Best Marvel vs DC Comics Superhero/Supervillain Face Offs

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21 Green Lantern vs Spider-man

Spidey wins is very strong and fast for Green Lantern plus there's his spider sense that it protects from attacks

22 Martian Manhunter vs Sleepwalker
23 Iron Man vs Green Lantern

Toughie. A rich billionaire with a supposedly in invincible suit of armor vs a guy who wears ring that gives him anything he needs.

24 Lex Luthor vs Kingpin
25 Deadpool vs Lobo
26 Thor vs. Captain America

Thor will win because he could get lightning from the sky and Captain America can be electrocuted. So Thor wins the fight.

27 Juggernaut vs Bane
28 Captain America vs Batman

Theese two heroes that aren't superhuman but still pack one hell of a punch. Both are Pinochle human athletes. Batman has utility belt full of super cool gadgets and Cap. has an invincible vibranium shield. So who takes the cake?

29 Galactus vs Anti Monitor
30 The Flash vs Quicksilver

Both faster than the speed of light but who will be fast enough to win. This fast paced fight is undecided so who do you think would win?

Flash everyday of the week. He can travel through time, he can throw lighting at his enemy, so Flash would win.

31 Wonder Woman vs Thor

The god of thunder meets the woman version of superman one with a hammer that can manipulate lightning and the other with an unbreakable laso. Have fun

32 Wolverine vs Lobo
33 Cyborg Superman vs Sentinel
34 Joker vs Green Goblin
35 Bucky Barnes vs Robin
36 Amazo vs Sentinel

So evenly matched! OP!

37 Ra's Al Ghul vs Wolverine
38 Swamp-Thing vs Man-Thing
39 Catwoman vs Black Cat
40 Superman vs Deadpool

This is a fight between arguably the two strongest superheroes of their respective companies. Deadpool is definitely the strongest of Marvel, and Superman is probably the strongest in DC. I have to say Deadpool wins though because Superman will "kill" him over and over again and since he can't die he'll just keep fighting until he finds some kryptonite. Also Deadpool has knowledge that he is a fictional character and he can just go and read a Superman comic and find his weakness.

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