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1 Iron Man vs Batman

Definitely batman wins because of his genius intelligence and his super tactics.

This is the best cause the competition is between the Billionaire playboys. And also cause Batman is awesome and Iron man Sucks.

Batman wins alfred can destroy jarvis

Batman would win based on smarts ironman is too arrogant

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2 Quicksilver vs Flash

Flash wins. He is a lot faster than Quicksilver. Flash could win by running around the world tons of times and punching Quicksilver until he's down. When Flash runs for a long time he gets strong enough to knock out people with just one punch. Sure it would be a long fight but Flash wins in the end. Not to mention, Flash (Barry Allen) is a scientist and he is much smarter than Quicksilver.

Flash wins easily. It's already been said by many comic book enthusiasts that the Flash is faster than Quicksilver

Flash wins! They don't call him the Fastest Man Alive for nothing! - Fury2

So Quichsilver goes 195 mph? Flash goes at... 400000000 mph. You have the answer right there.

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3 Hulk vs Superman

I'll say Superman because he has lots of powers and he is probably stronger than Hulk.

This match would be undecided both are just indestructible, invulnerable, and are too powerful.

Is anyone here a comic book person? Because Hulk would beat Superman EASILY! Superman is powerful, but one hit from a Hulk that is at his top angriness level, (which would make him powerful enough to break thousands of Jupiters in half), and Superman is dust!

Hulk smash!

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4 Superman vs Thor

I'm going with Superman. It would be extremely hard, especially since Superman can get hurt by Magic, but I think Superman would manage to take Thor down.

You know nothing about Superman. If you did, you would know that Superman is also a god

Thor is faster and stronger and has a hammer, as compared to Superman's man-panties.

Thor has powerful magic, and magic is one of supermans weaknesses

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5 Black Widow vs Wonder Woman Natalia Alianovna Romanoff, most known as Natasha Romanoff or the Black Widow, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. She is one of the most talented spies and assassins in the entire world and is a founding member of the Avengers. The character was created more.

This isn't a fair fight. Wonder Woman has super strength and flight, meanwhile Black Widow is powerless. Wonder Woman would win easily.

Wouldn't have to be a battle story. Wonder Woman and Black Widow pitted against each other for the right to represent Earth in a cosmic beauty pageant! Lol

Scarlett Johanseen is too hot

Just becuase there both girls does not make them simalar wonder woman vs thor and black widow v black canary

6 Batman vs Captain America

In a crossover these two fought for days without there being an actual winner

Watch this on death battle for the answer/... - Tavir101

Powerless vs Powerless. Nice

7 Gambit vs Nightwing

I would win. I have gadgets and I know everything Batman taught me

Gambit actually has super powers...

8 Galactus vs Spectre

I don't know who is spectre but any superhero/villain of D/C is strong enough to won Galactus

9 Batman vs Wolverine

Batman would just slap him

10 Shazam vs Hulk

Shazam is the most powerful DC hero by far


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11 Hulk vs Doomsday

Doomsday is almost impossible to defeat. Every time he dies, he comes back too life and cannot be killed the same way. Obviously Doomsday would win. Hulk wouldn't stand a chance.

This would be a brawl to the death!

Did no one see hulk fight Thanos?

Whoah. That would be crazy, but Doomsday would win.

12 Iron Man vs Cyborg

Even though I like Cyborg more, Iron Man has more experience as a hero and I think he could take down Cyborg.

Yeah Iron Man would win.

Bitch please, cyborge would win

Iron Man

13 Wolverine vs Green Lantern

Green lantern would just put wolverine in a shield carry him to space and let him doe the battle will be over before it begins

14 Hawkeye vs Green Arrow

Oliver Queen all the way. Should be first. Second should be quicksilver vs flash

Green Arrow OBVIOUSLY. Arrow has cheated death, beaten the unbeatable, all with a team of other regular people, unlike Hawkeye, who has Hulk, Thor, Need I Go Further

Even though I think Hawkeye is a better archer (he almost never misses), my guess is that Green Arrow would win.

