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Iron Maiden are an English heavy metal band formed in Leyton, East London, in 1975 by bassist and primary songwriter Steve Harris. The most critically acclaimed period for the band was from 1983-1989. With vocalist Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris, lead guitarist Dave Murray, rhythm guitarist Adrian more.


Well.. I've been listening to metal for over 20yrs and I know one thing for sure! There is NO best metal band, cause metal has so many genres and everyone has his/her own point of view! That is what music is like, it's just a matter of opinion! But when all things combine and put together IRON MAIDEN is without a doubt THE most influential metal band of all times! It is also the band with the largest number of great, I prefer to say EPIC songs! No one should go against that! 90% of IM songs are amazing. If a number of their albums and songs is considered that is a feat that has never been reached by any other band! Talking about other genres- Death, Nightwish, Therion and Orphaned Land comes to mind when spoke of ratio quality/quantity! Epica is also a great band, one to be recognized in coming years! I'm not mentioning Slayer, Megadeth or Pantera because I am not very familiar with their work after mid-nineties. As for Judas Priest, I never liked Halford's voice sorry. Who else? ...more

In my opinion, I think Iron Maiden should be number 1. Metallica are great, but as a hardcore metal head, I think they got soft over the years. Kill Em All, Ride the Lightening, Master of Puppets, are the only albums I listen to, because of the heaviness of Thrash. But then they got older and started to commercialize rather than BE METAL! Iron Maiden got older yet kept their originality and metal thunder alive within them and produced amazing records! Their lyrics are more like stories(Dance of Death), and mythology (Flight of Icarus) and sometimes true (Aces High). If you want to compare each band member, Hetfield lost his rugged voice while Dickinson remained as he was when he was younger. Hammett's solos are ALL ALIKE, I think his heart would skip a beat if he didn't use the Wah Pedal, whereas Smith & Murray each have their own unique sound and both compliment the song, same goes for Gers. Don't get me started on Lars, nothing against the guy, but he talks big, but his drumming is ...more

Maiden are quite possibly the most influential and inspiring metal band to ever have existed. So many other bands (great and not so great) have all listed Maiden among their influences and clamber over each other to try to get in on Maiden tribute albums. If you're not the greatest metal band you don't have a career spanning nearly 36 years (so far) and you don't put out 15 original studio albums (so far), but you do sell out in order to gain popularity! Maiden have never tried to produce music for the charts or for the record company, they don't try to go for #1 in the airplay charts, and they don't care much for 'awards'... and think about it... how often do you hear them on the radio? Maiden produce music that their fans will like because they are dedicated to the music and the fans, not the money or the image or the fame! You can listen to any Maiden album and know that it's Maiden simply from the sound; their style has never changed (do I need to mention Metallica's sell out ...more

I understand Metallica's love I really do, there first 4 albums are all fantastic in there own right, but I think maiden is better, why? First of all Maiden is allot more consistent and there first 7 albums are amazing, which beats Metallica by 3 albums, but anyway, maidens first is really underrated and has some fantastic songs, killers is another fantastic one, number of the beast is a classic, Piece of mind is very powerful and consistent, Powerslave is an epic album front to back and has the fantastic "rime of the ancient mariner" a classic 13 minute track, Somewhere in time is a experiment that paid off, the futuristic sound is a nice change of sound, and there is allot of catchy songs, Seventh Son Of A Seventh son is a amazing album full of epicenes. All in all you can make a good argument for all of there first 7 to be the best of all. Second of all there live shows are much better than Metallica's even when they were at there prime, James Hetfield doesn't have the same power ...more

What? Iron Maiden is number 2?! They deserve to be number 1 on the top ten bands in all of history! Metallica are good and all, but they really can't hold a candle to Iron Maiden. Bruce Dickinson, hands down the best vocalist of all time, an epic mix of operatic and metal (he also plays some epic piano). If you need proof, just listen to some of Maiden's epic power ballads, like The Empire Of The Clouds, Hallowed Be Thy Name, or even better The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. I can't tell you how glad I am to have a band that plays music that isn't about drugs, partying love or stupid teenage romance (I am proud to say that my favorite band has not produced a single love song). Iron Maiden have the best themes for their songs, like old legends, (Rime of the Ancient Mariner, The Book of Souls), historical events (the trooper, run to the hills and empire of the clouds), and songs with deep, philosophical meanings (hallowed be thy name, tears of a clown, blood brothers) either way, every ...more

Maiden deserve the top stop no matter what, despite all the album sales of Metallica and all that other rubbish. Iron Maiden have been and always will be the greatest of Metal bands, their lyrics have meaning, there music is melodic and talented, all of their musicians are top class at what they do, Metallica cannot comprehend with them.
Also Metallica know who is best, its not a matter of opinion they know they aren't superior to Maiden, hence all the tribute they have done for Maiden.

