Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Couples and Ships

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1 Fathom x Indigo

They are made for each other! It was so cute when Fathom finally confessed his love, breaking down into tears thinking that Indigo had left him for months while for her it was only a short moment.

OMG! This ship is awesome. I ended up hating darkstalker even more by the end of the book tho. I mean, it was SO GROSS actually reading the actual disembowelment. I really wanted to attack Pearl when she separated Fathom and Indigo. I also love the twist of how in the scroll that Moon read it said fathom convinced clearsight that darkstalker couldn't be trusted but it actually was the other way round! Awesome!
-Diamondback the Sandwing Nightwing

I saw this one coming the instant that indigo came into the story its amazing. Just, please don't hate me for saying this, but when indigo atacked Darkstalker her future of ending up in a statue was as clear as day.

This is SO adorable! I cried for a whole day (I'm literally not joking) when they were separated, and then I finished Legends: Darkstalker, and they ended up together, and it was THE BEST!

2 Peril x Clay

From the moment they met, I knew they were for each other. Peril is so awkward and clay is so kind. I think they'll be perfect for each other. And clay is such a goofball that I think he should be with someone who adores him. Plus peril can benefit so much from being with clay. And another bonus is that clay can actually touch peril. So if anyone disagrees with me, I will personally take you down.

- Kiwi the RainWing

The most popular ship in wings of fire is just.. eh. Have you guys forgotten how Peril would quite literally murder Clay's friends? +I see how people mention clay touching peril. wait til she sees ANOTHER mudwing who can withstand heat,oh no! overall Peril still needs to do some serious healing before she ever gets with anyone. and it might be a little (really) one-sided because if you have forgotten, clay literally acts like that around so many people!

I don't know what to say. This the perfect ship because since clay has fireproof scales he can touch Peril. Also The way peril saved Clay from dying from the dragonbite viper just proves Peril cares about Clay.

Clay is just an "loving idiot" (Quote from Tsunami), and he is so kind. Peril is a great dragon and is VERY dangerous, and she showed a lot of kindness to Clay. She also helped him go against Queen Scarlet. I could see that the two of them had feelings for each other. Clay is fire resistant, so he can touch Peril all he wants.

3 Blue x Cricket

They are by far the most adorable couple. When Cricket said she was just interested in Blue it was so obvious that was not true. But they earned opposites. They have one huge similarity: how they believe other people can change, etc. Everything else, like their tribe, intelligence (no offence, Blue), is opposite.

Blicket is literally my favorite ship in all of Wings of Fire. No one would have ever expected Blue to be with a HiveWing, but I honestly think that makes this ship even better. They are pretty much opposites and this helps to prove my theory that most good ships have dragons/people who are complete opposites. Also this ship includes Bumblebee. I used to be mad that they never had some sort of scene where they confessed their love for each other, but then I thought about it and maybe they actually did. In book 12, right before Cricket goes to tell her tribe the truth, she basically tells Blue that he means a lot to her. That counts, right?

How they meet is adorable. You have to admit, not many dragons meet by one rescuing the other from mind controlled dragons. It's especially cute that they are different tribes. -Moonwatcher is cool

This is one of my favorite ships of all time. I would probably write a whole five paragraphs just of how much I love them together. But I won't waste your time, random people on the internet. NOTE: all who don't love this ship, I don't love you.

Now I had my doubts about blicket at first because of the scene in the school where cricket said she was helping blue because he's interesting. Then they blah blah blah did stuff until BAM, you have a wonderful sparkly new ship that is full of twists and turns. During the end of book 11 I really started to love the ship. Also when Cricket stole bumblebee from the nest, she claims it's just an experiment but I saw and alternate motive. I believe cricket could have been practicing in case she ever had dragonets with blue. Ever thought of that?

