Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Couples and Ships

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1 Fathom x Indigo

OMG! This ship is awesome. I ended up hating darkstalker even more by the end of the book tho. I mean, it was SO GROSS actually reading the actual disembowelment. I really wanted to attack Pearl when she separated Fathom and Indigo. I also love the twist of how in the scroll that Moon read it said fathom convinced clearsight that darkstalker couldn't be trusted but it actually was the other way round! Awesome!
-Diamondback the Sandwing Nightwing

This is SO adorable! I cried for a whole day (I'm literally not joking) when they were separated, and then I finished Legends: Darkstalker, and they ended up together, and it was THE BEST!

This was SO Sad! They knew each other since they were little and soon separated for a long time. The chemistry between them is like nothing I've ever seen. When Fathom reads Darkstalker's scroll, It was unbearable! And Legends: Darkstalker had possibly my favorite epilogue in the series.

This ship was really cute and sad. I disliked what Darkstalker did to Indigo and how he treated Fathom. This ship is defiantly one of the cutest ones!

2 Blue x Cricket

Blicket is literally my favorite ship in all of Wings of Fire. No one would have ever expected Blue to be with a HiveWing, but I honestly think that makes this ship even better. They are pretty much opposites and this helps to prove my theory that most good ships have dragons/people who are complete opposites. Also this ship includes Bumblebee. I used to be mad that they never had some sort of scene where they confessed their love for each other, but then I thought about it and maybe they actually did. In book 12, right before Cricket goes to tell her tribe the truth, she basically tells Blue that he means a lot to her. That counts, right?

This is one of my favorite ships of all time. I would probably write a whole five paragraphs just of how much I love them together. But I won't waste your time, random people on the internet. NOTE: all who don't love this ship, I don't love you.

Now I had my doubts about blicket at first because of the scene in the school where cricket said she was helping blue because he's interesting. Then they blah blah blah did stuff until BAM, you have a wonderful sparkly new ship that is full of twists and turns. During the end of book 11 I really started to love the ship. Also when Cricket stole bumblebee from the nest, she claims it's just an experiment but I saw and alternate motive. I believe cricket could have been practicing in case she ever had dragonets with blue. Ever thought of that?

Favorite ship of all time. I feel like in book 15 when they are reunited with the family, Tui doesn't write much about their relationship. She just says that Cricket hugged Blue before Luna could. I hope we get to see more Blicket in future books.

THEY ARE PERFECT! Cricket is funny, sweet, and enthusiastic, and Blue is shy, sweet, kind and follows the rules a lot. They can both be a big impact on each other, making a colourful and adorable relationship. If you think about it, Blue wouldn't even EXIST (well, not be in the story) anymore if Cricket weren't there to save him. She's a mega nerd and I love mega nerds, who will help anyone! They CLEARLY love each other (Blue even said at the end of Book 11), but their journey gets so complicated they just can't express their feelings for one another.

3 Peril x Clay

Clay is just an "loving idiot" (Quote from Tsunami), and he is so kind. Peril is a great dragon and is VERY dangerous, and she showed a lot of kindness to Clay. She also helped him go against Queen Scarlet. I could see that the two of them had feelings for each other. Clay is fire resistant, so he can touch Peril all he wants.

This ship has been obvious since the beginning. Peril is very much in love with Clay, and at the end of Darkness of Dragons Clay even hinted that he had a crunch on her back! Also, remember that orange-brown colored dragonet in Darkstalker's vision that her showed to Moon near the end of Moon Rising? I'm almost 100% sure that this will become cannon.

I'd say this is by FAR the cutest couple and I TOTALLY ship them! I mean, Peril's love for Clay is SO STRONG and she'll do ANYTHING to protect him! Clay was the only dragon who saw the good in Peril, and she changed just for him... Peril is our Wings of Fire!

