Top 10 Best Wings of Fire Couples and Ships

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1 Fathom x Indigo

These guys are so cute! I mean, no better ship right? They were apart for so long but they clearly love each other (blaming Queen Pearl for that bit) , so they are absolutely perfect for each other. Their childhood is so cute and even their children display their past so well. But... if anyone can think of an actually good ship name, please comment!

I knew right away that this ship would be number one. I am not afraid to say that this ship is just one step away from being perfect! If Darkstalker hadn't interfered with their friendship, it would've been my favourite thing in WOF. The ship has everything it takes to earn this spot. The part where Fathom thought he could no longer be friends with Indigo was heart wrenching but in the end everything turned out to be great! I absolutely love how they were childhood friends and are loyal to each other. I remember reading about Fathom and Indigo's childhood. How Indigo made cake for Fathom on his birthday when no one else even remembered about it and when Fathom and Indigo were splashing paint together. This is just my opinion but I think Fathom and Indigo is by far my favorite ship in WOF.

They are so perfect. I love how when Fathom is putting the pearls on Indigo, you can tell Fathom loves her. And when Pearl says they can't be together, Fathom becomes low key depressed. They are so amazing, I don't even need to say why.

This is just a classic, Fathom and Indigo were always meant to get together in my opinion. It was very rude of Pearl to separate them because Fathom was an animus. But, in the end, they had dragonets at least, so I'm happy!

2 Glory x Deathbringer

People ALWAYS bring up the age gap. Well, to that I say: Yes, to us scavengers it is wrong, but they are DRAGONS. Even though they seem a lot like us, many things are different about them. I feel like they don't really care about age gaps like we do. With that out of the way, I think this ship is amazing.

I don't think the age gap would have that big affect on dragons especially behind the younger one is female and is nearing breeding age and the male dragon most likely is still able to breed.

Oh my gosh, this is definitely the CUTEST WoF ship ever. They both fall to each other. Glory pretends to not care about Deathbringer, but I can tell that she likes him VERY VERY MUCH. Aren't they " love at first sight?"

I love this relationship! I know Deathbringer is probably to old for Glory, but it's still so cute. I mean, at least they can be really close friends even if they can't get together.

3 Peril x Clay

This is a TERRIBLE relationship. It's really CONFUSING. In Queen Scarlet's arena, he is just wishing that Peril won't kill him. After they escaped, Clay just said he saw good in her and felt sorry for her; But on Peril's side, she loved Clay really much. She's willing to stop setting dragons on fire for Clay.
So as a whole, "Cleril" is kind of (totally) one-sided.

While we don't really see what Clay thinks of Peril and it seems one-sided, I feel that although Clay always treats everyone with affection he will manage to make Peril feel especially loved. Also, the fact that Clay is the only one Peril can be with for his fireproof scales and not judging her seems like Tui is going to write them as a pretty certain ship.

They are really good together, we don't really get to see how clay feels about peril, BUT in the sixth book he says he's glad she came. If course we know that peril has a BIG FAT CRUSH on clay.

It is extremally obvious Peril loves Clay with all her heart, but I don't know about Clay loving her back. He could, but we still don't know if he "like likes" her or not.

4 Blue x Cricket

Cute little dragonets. Together. Perfect. Blue and Cricket clearly love each other. In the Lost continent, Blue thought it would be too late to say good bye. Swordtail also notices that Blue loves Cricket. And in the Hive Queen, Cricket knows she loves Blue. Even though you might note that Cricket loves Blue a little more for his appearance than personality. Not saying that Cricket loved him for ONLY his appearance, just saying a little more than his personality. Blue loves Cricket more for her personality, I hope one day they have dragonets together. It would be lovely

Cricket loves Blue and Blue loves Cricket. They love each other and that's a good relation ship. They are made for each other and although queen Wasp was a risk they protected each other. Tui did a great job doing the book about them. I love reading them.

This is just really cute. Cricket was always helping Blue, at the beginning by letting him hide with her, going everywhere he went, protecting him while he was in his cocoon, it's just so cute. I love this ship.

At the end of flames of hope Luna said Cricket was part of the family and Cricket didn't leave Blue's side when he was in his cocoon. If that's not love what is?