4 Glory x Deathbringer

This is my favorite ship. And they should be at least the second highest, Clay x Peril is the worst ship ever (because Clay's in it and MudWings ruin everything) and Glory seems to like Deathbringer but she hides it. In the graphic novel pink starts spreading all over her when her and Tsunami start talking about why she didn't use her venom on him. And they have both killed (a) dragon(s) and Deathbringer will be her bodyguard and then she will be the most guarded queen in all of Pyrrhia. And they really love each other, like Deathbringer betrayed his own tribe to break Glory out of NightWing prison. And Glory got him out of prison after he got in prison after getting her out of prison and she wins the royal challenge and then she becomes queen. -Jewel the RainWing

It's pedophilia. In human years, when deathbtinger starts flirting with glory, she's 16 in human years. Not so bad right? Good age for a boyfriend? Sure. Until you realize that "boyfriend" is 30. A child with an adult old enough to have children. Just stop. Plus Glory often seemed uncomfortable with that idea herself.

I know that this is not a perfect ship and some people hate it. I just don't care. It's so cute and wonderful and yay.

NOTE: I highly recommend that you watch The Jade Mountain Archive's YouTube video on it, whether you love this ship or hate it.

Yasssssssss. Best ship ever in my opinion. I am only on the third book but I already love it! I love how deathbringer was on a mission to kill her but then fell in love with her it is just so cute. I think that their personality's go good together. I mean he is kinda a goofball and glory's is sarcastic so I think they go good together. Glorybringer forever!

5 Sundew x Willow

It's the way it started and Sundew was all like Who are you, tell me! and Willow was all like Calm down and breathe and then Sundew was like WHAT!, and their ship is like the best Lesbian ship of all time!

This ship is really sweet! They are the opposite, but still go together so well. I think like everyone mentions still, but I don't have anything else to say. UNLESS, On this list, this is a very underrated ship :(

I don't have any problems with this ship but I know a lot of people do. I have nothing against LGBTQ and I love that Tui put in some lesbian ships. There are a lot of ships like theirs where there is a crazy anger dragon and a super kind dragon. But I think out of all those ships this one is the best. For starters, they ACTUALLY ENDED UP TOGETHER. And Sundew is definitely NOT a cheater. We all know that Belladonna forced her to marry Mandrake and they weren't even married yet in the first place. I like how Sundew calls Willow her "one true love" and that just sort of sticks with them.

Okay y'all. First and foremost this is SO CUTEEEEEE. Second, stop being homophobic, it's rude. Also you have to vote for it to comment so HAHA you just voted for the gayness. I will always love and support this ship.

6 Fatespeaker x Starflight

I think fatespeaker and starflight are perfect for each other. I used to be a starflight and sunny supporter and yelled at the book when they broke up but now I realise that they are just adopted siblings and I wouldn't marry my brother even if I had to die. They are so cute and the way fatespeaker looked after starflight shows true love they like each other no joke or at least fatespeaker like starflight

I agree with this ship,I don't think starflight could go with sunny as the are basically adopted siblings and sunny only likes him as a brother anyway and she even ends up marrying Sky.

Although I prefer Sunnyflight, Fatespeaker is also a great couple. It's clear that Fatespeaker REALLY loves Starflight, and when Sunny explained to Starflight that Fatespeaker and him would make a great match, Starflight took her advice, and ended up marrying Fatespeaker. They both created an egg, which was told to be Moonwatcher. Anyways, that's all from me. PEACE!

I just love how Fatespeaker helped Starflight with when he was recovering from his blindness, that takes a whole lot of patience.

7 Qibli x Moonwatcher

Honestly, the best Wings of Fire ship ever! Qibli is so sweet, funny, and brave and will support Moonwatcher whenever she needs help. Moonwatcher is kind, smart, and safe and feels comfortable with Qibli when he comes by her side. And I really don't mind Winter x Moon but Winter was so cruel and mean to Moon, I do not care if he was just trying to hide his feelings but Moonwatcher didn't like his first impression on her and she feels way more comfortable with Qibli. Moonwatcher heard every single thought Qibli had about her and didn't even have any super big reaction about it. Qibli and Moonwatcher are the perfect match! By the way, hear me out Wings of Fire haters. The series isn't just about this weird romance, you have to read the books to understand these ships!

