Movie Review - Avengers: Infinity War

MegaSoulhero I just saw the third Avengers movie, Infinity War! Of all the Marvel movies to come out, this was probably the one that everyone was anticipating the most. Makes sense since everything that has happened in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been leading up to this. I went to D23 last year and I was part of the first audience to actually see any kind of footage from the film. I even got to see some of the cast. So that was cool. I’m a huge MCU fan and I’m really glad that it continues to come out with great films. Even though some of them weren’t so great. It’s amazing that it’s been going on for 10 years. Anyway, let’s get to talking about Infinity War.

This is usually the part where I talk about the plot, but if you have been keeping up with the MCU, it’s pretty obvious what the movie’s about. Short version: the heroes team up to stop Thanos and his Infinity Guantlet and they try to prevent him from getting all the Infinity Stones. I can’t think of a movie that got this much hype besides the Force Awakens. But unlike the Force Awakens, I haven’t heard anyone say that they hate this movie. Even people who aren’t Marvel fans have said they liked it. We’ve waited roughly 10 years for this epic team up event and I’d say that the wait was pretty much worth it. I’m not gonna spoil anything, but this movie definitely has a lot of emotion in it. We’ve grown to love these characters so much that anything that happens to them would leave an impact on us. The characters and their interactions in the movie are very well done. The characters are basically put into groups and each group has their own arc within the movie. The movie doesn’t take the time to reintroduce us to these characters since it doesn’t really need to. That’s pretty much what the other movies that came before this one are there for. With that being said, despite there being more main characters than other Marvel films, they still each have their moments. Some not as much as others though. I really enjoyed Thanos as a villain. This is the kind of guy that you wouldn’t want to mess with. He is so determined that he literally doesn’t let anything get in his way. He will literally do whatever it takes to achieve his goal. As for the action scenes, they’re very well shot and very entertaining. The visuals are really amazing which makes the action a lot better. Most of the movie feels like one big third act, which actually made the movie more exciting in my opinion. It’s more than just a movie. It’s an experience.

I do have issues, however. One of them being the humor. The humor in Marvel is pretty hit or miss. While I did laugh at a lot of jokes in this film, some of them kind of took me out of the movie a little. Especially some of the ones involving the Guardians of the Galaxy. Some of those jokes dragged on for longer than they should. This is mostly a problem in the first half of the film. Also, I did not care for the arc involving Thor, Rocket, and Teenage Groot. Although, the moment that it was leading up to was really awesome. I just found myself mostly getting bored during this arc and some of it felt like filler. The entire arc itself wasn’t filler since it actually served a purpose, but there are moments that should’ve been cut out. Most of the things that happen in the film happen out of convenience and are practically just devices that are used to move the plot forward. The movie can also be kind of predictable at times, but the predictability doesn’t matter as long as those scenes are executed very well. Which they totally are! Even though I predicted some of the things that happened, there were still moments that legitimately surprised me. Even I wasn’t prepared for that ending. That just left me in shock. I was surprised they did that. Even the audience in my theater didn’t know how to react when the movie ended. And the worst part is we have to wait an entire year to see what happens next. So much anticipation.

This review was kinda short because it’s hard to talk about the movie without spoiling it. I really recommend seeing it. It is really great. If you haven’t seen the other films in the MCU, I highly suggest doing so before seeing this movie. It’s funny, entertaining, thrilling, and emotional. It’s just about everything you want in a Marvel film. It has problems, but it is still worth watching.

Score: 8/10


I'd give it the same, 8/10 - Gangem

I'll give it a 9.5/10 this film really grabbed me from beginning to end, sure there are some flaws with part I, but overall this was ultimate MCU fight with a part II I can't wait to see more of. - htoutlaws2012

All I know is that, that last scene with spidey *sniff* - cjWriter1997

Mr. Stark, I don't feel very well. - TristGamer

Wrong wording. - Cyri

I up the score to a 9. Thanos as the villain really sold me. - Mcgillacuddy

Steve, I feel funny...
because you were too harsh to this movie - iliekpiez

I gave it an 8/10. How is that harsh? - MegaSoulhero

Like the arc the Thor, Groot and Rocket works well even if just to serve a purpsose for the ending. The humour is good, Groot plays a good role. I like the parody of the mobile phone. Lol I just loved this movie to much - iliekpiez

So basically you’re saying this movie shouldn’t get criticism of any kind even if it’s in a positive review? - MegaSoulhero

What I was meaning is that the hype for this movie paid off, but saying its an experience, warrants a higher grade, not many movies do that, but you might have done the grade structurally. - iliekpiez

I loved this movie, was very enjoyable to watch. 8.5/10 - UtMostCougar111

Another great Marvel movie, I'm looking forward to the next one. 8.5/10 - UtMostCougar111