5 Riptide x Tsunami

I think this is just a goofy relationship, the kind and patient Riptide and the bossy and impatient Tsunami. I think they are destined to have dragonets, so I hope they do!

When I first started reading this series, I never thought that tsunami would have her very own ship! I thought she would be a line ranger! But these two together are so cutw.

I don't know why, but I really like this couple, and also, people keep saying that tsunami is still mad at riptide for lying about being a Talon, but here's the thing; Didn't Riptide technically FIX the Talons of Peace? and also, book 14's setting was the Sanctuary, in which RIPTIDE designed

I just find Riptide and Tsunami my favorite characters/couple, and I really like the way that Mike Holmes confirmed that their relationship is canon.

6 Sundew x Willow

I love how they never acknowledge the fact that this is a lesbian ship. The only reason Belladonna thinks Sundew should not marry Willow is because she is a SapWing (and also Mandrake) not because she's dating another female dragon. Sundew and Willow being of the same gender is not mentioned once in any of the books, and we only know it is a lesbian ship because of the pronouns both dragons use.

Even if they were a straight ship, I would still love Sunlow because of the way their personalities compliment each other and because of how Willow shows us another side of Sundew that we had only ever seen small glimpses of.

As a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I am so happy that Tui chose to incorporate this ship into her writing and I love how other than it being a "forbidden romance," Sundew and Willow's relationship is exactly how it would be if they were a straight couple. However, I wish we had gotten more of the ship in books 14 and 15 instead of a giant fraction of it ...more

I love this ship so much. Some people are like, "oh it's just random lesbians for no reason" but their relationship was written so well, and if you don't know what I'm talking about you either:
1. Are homophobic
2. Don't read the books

This is such a cute ship. I love how different they are from each other but still love each other. Its great how Tui totally normallises them.

I love this ship, I love she rejects mangrove and goes for willow instead. Sundew loves willow, and willow loves sundew. And I love how this ship is lgbtq+.

7 Fatespeaker x Starflight

I ship this over Starflight/Sunny, as Fatespeaker clearly loves Starflight back, and Sunny isn't even sure she loves Starflight. I think it is super sweet how Fatespeaker took care of him while he was recovering in the rainforest.

I rather ship Starflight with Sunny. Fatespeaker clearly LOVES Starflight, but I don't think Starflight has feelings about her. Starflight's heart already belongs to Sunny.

I think fatespeaker and starflight are perfect for each other. I used to be a starflight and sunny supporter and yelled at the book when they broke up but now I realise that they are just adopted siblings and I wouldn't marry my brother even if I had to die. They are so cute and the way fatespeaker looked after starflight shows true love they like each other no joke or at least fatespeaker like starflight

They are really cute. like how Fatespeaker looks out for Starflight because he's blind. I just love the ship. I cannot explain.

8 Qibli x Moonwatcher

Yes these to are better than Moon and Winter because that would be awkward. However people are only talking about how Winter was a jerk to Moon. Yes he might have been but if you read book 14 you should see how much more kind and caring to everyone. He didn't even mention being banished! So even if QiblixMoon is better if Moon had met the new Winter instead of the old mean one maybe things would have turned out differently.

Honestly, the best Wings of Fire ship ever! Qibli is so sweet, funny, and brave and will support Moonwatcher whenever she needs help. Moonwatcher is kind, smart, and safe and feels comfortable with Qibli when he comes by her side. And I really don't mind Winter x Moon but Winter was so cruel and mean to Moon, I do not care if he was just trying to hide his feelings but Moonwatcher didn't like his first impression on her and she feels way more comfortable with Qibli. Moonwatcher heard every single thought Qibli had about her and didn't even have any super big reaction about it. Qibli and Moonwatcher are the perfect match! By the way, hear me out Wings of Fire haters. The series isn't just about this weird romance, you have to read the books to understand these ships!

I know everyone says that this ship doesn't have any development or drama. One, drama can straight up end relationships, and two, its only been like a few months. Qibli is just a really caring guy who would probably do anything for Moon. Moon trusts Qibli a lot more then Winter as well.

