Top Ten Most Loved Wings of Fire Couples

The Top Ten
1 Peril x Clay

YES YES YES! for anyone who says that cleril is toxic, peril has been working on it. She stopped being so crazy obsessed and now she just has a crush. And clay is happier this way. I hope eventually the two will get together.

I love this ship. Peril and Clay are so cute together. They care so much for each other and Wings Of Fire books are better with them!

I love that peril is always making her decisions based off of what clay would do. It proves that she wants to change and become a better dragon and that she wants clay to know how much she cares

I don't hate this ship and I don't love it, it's kinda weird though. Peril is in love with Clay but Clay doesn't really like Peril. It's just odd. And Peril is a literal killer.

2 Fathom x Indigo

Their story was so depressing to read. It was so sad about how fathom had to stay away from indigo, and indigo would die for fathom. I can't even rant, because the amazingness of the ship is just too clear to see.

I thought this was a very heartbreaking story. From the beginning with Fathom being set up as her arch enemy to the wall Darkstalker put between them, I thought that they're whole dynamic was riveting! But, the fact that it had a happy ending for them (and that they both help each other with the horrors of their past), makes them easily on of my top 5 favorite Wings of Fire couples

This ship is underrated, Indigo really died for fathom, then got turned into a piece of furniture. One of them went through a lot more then the other

I love this ship and here are my reasons.
1. Fathom is really depressed when he had to be away from Indigo.
2. They have chemistry.
3. They are REALLY cute.
4. Indigo would die to protect Fathom.
5. We literally know they end up together because of the epilogue of Darkstalker Legends.
I also love how they flirt and the way that they get around each other is really cute.

3 Sundew x Willow

You know, I am just really bothered by the haters who dislike is because it's lgbtq+
1) stop saying that we won't to heaven. In the real world, there are many Christians who are lgbtq.
2) sundew is NOT a cheater. Their parents never really did arrange the marriage, they just had some plans. Mandrake didn't expect sundew to marry him either, they just didn't want to make their parents upset and just hoped that they wouldn't go through with it.
3) Sundew is not obsessed with willow, and it didn't ruin her character. Both of them just mutually trust and care for each other deeply. Just because one character thinks about another a lot doesn't mean that they are obsessed, it's called love.
4) having a lesbian relationship in the books is not inappropriate for kids. Some kids are struggling and starting to figure themselves out, and having a relationship like this in the books is encouraging them that they can love whoever they want, and it's perfectly fine. And once again from ...more

This is definitely my favorite ship. They are so cute together and fit together perfectly. Also to all the people who say that sundew is a cheater, she technically is not for multiple reasons:
1. Her and mandrake are not officially together yet. Their parents made a plan for them to eventually get married but neither of them had a say in the decision.
2. Sundew tells mandrake that she will not marry him and mandrake says that he knows that. Although he didn't know about willow, he never expected sundew to marry him.
3. Neither of them want to get married in the first place. They just are going along with their parents rules, hoping that soon they will not be forced to get married.

I so agree with the person who commented that. I love this ship, but LGBTQ+ can go in some other book, because this book is for kids and yes although people are like this but I don't accept it. so no offence Tui, but you shouldn't have put that in there. And people aren't homophobes if they don't like it! They are good and THEY are definitely going to heaven because LGBTQ+ is against gods will! So, see you never, 'cause you ain't going to heaven! Anyways, but this ship is very cute, and I am sorry if I offened any of you.

I like this because it shows people about how lesbians are. I think it's great to show this to kids, I hope that people don't hate this, it's okay if you do but please don't rash out on people because they're lesbian, it's not right okay? How would you feel if it were happening to you? Just try to think about that.

4 Glory x Deathbringer

Glory and Deathbringer are the best WOF couple ever! I've read a lot of comments about the age gap, but it doesn't really bother me. They were like two worlds that needed each other. For instance, Deathbringer is charming, cunning, and brave and Glory is beautiful, loyal, and also brave. But when you think about them, you can really see why they are the best couple ever! I think that not only Deathbringer didn't kill Glory not only because he had feelings for her, but when his mother was killed, he had a hole in his heart, and that's why he always wants to be with her because she is all he has left.

