Best Marvel vs DC Comics Superhero/Supervillain Face Offs

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41 Wasp vs. Yellow jacket

I don't know they are pretty much the same but I would say Yellowjacket would win because he would shoot wasp into the multi verse

42 Black Widow vs. Catwoman Black Widow vs. Catwoman
43 Gorilla Grodd vs Hulk
44 Batman vs Moon Knight

Moon Knight is pretty much Marvel's Batman, not Tony. Plus, MK is just cooler - Catception

45 Killer Croc vs The Hulk
46 Superman vs The Hulk

Come on this is a true fight one with flight and fighting skill (and lazer vision) on his side and the other with immense almost unlimited strength. Both are true badasses but who is more badass

47 Loki vs The Joker

I'm not saying physical fighting because that would just be silly ones a (but also puny) god. But they are both scheming tricksters with unpredictable plans. Whos more micheveous

48 Kingpin vs Bane

Two surprisingly strong villains. One takes super steroids the other is just naturally solid muscle. Even there both pretty tough which one is tougher.

49 Dr. Doom vs Lex Luthor

A badass in a suit of unbeatable armor and a terrorist with a ton of kryptonite and access to a boatload of nuclear missiles. Who wins

50 Venom vs Killer Croc

Venom. Venom is a beast, so Venom will win

An evil alein symbiote vs a crazy mutated crocodile man. who is more crazy who will win

51 Martian Manhunter vs Jean Grey
52 Green Lantern vs Doctor Strange
53 Thor vs Superman
54 Green Arrow vs Hawk Eye
55 Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman
56 Thanos vs Doomsday

Good one. Depends if Thanos has the infinity gauntlet Thanos, if he doesn't then Doimsday.

57 Storm vs Wonder Woman
58 Daredevil vs Nightwing
59 Thor vs Shazam

Shazam would always win

60 Justice League vs Avengers

Avengers would win.

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