Qibli is better for Moon than proper Winter. Winter sucks! Okay, Winter doesn't suck, he is just not meant for Moon. For one thing, Winter has an unbalanced trust for Moon and only loves her for her appearance. He doesn't trust the fact Skyfire can block mind-reading when Moon first introduces it, he is mean and smug towards sometimes, and doesn't trust her sometimes. Qibli, meanwhile, trusts her, supports her, be nice to her, help her through everything. He is meant for Moon.

9 Kinkajou x Turtle

I love this relationship! I think it's cute that Turtle definitely has a crush, but when Anemone enchanted Kinkajou to like Turtle, Turtle forced her to take the enchantment off, which is really sweet. This relationship is really cute with the shy and nervous Turtle and the vibrant and goofy Kinkajou!

This ship is honestly cute. When Anemone put the love enchantment on Kinkajou Turtle didn't take advantage of it, he instead told the truth. Plus Kinkajou loves him, with or without the spell.

Ok, this ship is just ADORABLE! Even though anemone out that spell in kinkajou, she still loves turtle even without the spell.

I adore this ship, and don't see any problems with it. If you don't ship this you need help. Seriously, Kinkajou is Tui's favorite character, and you better believe that she would give her someone who would be good for her. I also maybe, possibly, might have a tiny crush on Turtle myself, you will never prove anything.

10 Anemone x Tamarin

This is my favorite ship in the whole series. I know some people think that Tamarin should have gotten someone better than Anemone, but I couldn't disagree less. Tamarin is competent and able to take care of both herself and Anemone, and though Anemone can be intense sometimes (all right, most of the time) Tamarin can handle that and imrove it. Anemone needs Tamarin. And she can hep Tamarin. Anemone will fight to the end for Tamarin, and she is so loyal and would help Tamarin for the rest of forever. (also I was extremely relieved when Anemone's spell on Tamarin's sight didn't work, because Tamarin is so much better blind.)

NOTE: I was unaware that people shipped Pikenenome, and I will hate it for eternity.

Anemone having a crush on Tamarin is cute. Like she follows her everywhere she goes. Plus I think Tamarin can help Anemone bring out the best in her.

I just love it. If people say that Anemone doesn't seem "gay" that's just stereotypical. I know people who are gay, but I doubt most people would know without them telling you. Who are people o say anything about Anemone's sexuality. She has a crush on Tamarin, and there is nothing wrong with that. I think they would compliment each ohe4 well.

Anemone and tamarin are a pretty good ship! This is one step away from being perfect! I mean, pike x anemone is good but this one is way better. Goodbye pike!

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11 Blaze x Glacier

This is definitely NOT a ship. First, Queen Glacier is already married. Next, they are just allies on one side of the war. Also, it isn't possible that they had eggs, because Crystal, Mink and Snowfall are ICEWINGS. Last, Glacier probably never liked Blaze. She only sided with her because she promised her land. Glacier is a sensible queen it is most not likely that she would like such an idiotic ally.

This is impossible. Glacier would never betray the IceWings like this. She doesn't have a big problem with Blaze dying (Blaze was also OBVIOUSLY being dramatic about the rescuing part as well), only losing all that territory. Besides, not wanting someone to die doesn't mean your in love with them. I don't want YOU whoever is reading this not to die, but that doesn't mean I'm in love with you,

Glacier is always there to help Blaze, but blaze should make her own guards do this and not make glacier her new bodyguard. And glacier already had a husband because I know she has a daughter named crystal-crystal-the-best

Glacier might not have a husband. She could have had a husband, but he died, (which would make a lot sense, since there's a war) and then she fell in love with Blaze. I think these two would be really cute together. Also, just because it only showed one conversation doesn't mean that was the only conversation they ever had.


12 Sunny x Starflight

I was really wishing desperately to ship them. (I don't like Fatespeaker). But, this ship does work.
Starflight loves Sunny as a girlfriend. But Sunny has trouble figuring out her love. She liked Starflight as a brother, and nothing more. Sunny likes everyone.
So who is Sunny's mate?

I really like this ship, even if Sunny isn't sure whether she really wants to get together or not. Starflight isn't really a love-bird, which makes this a funny ship as well. I think they should get together, personally.

This one is the best! Fatespeaker is an insolent dragonet with no social skills and treats Starflight like a toddler. Sunny, on the other talon/hand, is respectful and friendly to Starflight, and she actually has social skills and a brain! - Frost the Icewing.