- Rainglider the Rainwing/Nightwing hybrid

I feel like this one is the total best! It's so cute how Deathbringer keeps bugging Glory and it literally states that he likes how she shoots him down!

DeathBringer said one time "I was half a dragon when I met you. If I lost you, I'd be even less". He doesn't just flirt around with glory, he actually loves her and cares. And in the hidden kingdom graphic novel, glory's scales turned pink when tsunami asked why glory didn't want to kill DeathBringer. I don't care what you say, they are adorable.

Glory and Deathbringer are the cutest couple ever. It is so obvious that Deathbringer has a crush on Glory and Glory loves Deathbringer as well. I know I've already said this but they are so cute.

5 Qibli x Moonwatcher

What won me over with the these two is how much these two need each other in their lives.

Moon's biggest flaw is that she's shy and scared she'll mess things up with her powers. Her mother told her it was a curse and Darkstalker told her it was to make her alone more powerful. Qibli was the one who ever told her that her powers could be used for good by helping other dragons. It was only after that did she gain confidence in herself. Moon needs someone like Qibli to soothingly encourage her not to blame herself and comfortingly remind her that everything will be alright in the end.

Qibli's biggest flaw is that he feels useless and ordinary with the way he is. His mother never loved him and that drove him to try to make as many dragons as possible like him just to prove to himself that he's not a waste of scales. Moon was the one to put it firmly in his mind how great he is. She's constantly praising him for his clever ideas and makes sure he hears them. She reminded him ...more

One of my favorite ships. Qibli is so charming and clever, he is probably the smartest dragon in all of Pyrrhia, if not Pantala, too! Moon is kind, and really wants to use her powers for the better. She's shy but outgoing, like Kinkajou said, she maybe shy, but she's NOT boring! Qibli has loved Moon from the start, and so has Winter. But think about it, Winter literally was SO rude to Moon and never apologized! He also ditched them all to fight with IceWings, even though it was NOT the right thing to do! Qibli x Moon FOREVER!

I love this ship and I wanted moon to end up with Qibli and not winter but since it was a triangle through the whole thing, it was just weird for me to read that moon decided on qibli even though that's who I wanted her to end up with. Even with that I still love this ship.

Meh. Moonbli was pretty rushed at the end of DoD. Its still a cute ship though, but I think moon got pretty boring after her book but I like qibli a bit. I prefer qinter but at least moonbli is better than winterwatcher.

6 Riptide x Tsunami

Tsunami and Riptide are so Cute together! They both share some great qualities that can really keep this couple going. The only thing keeping them apart is Queen Coral and really let's face it, Tsunami is so head strong I don't really think her mom can stop her from being with Riptide. And in Winter turning Riptide was so excited to hear that Tsunami was thinking about him I don't think he's ever going to hesitate on being with Tsunami. I already think the possible names of their kids are going to be SO cute. And really, Riptide and Tsunami have such adventurous personalities that there is no way their kids are not going to get stuck on another journey through Pyrrhia. I think this couple will make a really interesting family to go on an adventure with.

I honestly think it's just cute. Especially because' they met in such a funny way. Tsunami is my favorite character! I also think Riptide's personality is SUPAAA cute! Really hope they have dragonets together!

In the lost heir it's so good when the Aquatic misuderstanding happens.
Riptide: "I asked you 'What are you doing out here?' And you say, 'Hey, sparkling teeth, I love six of your claws but not the others, and I wish you were a mollusk so I could eat you.'" I practically MEMORISED THAT LINE.

Why is this so low down? Riptide clearly cares about Tsunami so much. He may have lied, but that was because he wanted her to like him. And Tsunami described him as being very handsome the moment she saw him. And she forgave him at the end of the arc, showing she definitely likes him back. Riptide even teaches Tsunami Aquatic.
I also like the fact that they chose another SeaWing, no offence but there are a LOT of ships that will result in hybrids (Glory X Deathbringer, Moon X Qibli, Turtle X Kinkajou, Peril X Clay). Thank you for reading, I know some of you will disagree with me. Have a good day. :)

7 Kinkajou x Turtle

This is my favorite ship in the entire series. I have no idea why people hate this ship. They're either too upset about anemones love spell to ship this, or they think it came out of nowhere. I didn't see this coming, but I let myself be pleasantly surprised by this ship.