Ok don't hate me for saying that this is not my favorite ship. I mean, I really love it and I think that tui is a genius for putting the most fierce and scary with the most sweet and kindhearted, this ship definitely makes my top fives along with turtleju, moonbli ( yeah deal with it ), blicket, and lunatail. Is that it? Lunatail or is it something different. Anyway, back to clayril. First off, there is a age gap which I kinda don't like because one year is still a lot ( I know this because in book 12, tui mentions that katydid in one of cricket's flashbacks is 12 and was STILL, read it, STILL not married or partnered ) that is actually all I have

4 Glory x Deathbringer

Glorybringer certainly is a go getter. Its interesting while at the same time, amusing. I'd like to see a winglet on this relationship. Like this comment if you agree.
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

Funniest relationship I love how deathbringer makes it EXTREMELY obvious he likes her yet glory is so sarcastic like she does NOT care whatsoever even if its just as obvious that she does. Also hidden kingdom is one of my favorite books but ONLY because of hilarious glorybringer moments!

Deathbringer is so cool, and totally made for Glory! Also they end up having a dragonet named Firefly, so I am not at all worried about this relationship. Also, so hilarious!

They are so cute! This is my #1 ship. I consider myself to be Glory because, well I'm sarcastic and pretty smart, and my crush took a quiz of what WoF character he is and got Deathbringer! So this is my favorite hands down

5 Qibli x Moonwatcher

Ok. Hear me out WinterWatcher shippers. Personally Qibli is my favorite character because of his charisma, intelligence, and hilarious jokes and moments, so I obviously want the best for him. If I didn't like Qibli so much, I might ship him with someone else, but Moon honestly deserves someone who will treat her well. Winter and Moon would be awkward I feel. And I don't want him to yell at her. Honestly Winter X Moon isn't a very suitable ship, but there are other dragons out there, and It's not like Moon was harsh when she rejected him. Y'all have to realize that he had it coming for all the times he was cruel and cold to her. You can't expect him to get the girl when he pushed her away so many times.

Besides And Imma just say it loud and clear. Y'all can't accept canon.

Anyone who thinks this romance was rushed just didn't pay any attention to all the details and hints. This is the most realistically developed romance in the entire franchise.

I hate this relationship so much. They are terrible together. I don't understand why Moon likes Qibli so much. I personally HATE him. Winter was so sad when Moon turned him down. If Moon had turned Qibli down, I wouldn't have cared at all. WinterWatcher Forever!

OK, hear me out. Winter is kinda arrogant. He may have a warm inside, but that doesn't change his frosty exterior. Qibli's so funny and smart, and Moon is shy and smart. If you read my comment on Glorybringer, I think that people have something-centered ships. So this ship is kinda intelligence-centered and other than that they are polar opposites, which also works well. Centre something, and everything else reflects. #myfaveship #moonli

6 Sundew x Willow

I don't have any problems with this ship but I know a lot of people do. I have nothing against LGBTQ and I love that Tui put in some lesbian ships. There are a lot of ships like theirs where there is a crazy anger dragon and a super kind dragon. But I think out of all those ships this one is the best. For starters, they ACTUALLY ENDED UP TOGETHER. And Sundew is definitely NOT a cheater. We all know that Belladonna forced her to marry Mandrake and they weren't even married yet in the first place. I like how Sundew calls Willow her "one true love" and that just sort of sticks with them.

Alright so as a bi girl with a girlfriend I obviously have nothing against LGBTQ. BUT while I like this ship, I understand why some people do not. I think its cute and good, but I completely get why some people don't like it.
Number one, parents might not have been ready to tell their kids about LGBTQ. they might have nothing against those people, but I get it, not everyone wants their kid to find out about such a thing from a book.
Number two, if the child is young, it might be very confusing and lead to them thinking that its wrong if their parents say 'oh, just ignore it' or something like that.
Number three, people who may be homophobic because that is how they were raised or taught, which is not their fault (I grew up in a strictly religious household where I was taught that homosexuality was a huge sin, but look at me now) may be upset about this simply because they were taught to not accept these people, which may change and is not their fault.
In conclusion, while ...more

For all homophobes out there who are going to explode over this hold on.

1) The bible has been passed down by mouth for 8000 years until being written down.. .but it was rewritten many times in the past but most notably by Germans in 1946 adding the man shall not lay with a boy. Which by the way means no petas so go hate on glorybringer over there.

2) it is cute! For starters, they contradict each other but if one is gone the other is miserable like yin-yang from China.

