Icicle, which influenced her decisions even further, c) Carnelian and Bigtail and Tamarin were complete accidents and she felt guilt for them afterward. Also, Icicle smiled a cruel smile at Sora when she killed Crane. She sees Sora's distraught at Crane being killed in front of her and she laughs. Read Moon Rising again when Moon looks into Sora's thoughts and you'll see what I mean. Plus Icicle is way more malicious. All killing aside, Sora is smart, loyal, and shy, and we really need to find out what happened to her and ...more

I dunno why I think she's so good. Probably because she thought that giving Icicle a piece of her own medicine was the right thing to do, and because she is Clay's sister.

Only one of the Chen Sisters (A Wings of Fire MANIAC)

18 Anemone

Anemone is not a whiney brat . I like her but I think Tsunami would make a better queen . Tui really made a big change in her charictar . Anemone was probably acting the way she did because of kinda using her powers to kill whirlpool . (She smacked him with an enchanted spear ). Maybe she acts that way to cover up how guilty she is . She was acting guilty after that event . I think that her and Knikajou fighting was kinda cute . I have barely seen rainwings around other tribes so it makes the arguments about anemone's love spell cute and funny . I love her animus powers . They make her speical in her own way and they make her a good dragon if she uses them the right way and for the right reasons .

First of all, does she have to force Moonwatcher to clean up her floor and whack her with a broom if she doesn't. Beautiful princess in the first arc, stupid dumb mary sue in the second arc. Why would she hurt her own brother? She's always complaining and whining about everything. GO TO HELL AND BURN FOREVER, SON OF A STARFISH! How dare Queen Coral favour her! When she becomes queen I know she'll be a total brat and a sucker to her subjects, worse than Coral! Poor Tsunami, she deserves to be queen way more than her. QUEEN TSUNAMI RULES! Anemone sucks! Let's execute this whining brat!

I loved her change from cute and adorable princess, to crazy and sassy princess. It was for the worst but made an interesting character.

She's awesome but I don't like her mom she is mean and stuff but Anemone is one of the dragons stronger than a nightwing I forgot what it was called...

19 Hailstorm

(Yes I'm a fast reader) I know he wasn't a main character but he's a great brother and his story in interesting. I was surprised no one put him on the list.

awesome story I feel sry for him!

20 Cricket

I cannot BELIEVE that Cricket is so low and the list! She is a great dragon (almost said person there) who is interested in so many things, is very brave, and will risk so much for Blue. She is also determined and proves that if the leader of a tribe is bad, it doesn't mean all the dragons in it are bad. Also, a quick word about me, long-ish messages that end with saying who to vote for in all caps and end with a lot of explanation marks might not say they are from me but they are from me:
Hurricane the HiveSilkSkyIcewing

OH MY GOSH, WHY! Why is she not like 10 places higher up, at the least! She has such a great personality. She does not get nearly enough credit for what she does do/has done. Think about it. She watched Wasp take over a dragon when she was two! Listen, I could go on and on about Crickets greatness, but that would take a year. Three years, in fact, to explain everything. (Do you get hat reference?) But, I'll say this. She is the most amazing, curious, clever, kind, strong, determined person (Sorry, dragon.) ever.

Cricket is bad. Like, really bad. In book 13, when she realizes that Sundew was the one who gave Blue's flamesilk to Bellladona, She givves sundew a "You are a monster" face. Isn't this freaking unfair? I mean, Cricket is forcing sundew to save hivewings and Cricket is still loyal to her tribe. And then she gets mad when Sundew is loyal to HEr OWn tribe. She thinks Sudew has no right to be loyal to her tribe, but Cricket herslef does. So unfair and rude. She thinks hivewings deserve everything and all of them should be un-punished, even though all hivewings bully and torture silkwings and lets wasp do whatever she wants.

I absolutely love Cricket! I feel like she's kind of underrated, or maybe I'm just not keeping up with everyone else's favorites ;P. I was on the Hive Queen for the longest time, and I was really annoyed that I couldn't pull myself together and read the other half of the book, but then the longer I stayed on Cricket's point of view, the more I began to like her. She is so curious and clever, but she's also super brave and loyal and generous. I first thought that I would hate HiveWings because of Queen Wasp, but they actually became one of my favorite tribes, and I think Cricket was the cause of that. I absolutely adore Cricket's personality. Like I said before, she's smart, brave, loyal, and caring, and she risked so much to save her tribe and to save Bumblebee. She continues to amaze me with her bravery and kindness, and I love her so much!

21 Riptide

Honestly I love Riptide. I didn't think he got enough character development. He's super smart and handsome. I think it was really brave of him to talk to Tsunami in the first place sense his father was the one who stole her as an egg. I also think Coral was WAY to hard on him for what his father did but also in a way at the end of the second book it was pretty generous of her to let him leave the kingdom of Sea with his life after the attack on the Summer Palace. Riptide is super sweet even though he lied to Tsunami - multiple times - about who his father was, and his job. Tsunami and Riptide have to be one of my favorite ships ever and I'm really hopping that the Fourth Arc is about Firefly and their dragonet(s)!

Riptide has such an awesome personality! Did anyone notice how easily he befriended Tsunami in book two? Even after they fought? I have Riptide's personality- I find it easy to make friends with my friendly and humble mind! Although I sometimes keep secrets from my friends. Riptide is awesome!

Riptide is surprising, handsome, smart, caring, reliable, and hilarious. Riptide x Tsunami! He only lied because he wanted Tsunami to trust him, and he realised that was a mistake.

Riptide is charming and kind (despite joining the talons of peace). Speaking of the talons, I think his joining saved dragons from the horribility of them. He made them better. He and tsunami deserve each other. Their both bossy and sassy. That’s all.

