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Metallica is an American Thrash Metal band formed in 1981 . The original lineup was James Hetfield (Vocalist and Rhythm guitarist), Dave Mustaine (Lead Guitar), Lars Ulrich (Drums), Ron McGovney (Bassist). The group came into mainstream from their Self-Titled album and the hit single "Enter Sandman". more.


Where do I start? James Hetfield is the one that will never be replaced, he has a kick ass voice even after he damaged his vocal chords in 1992, and even being burned alive and STILL performing with his burns at the time, he writes the best lyrics known to man and is the BEST rhythm guitarist alive and even can do solos as well. Lars ulrich is the one who started it all and pounds away with his drums, Kirk Hammett is a great lead guitarist as well. As for the bassists, cliff burton will always be remembered as the GOD of bassists, his blood and sweat put into the band especially anesthesia (pulling teeth), the ultimate bass solo, no one can top him, Jason newstead, sometimes I wish he would come back to metallica because I miss his backing vocals and his wonderful bass playing, robert trujillo he's not that bad but not as good as jason and definitely not cliff either, his crab walk though I don't find necessary. They have been from just an underground metal band to thrash metal heroes ...more

Metallica is a band that isn't afraid trying out some new stuff, even if they lost fans and respect, they have already marked the world by the metal scene in the 80s and early 90s, proven to the world that they had the strength to be togheter as a team for 30 years. they have done as much failures as other band has, but since they have gotten so big as they have, it's easy to critize every move they taken since the 80s, just because it isn't the same, and they made a mistakes, read the bible, a lot of mistakes made by god there, if he exist, but still the same. and their music is so raw and musical, with metal and punk elements. without driving the production to the top level and just made spesial with original and balanced sound between instruments, and lars, stop being so confident in your drumming, and start practice again to impress again and suprise us..

For the record, Metallica weren't popular nor commercial. Their ambition from the start was to destroy the pompous, self-important twits that came before them. None of their first 5 albums were designed to be popular. They were technical as hell, lengthy, aggressive, and dealt with all manner of issues life throws at you. They invented an entire genre of metal on their own, created (only in hindsight) 5 of the greatest heavy metal albums you can own (6 if you want to include all their incredible covers) and influenced almost every band on the planet since. No band can lay claim to their achievements, and still, to this day, no band has bettered their style of thrash. Success chose them, not the other way round. What more can a band do? They say youth is wasted on the young, but Metallica's youth was the most inspired in metal history and shall never be rivalled. You can't be 25-years-of-age forever, so I ask no more from them, and neither should anyone else. The greatest band to ever ...more

I love Metallica, and I love playing their fastest songs, like battery, trapped under ice, one, fight fire with fire, dyers eve etc, but I also like the songs in the black album, and sorry to other Metallica fans but I kinda like the st anger album mostly because the fact that their are no solos makes it easier on me, I'm sorry, I hope you understand, plus if you understand I want you to reply to this comment, but on the plus side, the albums from kill em all, to the black album, in that order, I never listened to the other albums besides st anger, Metallica has some of the fastest songs in history, and to be a young guitarist who has been playing for almost 7 months, I can play many of those songs, including the songs I mentioned at the top, sure their are a lot of other metal bands like Sabbath, Maiden, Preist, and Pantera, to name a few, Metallica are the gods of thrash metal, and just metal in general, they know how to write songs that become famous at some point in time, and they ...more

Even jesus and the music god will bang their heads... Pl don't compare slipknot with the gods of music Metallica... They don't even deserve to be in this list...

Metallica, despite blessing the planet with metal's greatest genre and its 5 greatest albums, are an easy target for the envious judging by this thread. They're deemed as overrated sell outs, Nothing Else Matters but cash grabbers - you name it, they're it. Here's some home truths for the haters: no matter what you say or think or do, Metallica's first 5 albums have already been deemed the greatest by almost every major publication on the planet, and no band can determine the outcome of their own success. How many bands fall flat on their faces? Millions. Thrash itself was a major risk to take for them, and then to release the incredible Black album was a major risk, but they had the intestinal fortitude and belief to do what no-one else would - gamble everything. Guess what haters? They hit the jackpot like no other.

I love Iron Maiden with all my heart, but I had to vote for Metallica. They are the ones who brought metal to huge audiences. Their music is fast, heavy and intricately written. They are easily the most influential metal band ever (yes, even more influential than Black Sabbath. Black Sabbath was the first metal band, but Metallica are the most popular and best known), despite moronic 12 year old Megadave worshippers who troll the internet bashing Metallica and making outrageous claims like "Dave Mustaine wrote every song on Metallica's first four albums, " and "James Hetfield has no talent" (not true, he's one of the greatest writers and rhythm guitarists in metal history) and "Metallica kicked Dave out because they were jealous of him. " that's false. They kicked Dave out because Dave was a violent, drug addicted sociopath, not to mention his horrible lyrics (read the lyrics to the mechanix or the original lyrics to jump in the fire if you want proof). Dave himself acknowledges this, ...more

Admitted, Metallica have produced pretty mediocre stuff in the last few years (Death Magnetic wasn't half bad, though), but come on! Metallica started thrash metal with KIll 'Em All, for God's sake. Then came Ride The Lightning and Master Of Puppets and... And Justice For All and The Black Album. They've made FIVE of history's greatest albums. I won't want anymore from them. Headbanging to Creeping Death and Motorbreath and Battery is good enough for me.