Maiden should have the top spot..

They basically created all the bands on this list, without their music, non of these bands would have been here today! They are the biggest inspiration to music since music itself.

I mean, come on, how many other Metal bands can have an album go into number 1 in over 28 different countries!

If you are going to judge anything from album sales, you're an idiot... Just because Justin Beiber sells loads of albums, does that mean he is ...more

Since I'm a student of electrical engineering, I can describe Iron Maiden as "heavy metal powerplant", my source of electromotive force. I'm listening them since like 4 years and I have been on their concert in Warsaw (PL) on Sonisphere Festival '11 and sorry but I have to write some "electrical" words again: I have died 17 times on this concert, because of happiness. When the intro (Satelite 15) have ended and the band entranced on a stage - it was like a monstrual lightning strike! After the concert I've said: "Damn, I've get smited by heavy metal three-phase alternating current with 666 Ampers! (effective value of sine wave)".
Conclusion: Iron Maiden is my source of electromotive force ;-) Also I'm playing on the guitar and they are most influential band for me, in creating my own music, not only on guitar but for other instruments too; their music is heavy metal mine of gold, if you can understand :) Err... sorry they're not a band - it's a way of ...more

Ugh. Metallica. Yes, I do enjoy your music, Metallica.. But only when you didn't suck. You are now not really that good at all. Death Magnetic was an abysmal album. Iron Maiden is better in nearly every way, and every member in the band has more skill than every member in Metallica, and that's a fact, not an opinion. Iron Maiden's my favorite band and has never once made a bad album. All 15 of their studio albums rock! I think the only reason Metallica is on top is the fact that they are much much much more well known. Everyone knows who Metallica is, many people don't know who Maiden is. All I have to say is my top 10 list of Maiden to show the extreme power that is their music (and variety since all but one are in different albums from the rest):

10 Fear of the Dark

9. Hallowed Be Thy Name

8. Phantom of the Opera

7. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son

6. When the Wild Wind Blows

5. The Clairvoyant

4. Virus

3. The Clansman

2. ...more

Iron Maiden is without a doubt THE GREATEST metal - heck they're the greatest band ever! They have never flopped on a single album, from the raw, dark and smooth days of Paul DiAnno, to the unbeatable and simply indescribable days of Bruce Dickinson. They even did well for the few years with Blaze Bayley, with the slower and darker 2 albums all the way to the triumphant return of Bruce in 2000.
They have been performing from the late 70s right up until today, only matched by Judas Priest in terms of longevity.
They are one of the most extensive touring bands in the world, and people all around the world can come back from a Maiden concert and be satisfied.
Every song is a wonder to behold, anyone can enjoy a Maiden song.
I can say much more - but I'd be going on forever

There was a band named black sabbath which started metal...! But it was Iron Maiden which took metal to a whole new level...! Some people think Metallica s the best band in the world... Well if Metallica is the best then Iron Maiden is better than the best...! I mean look at the bands which are inspired by Iron Maiden... Starting itself from Metallica then anthrax then slayer then megadeth then dimmu borgir, machine head, slipknot, children of bodom, cradle of filth, the giant hardcores dream theater, fightstar, sorry but even jonas brothers, black tide, trivim, van canto, 6 feet under, avenged sevenfold... And many Indian bands and much much more bands whom I haven't even heard of... Come on man this it you expect more influence from a band...!

Iron maiden are the most epic, spectacular band that you will ever see live! When I seen them live in London at the O2 arena, they made me feel as part of a family in a sense. Because not only they're 1 of the greatest metal bands on the planet, for the band members who are well in their 50s they still have the energy to rock out like they're 17! What more could a fan ask for since maiden shows always bring out their mascot Eddie and the everchanging backdrops for each song? If an asteroid was about to strike the earth, then I'm pleased that I seen maiden live as Metallica only care about the money and not the fans. Whereas maiden care about their fans and don't make crap songs unlike other metal bands. Maiden till I die!