22 Queen Coral

Queen coral isn’t the best queen. I think she kinda feels sorry for Tsunami. It’s so sad how she just had to send Tsunami away for killing Gill. She is a good character. But I am a little mad at her for sending her away like that.

Queen Coral is a good mother. She's very caring about her children, but she has her flaws. She is willing to lean to Blister and obey everything she says. Buuut, Coral is still awesome.

I think Coral is dumb, no offense. SAVAGE 😎! Seriously! At least her dragonets are fine.

Only one of the Chen Sisters (A Wings of Fire MANIAC)

No words. I love my wifeu as the tides love the ocean, endless circling back with nature’s still devotion. I know to love her as the three moons know to rise over the frothing water and splutter light amongst the darkness of midnight. I love both the sight of her blood-stained talons and the gentle cadences of her sweet smile. I love her scales. I love falling asleep in her wings each night.

- Cobalt Sapphy

23 Darkstalker

Darkstalker was only trying to change. Even though he had multiple chances to change, he had one last chance and he was getting way better and not killing dragons. Moon was helping him until Kinkajou decided to change him into a whole 'nother dragon. And then Moon didn't care about Darkstalker and she agreed with her annoying friend, Kinkajou, for some reason, to change Darkstalker's mind and memories and make it so that he didn't exist anymore and turned him into a dragon named Peacemaker who didn't even exist and they just made him up. Kinkajou, Moonwatcher, Quibli, and Foeslayer are all careless and annoying and don't care about what they worked on, especially Moonwatcher.

If I'd pick the most misunderstood character, it be him. I understand him casting a spell so everyone would like him. I mean he has been alone for over 2000 years, he had his best friend and girlfriend trick, betray, and bury him without a single tear, his father was killing his Tribe and was about to move on to him, his mother was beat and slaughtered about like 2 million times, and Kinkajou, with no heart, tried and succeeded in removing Darkstalker from this earth. I can see why he tried to wipe out the IceWing tribe.

Darkstalker is in fact not a bad dragon, okay okay, if YOUR mother got kidnapped and got killed and resurrected 40 times, will you kill them?! I'm also pretty sure killing his own father is logical if he hates you, gonna kill you and your tribe? I believe that Darkstalker isn't evil. He was just misunderstood, he also will pretty much do what normal people will do nowadays. His girlfriend literally buried him, his mother tricked him, his father wanting to kill him and his best friend betraying him. I still believe Darkstalker and Clearsight should be together.

I would say that Darkstalker could've stopped being evil, but didn't and ended up being evil. However, I still really like him as a character, and I entirely disagree with the guy who raged on for a while and called Winter "the best character" and called him "not as bad as Peacemaker". Peacemaker is the most underrated cinnamon roll ever, and while he's not in my Top 10, I still really like him.
(tbh, I like Winter now, but didn't really like him before his personality changed drastically after the events of Book 10.) (I ALSO disagree with that guy that said that "Kinkajou, Moonwatcher, Quibli (LMAOOOO QUIBLI, WHY DO SO MANY PEOPLE INSERT A U THERE) and Foeslayer are all careless and annoying". They did the right thing, and even if that thing was bad, that doesn't make them all terrible. I actually quite like them.)
- CosmicHurricane

24 Queen Glacier

Anyone who's read book 14 knows that Queen Glacier is the most loving and respectful queen out of EVERYONE. She said that she would just give up her throne if any of her dragonets challenged her, and she respected and sympathized with Jerboa's situation (she even cried), and said that Jerboa didn't have to use her powers if she didn't want to (FINALLY, a royal queen who doesn't abuse animus powers)

Glacier is EXTREMELY SMART, after all, she tricked Blaze into giving up land. ALSO she is a great queen and mom ( or was, I guess) if you have read book 14 you will understand and it is so sad that she died of Darkstalker's plague like, IT HAS BEEN HUNDREDS OF YEARS AND YOU STILL HATE ICEWINGS? GROW UP DARKSTALKER! also, VOTE FOR QUEEN GLACIER!

The queen of the IceWings! They sound so fierce, don't they? They withstand subzero temperatures, living in the coldest area of Pyrrhia. They could be silver or white (sorry if I'm wrong I haven't read it for such a long time) and they can breathe frostbreath and have sharp spikes on their tail. They are fierce and strict with their own dragons. When I think of IceWings, I think of ferocious, and then beautiful, dazzling scenes of places covered in a deep layer of snow, that has piled on the trees and slowly drifted down, sharp ice spikes with the light filtering through it, and blizzards where each snowflake is carried by the wind, back and forth, until they all eventually land on the ground.

Queen Glacier is so cool. I mean, she is protective of her family and cares about them a lot and from what I can tell from book 7 she cares more about Winter than his parents do.

25 Six-Claws

I love Six-Claws, he's super smart and loyal and he seems like a dragon you could trust, (probably because he was one of the only dragons Thorn trusted to know about her secret egg) he love's his daughter Ostrich more than anything and would do anything for her. Also in the third Winglet he cared so much about his friend Dune and how he knew that Burn was a bad choice for his tribe's queen.

Read the Winglets. I feel so bad about him and Dune. And, Blaze was so rude to be like, "Six-claws? Yew! I can't believe you touched me with though's!" right after Six-claws saved her. And that is way I DO NOT like Blaze. Period.

Six claws is awesome because,

1. He is loyal to Thorn
2. He's smart and cautious
3. He's good at fighting
4. He's awesome so please vote for him.

If you've read Winglets: Deserter (SPOILERS AHEAD) then you know he deserted Burn (WHO WAS HORRIBLE) to serve Thorn (WHO IS GREAT!) He cares for his daughter. VOTE FOR SIX-CLAWS!

~Sandshocker (Sandwing-Nightwing hybrid)

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