3) Sundew Is not a cheater because belladonna forced her to marry some random yet powerful leaf speaker in the jungle. And she is lesbian so what the hell does it matter to you.

4) this isn't a rushed ship at all it develops over years and not hours like ripnami or blicket.

These are the 4 reasons this is my favorite ship and by the way anyone who hates on bumblebee for saying snodoo will be hunted down by this entire fandom.

The person who said you will go to heaven if you believe in God is wrong. You have to believe that Jesus Christ died on the cross for your sins, and if you believe that you will have eternity life in heaven. I hope everyone who reads this will pray to God. God didn't create man and man or woman and woman. He created man and woman. Everyone reading look up John 3:16, and think about what it says.

7 Fatespeaker x Starflight

Although I prefer Sunnyflight, Fatespeaker is also a great couple. It's clear that Fatespeaker REALLY loves Starflight, and when Sunny explained to Starflight that Fatespeaker and him would make a great match, Starflight took her advice, and ended up marrying Fatespeaker. They both created an egg, which was told to be Moonwatcher. Anyways, that's all from me. PEACE!

I really don't like this ship. Starflight would prefer to be with Sunny, and Fatespeaker is really weird. It's a strange ship, anyway. Mmm.

No. Just no. I thought they were friends, not a romantic couple. I hope you se the difference against that. Besides, Starflight is ALOUD to have alone time. Besides, there's squid x fatespeaker, and sunny x Starflight, so I don't think that Starspeaker is a good ship. — Queen Snowfall cannon

Okay now I find this ship incredibly underrated. And for no reason! It's a great ship! And I think how hyper fatespeaker is really watched up well with Starflight. My favorite arc one ship by far.

8 Blaze x Glacier

Glacier might not have a husband. She could have had a husband, but he died, (which would make a lot sense, since there's a war) and then she fell in love with Blaze. I think these two would be really cute together. Also, just because it only showed one conversation doesn't mean that was the only conversation they ever had.


I love how Glacier was always their to help and support Blaze. I think they would be really cute as SandWings and IceWings are sort of opposites.

I DON'T ship this because Glacier already has a husband, I know this because Glacier has a daughter named Snowfall. and Glacier doesn't want Blaze to die because Blaze promised Glacier more land if Blaze was made queen.

Ok so a lot of people are saying that Glacier has a daughter. Yes, Yes. But what if she had eggs with Blaze instead of an icewing. Think of it, Snowfall is only 7 years, Glacier could have secretly had eggs with Blaze without Blaze knowing ( Blaze might have not known... Support this ship forever

9 Anemone x Tamarin

I mean, Anemone is a jerk and does not deserve someone as good as Tamarin, but I really think that Tamarin could bring out the good in her. And, also at the end of The Lost Continent, Turtle mentioned that Anemone was working on a spell that would bring back Tamarin's eyesight!

I love it! I wish we'd have seen more of it, but I still think it's cute. Some say that anemone doesn't deserve tamarin, but she got major development in DoD, it clearly stated in the epilogue (but I love anemone either way)

I like the fact that the needy princess who's been stuck on a harness her entire life, manages to fall in love with a blind Rainwing, who would be viewed as lazy and week by any of the queens, and yet is chosen by the next in line for the Seawing throne.

I love it! Anemone is my favorite character, and I hate how everyone overlooks her as a spoiled brat who hurt moon and attacked turtle, not even giving a second thought on how hard her childhood must of been(yes, she had a hard childhood even being favored by coral, try to actually think about it deeper please.) And how dark stalker literally enchanted her for petty revenge on the seawings. Its just so sweet how anemone always leaves little gifts for tamarin, and always shows up where she is. I think that being with tamarin is good for anemone, and tamarins patient and thoughtful nature will dampen anemones bold demanding attitude. I wish tui put more scenes of them together, it would be a great potential ship. I like to think that anemone is sometimes doubtful about her crush, and a little scared that she might hurt tamarin because of her Animus powers (whirlpool, moon) but still can't help but like tamarin anyways. I sometimes also like to think that tamarin likes anemone back, but ...more

