Top 10 Things Metal Fans Need to Stop Doing

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1 Commenting rude things on pop videos

Metal is alright in my opinion, but I agree with this. If you don't like pop music, then don't listen to it.

We can't help it. Well, mainly the elitists.

Yeah! Metal is a lame genre!

2 Complaining metal isn't popular enough

Honestly, it doesn't really need to be popular, but I think they deserve at least more fame.

3 Thinking people hate them when no one really cares
4 Saying bad things about other genres and then getting mad when someone says something bad about metal

I agree with this.

5 Making fun of people who like other genres

Only elitists do this. - Metalhead1997

6 Acting like some sort of superior race

So did the Nazis and pretty much every other civilization throughout history... - Metalhead1997

Because we are, helots!

7 Hating things for the sole reason that they're popular
8 Arguing about sub-genres

The reason we do this is so no one is ignorant. If you don't know the difference between deathcore and death metal, we have a right to educate you. It may be a little bit forceful, though.

9 Bashing every other genre
10 Trying to get people who don't like metal to change their minds

You just have to accept the fact that metal isn't for everyone. People's opinions can change overtime you know.

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11 Thinking that the music they listen to defines them as a person
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