I love this ship. It's so sweet how Starflight loves Sunny, and how they both understand each other and love each other. Yeah sure, like a brother, but they still slot together. please vote this ship.

13 Clearsight x Darkstalker

I like this ship, even though it has some downfalls. I don't blame Clearsight, since she was doing what she thought was right, and also, Darkstalker did kind of, you know, torture his dad. I know he wasn't very good, but still. I would've been fine with them getting together, but they are probably better separate.

I feel that I like the ship a good amount. Clearsight is my favourite character of the series and darkstaker is my favourite villain.
I cried so much when Clearsight thought about just waiting for the mountain to crush her. I DO NOT like how Fathom was like the Ban to Darkstaker's existence 2000 years later, he brought being put to sleep for all that time upon himself.

Why is Clearsight and Darkstalker 13?
They have a tragic story and it shows how much love eachother. I hated Clearsight for what she did to Darkstalker. Personally, I would have made Clearsight have immortality so that she and Darkstalker could reunite. She basically ruined Pantala to. She created a whole other tribe which would later kill trees and Leafwings and basically enslave all Silkwings. Beetlewings could have still been alive. No camoflauge but venom, silk, stinger ling Hivewings and Flamesilk. That was all gone just because Clearsight stuffed Darkstalker under a mountain and fled to Pantala!

This ship was FINE first, but then Clearsight just threw Darkstalker at a mountain, and flew to a knew continent. But I still don't dislike this ship. It could have been better, but Clearsight had different ideas. - Frost the Icewing.

14 Darkstalker x Fathom

No, Fathom and Clearsight planned on trapping Darkstalker in a mountain and Darkstalker would never agree to this. Not sure if Fathom would either.

15 Moonwatcher x Winter

Yeh, probably a lot of fans hoped that Qibli never existed.
But this ship is not so realistic, Moon hardly has any feelings toward Winter! Sure, Winter can be a better dragon if he's with her. But, Moonwatcher and Qibli are a cute couple.

Ok, so honestly I don't really like winter, but in this context I feel like it is all about Winter being grumpy and loyal to his tribe, but then realizing Moonwatcher cares, and seeing that there's more than one tribe that matters. I cried when I realized that Moon chose Quibly. So Moon and Winter really needs to happen.

I love moonwatcher, it is super cool that winter and moon's relationship, winter knew he couldn't stay with moon but still it was so sweet! And I absolutely love it.

I like this ship better than Moonbli because it just seems like Moonwatcher has a real connection with Winter, and Darkstalker can start up again. Could you tell me one of those stories? They sound really good. Also, I think Moonwatcher deserves Winter. They are just meant to be together. That's what all the Moonwatcher x Qibli-lovers need to know. Winter has a soft side, and Moon knows it. Winterwatcher is the best Jade Mountain Academy ship! Moon is one of my favorite characters, and knowing her, she needs Winter. They are perfect together, and that's how it should be. Her and Qibli aren't the worst; they just aren't as good as this cute ship that everyone should love - Jewel the RainWing.

16 Qibli x Winter

I like this ship so much. If only Moon didn't exist! This ship is WAY more interesting then Moonbli or Winterwatcher. Both of these ships kind of appeared, like, "Oh, here's some random nightwing" to "I LoVe yOu sO mUch" Quinter better be canon one day.

They spent way more time together than either did with Moon plus neither of them really do anything besides sit love struck around her for no reason. Their relationship had so much growth in the book and I was hoping they would end up together. Also Qibli once said Winter and him would probably get married someday and I will hold him to that.

In Moon Rising, during the class with Tsunami, Qibli says he wouldn't dare mock Winter, and and when I saw his face when he said that, I immediately shipped.

YES. Okay, so the only reason they like Moon is because she's pretty, but they had way more time together and Qibli helps Winter be a nicer dragon in general and plus he jokes about them getting married. And his mom believed him. But yeah you can have your opinion but Qinter is the GOAT. (On a side note I'm traumatized that people ship Moon & Darkstalker…)

17 Snowfall x Lynx

Snowfall liked Lynx. I mean not "love", they are just extremely great friends. It is much better to ship Lynx with Winter and Snowfall with Sky. To be true, I am not particularly fond of lesbians. (Don't get me wrong, I just don't think they fit.)