I love this ship! Moon is my favorite character Also and she was so lonely and worried! Until qibli came along! It seemed she became less worried and the were so sweet with each other in book 15, if I were moon I would've wanted qibli rather than winter (I do not hate the winter x moon ship though)

This is one of my favorite ships. From the moment they met l NEW they had to be together. With Qibli's bravery and moon's amazing brain they do so much to help Pieria. I love them so much and I don't care if other people think winter+moon should be together. Moon deserves so much and winter just yells at her. Then winter expects moon to choose him. Qibli treats moon so much better and he makes her happy. So if you think I'm wrong than shut up.

- kiwi the RainWing

They're SO cute together. They go to the same Winglet the same school and the same... you get it do you? They're just perfect together. Qibli's the sweet and brave one and Moonwatcher's the smart and safe one. I just think that they go together in just a perfect way that no one can get in the way of. Also, Moonwatcher is one of my favorite characters.-Droplet the RainWing. P.S have happy thanksgiving this year.

8 Blaze x Glacier

This is impossible. Glacier would never betray the IceWings like this. She doesn't have a big problem with Blaze dying (Blaze was also OBVIOUSLY being dramatic about the rescuing part as well), only losing all that territory. Besides, not wanting someone to die doesn't mean your in love with them. I don't want YOU whoever is reading this not to die, but that doesn't mean I'm in love with you,

Glacier might not have a husband. She could have had a husband, but he died, (which would make a lot sense, since there's a war) and then she fell in love with Blaze. I think these two would be really cute together. Also, just because it only showed one conversation doesn't mean that was the only conversation they ever had.


I love how Glacier was always their to help and support Blaze. I think they would be really cute as SandWings and IceWings are sort of opposites.

I DON'T ship this because Glacier already has a husband, I know this because Glacier has a daughter named Snowfall. and Glacier doesn't want Blaze to die because Blaze promised Glacier more land if Blaze was made queen.

9 Kinkajou x Turtle

I adore this ship, and don't see any problems with it. If you don't ship this you need help. Seriously, Kinkajou is Tui's favorite character, and you better believe that she would give her someone who would be good for her. I also maybe, possibly, might have a tiny crush on Turtle myself, you will never prove anything.

Imagine Kinkajou trying to get Turtle to play with her while he was trying to figure out how to prevent himself from the downside of animus magic! And then Turtle would have to listen because no one wants a sad Kinkajou, it would probably be kinda cute and then imagine him finally deciding to play with her and then he started teaching her chess! That would be so cute-Jewel the RainWing

This is a great ship because Kinkajou is so energetic and really stands out, while Turtle is shy and a bystander sometimes. They can both learn from each other and they're really cute together!

I am a fan of turtle because he reminds me of me (yes in case you were wondering I'm the guy who was all like "oh I like this girl and I think she likes me back" don't... judge me... please) anyway, yes I would like to be in this ship, I love this ship, I need this ship. amazing, beautiful, nice. one comment tho (I'm sorry, even I feel guilty about this.) the love spell. We can't cast that aspect aside ( I hate the words coming out my mouth rn) I really hate to say this, but without anemone, this ship may not have started. everybody including me probably blames anemone about manipulating kinkajou with the spell, the only problem with this is, we know kinkajou had feelings for winter (we probably know by now that she probably never had a chance with him, but still) but when anemone did that, and they took it off, the feelings for turtle were still there. read the context, STILL, she had feelings for turtle before anemone did the spell, they were just smaller at the time. we should ...more

10 Anemone x Tamarin

This is my favorite ship in the whole series. I know some people think that Tamarin should have gotten someone better than Anemone, but I couldn't disagree less. Tamarin is competent and able to take care of both herself and Anemone, and though Anemone can be intense sometimes (all right, most of the time) Tamarin can handle that and imrove it. Anemone needs Tamarin. And she can hep Tamarin. Anemone will fight to the end for Tamarin, and she is so loyal and would help Tamarin for the rest of forever. (also I was extremely relieved when Anemone's spell on Tamarin's sight didn't work, because Tamarin is so much better blind.)

NOTE: I was unaware that people shipped Pikenenome, and I will hate it for eternity.