10 Kinkajou x Turtle

First off, I would like to apologize about how rude I have recently been with my comments, but now I have turned a new leaf. I have given myself a tag too so now you know who it is from. Also I would like to thank anemone-the-best for showing me the error of my ways on a clayril comment. So thank you, I don't know if you will read this or not but still. I would like to point out (we are talking about the ship now) that a lot of people hate anemone for putting a love spell on kinkajou. All of you here me out, if anemone hadn't put the love spell on jou then I don't think the ship would have started. Think about it. I personally don't think that jou liked turtle in the first place, maybe she didn't even have one thought about him and her brain just put him in the box of friend like it always does. Also we know that she liked winter due to moon's mind reading ability. Therefore if anemone hadent put the love spell on jou then the ship wouldn't have started. I want to hear all of your ...more

This ship is probably the cutest there is! Turtle and Kinkajou are totally meant for each other! And, I really think that Kinkajou loves Turtle back, without the spell Anemone put on her.

This ship would be flawless if Kinkajou never had the love spell. I would have this ship close to the bottom of the list because of the spell but other than that I really like the ship.

While I was reading Talons of Power, I found out that Turtle is my favourite character in the Jade Winglet. When Anemone casted the love spell on Kinkajou, she said "... to make Kinkajou love Turtle as much as he loves her". This means that if Turtle loves Kinkajou very much, Kinkajou would love him very much as well. But if Turtle only loves her a little bit, then she would love him back the same amount. At the end of the book, Kinkajou told Turtle that she loves him, which confirmed the fact that Turtle loves her too. That is so adorable!

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11 Riptide x Tsunami

This ship is really good! Riptide would do anything to help tsunami and tsunami really cares about him. Also, I'm going to put the right ships together. Moon x Qibli, Winter x Lynx, Squid x Fatespeaker, Sunny x Starflight, Indigo x Fathom, Clearsight x Darkstalker, Whiteout x Thoughtful, Secretkeeper x Morrowseer, Blister x Vulture, Blaze x Glacier, Sixclaws x Thorn, and finally Arctic x Foeslayer. Have a great day! — Shoreline the seawing sandwing hybrid.

Dude, do I even have to explain why? Tsunami loves having him follow her and always thinks about him. Riptide always followed her, and obviously likes her. How could they not be together?

Tsunami and Riptide are so Cute together! They both share some great qualities that can really keep this couple going. The only thing keeping them apart is Queen Coral and really let's face it, Tsunami is so head strong I don't really think her mom can stop her from being with Riptide. And in Winter turning Riptide was so excited to hear that Tsunami was thinking about him I don't think he's ever going to hesitate on being with Tsunami. I already think the possible names of their kids are going to be SO cute. And really, Riptide and Tsunami have such adventurous personalities that there is no way their kids are not going to get stuck on another journey through Pyrrhia. I think this couple will make a really interesting family to go on an adventure with.

Why is this so low down? Riptide clearly cares about Tsunami so much. He may have lied, but that was because he wanted her to like him. And Tsunami described him as being very handsome the moment she saw him. And she forgave him at the end of the arc, showing she definitely likes him back. Riptide even teaches Tsunami Aquatic.
I also like the fact that they chose another SeaWing, no offence but there are a LOT of ships that will result in hybrids (Glory X Deathbringer, Moon X Qibli, Turtle X Kinkajou, Peril X Clay). Thank you for reading, I know some of you will disagree with me. Have a good day. :)

12 Darkstalker x Fathom

No, Fathom and Clearsight planned on trapping Darkstalker in a mountain and Darkstalker would never agree to this. Not sure if Fathom would either.

13 Qibli x Winter

I literally think this is a great ship because of an animatic I watched- its called lemon boy on yt. Its just the dynamic between them made me ship it a lot. It's so sad that winter was just kind of "forgotten" after Tui wrote Winter Turning. I do have hopes for this ship in the future since they are both bi

Moonbli is bland, and it feels like she and Qibli got together just because Qibli got Book 10. Winterwatcher doesn't seem like a good relationship for Moon or Winter - they just don't match each other. Meanwhile, I absolutely adore the relationship between Winter and Qibli! Filled with adorable banter and hilarious comments... It's almost impossible not to ship it.

