Best Magic: The Gathering Limited Cards

This list tells you what cards are best in Draft and Sealed.

The Top Ten

1 Pack Rat (Return to Ravnica)

It's the most powerful card in its block. If you get it on turn 2 its really hard for your opponent to answer. - KilMii

2 Druid`s Familiar (Avacyn Restored)

With only 4 mana you get a 4/4 creature that boosts one of your other creatures. - KilMii

3 Spider Spawning (Innistrad/Dark Ascension)

Amazing card. Take some cards to mill your own deck and add Runic Repetition and/or Memory's Journery and you got a great deck. Spider Spawning might be the best card in Innistrad. - KilMii

4 Merfolk Looter (Magic 2012)

Its ability is great. You can exchange cards in your hand until its perfect. - KilMii

5 Chronomaton (Magic 2013)

It becomes stronger every turn until its time to use it for attacking! - KilMii

6 Titans (Magic 2011)

These 5 titans are awesome. Especially Inferno Titan is amazing in Limited. - KilMii

7 Plague Stinger (Scars of Mirrodin)

In Scars of Mirrodin you have 2 choices. Metalcraft or Infect. If you choose Infect you have to include Plague Stinger - KilMii

8 Vampire Nighthawk (Zendikar/Worldwake)

With only 3 mana you get a 2/3 flying creature with lifelink and deathtouch. And there's no drawback! - KilMii

9 Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief (Rise of the Eldrazi)

This card is so powerful. It destroys almost anything every turn and gets more power by doing it. Also has flying so its harder to block. - KilMii

10 Baneslayer Angel (Magic 2010)

With 5 mana a 5/5 flying first strike lifelink and protection from demons and dragons is in my opinion pretty good. - KilMii

The Contenders

11 Rolling Thunder (Tempest)
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