OMG SO SWEET. Anemone clearly has a crush on her and Tamarin is so shy and together they would be adorable. Also I feel like Tamarin would help her be a better dragon.

This is actually THE cutest. I mean Anemone clearly loves Tamarin and her and Pike are just a no. Also I feel like all the Homophobes are clinging to the Pike x Anemone like it's their last hope. She likes Tamarin. Get OVER it.

I mean, Anemone is a jerk and does not deserve someone as good as Tamarin, but I really think that Tamarin could bring out the good in her. And, also at the end of The Lost Continent, Turtle mentioned that Anemone was working on a spell that would bring back Tamarin's eyesight!

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? Tsunami x Starflight
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11 Riptide x Tsunami

This ship is one of my favorites! And well I'm at it I'll put all the right ships together,
Moon x Winter, Clearsight x Darkstalker, Fathom x Indigo, Blue x Cricket, Clay x Peril, Glory x Deathbringer, Tsunami x Riptide, Sunny x Starflight, Whiteout x Thoughtful, Fatespeaker x Squid, Vulture x Blister, Morrowseer x Secretkeeper, Queen Coral x King Gill, and Kinkajou x Turtle and those are all the ships in the way they should. And I like that Riptide ended up being Tsunami's auqatic teacher instead of Whirlpool-Jewel the RainWing

I love tsunami and the fact she forgives his mistakes shows that she does really like her! And how Riptide always looks to see if Tsunami is with them or asks how she is is super adorable!

From the first time they met I new they were ment for each other. And how in the 5 comic book they have a heart in the middle of them. I can't even imagine what their dragonets will be like. All I know is that I want to know what happens

- kiwi the RainWing

Ripnami is one of the best ships ever, and they're like perfect for each other. Besides in the book 5 graphic novel, there's a little heart between them.

12 Darkstalker x Fathom

No, Fathom and Clearsight planned on trapping Darkstalker in a mountain and Darkstalker would never agree to this. Not sure if Fathom would either.

13 Qibli x Winter

I ship this forever. Qibli loves Winter and constantly flirts with him. Winter would literally never admit this but he silently really cares about Qibli and would be lost without him. This is so sweet #1 favorite ship. Really hope this becomes cannon.

I AM OBSESSED with qinter.
I can perfectly imagine Moon being fine and happy, hanging out with Kinkajou.
And Qibli and Winter are so CUTE. They always follow each other around anyway. There's so much evidence in the books too! For example, Luna said that QIbli gets others to like him with jokes, and he is ALWAYS joking around Winter. Moon? Not so much. I could go on and on about his ship but I'll save it for another day ;p

THIS ONE IS MY ON TOP 5 FAVORITES. The way Qilbi mess around with Winter, winter does nothing to stop the teasing even with the chance! In Winter turning winter shows that he doesn't care and even sounds like he injoys it! They even openly talk about the possibility of a relationship! If this isn't enough to make it real than nothing will.

I literally think this is a great ship because of an animatic I watched- its called lemon boy on yt. Its just the dynamic between them made me ship it a lot. It's so sad that winter was just kind of "forgotten" after Tui wrote Winter Turning. I do have hopes for this ship in the future since they are both bi

14 Sunny x Starflight

This is a awesome ship, in my opinion. I think it's better than starspeaker, Starflight at least says something, but fatespeaker just follows him everywhere and doesn't say anything, acts obsessed, and makes the ship kinda like Tamarin x Anemone, which is one way ship kinda. But actually, I don't think neither should be shipped, it's both one way ships, and if so, just make another love triangle like MoonxQiblixWinter, because I see Sunnyspeaker so.. Sunliker, maybe? (Sun = SUNny, Li = StarfLIght, Ker = FatespeaKER) Or Sunny x Nobody, and starspeaker wins, I didn't vote it so I can't put it there anymore tho :/

OMG! Casting Shadows person, YES! That's exactly what I was trying to say, why vote for it if you don't like it? To make some random person's life miserable every now and again? I also get very attached to certain ships, and it's really hurtful seeing all these horrible posts! I also hate seeing anemone-the-best's posts about how much they hate this ship LITERALLY EVERYWHERE! Please, please stop posting hurtful messages about this or any ship, please!