Quinter forever! These two are pure magic. I've finally stepped out of my comfort zone and voted for a couple of gay ships, like Sunlow and Lynxfall. Anyhoo, the art people make for Quinter is so adorable. by the way, anemonethebest, I love all of your comments. Anemone IS the best!

THIS IS THE BEST. I love Qibli and Winter, and they are just right for each other. I don't like Moon as much and I don't think she is a good match for Qibli or Winter. 5/5

14 Sunny x Starflight

OMG! Casting Shadows person, YES! That's exactly what I was trying to say, why vote for it if you don't like it? To make some random person's life miserable every now and again? I also get very attached to certain ships, and it's really hurtful seeing all these horrible posts! I also hate seeing anemone-the-best's posts about how much they hate this ship LITERALLY EVERYWHERE! Please, please stop posting hurtful messages about this or any ship, please!

Sunnyflight certainly is my favourite ship, and I hate Starspeaker as well as all those Sunnyflight haters out there! Okay, I get it, you don't like this ship, move on! Why vote for it if you don't like it? I understand you are just expressing your opinions, but think about all those other Sunnyflight shippers out there. Sorry. I'm really attached to relationships and get angrily easily when certain ships are offended.
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

Honestly, I don't know, but I feel like this should be canon but also not. I like PITY starflight EVERYDAY when sunny like slapped him with da friend zone. I was so mad. I like half ship them half not. And I REALLY want a canon sunny ship SOON.

1: I HATE this ship. I mean, Sunny doesn't even love him! As a brother, and that's it. She says it herself in the epilogue, so everyone who ships this, read it again. I don't even know why this is still even a thing.

2: Some people are saying really hateful things about Starspeaker shippers, and it's really mean. Just because we don't have the same opinion, doesn't mean we have to "go suck a lemon" AHEM. Please stop saying hateful things because we have different opinions.

15 Snowfall x Lynx

When I started reading the book, I saw their relationship and I found it really cute! I would love to see their relationship grow even further! They just have such a great chemistry!

There's no proof that snowfall and lynx like each other any more than friends. I'm sorry but this is my opinion and I'm sticking to it.
- Diamondback the Sandwing Nightwing

I think that Lynx brings out the best in Snowfall and I would honestly love them together! But there good as friends too...but I would realllly like them to be a thing :>

This is like, a great ship. As soon as a read the newest book, I immediately shipped it. Lynx id always nice to Snowfall, while Snowfall can kind of snap back at her sometimes. But then Snowfall really grows to care about Lynx and I just find it so cute.

16 Anemone x Pike

Not to be mean but I didn't like Anemone and Tamarin. It didn't make since. Also, the Bible says lots of things against that. But I think this ship would work out great!

Pike is always looking out for Anemone in ways that no one else does. Pike is also always on guard and makes EVERYONE respect her. Anemone deserves a guy like him.

I actually ship this more than Anemarin. It would just be so cute. And I just can't see Anemone and Tamarin getting together. I also don't feel like Anemone's lesbian. Pike will look after her at all costs, and Anemone will protect Pike from Queen Coral. Really hope it becomes canon.

-Starstreak the NightWing

YES! I don't like the gay or lesbian ships and I think 100 percent they should be together not anemone and tamarin

17 Snowflake x Snowfox

They actually care for each other and are physically affectionate, something we haven't seen that much from icewings in the series. This is probably canon.

This ship is definitely A+. I mean, it's obvious that they're perfect for each other by the second page in runaway. (Like someone has said before.) Do I really need to explain why? This ship is awesome.
- Diamondback the Samdwing Nightwing

I'm in love with this ship. Arctic was never right for Snowflake. It was to, well, confusing. Not confusing, sorry, a bit, NOT matchy matchy. But FoxFlake goes so well together. This is one of my FAVOURITE lesbian ships, besides Anemarin.
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

Gosh I love this so much! We don't get much insight on this but it's obvious that they love each other! I adore this ship, it's just so cute! GO FOXFLAKE!

