Top 10 Best Bangladeshi Metal Songs

Tons of lists about English metal songs have been created. No Bangladeshi metal song list was ever created. That's why I'm adding this list.

1. There isn't a single list about "Best Bangladeshi Metal Songs" on the internet. So the songs I added is my own choice. I though these will be best.

2. I haven't added any Nu/Alternative/Glam metal songs Since they aren't considered as "pure metal". Other than these genres, heavy/progressive/thrash metal etc genres are included here.

3. This list contains only Bangladeshi metal songs, not Bengali metal songs. So anything from outside of Bangladesh hasn't been added here.

I'll try my best to update this list. Even if no one adds anything.
The Top Ten
1 Oniket Prantor - Artcell
2 Guti the Finale - Aurthohin
3 Odious Zephyr - Cryptic Fate
4 Bhul Jonmo - Artcell

Some of the parts may not be metal, but most of the part of this song is metal.

5 Artonad - Rockstrata
6 Boshe Achi (New) - Warfaze

By the way, even if nothing in this song is metal, the riff and the solo are pretty metal, which is one of the most important aspects to make a song metal.

7 Shongbidhaner Biday - Minerva

Don't need to think about it here. The opening riff is quite a metal riff.

8 Bayobio - De-Illumination
9 Cancer Er Nishi Kabbo - Aurthohin

Quite a long song, has both soft and heavy parts.

10 Moharaj - Warfaze

I was very confused when I was adding this song, whether to add it or not. But I decided to add this song.

The Contenders
11 Antim Jatra - Funeral Anthem

The intro just keeps spinning in my head.

By the way, it's a good song, but not totally "pure metal" because it has very few metal parts.

12 Oshamajik - Warfaze
13 Onno Shomoy - Artcell
14 Chena Jogot - Vibe
15 Ekti Chele - Warfaze

I'd add this, but I was very confused if it's hard rock or heavy metal.

I still can't figure out if it's metal or hard rock. Somewhere, I read it's one of the few metal songs of the '90s.

16 Guti (From Hell) - Aurthohin

Probably the first song of the Guti series. Anyway, it's a metal song. I don't know who the backing vocalist was, but his vocals seemed a bit metal.

17 Shohid Shoroni - Artcell
18 Mitthar Agrashor - Powersurge
19 Notun Shader Khoje - Rockstrata
20 Victory Serenade - Exenemy
21 Jaatra - Minerva
22 Shat Din - Aurthohin
23 Voboghure - Cryptic Fate
24 Shitol Shurjo - Funeral Anthem
25 Uru Uru Mon - Aurthohin
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