I love this ship. Although they are the same age as the other jade mountain students, they also seem like the younger kids in the group, which makes them even cuter together.

I love it! They support each other, and wasn't Anemone's love spell, 'I enchant this rock to make Kinkajou love my brother as much as he loves her,"? It shows that at least Turtle loves her!

I totally ship this. Turtle is sooooo in love with Kinkajou, and I love that. All that is needed is for Kinkajou to like him as much as he likes her. Plus they would probably be together without the love spell on Kinkajou. They are meant to be. The person who put Winter and Kinkajou together made me a bit mad, but that's what they saw fit so I will let it be. Just know it will never happen. Kinkajou and Turtle will be a couple and that's that.

8 Blue x Cricket

I can't believe it went down on the list so fast! I am voting this everyday until it's in the top 3 or 5 again! This is the sweetest and most adorable ship in wof in my opinion! Some may say that they had little development and it was more like love at first sight, and they aren't wrong, but I just feel that it really wasn't too underdeveloped. A lot happened in that first week they were together, and I mean a lot.

They are so sweet! Cricket is obviously in love with Blue, and Blue is obviously in love with Cricket! Blue is so kind and doesn't want to assume Cricket's feelings for him, which is so sweet! Cricket too, and she seriously know Blue. They're literally perfect for one another.

Blue and Cricket are PERFECT! Immediately as I was reading the newest books in the series, I was already falling for Blue x Cricket. The fact both of them are so shy but bring out the best in each other, the fact they are always there for each other, and they both are in love but it's sweet and innocent. I can't wait to see where the 14th book brings their relationship!

Why is this not in the top seven? At least? It's like they both like the other but are too scared to tell! This is what should happen: When they get to Pyrrhia Blue finds a book about "reading monkeys" and gives it to Cricket and she gets so happy and tells him that she loves him. And he says that she shouldn't and admits that he loves her then they are a couple. That really should happen. And Cricket will grow up to be a scientist who studies scavengers and Blue will help her. And by the way these are my favorite characters. I love the lost continent books and Sundew and Willow is my second favorite couple. And if say that you hate this, I will find you and destroy you.

9 Blaze x Glacier

Okay, WHAT THE FLIPPING PINAPPLE IS THIS? (Sorry Pineapple) Lets get off with the basics;
1. We have only seen ONE (One people) Conversation with Blaze and Glacier.
2. Glacier already had dragonets.
3. Glacier thinks Blaze is a silly brain dead goose. Yes, so romantic.
4. Glacier just wants more land, she has no love intentions for Blaze AT ALL.
5. And Glacier wouldn't have eggs with blaze secretly? How? just HOW?
Sorry if this offended anyone. Its just my opinion.

Ok so a lot of people are saying that Glacier has a daughter. Yes, Yes. But what if she had eggs with Blaze instead of an icewing. Think of it, Snowfall is only 7 years, Glacier could have secretly had eggs with Blaze without Blaze knowing ( Blaze might have not known... Support this ship forever

I don't know why I even voted for this. Glacier only helps Blaze because of the land she'll get, and literally calls Blaze a "cheerful brain-dead goose" in book 14

Um... what? Who had this crazy idea? Queen Glacier doesn't care about Blaze at all! She just wants more territory for her tribe. And Blaze is just a spoilt brat. I DON'T ship this

-Starstreak the NightWing

10 Snowflake x Snowfox

If you haven't heard about these two, read the winglets books. Well, in the winglet book that they are in, Snowflake has to marry Prince Arctic, Darkstalker's father. Well, surprise surprise, she doesn't want to. Arctic is always mean and doesn't talk to her. Then, when they have a party (the IceWings host a party for the NightWings. This was before they hated each other) Snowflake meets Snowfox, who also hates Arctic, and they try to get him out of the kingdom together. Sorry if this is really long.

I personally feel sorry for Snowfox. Snowflake's wing got burned and she could never fly again. I mean, I know that they were trying to wipe out the NightWings, but I can't help shipping this!

This is so perfect. Yes, I know they are both evil, but I still love it. (Just one quick question, why is Fierceteeth and Strongwings not on this list?)

