Top 10 Tips to Make a Good Warrior Cats OC

These are tips to make a good warrior cats OC. Hope these tips help.
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1 Give them some flaws

This is something that everyone needs. Some people don't give their characters any flaws on the Wiki or give them strange flaws. For example, in 'Without a Tail,' the protagonist has one pretty lame flaw and another has two tails, which is genetically impossible.

I'm glad this is on here because there are still Mary Sues in Warrior Cats. That's the best written series in the world, and anyone who hates it has a smashed head! Give them some balanced flaws, or else they could be a bit too flaw-happy, I guess? I still wish that unnatural colors were at the top, though.

Anyway, always remember to give your character flaws!

- Moonstar of ThunderClan

2 Don't use unnatural fur or eye colors (green, purple etc)

I mean, if you do this, then give it a reason. Like, did they dye their fur? Was it an accident? A defect? Just make sure that it's realistic. Don't go too crazy if your reason is a defect.

I can understand why this is annoying sometimes, but it's just so babyish to make a vibrant neon orange cat or something. I do have a rainbow cat (her name is Mistycloud), but she used to be a kittypet, and her twolegs thought that she would look cuter if she were rainbow.

- Stonepaw

There are some natural colors like blue, flame-ginger, and yellow. This does not limit creativity because if you want a good OC (no offense), you have to use realistic colors.

It's okay if you have a black cat with white spots and different colored eyes because that can actually happen. But vibrant purple fur is just so babyish! It's like someone wants to make a magical pony cat, for StarClan's sake! If you do that in Warrior Cats: Ultimate Edition, you are not experienced, and I might report you for glitching. Give the cat a colorful tinge, but no vibrant reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, etc.

- Moonstar of ThunderClan

3 Don't use star as a prefix

Okay, if you are going to do this, make them a rogue that used to be a warrior with the name Star(something) who decided to keep their warrior name. Or make them a medicine cat. Though if they are a pure rogue or kittypet, go ahead, name them Star if you want.

I don't believe in "traditional naming," so go ahead. However, if the character ever becomes a leader, this may be problematic.

If you want to make a second Starkit's prophecy, use Starstar. But a tribe story makes it different. There was Star that Shines on Water! Go ahead, use it!

4 Don't make him/her involved in more than 3 prophecies

Even one prophecy is the max. And don't just make the protagonist in a prophecy. The prophecies themselves will start getting boring if it's the same cat over and over. To be in a prophecy, you have to be quite important or special. Don't make a prophecy with a million cats in it! Five is the max for me. It also gets annoying when the cats NEVER fail in prophecies. Just get your cat in one prophecy. One is enough!

- Stonepaw

Yes! I started losing interest when characters were Mary Sues with no flaws and were destined to never fail in any way. Precious writers, don't ruin it for the people who will support your writing the most.

Take time to build a beautiful, flawed character. Make chapters and stories about how they overcome their mistakes or do the wrong thing in a situation and maturely brave the consequences.

5 A cat with a power is fine, but too much power will turn them to a Mary Sue

Yeah, because if they have too much power and they're a good guy, then they will be too predictable. If they're a bad guy, then they will beat everybody, and the good guy is supposed to win. If the bad guy does win, then it would be super boring. Nobody wants to read a book that is super boring.

It's fun to try and come up with absurd and strange powers. The main thing you want to avoid is your character being able to steamroll through all their problems using their powers.

Yes, very true. Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, Dovewing, and Lionblaze have powers but not overly powerful ones.

6 Sometimes a simple name (Leafpelt, Lionclaw, etc.) can be as good as complicated names (Hawkthunder, Darkfire, etc.)

Exactly. This doesn't mean that it's always the case, but sometimes making the name of an OC simpler can even make it more unique.

Yeah, because you don't want to spend an hour on a name. If their name is complicated, then they will sound very special. It is okay to have a complicated name though.

Yeah, because simple names could mean simple on the outside but complicated on the inside.

7 If you're making an evil cat, give them a backstory

There's a ThunderClan medicine cat who's a long-furred white she-cat with blue eyes, more than what meets the eye. Her name is Snowfern (sounds innocent, right?), as a kit, she dreamed of becoming a medicine cat. She fears Ashfur because he was brainwashing her to train in the Dark Forest, she became a medicine cat. As an apprentice, she saves a warrior from Ashfur. She and Bristlefrost try to kill Ashfur. Then the hero of the story, a black tom with orange eyes, a ShadowClan warrior (Shadescar) stops her. Accidently kills her mate, Foxfern, Haves to give away for 2 kits to be a medicine cat. (Type of villain: vengeful fallen hero)

8 Don't use the word beautiful, pretty, perfect, etc. as a prefix or suffix

Yeah, because then what if the cat gets badly injured or something? The other cats might get jealous if they have a name like that.

You know, Dappletail was "once beautiful she-cat," and I think Princess was "pretty" as a character. Yeah, this is fine, but no Prettyface, please.

Read this story, and I'll tell you everything wrong with it.