18 Clearsight x Darkstalker

No. Just no. It was a cute ship at first, I actually liked when were so cute together. They seemed to be a really loving couple. But it really started to go downhill when dark stalker became more power hungry and ambitious and when his mom got kidnapped, he gave clearsight earrings just a as a little gift, but he manipulated her faith in him, he gave her those enchanted earrings because he didn't want her standing in the way of his "perfect" future with them together. It wasn't just for her to be happier, their relationship having to be built on a lie doesn't make her happier. And she didn't know what to do when he started to change a bit, she had to witness all of his wrong doings. She tried to sympathize with him and make him better, but he was just so angry that his mom got taken. She stood on the stage next to dark stalker as he commanded his own father to rip open his stomach. Relationship goals. It was then she realized that he was too powerful and he had to be stopped. She had ...more

This was amazing and perfect and adorable and sweet at first, but Darkstalker kinda ruined it. :( Also, it showed in the first chapter that was Clearsight's point of view that she was jealous of the dragon Darkstalker might meet in the future.

I actually like this ship, I mean before Darkstalker turned evil he was a pretty nice guy, and I think (at the beginning) that their personalities went really well together.

I agree with the first commenter. This ship was cute, and I liked it until Darkstalker got locked underneath a mountain. But still

19 Burnet x Silverspot

I love this ship! It feels like they were made for each other. Honestly, Admiral just doesn't seem like a good pick at all.

Another lesbian couple! I love them both, and I wish we could see their relationship more.

I think these two are good because they really like each other. That is all I have to say.

This is seriously underrated, I think the two together is so cute!

20 Luna x Swordtail

For those who have not read The Flames of Hope, Luna keeps thinking about Swordtail—kind of like how Peril thinks of Clay in book 8, but different circumstances—and the bit about Swordtail sitting on the honey drops is hilarious.

Pure love! I'm just glad they didn't have to go through all the drama just to realize they love each other. I love drama don't get me wrong but I just love how pure and simple Luna's and Swordtail's love is. Swordtail will go across the ocean and back to find Luna and Luna would do the same. I cannot imagine Luna with someone else or Swordtail with someone else they are a perfect match and I wouldn't pair these two with anyone else!

Butterfly the Rainwing/Icewing (and princess to the Rainwing throne!)

Swordtail works very hard to help Luna whenever he can. He 100% has a crush on her. Luna always seem nicer to him then she is to everyone else. That makes me think she might have a crush on him to. It makes them seem really cool together.

I just loved this ship so much, they are clearly already official and they just warmed my heart in the new part of the series! There's really no debate that they're a thing, and there's no drama they just simply love each other, which is a breath of fresh air! They might not be my favorite ship, but definite top 5 in Wings of Fire :)

21 Whiteout x Thoughtful

Thoughtout is one of my favourite ships. Listener and Thoughtful wouldn't fit that well, I think. But Thoughtful and Whiteout understand each other, and the way they first meet? Boy would I love to see a Winglet Book on them! MAN, I really want to see more of this couple! MORE INFORMATION!
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

They understood each other when they first met, and Whiteout was the only one that ever understood one of Thoughtful's works.

They are so cute with each other! I just want what is best for them! They are destined for each other. I will not back down, Thoughtout till the end!

As I went through the Darkstalker book, I was intrigued by Whiteout and her personality. When they met, it was such a cute scene.

22 Lynx x Winter

I really feel like Winter and Lynx are meant for each other. Lynx totally has a crunch on him, and Winter deserves someone to cheer him up, and bring out the good in him. Also, SO CUTE!

I ship this because I feel bad for Winter. I am a 100% moonbli shipper, however I do think that Winter needs a mate to cheer him up and let him live loose. And if you think that Winter deserves his crush, than why don't y'all think Lynx deserves her crush? Lynx isn't a very big character but she clearly loves Winter and I think it's cute personally.

I think these two should be together because Lynx could make Winters hard heart melt, and Winter does not deserve the nice Moon we all know and love. You might not love her, but she is pretty awesome. Also, Winter screams at Moon that isn't nice. Don't be mad.