Personally, I love it. I'm so happy they got together. I love their point of view in runaway. This is an awesome couple.

The Contenders
11 Mangrove x Orchid

I love this. This is just one of those sweet elderly ships that are just so wholesome. Mangrove and orchid love each other so much, that orchid was so happy when she heard that mangrove was coming. This is one of those ships that actually don't have a hoard of fans having a shipping war along with them.

They should give romantic advice to StarFlight to tell him what to do. They seem like a couple who would tell stories of their relationship to young dragonets and dragons seeking romantic advice.

I like this one. It's cute. Mangrove loves Orchid so much, and he risked his life to save her. Orchid was soo happy when she heard that Mangrove was coming to save her. If you don't ship this, read the end of TDS when Glory rescues the RainWings. It's just so ADORABLE!

I wish there was more about them in the books they clearly loved each other I mean mangrove literally never stopped looking for orchid even when it seemed like a lost cause. So cute!

12 Sunny x Starflight

I don't know why anyone doesn't ship this. This is perfect and I've shipped this FOREVER. starspeaker should die in a hole. Anyone who says otherwise will go to jail. Why do people say this is incest?! It's not! They aren't siblings! They aren't adopted siblings either. They were stolen. If two kidnapped children fell in love, would you call that incest?!

I don't like it anymore. Sunny said no, and they both were okay with that. I don't see the point in still hanging onto the ship, because it wont happen. Fatespeaker isn't that bad, everyone is just biased because they just HAVE to hate every threat to their perfect little otp

Here is proof Sunny and Starflight should be together. Even if Fatespeaker and Starflight are together, please change it. Starflight's mind: I might die today. What if I die without ever telling her how I feel? You've bluffed nightwing guards. You've escaped the nightwing island. Surely you can say three words to one dragon (AKA Sunny) Sunny: Starflight, we're going to be alright. Think of the prophecy. We HAVE to be alive to stop the war, right? So we CAN'T die today. Isn't that comforting? Starflight: I wish I had your optimism. Sunny: It's not optimism It's faith. There's a reason why we're here. Starflight: Sunny, there's something I've needed to tell you...for a long time, I mean. Sunny: I'm listening.

Starflight: I love you.

Sunny: I...I love you too, Starflight.

This is the proof! Fatspeaker didn't say anything like this! It made me cry when I found out Starflight is with Fatespeaker. Sunny and Starflight both love eachother and I don't think ...more

I really wish that they had ended up together instead of fatespeaker and star flight. I have nothing against fatespeaker I just think that sunny and starflight are a better couple and I think the story would have worked out better that way.

13 Fatespeaker x Starflight

I LOVE this ship. Starflight and Fatespeaker are so cute together. I already know the names of their children, The boy is Galaxy and the two girls are Starspeaker and Fatefly. I think Galaxy will marry an Icewing named Borealis and then Fatespeaker and Starflight have a grandchild named Snowy Owl. I hate how Sunnyflight shippers hate Fatespeaker for no reason. Fatespeaker didn't do anything! However, I do respect why they think Sunny and Starflight should be together. Bye!
- Olivestar the Riverclan cat/ aka, Aquata the Seawing.

I really like this ship, but I respect the opinions of Sunnyflight shippers. Even though we might not agree on some things, I'm sure they're still awesome people! I was really sad when I read the comment on Sunny x Starflight saying they hate all the Starspeaker shippers. I also don't understand why Fatespeaker gets hate for no reason. Sunnyflight had potential, but didn't become canon. People can ship Starspeaker, and people can ship Sunnyflight. It's just a book series, people. You don't go around saying you hate people you haven't even met. Just a suggestion. No fighting. Thanks 4 reading!

I like this better than Sunnyflight, and here's why.

1. Sunny rejected Starflight
2. Fatespeaker returned Starflight's feelings
3. Fatespeaker always cared for Starflight
4. The Dragonets of Destiny are like siblings to each other, so two of them together would be…
5. Fatespeaker and Starflight are just plain awesome together

I love this ship! I respect Sunnyflight Shippers, Lathough it was really offensive when I was reading the comments, Because a lot of them were hating Fatespeaker for no reason, I know A lot of people Hate fatespeaker because they Think she is Immature and Annoying or She ruined Sunnyflight But seriously It is really offensive ! There is only two reasons Why I don't ship Sunnyflight: I see The dragonets of destiny as adopted siblings and Also Sunny rejected Starflight.