P.S. whichever loser said some X-Japan's music 'just flows like a river', dude, shut up. Metal is about getting pumped, not being emo philosophical and stuff.
P.P.S. slipknot and KoRn?! Shut up metalposers -_-

Legendary, Metallica are. I'm a huge KoRn fan, and inarguably, they are a 'Nu Metal' band; among many Metalheads, 'Nu Metal' is a deplorable term, and probably referred to, as another term for 'Fake Metal'.

The thing is, Metallica are a HUGE inspiration to most, if not, ALL metal bands, like KoRn and their 'brothers' Slipknot. Metallica defined Metal, by creating HUGE hits, like: One (which KoRn did a great job of covering), Fade to Black, Master of Puppets, For Whom The Bell Tolls, Fuel, Nothing Else Matters, Enter Sandman (which Rob Zombie, Motorhead and other bands covered)...

I love KoRn a lot, however, Metallica are legendary, and are RIGHT up there.

The 'best metal band', is held tightly between: Iron Maiden and Metallica, in an everlasting debate... However, at the end of the day, who toured with the founder of metal? Metallica. Who was the ringmaster of the Big Four? Metallica. Whose songs can bring a tear to one's eye, or blast them out the window, with ...more - The1stEpicFace

I am a huge metallica fan, and they are my favorite band. that doesn't make them the best metal band of all time. To all of you who vote based on your specific favorites completely ruin the point of this list. To all of you who say this band is best because they influenced everyone, guess who influenced Metallica? Black Sabbath. and where are they? behind a7x and japan x and other crappy new bands. Don't get me wrong, I love Metallica, but if you go to any serious metal critic and ask him what the best metal band of all time is, I guarantee that list wont have japan x on it, and bands like black sabbath will be much higher on the list

Almost every fan of whatever band on this thread thinks their favourite band should be #1, but all the documented evidence around the globe points to one band - Metallica. This thread, and over half the bands on it, are now able to make a living playing unthinkably brutal metal because Metallica were gutsy enough to pioneer and popularise the thrash movement. They also sell vast amounts of records and sell out shows in any country they care to visit. You will find generations of fans of all types and tastes in music at their shows because they are so highly revered. Modern metal started when Metallica said so. The classiest and most human of all metal bands.

No matter your opinion of Punk, the great moralist Jello Biafra laid down the challenge to metal bands the world over to become intelligent, not boneheaded satanists or chest-beating braggarts. He admired metal's emotional fury and angst, but loathed stupidity. Metallica were not influenced by Dead Kennedy's in any way, but they made metal that was lyrically sophisticated and downright aggressive. Metallica took metal from fantasy stupidity to reality with compositions about capital punishment, child abuse, emotional distress, addiction - you name it, they wrote about it. They made metal a dignified passion to be involved in.

During a time of vinyl, cassettes, and no mobile phones, Metallica came roaring to life in unthinkable fashion. They were 50-years before their time, and to call them sell outs is to miss the point. Yes, they were a metal band, but have you heard such technical progressive thrash in your life before? Even now, is there a band that sound like them? Like any great artist, such as Tool or Led Zeppelin or Deep Purple or Between the Buried and Me, they defy description. Metallica pay tribute to metal bands, punk bands, Nick Cave, Lou Reed - you name it. In 15-years time they'll be on some other thread as some indescribable act. It's time to let them be.

Metallica are unquestionably the greatest and most influential metal band in history. The fact is that they are a victim of their own success, and so when you don't write the greatest metal albums of all time repeatedly over and over, deviate off what others deem the chosen path and do what are essential side-projects as a band, Metallica are resented for it. But I live the fact that they're flawed human beings and not perfection, because they themselves have never claimed otherwise. The only thing bigger than Metallica is their fans and the bands that are also fans. Perhaps a fitting band to end all bands for the planet's immense problem it faces. Read the lyrics to the prescient Blackened.

