Best Metal/Proto Metal Songs of Queen

These songs are some of the heaviest songs of Queen often considered as heavy metal or proto metal of different metal sub-genres.

Note: Adding 10 items is a very hard work. So I've decided to add the non-metal songs on low of the list.

The Top Ten

1 Ogre Battle

You could check the sample. You'll see how heavy the song is. - zxm

Yes, I guess this song was very heavy for its time. - Metal_Treasure

This riff can't be a hard rock riff. - zxm

2 Stone Cold Crazy

I agree with this list, Queen actually do have several songs that sound like Metal/Proto-Metal. - christangrant

This was actually the first metal song I ever listened to. - Element119

Widely considered the 1st proto-thrash metal song (1974). It was written by Freddie even before 1974. - Metal_Treasure

3 Son and Daughter

The sample has a heavy part. - zxm

4 Father to Son
5 Great King Rat
6 White Man
7 Liar
8 Death On Two Legs
9 Dead On Time
10 Sheer Heart Attack

Not sure if its punk or metal. Most confusing song to me. - zxm

The Contenders

11 Modern Times Rock N Roll

To me sounds a bit metalish although I'm not 100% sure it could just be fast hard rock - christangrant

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