This band Iron Maiden for sure IS the best metal band to exist, simply for this reason: They are the most prolific in "catchy tunes".
You don't judge music on image, coolness, lyrics, or other peripheral meaningless crap, you judge music on MUSIC. Is the tune catchy. That's why Elvis, Michael Jackson, and Madonna are legends.
Most bands have only a few catchy songs they get famous on, if any at all, but Iron Maiden figured it out and puts out catchy tune after catchy tune. Megadeth and Metallica has figured it out too, but not like Maiden. They have so many!
Especially in their guitar. I suggest for example Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Afraid to Shoot Strangers, and Infinite Dreams.

Bollocks! Iron Maiden had zero influence on Metallica. Iron Maiden and Judas Priest were a reclamation of heavy metal after the Sex Pistols and Dead Kennedys dismantled prog rock like Rainbow, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin. Metallica, Megadeth, Exodus, Anthrax and Slayer were inherently diametrically opposed to the NWOBHM - despite Diamond Head - because they felt that metal hadn't shifted or evolved from the safe, cosy position it had been before Punk arrived. No thrash band has ever been influenced by Iron Maiden - Four Horsemen was the perfect antidote to Charlotte the Harlot, and it had no duel leads, operatic vocals, fantastical lyrics (unless you regard cultural biblical references as fantastical), and was brutal in its execution. I'm an Iron Maiden fan, but name the song Iron Maiden created that inspired Damage Inc. I double dare you.

Maiden are the best of all. The first maiden album that I herd was fear of the dark and that was just the best album that I'd ever herd. The lyrics the songs the harmonys the story lines. Then my brother was also a huge maiden fan and he showed me their best albums like the number of the beast, brav new world and powerslave you know all their best and from there on in maiden had just been my favourite band ever since.

In my opinion people just vote for metallics blindly cause whenever you hear the word metal someone lose would say Metallica and people start to assume that they're the best but to me it's maiden that the real deal they are the only band that I've ever heard that has actually managed to make me not depressed and down and had made me feel good about myself and gave me the confidence to just go out and do things happily in my opinion it goes maiden, sabbath, Metallica and Motörhead.

How the hell did Avenged Sevenfold get above sabbath they're crap they're ...more

Iron Maiden are everything heavy metal stands for! Their songs have more meaning behind them and are not just about drugs, sex and rebellion. The have great hits based on real world events like "When The Wild Wind Blows". And if your into the darker feel of heavy metal then just listen to albums like The Number of the Beast, Seventh Son of a Seventh Son, Fear of the Dark and Dance of Death. You can rock out to them none stop and with out Maiden there would be no Metallica, Slipknot, Dream Theater etc. Once you have been to see them live you will know they are the supreme leaders of Metal.! Up the Irons! Maiden are Number 1!

Metallica were outstanding for four albums. But only for four albums. And I do love those albums. Then came the Nothing Else Matters apart from cash era. Everything since has been dire. Maiden had the magnificent seven before the standard dropped a little, always with a different sound and without ever selling out. Exclude the Blaze era and everything Maiden have done since 91, and there has been a lot more of it, is totally superior to anything Metallica have done too. There really is no comparison between the two. Iron Maiden are the greatest metal band of all time apart from maybe Sabbath. The Old and New Testaments of the Metal Bible, A.K.a Iron Maiden and TNOTB, are the greatest metal albums of all time. Stephen Christ our Lord Wizard Harris is the greatest metal bass player and songwriter of all time. King Dickinson the Bruce Almighty is the greatest frontman of all time. Clive Burr is a metal drumming god Lars can't touch. Etc, etc. Metallica are great, well were great, but ...more

Iron Maiden deserves 1st position because even Metallica has given song tribute to Iron Maiden. Don't believe me? Go and buy "MAIDEN HEAVEN" and listen the song "Remember tomorrow". Even A7X, Dream theater, Machinehead etc. Have tributed. Listen to their hit songs like Run to the hills, the trooper, the number of the beast, powerslave, aces high, fear of the dark, bring your daughter to slaughter, blood brothers etc. Listen to their solo. Iron Maiden are the pioneers Heavy Metal. Metallica is good but even they know Iron Maiden are better so they have given tribute to Iron maiden.

