Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Couples and Ships

Whether you're Team Moonbli (Qibli and Moonwatcher) or rooting for the fiery romance of Cleril (Clay and Peril), the Wings of Fire universe offers a ship for every heart. From star-crossed lovers to forbidden romances and heartwarming friendships that blossom into something more, there's a dragon duo out there that's sure to resonate with you.

From the scorching sands of the SandWing desert to the icy peaks of the Ice Kingdom, love knows no bounds in Pyrrhia. Which couples will reign supreme in the hearts of fans?
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1 Fathom x Indigo

So sweet! I mean, throughout the whole book, it was incredibly slow-burn and just about killed me, but at least they got together in the end.

These guys are so cute! I mean, is there a better ship, right? They were apart for so long but they clearly love each other (I blame Queen Pearl for that bit), so they are absolutely perfect for each other.

Their childhood is so cute, and even their children display their past so well. But if anyone can think of an actually good ship name, please comment!

I knew right away that this ship would be number one. I am not afraid to say that this ship is just one step away from being perfect! If Darkstalker hadn't interfered with their friendship, it would have been my favorite thing in WOF. The ship has everything it takes to earn this spot.

The part where Fathom thought he could no longer be friends with Indigo was heart-wrenching, but in the end, everything turned out to be great! I absolutely love how they were childhood friends and are loyal to each other.

I remember reading about Fathom and Indigo's childhood. Indigo made a cake for Fathom on his birthday when no one else even remembered it, and there was a time when Fathom and Indigo were splashing paint together. This is just my opinion, but I think Fathom and Indigo are by far my favorite ship in WOF.

2 Glory x Deathbringer

In my opinion, this is the best one. Also, these are the actual Wings of Fire couples: Clay x Peril, Tsunami x Riptide, Glory x Deathbringer, and Starflight x Sunny. That last one is because Starflight and Sunny actually like each other. Fatespeaker is just obsessed with Starflight, which isn't real romance.

Also, this art is fantastic! My judging for it: 10, 10, 10 (11, that is). In my opinion, Swordtail is a selfish brat. He clearly stated in "The Lost Continent" that (quote) "I care about Luna. That's it" (unquote). Not his mom, not Blue's other relatives - just Luna, who is also bad.

I mean, Cricket saves Blue's life, and in "The Flames of Hope," Luna says that it's unfair that Cricket escapes from the Breath of Evil but not Blue and Swordtail. Talk about ungrateful! But Glory and Deathbringer? No problem at all.

3 Peril x Clay

This is an awesome relationship. There is no one better for Peril than Clay. Peril is seen as a bad-tempered and scary dragon, but Clay is able to extinguish and bring peace to Peril and everyone around her.

Peril can't hurt Clay as much as a typical dragon, which is great for their relationship. These two dragons really compliment each other in the relationship. In general, a great relationship, though it could still use some work.

This is the best ship and you know it! Peril loves Clay, and you can tell. We later find out that Clay likes Peril too.

Clay cares so much for Peril, and it's adorable. When they first meet, you can tell they had a connection from the first night. Peril asked him for food, and I just think it's so sweet!

4 Blue x Cricket

Blue is a dragon that likes to follow the rules. Cricket is an intelligent dragon who is shy and finds it hard to fit in. These two really compliment each other in their relationship. Cricket gives Blue a bit of spice to his life while Blue gives Cricket comfort and support. Overall, a very great and healthy relationship.

These two little dragons are perfect for each other and have clearly loved each other since the moment they met. It's also so cute how they don't know that the other one likes them and are both so nervous to say anything about it. I shipped them the moment they first spoke.

They are perfect for each other and that has been getting clearer through the books. And it is so obvious when Luna brings her to meet their family. I love that scene. I believe that these two dragons definitely have a future together and I would love to see more of them in the future. P.S. thanks for reading!!

5 Riptide x Tsunami

Tsunami and Riptide are so cute together! They both share some great qualities that can really keep this couple going. The only thing keeping them apart is Queen Coral and, let's face it, Tsunami is so headstrong. I don't really think her mom can stop her from being with Riptide.

In Winter Turning, Riptide was so excited to hear that Tsunami was thinking about him. I don't think he's ever going to hesitate on being with Tsunami. I already think the possible names of their kids are going to be so cute. Riptide and Tsunami have such adventurous personalities that there is no way their kids are not going to get stuck on another journey through Pyrrhia. I think this couple will make a really interesting family to go on an adventure with.

6 Sundew x Willow

This ship is absolute perfection! It's the only lesbian ship in the fandom that makes sense and Sundew actually likes Willow. I also love both characters. Both of them are awesome. Anyone who thinks this ship is bad should go suck a lemon!