I'm sorry if you don't agree, but these two are perfect for each other, I mean Winter is completely oblivious to Lynx's feelings, anyway. Also Sky is... well, he's-he's Sky.

I love how they go together, and would just be an amazing couple. It would also be really controversial to homophobic old dragons if they eventually got together, which would be amazing.

Okay. I don't ship this, though I can see it and I hold nothing against Lynxfall. I am NOT homophobic, I just ship Skyfall way more. I am allowed to have opinions. You may yell at me all you want random people that don't affect my life, I'll be ignoring you.

18 Anemone x Pike

They are just awesome pike is willing to portect anemone anemone is letting him protect her sometimes there just so cute even though pike is kinda hot headed .

Pike is seriously Anemone's body guard! And will never take his eyes off Anemone, and always defending her from possible threats. That sounds like love to me.

This is so much better then Tamarin X Anemone in my opinion. Pike seriously never takes his eyes off Anemone and totally has a crush on her. Queen Coral wouldn't have Pike be Anemones body-guard if he didn't like her. And Tamarin and Anemone show NO signs of love. GO PIKENEMONE
- sundew-is-the-best

I am completely unafraid to tell you how much I loathe this ship (that's me lying through my teeth). Anemarin is my go too. I really, really, really hate Piknenome and I was unaware people shipped it until recently. I will not further elaborate.

19 Snowflake x Snowfox

I love this ship because Fox and Snowflake look out for each other even in the most difficult situations. Also, this ship is hard to not like because there isn't any other competition with other dragons, so GO FOXFLAKE! - Frost the Icewing.

I love the evil-lesbian-lover dynamic, and I fell head over tail in love with this as soon as I saw it. (unfortunately it isn't canon, as Fox eventually has a daughter, but it totally should be and maybe she just went through a breeding program and help and I can always hope right?)

If you haven't heard about these two, read the winglets books. Well, in the winglet book that they are in, Snowflake has to marry Prince Arctic, Darkstalker's father. Well, surprise surprise, she doesn't want to. Arctic is always mean and doesn't talk to her. Then, when they have a party (the IceWings host a party for the NightWings. This was before they hated each other) Snowflake meets Snowfox, who also hates Arctic, and they try to get him out of the kingdom together. Sorry if this is really long.

They actually care for each other and are physically affectionate, something we haven't seen that much from icewings in the series. This is probably canon.

20 Luna x Swordtail

A cute relationship! This is personally my favorite because I love the kind of crazy Luna and the bonkers Swordtail. I love how Swordtail was always looking out for Luna, when she got her flamesilk, when she was blown away in the storm, and so on. And Luna is just a good character alone, but even better with Swordtail. I LOVE THIS RELATIONSHIP!

Ah yes.. A great ship dynamic. The troublemaker and the adventurous dragons together. Swordtail's protective and brave personality is great for Luna's. I can imagine all the great things they can do together as partners.

LunaxSwordtail, LOVE IT! Swordtail will do anything for Luna. He looks for her forever when she is missing, and almost kills himself. Luna has a lot in common with him and they are just perfect!

Pure love! I'm just glad they didn't have to go through all the drama just to realize they love each other. I love drama don't get me wrong but I just love how pure and simple Luna's and Swordtail's love is. Swordtail will go across the ocean and back to find Luna and Luna would do the same. I cannot imagine Luna with someone else or Swordtail with someone else they are a perfect match and I wouldn't pair these two with anyone else!

Butterfly the Rainwing/Icewing (and princess to the Rainwing throne!)

21 Burnet x Silverspot

I love this ship! It feels like they were made for each other. Honestly, Admiral just doesn't seem like a good pick at all.

They just like each other without any drama or a giant cross continent saving the world thing! They go so well together

Another lesbian couple! I love them both, and I wish we could see their relationship more.

I think these two are good because they really like each other. That is all I have to say.

