Best Marvel vs DC Comics Superhero/Supervillain Face Offs

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41 Bane vs Rhino
42 Abomination vs Doomsday
43 Justice League vs Avengers

Avengers would win.

44 Joker vs Green Goblin
45 Green Lantern vs Doctor Strange
46 Thor vs Superman
47 Green Arrow vs Hawk Eye
48 Captain Marvel vs Wonder Woman
49 Thanos vs Doomsday

Good one. Depends if Thanos has the infinity gauntlet Thanos, if he doesn't then Doimsday.

50 Bucky Barnes vs Robin
51 Amazo vs Sentinel

So evenly matched! OP!

52 Ra's Al Ghul vs Wolverine
53 Storm vs Wonder Woman
54 Daredevil vs Nightwing
55 Thor vs Shazam

Shazam would always win

56 Swamp-Thing vs Man-Thing
57 Catwoman vs Black Cat
58 Superman vs Deadpool

This is a fight between arguably the two strongest superheroes of their respective companies. Deadpool is definitely the strongest of Marvel, and Superman is probably the strongest in DC. I have to say Deadpool wins though because Superman will "kill" him over and over again and since he can't die he'll just keep fighting until he finds some kryptonite. Also Deadpool has knowledge that he is a fictional character and he can just go and read a Superman comic and find his weakness.

59 Wasp vs. Yellow jacket

I don't know they are pretty much the same but I would say Yellowjacket would win because he would shoot wasp into the multi verse

60 Black Widow vs. Catwoman Black Widow vs. Catwoman
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