These guys are AWESOME! Creeping Death from the Ride The Lightning album was the song which got me to start listening to metal. I know some of you guys think that they sold out after the black album. But the fact that they have changed their musical direction and again came back to their roots only proves, that they have been there and done it all. They show great versatility in their songs from Master of Puppets and Metal Militia to Mama Said and Nothing Else Matters... And to think even after 30 years these guys are still kicking ass proves that they are the greatest band ever. Metallica FOR LIFE! M/

Metallica are the cradle of metal civilisation and evolution. Black Sabbath were a different species, but Metallica brought aggression, disenchantment, technical ferocity, and lyrical sophistication to a scene in desperate need of new blood. Take a look at the size of this thread and the amount of bands indebted to them. It is staggering. They have created 5 of the greatest thrash albums you can own, 5 of the greatest heavy metal albums you can own, invented an entire genre on their own, and are widely regarded as the greatest heavy metal band of all time. A remarkable life.

If you're familiar with the phrase "Standing on the shoulders of giants", then you'll have some idea of what Metallica are to the world of metal. If your band is fast, technical, and has a modicum of intelligence then chances are they're influenced by Metallica. Now Metallica have broad shoulders and have been carrying the load for decades for countless bands for decades, so if you're a fan join the queue and jump onboard and reach for the skies, as their dizzying heights, but if you're not but like thrash metal, then do Metallica and the world a favour and jump.

I am not going to sell myself out bashing Megadeth, as other Metal Purist do ( at least they think that their opinions are better then everyone else ) But it's just a band wagon statement! There is nothing called selling out. Metallica didn't sign any contract staying thrash forever. And they saud early 85 that they would try to go into different type of music and not just be playing fast all the time. Therefor they did not sell out...

And I pick Load and reload over the pop songs dave did in the 90s.. At least it's blues hardrock.. Not pop rock.. Can someone honestly compare load and reload as Easy listening music that was directed for popularity? For me it sounded like a direction just like Rush did.. Why can't metallica do the same? Selling out for doing something they want to do? They can make a madonna Cd if they wanna to..

Metallica is the reason I am a metalhead! I can switch favorit band every month. But I always end back at metallica. Cause I can relate to it! ...more

Great thread, and it honours the greats as it should, and as a Metallica fan I guess. I'm biased. But it is also a threatening read for the older fans as this thread rightly honours the new wave of metal, and change isn't easy for people to take. It's unthinkable to me that a band may one day be better than Metallica, so I sympathise with Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath fans and the like, as one day I'm going to see the honestly greatest metal band of all time surpassed. That said, when a band earns it, then I shall wear it. Until then, Metallica are the gold standard.

Many, many years ago, two young kids named James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich found they had a mutual common interest which made them great mates - their love of metal, but their utter disdain for bands who played it, wore spandex and lipstick and lace, so they decided to go on a furious jeans and t-shirts Bay Area thrash outburst of the likes metal had never seen before, and the rest is history. They're a lot kinder to those bands guilty of spandex metal crime now than they were then, but they're 50-years-old now, not angry 18-year-kids anymore. Sleep tight.

Of course Metallica are the greatest. The reason they haven't been very prolific over their 35-year career is that every bloody person on the planet wants to see then live. Also, there are a number of ways to pay tribute to a fallen metal comrade, but best two I know of is Slayer's riotous mosh pit to Raining Blood at Jeff Hanneman's funeral, and Metallica's And Justice For All...album, which has to be one of the most furious, technical, and progressive ode's to Cliff Burton. It, and the Black album, would be albums the great bassist would be proud of.

Metallica and Tool are the two best bands on this thread, because lyrically and technically and progressively they are the most sophisticated. They personalise the listening experience. But Tool don't belong here as they're openly not a metal band, so that leaves only one, the mighty Metallica - the gold standard in metal. To all those who loathe them for Load and Reload etc. send an email to your favourite band and tell them to write albums that are even half as great as Metallica's first 5 and then you'll have a case. Oh, they can't? Well, case closed then.

I'm picking Metallica because I don't consider zeppelin metal because their songs have such a variety they have great songs such as going to California and no quarter which are much softer, though I'm sure every great metal band was greatly influenced by them, but back to Metallica, they have produced great album after great album, I don't get why people don't like them because they're successful? They put metal in the mainstream and I'm sure many kids picked up the guitar because of the black album - MichaellScott

Metallica in it for the money? Bollocks! Not only did they create the greatest heavy metal genre in metal history; not only are they the most talented exponents of thrash, but they spoke to generations of alienated kids with their aggression and personal, profound lyrics; and they're also the most blue-collar metal band in history who relentlessly you're the planet spreading the word and giving generously back to their fans. That was the reality in the early 80's and shall be till the day their done. Metal's greatest band.

Quite a hard decision, however Metallica, mostly the early stuff have earned the first spot. I love most of the real metal bands around, such as Thrash bands: Slayer and Megadeth and Kreator, Death and Melodic Death bands, particularly In Flames, the gods of the NWOBHM such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead and Angel Witch and also Power Metal, Doom Metal and even though I'm not into Black Metal that much, I lower my hat to their intensity. However, bands such as Avenged Sevenfold should'nt be so high up the list. Not that they are not a good band, but they can never match the greats of Heavy Metal.