Iron Maiden are so different from every other metal band! They're so different that one could argue if they even are a metal band. Anyway, they're not a regular band. They've influenced countless other bands and musicians, even beyond the metal genre, and are still around after over 35 years. Without Maiden, there wouldn't be Metal as we know it and since they've even influenced Metallica so much, they deserve to be on top of the list! Up the Irons!


Better than Metallica. Maiden's guitarists are amazing (better than Metallica's, at least), Bruce could beat James in a singing match any day, and Lars doesn't even count as a drummer he's so bad. Nicko provides energy to the songs that Metallica could never dream of. Metallica is a mainstream cop-out, whereas Maiden is still going strong after 16 studio albums, compared to Metallica's measly 9. Live, Iron Maiden are the best band in EXISTENCE. Just because Metallica has "metal" in their name, doesn't mean they are good... how the hell are they number one, when the vastly superior band (Maiden) is number two?!?

Guys Metallica are good but maiden have a far better vocalist with a bigger singing range unlike that of hetfild's which is ether mellow or really loud and throaty. Maiden also have a better lyrical range going from war, mythology, mental troubles, religion, slightly comedic, sex, death, killing, sci-fi and so many others that I could name but would full the whole page, where as Metallica are always about violence, killing, sex and war also on another note maidens guitarists are far more ranged in what they do, unlike Metallica where nearly every song has a palm muted chorus which can get Metallica are influenced by maiden as stated by Lars Ulrich and have even covered maiden's song remember tomorrow in which they couldn't even keep the mellow feel to the songs guitar and made it really heavy...honestly iron maiden are far superior than Metallica in all aspects

If you take the 80's I think Iron Maiden and Metallica are even, both released masterpieces, if you talk about the 90's, I would probably choose Metallica, but If we talk about the 2000's, Iron Maiden is definitely much better than Metallica, Metallica released St Anger, which is an annoying album, and Death Magnetic which was very good, but not like their material of the 80's, but Iron Maiden released Brave New World, one of the best comeback albums ever, Dance of Death, really amazing album, A Matter of life and Dead, a masterpiece, The Final Frontier, an amazing beautiful album, and The Book of SOuls, one of the best Iron Maiden albums if not the best, so I have to vote for Iron Maiden because right now Metallica is dead in comparison with Maiden

No other metal bad (or any band for that matter) have had the influence, longevity, and consistency that Iron Maiden has. They have been at the top of the metal genre for over 30 years, are celebrated worldwide and have the respect and admiration of everyone in the metal community. Their songs transcend traditional metal, and they weave tales so mesmerizing and epic that they make almost all other music seem boring and unintelligent by comparison. These guys are the greatest band on earth and will be remembered until the end of time.

Up the Irons m/

I'm voting for Maiden in lieu of Black Sabbath for one reason only: they have a better chance of passing Metallica. The top three should be some combination of these three bands that doesn't have Metallica on top. I'm just tired of reading comments that read "HURR DURR METALLICA IS NUMBER ONE ENTER SANDMAN IS THE BEST SONG EVER! 11ONE". I love Metallica, but I hate how many votes they get for the half of their discography that sucks. I would probably vote for them if they were lower, but someone has to vote for Maiden and Sabbath.

I first listened to metal at the age of 8. Gorgoroth, Judas Priest etc. But I really never enjoyed them. At that time I thought the hearing all the songs are just a waste of time. But after hearing Iron Maiden's songs I had to change my mind completely. Their music, rhythm, lyrics and above all Attitude changed me. I saw that Metallica is placed as number 1. Metallica is good but before voting for them remember that Metallica was inspired by The Revolutionary Music of IRON MAIDEN. So please vote to make Maiden the number 1 Metal Band.

Bruce is amazing! This band has always been a cut above the rest by virtue of their innate ability to take a classic piece of literature and bring it to life, rolling, turning, diving ; doing it again in Aces High is an example of Bruce's ability to take us there. Combined with an awesome voice over by Vincent Price, I almost felt the Albatross fall from around my neck. They are a potent mix of brains and talent and they have stayed true to their roots, they never sold out. Besides; EDDY is the coolest in Rock-n-roll.