Sunnyflight certainly is my favourite ship, and I hate Starspeaker as well as all those Sunnyflight haters out there! Okay, I get it, you don't like this ship, move on! Why vote for it if you don't like it? I understand you are just expressing your opinions, but think about all those other Sunnyflight shippers out there. Sorry. I'm really attached to relationships and get angrily easily when certain ships are offended.
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

I know they grew up together but I can't ignore how cute it would be if they had dragonets. The way starflight loves her is so CUTE! I can't believe sunny doesn't feel the same way. Like I cried when it said she only liked him as a friend I cried ( literally) I hope one day they can be together.

- kiwi the RainWing

15 Snowfall x Lynx

Okay. I don't ship this, though I can see it and I hold nothing against Lynxfall. I am NOT homophobic, I just ship Skyfall way more. I am allowed to have opinions. You may yell at me all you want random people that don't affect my life, I'll be ignoring you.

I love how Lynx supports and cares for Snowfall! Even if they don't become a thing, they would still be really funny as friends.

They are ment to be. Lynx cares about Snowfall and tbh Snowfall would be lost without her. So cute. Really hope this becomes cannon.

When I started reading the book, I saw their relationship and I found it really cute! I would love to see their relationship grow even further! They just have such a great chemistry!

16 Clearsight x Darkstalker

I liked that they loved each other, but I did not like when Clearsight buried him under a mountain and ditched him for a dumb BeetleWing that she probably didn't even like. Her and Darkstalker are the best NightWing ship ever. And it was cute at first until Darkstalker started living up to his name and he started getting all creepy with his magic, and then Clearsight tried to convince Fathom the Darkstalker was too powerful and everyone thinks that now. But I miss the old Darkstalker, he was funny and kind to his mother, the only reason he ended up like he did because he had such a sad life-Jewel the RainWing

I kinda like this ship but.. this is a toxic ship, and it's fault of both of them. Darkstalker: Made himself go insane, scared Clearsight, didn't listen to her, manipulated, blah blah. Clearsight: Saw that Darkstalker would go insane in the future, but what did she do? NOTHING.

So yeah...

No. Just no. It was a cute ship at first, I actually liked when were so cute together. They seemed to be a really loving couple. But it really started to go downhill when dark stalker became more power hungry and ambitious and when his mom got kidnapped, he gave clearsight earrings just a as a little gift, but he manipulated her faith in him, he gave her those enchanted earrings because he didn't want her standing in the way of his "perfect" future with them together. It wasn't just for her to be happier, their relationship having to be built on a lie doesn't make her happier. And she didn't know what to do when he started to change a bit, she had to witness all of his wrong doings. She tried to sympathize with him and make him better, but he was just so angry that his mom got taken. She stood on the stage next to dark stalker as he commanded his own father to rip open his stomach. Relationship goals. It was then she realized that he was too powerful and he had to be stopped. She had ...more

This was amazing and perfect and adorable and sweet at first, but Darkstalker kinda ruined it. :( Also, it showed in the first chapter that was Clearsight's point of view that she was jealous of the dragon Darkstalker might meet in the future.

17 Anemone x Pike

I am completely unafraid to tell you how much I loathe this ship (that's me lying through my teeth). Anemarin is my go too. I really, really, really hate Piknenome and I was unaware people shipped it until recently. I will not further elaborate.

Not to be mean but I didn't like Anemone and Tamarin. It didn't make since. Also, the Bible says lots of things against that. But I think this ship would work out great!

Pike is always looking out for Anemone in ways that no one else does. Pike is also always on guard and makes EVERYONE respect her. Anemone deserves a guy like him.

I actually ship this more than Anemarin. It would just be so cute. And I just can't see Anemone and Tamarin getting together. I also don't feel like Anemone's lesbian. Pike will look after her at all costs, and Anemone will protect Pike from Queen Coral. Really hope it becomes canon.