22 Whiteout x Thoughtful

Whiteout and Thoughtful are a great ship! Listener just wasn't meant for Thoughtful but Whiteout is amazing for him. It shows how they really care for each other when Whiteout wants to stay with Thoughtful in the palace even when it's dangerous for her. Thoughtful was worried when Darkstalker put a spell on Arctic and the Nightwing was brave enough to cross the stage and ask if Whiteout was alright. The part where Thoughtful understood Whiteout and spoke on the same language as her was truly sweet. Overall the ship is awesome and I wish to see more of it.

Whiteout and Thoughtful is so cute since no one ever really hung out with Whiteout and Thoughtful is just a good character. I love this relationship!

Very good! Whiteout deserves a good relationship and I think Thoughtful and her have similar interests and it would work out

Thoughtout is one of my favourite ships. Listener and Thoughtful wouldn't fit that well, I think. But Thoughtful and Whiteout understand each other, and the way they first meet? Boy would I love to see a Winglet Book on them! MAN, I really want to see more of this couple! MORE INFORMATION!
- Casting Shadows (NightSand Hybrid)

23 Darkstalker x Moonwatcher

I like how Moon was like the only one who really trusted him. Its like they had this special bond between them. I thought it wouldn't be too bad of a ship!

I like this ship. Moonwatcher was one of the only ones that trusted Darkstalker and I like that, she believes that he was/is good. And this is one of the best ships and those people the ship Clearsight x Listener or Darkstalker x Listener you are so wrong Clearsight and her are just friends and Darkstalker barely knows her. And Listener is a idiot. And Moon and Darkstalker Darkwatcher or Moonstalker, I can't decide they're both great names. This is one of the best ships ever! They really love each other and that's whats important-Jewel the RainWing

Yes. A 2,000-year-old scary immortal animus dragon with a 6-year-old dragonet. They're perfect for each other.

This ship is so far apart darkstalker is age 2016 and moon is 6 MESSED UP.#darkstalker be dating a child!

24 Lynx x Winter

Just my opinion so no one get mad: I HATE Moon so much, and honestly think that Winter deserves someone else. I feel that him and Lynx go well together, and would make a really cute couple.

Now this, I support, Lynx clearly loves Winter, and I am pretty sure Winter is starting to develop feelings for her, because Moon had rejected him. Winter trusts Lynx, which means they can one day be mates. Winter likes Lynx, and I'm sure they'll be partners soon enough.

Oh my gosh I cannot believe they aren't already a couple. I mean Lynx cares so much about him and helping him become a better person. He picked her to train with him in the diamond trials and has saved her. It's clear Lynx likes him, stop fighting it Winter.

It's is the best ship! Lynx softens Winter and they are a great couple! Snowfall remarks that they had always been too close abd they were good friends, like really good. Also, Winter possibly saved Lynx from Fearless at the battle of Jade Mountain. Like, the dragon with blue freckles on her snout! Plus, Winter trusts her a lot! Make it canon!

25 Smolder x Thorn

I definitely ship it.
In the Darkness Of Dragons, Qibli said that Thorn had fallen for him. Thorn needs another mate to give birth to more dragonets, Sunny wouldn't want to challenge her.
And, in book 5, Smolder is a very interesting character, even if he locked up Sunny, and betrayed Thorn. He's just too afraid of Burn. But now, Burn and Blister are dead, and Blaze is harmless, he could fall in love freely.

Smolder is my absolute favorite character. Maybe because we both have a strange sense of humor and like exotic pets, but I digress. Smolder and Thorn are an absolutely adorable couple, even if it is sort of just light teasing as of right now. I think Smolder would be an awesome king, and I believe Smolder and Thorn deserve each other. It is also difficult to deny the fact that they love each other considering that Smolder literally locked her in a room with Sunny in Book 5, and was going to wait for his sister to come and kill them, yet she still managed to forgive him even when she became queen and had every right and all the power to kill him. That's true love right there. Also Smolder has had his fair share of horrible things to happen to him (dead brothers, lost his partner, and been threatened by his sister), and I think Thorn would be a good support system for him. This ship and blicket are my favorite couples in Wings of Fire.

You can see it as soon as Thorn meets Smolder that it was made to be. Also this love is a lot less toxic than both of their previous loves.

Okay, this IS really cute, and I know they're in love with each other, but it specifically said in book 10 that Onyx and Thorn are the same age. Onyx is Smolder's daughter. Thorn is Smolder's girlfriend. Is anyone else disturbed?

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