This ship is the best ship in the fandom and it should be a lot higher! I think the only reason this ship is so low is because The Poison Jungle is one of the last books and some people might not have gotten that far so they don't vote for it. But Sundew x Willow is one of my favorite ships. Sunlow deserves a lot more respect. Also, some people probably hate this ship because some people are homophobic and that's stupid. Sundew can like Willow! 10/10 ship wise. - Laurel the LeafWing

7 Fatespeaker x Starflight

I ship this over Starflight/Sunny, as Fatespeaker clearly loves Starflight back, and Sunny isn't even sure she loves Starflight. I think it is super sweet how Fatespeaker took care of him while he was recovering in the rainforest.

Fatespeaker and Starflight are a perfect couple. Fatespeaker totally cares for Starflight. Plus, they are totally cute together.

Although I prefer Sunnyflight, Fatespeaker is also a great couple. It's clear that Fatespeaker really loves Starflight, and when Sunny explained to Starflight that Fatespeaker and he would make a great match, Starflight took her advice and ended up marrying Fatespeaker. They both created an egg, which was said to be Moonwatcher. Anyway, that's all from me. Peace!

8 Qibli x Moonwatcher

Alright, let's dive into the tangled web of dragon romance in the Wings of Fire series. First off, let's dissect why Moonbli reigns supreme over the other ships in the series.

Let's start with Winter x Moon. Sure, there's something to be said about the classic enemies-to-lovers trope, but Winter's icy demeanor doesn't quite complement Moon's gentle and empathetic nature. Their dynamic lacks balance, with Winter's stubbornness often overshadowing any potential for genuine connection.

Moon x Turtle? While Turtle may be charming in his own way, his flirtatious nature and tendency to be a bit of a goofball don't quite mesh with Moon's introspective and serious personality. Their relationship would likely be more akin to a lighthearted fling rather than a deep and meaningful connection.

Moon x Kinkajou falls into a similar category. Kinkajou's bubbly personality and Moon's reserved nature create a stark contrast that might lead to some initial attraction, but in the long run, their differences could lead to misunderstandings and frustrations.

Qibli x Winter? While their banter might be entertaining, their personalities clash more often than not. Qibli's laid-back nature and quick wit are constantly at odds with Winter's rigid sense of duty and adherence to tradition.

Qibli x Umber? Umber's mysterious nature might initially draw Qibli in, but their relationship lacks the depth and emotional resonance that Moonbli possesses. Umber's tendency to keep secrets could lead to trust issues down the line.

Moon x Umber? Similar to Moon x Turtle, Umber's playful demeanor doesn't quite align with Moon's more serious outlook on life. Their relationship would likely be fleeting and lacking in substance.

Qibli x Kinkajou? While they share a playful dynamic, their relationship lacks the depth and emotional connection that Moonbli embodies. Their banter may be entertaining, but it's ultimately superficial.

As for Moon x Turtle x... more

9 Kinkajou x Turtle

This ship is way better than Peril x Turtle. It's cute how one of them is an animus, and one is not. This also means that Turtle has always had a crush on Kinkajou. Here are the reasons I prefer this ship over Peril x Turtle:

Kinkajou can actually touch Turtle without burning him to a crisp. Sure, Turtle accidentally made his scales harder than diamonds, but does Peril really love him? Or did he just join her adventure because he wanted to get out of Jade Mountain?

Seriously, people, Peril likes Clay and Turtle likes Kinkajou. I know some Turtle x Peril fans might close their computers after reading this comment, but please hear me out. Turtle is pretty much already mated with Kinkajou. And all Peril thinks about is Clay, so she can't love Turtle. According to the love spell, Turtle loves Kinkajou much more than he even knows Peril.

Turtle is an animus. I know, this sounds like evidence for the ship, but Peril probably hates animus dragons after meeting her father. He gave her an enchanted necklace so that she would forget about Clay and get rid of her firescales. And then, right after that, she started thinking about Clay again. There's no room in her mind for 'Oh, yeah, I actually love Turtle.'

This is a great ship, and I love it a lot! - Clarity the Animus NightWing

10 Anemone x Tamarin

This is the best vote: Anemone x Tamarin. Now I will explain why.

Anemone has just been controlled by an evil villain (Darkstalker) and she thinks she is going to destroy the world. She doesn't even trust her own talons.

Meanwhile, Tamarin may be blind, but she can still easily take care of herself and Kinkajou. She completely trusts her talons even though she can't see them.

They are just perfect for each other. I just love them.


This ship is adorable! I love the fact that Kinkajou and Turtle were so okay with Anemone liking a girl. Amazing sibling and frenemy support. I can just imagine Anemone giving Tamarin her eyesight, or maybe growing a beautiful garden for Tamarin.

The Contenders
11 Blaze x Glacier

I don't even know why. I wasn't going to choose this mainly because of the very different species, but something felt right about it.

