Best Metal Songs of January and February 2019

The Top Ten

1 This Road - Children of Bodom

I loved this song from the 1st listen, from the first notes. - Metal_Treasure

2 Alchemy - Avantasia

Impressive intro, cool riff and great vox by Tobias Sammet and Geoff Tate - Metal_Treasure

3 Head of a Pin - Overkill

Well, it's Overkill and we all know what to expect. - Metal_Treasure

4 Between Man and Wolf - Lemuria
5 Welcome to the Garden State - Overkill
6 Requiem for a Dream - Avantasia

Good ol' power metal with vox by Tobias Sammet and Michael Kiske. - Metal_Treasure

7 Starbreaker - Traveler
8 Vetry Zlye (Ветры злые) - Rotting Christ

Orig. title Ветры злые (Vetry Zlye) - the title is in Russian and translates to Evil Winds (or something like that). But the band are from Greece. Go figure. - Metal_Treasure

9 In the Name of God - Rotting Christ
10 Mindless Maze - Traveler

The Contenders

11 Book of Shallows - Avantasia

Love the chorus to this song - great songwriting Tobi! - Metal_Treasure

12 Rain of Fury - Rhapsody of Fire
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