Green arrow definitely. He has survived and defeated a lot more than Hawkeye

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15 Spiderman vs Joker

Spiderman uses his crazy abilities better than Joker

Spiderman will win

I'm gonna say Spider-Man. Joker doesn't have any powers. Sure, he's unpredictable, but Spidey can take him down.

Spidey. No question.

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16 Cyclops vs Ares
17 Silver Surfer vs Dr. Manhattan

Silver Surfer

18 Deadpool vs Deathstroke

Deadpool is a Deathstroke rip-off so of course Deadpool is better. Marvel has the advantage of making him better

Deadpool! He would beat up Deathstroke. Deadpool rules! - Fury2

19 Apocalypse vs General Zod

I think Apocalypse would win. It would be a long fight, and Zod has the powers of Superman, making him a worthy opponent. Apocalypse may not be able to beat Superman, but he could definitely take down General Zod.

The oldest mutant who can evolve in seconds vs a villain who is basically superman. anything could happen.


20 Thor vs Robin

Thor defiantly wins this unfair death battle. Thor is a freak'n thunder god for crying out loud. He would destroy Robin in a face-off. Sure Robin has skill, but not enough skill to take down Thor. Thor has an advantage of 85% while Robin is the other 15%.

This is an unfair fight. Thor is a god and Robin is 12!

No its more like 90 to 10

21 Green Lantern vs Spider-man

Spidey wins is very strong and fast for Green Lantern plus there's his spider sense that it protects from attacks

22 Iron Man vs Green Lantern

Toughie. A rich billionaire with a supposedly in invincible suit of armor vs a guy who wears ring that gives him anything he needs.

23 Batman vs Moon Knight

Moon Knight is pretty much Marvel's Batman, not Tony. Plus, MK is just cooler - Catception

24 Martian Manhunter vs Sleepwalker
25 Wonder Woman vs Thor

I think they would rather go out on a date

The god of thunder meets the woman version of superman one with a hammer that can manipulate lightning and the other with an unbreakable laso. Have fun

26 Lex Luthor vs Kingpin
27 Joker vs Green Goblin

Joker. No contest.

28 Green Arrow vs Hawk Eye
29 Deadpool vs Lobo
30 Thor vs. Captain America

Thor will win because he could get lightning from the sky and Captain America can be electrocuted. So Thor wins the fight.

31 Supergirl vs She-Hulk

I"m going Supergirl sorry She-hulk

32 Juggernaut vs Bane
33 Killer Croc vs The Hulk
34 Captain America vs Batman

Theese two heroes that aren't superhuman but still pack one hell of a punch. Both are Pinochle human athletes. Batman has utility belt full of super cool gadgets and Cap. has an invincible vibranium shield. So who takes the cake?

35 Galactus vs Anti Monitor
36 Superman vs The Hulk

Come on this is a true fight one with flight and fighting skill (and lazer vision) on his side and the other with immense almost unlimited strength. Both are true badasses but who is more badass

37 The Flash vs Quicksilver

Both faster than the speed of light but who will be fast enough to win. This fast paced fight is undecided so who do you think would win?

Flash everyday of the week. He can travel through time, he can throw lighting at his enemy, so Flash would win.

38 Loki vs The Joker

I'm not saying physical fighting because that would just be silly ones a (but also puny) god. But they are both scheming tricksters with unpredictable plans. Whos more micheveous

39 Kingpin vs Bane

Two surprisingly strong villains. One takes super steroids the other is just naturally solid muscle. Even there both pretty tough which one is tougher.

40 Dr. Doom vs Lex Luthor

A badass in a suit of unbeatable armor and a terrorist with a ton of kryptonite and access to a boatload of nuclear missiles. Who wins

41 Venom vs Killer Croc

Venom. Venom is a beast, so Venom will win

An evil alein symbiote vs a crazy mutated crocodile man. who is more crazy who will win

42 Martian Manhunter vs Jean Grey
43 Wolverine vs Lobo
44 Cyborg Superman vs Sentinel
45 Bane vs Rhino
46 Abomination vs Doomsday
47 Justice League vs Avengers

Avengers would win.

48 Green Lantern vs Doctor Strange
49 Thor vs Superman
50 Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman
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