Blaze really loves Glacier, but Glacier just wanted to use her for land, so I ultimately felt bad for Blaze... so here we are.

Glacier is always there to help Blaze, but Blaze should make her own guards do this and not make Glacier her new bodyguard. Glacier already had a husband because I know she has a daughter named Crystal-Crystal-the-Best.

Okay, so a lot of people are saying that Glacier has a daughter. Yes, yes. But what if she had eggs with Blaze instead of an IceWing? Think about it. Snowfall is only seven years old. Glacier could have secretly had eggs with Blaze without Blaze knowing. Support this ship forever!

12 Sunny x Starflight

What people think about is the relationship, but what they should really think about are the dragonets. Who would be a kinder, more optimistic, caring, and sensible mother? Sunny! Fatespeaker thinks she can see the future when all of her predictions are incorrect. Sunny was actually loyal and kind. Fatespeaker treated him like a toddler.

This ship has its twists and turns, but these two have always loved each other and they are not going to let go. (By the way, I'm listening to the song Dandelions, and that's why I might sound so passionate.) Sunny x Starflight is the canon relationship between Sunny and Starflight. The ship also has a cool name: Sunnyflight.

Starflight has always loved Sunny, even if she's not sure about her feelings toward him. If you were paying attention while reading, you might have noticed that she has feelings for him too. - Clarity the Animus NightWing

13 Darkstalker x Fathom
14 Clearsight x Darkstalker

Clearsight and Darkstalker should be ranked much higher. For one, they are one of the few dragons that are from the same tribe, and the way Darkstalker did all those bad things because he was trying to create a brighter future is compelling.

Personally, I hated the way Clearsight left him trapped in a mountain and then was already looking for another relationship. Moreover, it was a BeetleWing that Clearsight was interested in, and by doing so, she destroyed an entire tribe. It's one of the best ships in Wings of Fire because of all the tragedy and betrayal.

Polar the IceWing

15 Moonwatcher x Winter

So really, I have two things to say, but I'll put them in different paragraphs. So, anyway, I just want to be real with everyone. I was looking up Wings of Fire facts the other day, and I finally know the exact reason that Tui T. Sutherland made Moon choose Qibli. For the new people to Wings of Fire, Tui T. Sutherland is the author. Anyway, it was because Qibli and Cliff are based off of her two sons. So, of course, she had to have the character that is based after her own son get the second greatest girl in the whole book series. So, for those people who think it was because "Winter was SO mean and OMG Qibli is just awesome!" I say this with all my respect, but you're wrong, sorry.

Also, I was going to comment on this comment I saw. It said something about fantasizing about Winter and Moon getting together, and it reminded me of how most nights I fall asleep daydreaming about Moon and Winter getting together. I don't know why, but I just felt the need to share one of my favorite daydreams like that, but I'll paraphrase it to spare you the time. Anyway, it begins at that moment in "The Flames of Hope" when Moon reveals Cottonmouth to everyone else. And in this version, Pineapple takes a shot at Moon when they're on the beach, and Winter (chuckles) just yeets himself out of the tall grass, showing that he had been following them the whole time, and blocks a venom shot with his body and face plants into the ground. Anyway, he gets up, shakes it off as if there wasn't acid slowly eating away at his arm, pounces on Pineapple, and ties him up with some vines. After he's done, he looks up at the awestruck eyes looking at him and says, "What, were you expecting the almighty hand of God himself to reach down from the heavens and save her? What did you expect me to do! Don't judge!" Anyway, Moon pounces on him with excitement, and in the fumble, kissed him half on accident but half because she really wanted to. But to sum it all up, Winter sees Qibli watching them... more

16 Qibli x Winter

Quinter is totally the cutest couple in the universe. Even though it's really unlikely, it should happen because the two of them are perfect for each other. They could probably be fine together and still be happy. I could imagine her being perfectly happy just hanging out with Kinkajou.

Also, it's very likely that they like each other. Even though, in the end of the story, Moon's probably going to end up with Quibbling and Winter with Lynx, these two would be perfect. They have both probably spent more time together than with the girls they will almost certainly end up with, and they banter a lot. Often their banter can seem like flirting.

Qibli even joked to his mom (with Winter nearby) that they would probably get married someday. His mom believed him and Winter, surprisingly, wasn't offended by it. I think these two are perfect for each other and this ship would be amazing if it actually ends up in the series.

17 Snowfall x Lynx

They are so cute! They literally need to be canon. The way in book 14 when Snowfall wakes up after a vision to Lynx sleeping next to her, I was so happy.

I'm sorry if you don't agree, but these two are perfect for each other. I mean, Winter is completely oblivious to Lynx's feelings, anyway. Also, Sky is, well, he's Sky.