-Starstreak the NightWing

18 Snowflake x Snowfox

I love the evil-lesbian-lover dynamic, and I fell head over tail in love with this as soon as I saw it. (unfortunately it isn't canon, as Fox eventually has a daughter, but it totally should be and maybe she just went through a breeding program and help and I can always hope right?)

They actually care for each other and are physically affectionate, something we haven't seen that much from icewings in the series. This is probably canon.

This ship is definitely A+. I mean, it's obvious that they're perfect for each other by the second page in runaway. (Like someone has said before.) Do I really need to explain why? This ship is awesome.
- Diamondback the Samdwing Nightwing

If you haven't heard about these two, read the winglets books. Well, in the winglet book that they are in, Snowflake has to marry Prince Arctic, Darkstalker's father. Well, surprise surprise, she doesn't want to. Arctic is always mean and doesn't talk to her. Then, when they have a party (the IceWings host a party for the NightWings. This was before they hated each other) Snowflake meets Snowfox, who also hates Arctic, and they try to get him out of the kingdom together. Sorry if this is really long.

19 Luna x Swordtail

For those who have not read The Flames of Hope, Luna keeps thinking about Swordtail—kind of like how Peril thinks of Clay in book 8, but different circumstances—and the bit about Swordtail sitting on the honey drops is hilarious.

Pure love! I'm just glad they didn't have to go through all the drama just to realize they love each other. I love drama don't get me wrong but I just love how pure and simple Luna's and Swordtail's love is. Swordtail will go across the ocean and back to find Luna and Luna would do the same. I cannot imagine Luna with someone else or Swordtail with someone else they are a perfect match and I wouldn't pair these two with anyone else!

Butterfly the Rainwing/Icewing (and princess to the Rainwing throne!)

Swordtail works very hard to help Luna whenever he can. He 100% has a crush on her. Luna always seem nicer to him then she is to everyone else. That makes me think she might have a crush on him to. It makes them seem really cool together.

I just loved this ship so much, they are clearly already official and they just warmed my heart in the new part of the series! There's really no debate that they're a thing, and there's no drama they just simply love each other, which is a breath of fresh air! They might not be my favorite ship, but definite top 5 in Wings of Fire :)

20 Burnet x Silverspot

I love this ship! It feels like they were made for each other. Honestly, Admiral just doesn't seem like a good pick at all.

They just like each other without any drama or a giant cross continent saving the world thing! They go so well together

Another lesbian couple! I love them both, and I wish we could see their relationship more.

I think these two are good because they really like each other. That is all I have to say.

21 Whiteout x Thoughtful

Thoughtout is one of my favourite ships. Listener and Thoughtful wouldn't fit that well, I think. But Thoughtful and Whiteout understand each other, and the way they first meet? Boy would I love to see a Winglet Book on them! MAN, I really want to see more of this couple! MORE INFORMATION!
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

They understood each other when they first met, and Whiteout was the only one that ever understood one of Thoughtful's works.

They are so cute with each other! I just want what is best for them! They are destined for each other. I will not back down, Thoughtout till the end!

As I went through the Darkstalker book, I was intrigued by Whiteout and her personality. When they met, it was such a cute scene.

22 Lynx x Winter

It's is the best ship! Lynx softens Winter and they are a great couple! Snowfall remarks that they had always been too close abd they were good friends, like really good. Also, Winter possibly saved Lynx from Fearless at the battle of Jade Mountain. Like, the dragon with blue freckles on her snout! Plus, Winter trusts her a lot! Make it canon!

I totally ship Lynxter. Lynx is (in most ways) an IceWing Moon. Winter is perfect for Lynx and Lynx is perfect for Winter.

NOTE: I am not homophobic, I just love Skyfall and therefore don't ship Lynxfall and like Winter and like Lynx and therefore ship Lynxter. Thank you.

I really feel like Winter and Lynx are meant for each other. Lynx totally has a crunch on him, and Winter deserves someone to cheer him up, and bring out the good in him. Also, SO CUTE!