14 Clearsight x Darkstalker

No. Just no. It was a cute ship at first, I actually liked when were so cute together. They seemed to be a really loving couple. But it really started to go downhill when dark stalker became more power hungry and ambitious and when his mom got kidnapped, he gave clearsight earrings just a as a little gift, but he manipulated her faith in him, he gave her those enchanted earrings because he didn't want her standing in the way of his "perfect" future with them together. It wasn't just for her to be happier, their relationship having to be built on a lie doesn't make her happier. And she didn't know what to do when he started to change a bit, she had to witness all of his wrong doings. She tried to sympathize with him and make him better, but he was just so angry that his mom got taken. She stood on the stage next to dark stalker as he commanded his own father to rip open his stomach. Relationship goals. It was then she realized that he was too powerful and he had to be stopped. She had ...more

Lots of people say Darkstalker doesn't deserve Clearsight, and I just don't know why… I mean, I was really sad when I read the part about Darkstalker turning evil… He even risked his animus magic for Clearsight, so don't say he doesn't love her.

Darkstalker's own fault she abandoned him, she was trying to stick to the good paths and he BETRAYED her and didn't let her save them.

it's very emotional I wish they had had their kids and will complain for life that it didn't work out why tui why its not my favorite but still.

15 Anemone x Tamarin

I love it! Anemone is my favorite character, and I hate how everyone overlooks her as a spoiled brat who hurt moon and attacked turtle, not even giving a second thought on how hard her childhood must of been(yes, she had a hard childhood even being favored by coral, try to actually think about it deeper please.) And how dark stalker literally enchanted her for petty revenge on the seawings. Its just so sweet how anemone always leaves little gifts for tamarin, and always shows up where she is. I think that being with tamarin is good for anemone, and tamarins patient and thoughtful nature will dampen anemones bold demanding attitude. I wish tui put more scenes of them together, it would be a great potential ship. I like to think that anemone is sometimes doubtful about her crush, and a little scared that she might hurt tamarin because of her Animus powers (whirlpool, moon) but still can't help but like tamarin anyways. I sometimes also like to think that tamarin likes anemone back, but ...more

They are such a cute couple! I wrote my own fan tale about them and I kinda went overboard by saying they had eggs! I chose the names pineapple, Venus, and Seaweed

You should tell Turtle to enchant one of his "Special Rocks"to make Tamarin Immune to any love spell Anemone has cast past,present, or future. -Sierra of the Sandwings.

I get Anemone x Pike, buuuuuut this is freaking adorable. Anemone is just 'showing up' wherever Tamarin is and just leaving little gifts. I ship this 1000%.

16 Whiteout x Thoughtful

Ok, I can't BEGINNNN to say how much I loved Whiteout in Darkstalker Legends! She is absolutely amazing, and so quirky I loved her! Honestly, Darkstalker was a really cool villain, and his sister is awesome. She deserves someone like Thoughtful, who will well, be Thoughtful to her. I think they did end up together, and I think they made an adorable pair. They're just so odd, it warms the heart!

A very cute ship! Whiteout is odd, and may seem "dumb", but is very observant! Thoughtful is obviously a shy dragon, and can be awkward, and obviously a talented artist! I say they are made for each other!

Thoughtful makes sure Whiteout is okay a lot more then other people. Some people might say that he is better with Listener but I don't really think he has anything in common with her personality wise. Also, Clearsight saw them together in the futures so I think they are better then Listful. Not only that but I AM ALL FOR WHITEFUL!