I feel bad for Winter when Kinkajou gets with Turtle and Moon gets with Qibli. Winter protects her at Jade Mountain and states that she is a lot like Moon. Lynx smiles at him and seems to care about him and she DOES act like she has a crush on him! And I'm pretty sure that Lynx doesn't have anyone to love eatheir, so I think that they are destined to be together!
Jupiter XWing

23 Moonwatcher x Winter

I love this ship so much! When Moon turned Winter down, I was, let's just say, really angry and sad. Literally, every night as I'm falling asleep, I make up a story of how Moon dumps Qibli and tells him how much she loves Winter instead of him. That way, She and Winter will have many dragonets! Maybe, as someone else said (Totally not me, as I totally do not try to come on here as much as possible to vote this), I wouldn't be sad if they kill Qibli. That actually might be good. Anyway, WinterWatcher forever!

I have variety of feelings about this subject. I personally love this ship, but at the time, Winter was definitely not ready for a romantic relationship with anyone. Winter is one of my favorite WoF characters, his character is interesting and complex. When he was young, he was always told stories about other tribes and was always in the shadow of his siblings. He always had a sense of needing to prove himself to his parents. In conclusion, he had a horrible family and was taught all the wrong things. In book 7 he left his tribe, title in royalty, and family so he could be with Moon. He still made some unacceptable choices though. Winter is misunderstood throughout the WoF community as the grumpy, entitled jerk. But in reality he was just trying to make his parents proud of him (just like how Qibli always wanted to make his mom love him). As we see in book 14, Winter is a changed dragon, he is nothing like he was in book 6. Winter has one of the best character arcs in WoF. I feel like ...more

I wish they would hurry up and have some dragonets already! that way *cough Q cough ibli cough* Would hurry up and be depressed and kill himself. Win-win for everyone! Qibli dies! *cheers in background* Winter and Moon are together! *More cheers in background* Yay! I can't wait for Moon to see her mistake of even letting the most terrible dragon of all time get a chance at her. Then she'll go to Winter and apologize and they marry each other and then go run off and have many dragonets to kill Qibli. That right there folks is the best ending you can get!

Winterwatcher fans, I know you ship this and stuff, but the problem is that moonbli is canon! There are a few reasons why (I'm sorry, really am) including that winter was a little harsh to her saying "You're my sworn enemy Nightwing!", which would be bad for her mental health. Perhaps the fact that he was going to kill her at first sight in Moon Rising and maybe because Qibli stopped him. And finally, Qibli was nice to her so that would be key. This might be why it's canon. Also, don't be offensive because you don't like moonbli.(I don't hate winterwatcher). Also hopefully the war ends. Peace out winterwatcher fans.

24 Smolder x Thorn

Smolder is my absolute favorite character. Maybe because we both have a strange sense of humor and like exotic pets, but I digress. Smolder and Thorn are an absolutely adorable couple, even if it is sort of just light teasing as of right now. I think Smolder would be an awesome king, and I believe Smolder and Thorn deserve each other. It is also difficult to deny the fact that they love each other considering that Smolder literally locked her in a room with Sunny in Book 5, and was going to wait for his sister to come and kill them, yet she still managed to forgive him even when she became queen and had every right and all the power to kill him. That's true love right there. Also Smolder has had his fair share of horrible things to happen to him (dead brothers, lost his partner, and been threatened by his sister), and I think Thorn would be a good support system for him. This ship and blicket are my favorite couples in Wings of Fire.

Okay, this IS really cute, and I know they're in love with each other, but it specifically said in book 10 that Onyx and Thorn are the same age. Onyx is Smolder's daughter. Thorn is Smolder's girlfriend. Is anyone else disturbed?

Have you read the bit in Book 10? Stonemover literally appears twice (or 3 tomes it's been so long I forgot), but these 2 will see each other a LOT.

Smolder is one of my favorite characters. He's funny, charming, and really nice to Thorn. I think that this is for sure going to become cannon, and maybe even become as popular as Glorybringer.

25 Tsunami x Clay

This one is flawless. Clay and Tsunami escaped together and stuck together. Tsunami even said she used to have a crush on him!

OK, not that I ACTUALLY ship dis one, but really. Clay likes Peril, Tsunami likes Riptide, they basically are like brother and sister so...yeah. Sorry if this was offending

For the people who actually support this ship, I want you to know one thing:

Clay viewed the other Dragonets as siblings. Think about that for a moment.

When I first read the book The Dragonet Prophecy, I thought Clay and Tsunami was a thing because Tsunami saved Clay from Kestrel.

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