I ship this because I feel bad for Winter. I am a 100% moonbli shipper, however I do think that Winter needs a mate to cheer him up and let him live loose. And if you think that Winter deserves his crush, than why don't y'all think Lynx deserves her crush? Lynx isn't a very big character but she clearly loves Winter and I think it's cute personally.

23 Moonwatcher x Winter

I love this ship so much! When Moon turned Winter down, I was, let's just say, really angry and sad. Literally, every night as I'm falling asleep, I make up a story of how Moon dumps Qibli and tells him how much she loves Winter instead of him. That way, She and Winter will have many dragonets! Maybe, as someone else said (Totally not me, as I totally do not try to come on here as much as possible to vote this), I wouldn't be sad if they kill Qibli. That actually might be good. Anyway, WinterWatcher forever!

I like this ship better than Moonbli because it just seems like Moonwatcher has a real connection with Winter and Darkstalker can start up again. And can you tell me one of those stories? They sound really good. And I think Moonwatcher deserves Winetr they are just meant to be together that's what all the Moonwatcher x Qibli-lovers need to know Winter has a soft side and Moon knows it Winterwatcher is the best Jade Mountain Academy ship! And Moon is one of my favorite characters and knowing her she needs Winter they are perfect together and that's how it should be. Her and Qibli aren't the worst they just aren't as good as this cute ship that everyone should love-Jewel the RainWing

I have variety of feelings about this subject. I personally love this ship, but at the time, Winter was definitely not ready for a romantic relationship with anyone. Winter is one of my favorite WoF characters, his character is interesting and complex. When he was young, he was always told stories about other tribes and was always in the shadow of his siblings. He always had a sense of needing to prove himself to his parents. In conclusion, he had a horrible family and was taught all the wrong things. In book 7 he left his tribe, title in royalty, and family so he could be with Moon. He still made some unacceptable choices though. Winter is misunderstood throughout the WoF community as the grumpy, entitled jerk. But in reality he was just trying to make his parents proud of him (just like how Qibli always wanted to make his mom love him). As we see in book 14, Winter is a changed dragon, he is nothing like he was in book 6. Winter has one of the best character arcs in WoF. I feel like ...more

I wish they would hurry up and have some dragonets already! that way *cough Q cough ibli cough* Would hurry up and be depressed and kill himself. Win-win for everyone! Qibli dies! *cheers in background* Winter and Moon are together! *More cheers in background* Yay! I can't wait for Moon to see her mistake of even letting the most terrible dragon of all time get a chance at her. Then she'll go to Winter and apologize and they marry each other and then go run off and have many dragonets to kill Qibli. That right there folks is the best ending you can get!

24 Smolder x Thorn

Smolder is my absolute favorite character. Maybe because we both have a strange sense of humor and like exotic pets, but I digress. Smolder and Thorn are an absolutely adorable couple, even if it is sort of just light teasing as of right now. I think Smolder would be an awesome king, and I believe Smolder and Thorn deserve each other. It is also difficult to deny the fact that they love each other considering that Smolder literally locked her in a room with Sunny in Book 5, and was going to wait for his sister to come and kill them, yet she still managed to forgive him even when she became queen and had every right and all the power to kill him. That's true love right there. Also Smolder has had his fair share of horrible things to happen to him (dead brothers, lost his partner, and been threatened by his sister), and I think Thorn would be a good support system for him. This ship and blicket are my favorite couples in Wings of Fire.

Okay, this IS really cute, and I know they're in love with each other, but it specifically said in book 10 that Onyx and Thorn are the same age. Onyx is Smolder's daughter. Thorn is Smolder's girlfriend. Is anyone else disturbed?

Have you read the bit in Book 10? Stonemover literally appears twice (or 3 tomes it's been so long I forgot), but these 2 will see each other a LOT.

Smolder is one of my favorite characters. He's funny, charming, and really nice to Thorn. I think that this is for sure going to become cannon, and maybe even become as popular as Glorybringer.

25 Icicle x Carnelian

Nope! No way! They never even met properly. I just d not understand. It makes no sense at all. I do not even know why I voted for this ship!

Okay, one, Carnelion is not evil. She is just slightly grumpy. Two, this is weird, they never even met.

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