It's canon. Deal wit it. Also, they are just perfect together! He's literally the only one who understands her! #whiteful #thoughtout

17 Moonwatcher x Winter

Winter was not very nice to moon, yes we should not overlook him and focus on the dragon in the inside, but their relationship would just be uncomfortable and weird because it's just his personality that he's short tempered and that doesn't clash well with moons sensitivity, it just wouldn't make a very good relationship. Some might say he gave up his life in the ice kingdom for her but she was only one of the reasons, he did it for hailstorm too and other things. He might have a had a bad childhood but that doesn't mean he "deserves" Moon, nobodies entitled to anybody just because something happened to you, and moon shouldn't be pressured to choose who she really likes just because of that. One may say that Winter deserves a second chance, and oh he does get a chance during the Nightwing and icewind battle, but it was clear he prioritized his family who abandoned him over moon. I'm also not saying that it was wrong of winter to be mad that his tribe was sent an evil plague, it's ...more

I like Winterwatcher because it's really like a second version of Arctic and Foeslayer except with a nicer ending. And Winter is really changing because of Moon. But I also really like Moonbli and Qinter and Lynxter… Is this usual?

As a lover of Wings of Fire I know that Moonwatcher and winter belong with each other because Tui T. Sutherland literally put a romantic seen in book 6.

Omg they just feel like they should be together because like Qibli is thinking all these power hungry thoughts about making people like him on the inside, and Winter is hard on the outside but is a really soft dragon on the inside. So I feel like Winter would be better for Moon IF MOON HAD JUST GIVEN HIM A CHANCE!

18 Tamarin x Pike

This is so cute! Pike seems to care for tamarin, and they both seem like good friends. I also am a anemarin shipper, but I don't feel any competition and love both ships equally.

He was having nightmares about Tamarin after she got hurt, and he worried about her when he was worrying about Anemone too. He also looked torn between her and SMUG FACED ANEMONE! ( Pardon my language, please.) And I think that Tamarin likes Pike but just doesn't want to show it.
Jupiter XWing

Tamarin actually seems to care for Pike and Pike cares for Anemone as well as Tamarin.

Cute, should be higher up.

19 Snowfall x Lynx

This is like, a great ship. As soon as a read the newest book, I immediately shipped it. Lynx id always nice to Snowfall, while Snowfall can kind of snap back at her sometimes. But then Snowfall really grows to care about Lynx and I just find it so cute.

I love this couple! I can understand skyfall shippers because snowfall keeps thinking about him, but lynx and snowfall are FOREVER!

Sorry...No? I am not afraid to admit I'm homophobic. Um... Sorry? I see it... but...No? Feel free to hate on me but seriously, its just an opinion.

Okay so I read the Dangerous Gift and I kind of like it. Their kinda like Glory and Deathbringer. Snowfall shoots Lynx down but they are a lot less obvious about it. I'm not really sure how I feel about this because I also really like Lynxter because I feel like Winter needs to be with a dragon like Moon to feel better and they are really cute so I'm not really sure about this.

20 Luna x Swordtail

Pure love! I'm just glad they didn't have to go through all the drama just to realize they love each other. I love drama don't get me wrong but I just love how pure and simple Luna's and Swordtail's love is. Swordtail will go across the ocean and back to find Luna and Luna would do the same. I cannot imagine Luna with someone else or Swordtail with someone else they are a perfect match and I wouldn't pair these two with anyone else!

Butterfly the Rainwing/Icewing (and princess to the Rainwing throne!)

I just loved this ship so much, they are clearly already official and they just warmed my heart in the new part of the series! There's really no debate that they're a thing, and there's no drama they just simply love each other, which is a breath of fresh air! They might not be my favorite ship, but definite top 5 in Wings of Fire :)

Swordtail works very hard to help Luna whenever he can. He 100% has a crush on her. Luna always seem nicer to him then she is to everyone else. That makes me think she might have a crush on him to. It makes them seem really cool together.

They are the exact same and the opposites of each other. Luna and Swordtail love each other, and Swordtail said that when Luna was going for her metamorphosis. it was in the part where the hovering said that she was late for her metamorphosis.

21 Lynx x Winter

Ok it physically pains me that this ship is even on this list. No no and NO. First of all, moon and winter are made for each other, anyone who disagrees has no brain. Obviously winter and moon. I don't freaking care if moon is with Qibli. Second of all, this is extremely unrealistic. We all know winter will always love moon, and would never want to be with anyone else. I really hope Tui T Sutherland doesn't make this a real thing, although I have a feeling she's going to. Ugh. I can't believe this. First my favorite ship ever is DESTROYED, and then people are trying to ship winter with SOMEONE ELSE?!? NOT OK! Anyways yeah, in my opinion this ship needs to go fall off a cliff and DIE, and the fact that people support it is sad.