This is a great ship. As soon as I read the newest book, I immediately shipped it. Lynx is always nice to Snowfall, while Snowfall can kind of snap back at her sometimes. But then Snowfall really grows to care about Lynx, and I just find it so cute.

18 Anemone x Pike

They are just awesome. Pike is willing to protect Anemone, and Anemone lets him protect her. Sometimes they're just so cute, even though Pike is kind of hot-headed.

Pike is seriously Anemone's bodyguard! He never takes his eyes off Anemone and is always defending her from possible threats. That sounds like love to me.

Pike is always looking out for Anemone in ways that no one else does. He is always on guard and ensures that everyone respects her. Anemone deserves a guy like him.

19 Snowflake x Snowfox

Yes! I hate that a lot of people are missing out because it's tucked into a hard-to-get side book, but it's actually amazing! For those of you who don't know, Snowflake was the aristocratic IceWing in an arranged marriage with Arctic, and Snowfox was the IceWing princess who wanted to break up the arranged marriage for her own benefit.

They team up to help each other with whatever their goal was, and I loved it so much. While it is never explicitly said that they are more than friends, I don't really care if it isn't canon, I still love it.

20 Luna x Swordtail

Ooh, so cute. I like them because my crush's personality is also buried far below. You have to look for it to know it's there.

- Cougar the HiveWing

These two are probably rated number 3. They are adorable, and neither of them could live without each other.

- Nightshade the LeafWing/NightWing

This is a cute relationship! It's personally my favorite because I love the kind of crazy Luna and the bonkers Swordtail. I love how Swordtail is always looking out for Luna: when she got her flamesilk, when she was blown away in the storm, and so on.

Luna is just a good character on her own but is even better with Swordtail. I love this relationship!

21 Burnet x Silverspot

I love this ship! It feels like they were made for each other. Honestly, Admiral just doesn't seem like a good pick at all.

They just like each other without any drama or a giant, cross-continent, world-saving endeavor. They go so well together.

Another lesbian couple! I love them both, and I wish we could see more of their relationship.

22 Whiteout x Thoughtful

The way Thoughtful pushed through the crowd to comfort Whiteout in Darkstalker (the book, not the character), is just heartwarming. It shows how Thoughtful lives up to his name when caring for Whiteout.

Whiteout and Thoughtful are a great ship! Listener just wasn't meant for Thoughtful, but Whiteout is amazing for him. It shows how they really care for each other when Whiteout wants to stay with Thoughtful in the palace, even when it's dangerous for her. Thoughtful was worried when Darkstalker put a spell on Arctic, and the NightWing was brave enough to cross the stage and ask if Whiteout was alright.

The part where Thoughtful understood Whiteout and spoke the same language as her was truly sweet. Overall, the ship is awesome, and I wish to see more of it.

23 Darkstalker x Moonwatcher

My first thought was, "What will Winter think? The girl of his dreams is dating the bad guy of arc 2?" I like how Moon trusts him even without an enchantment.

I don't know why, but this could have been a traumatic turn of events. I mean, what would Winter think? The dragon of his dreams dating his worst nightmare?

I like this ship. Moonwatcher was one of the only ones that trusted Darkstalker, and I like that. She believes that he was or is good.

This is one of the best ships. For those who ship Clearsight x Listener or Darkstalker x Listener, you are so wrong. Clearsight and her are just friends, and Darkstalker barely knows her. Listener is an idiot.

Moon and Darkstalker - Darkwatcher or Moonstalker, I can't decide. They're both great names. This is one of the best ships ever! They really love each other, and that's what's important.

~Jewel the RainWing

24 Lynx x Winter

I support this ship, but note: I am not homophobic! I support Sundew x Willow! I promise! I used to support Snowfall x Lynx, but I decided that they wouldn't be the best dragons together. I mean, I like the ship and I respect the opinions of people who ship them, but I just prefer this ship. Some people might be shutting their computers, but this ship is probably unlikely. Tui is probably going to do Lynx x Snowfall because that's canon, but I fanon ship this ship. Lynx helped Winter become a better dragon, which means she has some emotions for him, and she was super happy to see him at Sanctuary. However, as this is not proof of any romantic relationship, I don't think it's going to be canon. But I do believe that Lynx has a crush on Winter. He just doesn't know it yet. - Laurel

25 Smolder x Thorn

Thorn is such an enthusiastic dragon, and she was broken too much. She deserves a handsome dragon like Smolder. He is very strange, but that doesn't draw Thorn away from him, which shows she really loves him.

I definitely ship it.

In Darkness of Dragons, Qibli said that Thorn had fallen for him. Thorn needs another mate to give birth to more dragonets. Sunny wouldn't want to challenge her.

And, in book 5, Smolder is a very interesting character, even if he locked up Sunny and betrayed Thorn. He's just too afraid of Burn. But now that Burn and Blister are dead and Blaze is harmless, he could fall in love freely.

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