I feel bad for Winter when Kinkajou gets with Turtle and Moon gets with Qibli. Winter protects her at Jade Mountain and states that she is a lot like Moon. Lynx smiles at him and seems to care about him and she DOES act like she has a crush on him! And I'm pretty sure that Lynx doesn't have anyone to love eatheir, so I think that they are destined to be together!
Jupiter XWing

I don't even know lynx yet, but ever since dumb moon dumped him I've been so sad for winter... all his family eather hates him or is dead, and now a stupid sandwing ran away with his crush?! come on! winter needs lynx (I've heard she is nice) to make him forget moon.

I really wish this could become canon. Winter's not like Sunny, and he needs a dragon like Moon to make him happy. I'm desperate for Winter to be with someone, and I don't ship him with Moon, so Lynx is the only option. I hope they get together.

22 Qibli x Winter

Well now, I don't want to be crazy about this,
But they are just meant to be. They ,ean a lot to each other, no matter how much winter refuses to admit it. The reason he's so rude and kind at the same time to Qibli, may mean he likes him. They are very good friends, and I want this to be canon. They are very complicated relationship, full of ups and downs, but I. The end I believe they love each other. They fit so well.

I think it's the number one ship! I LOVE IT! I love all the art people make about it, it's awesome. Super cute. I don't what else to say about it.

Okay, I can't even begin to express how much I hate this ship. For starters, they have no romantic feelings for each other whatsoever. Next, all Qibli does is annoy Winter to the point that he has to fight back. Many of you mistake this for flirting. Never going to happen. Go Moonbli.

-Starstreak the NightWing

Adorable! They keep Fighting Over Moon! They should just realize that they are meant to be! I do Respect Moonbli and Winterwatcher Shippers

23 Tsunami x Clay

For the people who actually support this ship, I want you to know one thing:

Clay viewed the other Dragonets as siblings. Think about that for a moment.

When I first read the book The Dragonet Prophecy, I thought Clay and Tsunami was a thing because Tsunami saved Clay from Kestrel.

I don't know why I voted this but I am just going to give a reason why they should be together. They escaped together.

Clay basically admitted that Tsunami was beautiful, he describes Tsunami as a dragon made out of sapphires and also describes Tsunami as a beautiful overgrown fish

24 Smolder x Thorn

They both have a crush on each other, so I feel like they would be a great ship! Even tho Smolder tried to kill Thorn, they still support each other and care for one another A LOT.

Smolder is literally PERFECT for Thorn. I mean, now that Thorn is queen, both of them are royal, right? I mean Palm already died, obviously Smolder can't date Prickle, and that leaves Thorn. Their great together.

Thorn and Smolder fall for each other pretty soon after the war ends. They really need to strengthen up the bond between them and other non-Outclaws who have like 0 % of disobiedients to Thorn. Thanks to those cowardly Talons of Power they have to pause their mating session and rebuild their palace. Smoldthorn forever!
Jupiter XWING

When I first read that they liked each other, I was like "Smolder? Really? HIM? He's so... ... oh my god he's perfect for her." Surprisingly enough, I think they are a great couple.

25 Queen Coral x Gill

My poor girl! She deserves so much more and their relationship was perfect. I don't mean rainbows and sunshine perfect, but it was realistic.

Yeeeeah... I'm really not sure about this one. I mean, I know that Coral loved him and all, but she risked Gill's life to get heirs, so maybe that shows that she doesn't love him that much? It's not my favourite, but I'd prefer it to... *shudders* Sunnyflight.

I think these two are good because you can see that when Tsunami gets back from the Sky Kingdom and tells her that they were in the Sky Kingdom Queen Coral freaks out and asks if she saw Gill. Even though we never saw them together except for in Turtle's book when he remembers the night he lost his sister, when Coral finds out Gill comforts her.

In the prologue to Talons of Power, I liked Gill. If only he could've stayed alive until Tsunami got to the Kingdom of the Sea...

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