Perfectpaw is beautiful in every way. She's epic, kind to everyone, and so brave. Everyone loves her so much.

So, Perfectpaw can be beautiful, I guess, but you need to even it out! Maybe Perfectpaw could be rude, really insecure, or unable to make friends. Whatever you do, just don't use the word Perfectpaw.

- Swordpaw

9 Don't use things cats don't know (galaxy, neon, etc) as a prefix or suffix

Honestly, this is just plain stupid. The only exceptions should be daylight warriors, former kittypets, and former rogues. It also depends on the Clan. You could make a Clan where they use different naming systems or have lots of former kittypets. Just don't do this if you want to make a good, realistic OC.

- Stonepaw

Yeah, because the mom names the kit and the leader gives it its suffix, and they can't name it something that they don't even know exists. They can be named anything if they are a kittypet though.

10 Don’t copy a canon character from the books

I had this friend who wrote bad Warriors fanfiction and put it in our school library. She copied Leafpool and Dovewing from the books.

Here is what was wrong with it (I might go off-topic):

1. She copied characters from the books
2. She said 'glitching' when cats don't know what that is
3. There was a cat named Banjo
4. It was snowing and then it was suddenly sunny!

Honestly, just don't do that. It's actually a crime to take characters from a movie or book that you don't own. At least give them credit or don't publish it! You can write canon fanfiction or a canon/fanon mix, but don't write fanon fanfiction and then use canon characters!

- Stonepaw

The Contenders
11 Don't make them overpowered

Like I said before, if a character never struggles with anything, they're less interesting to read about.

Yes, it makes them a complete Mary Sue/Gary Stu.

12 Give him/her a name that matches their personality and physical look

It doesn't really matter about having a name that fits an OC since sometimes it can be nice to have an ironic name. For example, I have an OC named Talonfrisk, which would imply that they're really fierce, but they're actually a mediator in their clan.

Can you imagine a cat named Snowclaw who is plain black, or a cat named Flamestrike who is a peaceful medicine cat?

13 Don’t make them the leader unless they have real leadership qualities

Yes, Rosestar is a fine leader for my OC Clan, OakClan. She is a good leader and mentor. She mentored five apprentices.

She has good leadership skills, can teach other cats, and is a good speaker.

Most of the time, this would apply. However, sometimes it could be funny to have a cat become a leader without great leadership skills.

Ok, I am making a fan fiction about how my clan, OakClan, was made and one of the characters ends up being leader. But this cat does possess leadership qualities. This also goes for active leaders. Don't make them bad at their job and make the protagonist do the leading.

14 Don't be afraid to be unrealistic

There should be some reason to do that. "They are special" isn't an excuse. Albino cats by DNA? Dyed kittypet? Was it an accident? There must be a reason, or you'll get a bunch of comments screaming "Cats aren't pink, stupid." Even if you think it is fine, some don't.

This is something I think more of the fandom needs to hear. There's no harm in dipping into the fantasy aspect of Warrior Cats a little. As long as your character is still written well, what's the problem?

Yeah! After all, this is Warrior Cats, a book where cats can talk, make up their own clans and names, have their own naming system and StarClan, possess human intelligence, and use medicine.

15 Don't make him/her have a super long name (Butterflysparkle, Marigoldpetal, etc.)

This is a small thing, but I agree with it. It's good to have a name that rolls off the tongue nicely and isn't a chore to read or pronounce.

Yeah, because then it might be really hard to remember or pronounce. Plus, you might accidentally misspell it.

16 Don't use moon, sun, or other symbolic things for the cats

I don't remember Sun being an illegal name. The "Moon is a bad suffix/prefix because" rule has never been used, and Traditional Naming is a fan concept.

If it's your own AU, and the cats don't have as much respect for the moon or sun, you can have a cat named Moonheart or Sunstrike. But that's the only time.

17 Be original

Like a comment from before said, don't copy a main character, even a character that wasn't important.

18 Be creative with colors and patterns

It's also good to be creative with proportions and shape. As a basic character design principle, you should be able to pick out your character in a crowd and recognize them via silhouette.

Yes, my OC Birchflight has, well, birch tree coloring! Her underbelly, back legs, and tail are the part of a birch under the bark. The rest is white and black striped!

That's probably the best part about making OCs: just being creative and having fun.

19 Give them a few scars and injuries, but don't go overboard

Yes, and I think there should be some backstory about how your OC got its scars because they can't just have scars appear from nowhere. Robinflight has a huge scratch on her tummy from battle. Unless your OC has been in a huge battle, it shouldn't have scars on every part of its body.

- Dustflower

They had to get a few scratches from somewhere, or else they wouldn't look like a warrior.

Imagine a cat with no legs, torn ears, and a ripped tail.

20 If you're making a mean OC, make sure they actually care about something

YES! Otherwise, they don't seem real and have no real character.

Mhm! Characters always have something to care about, even if they're evil.

Or their personality is just one-dimensional.

21 Don't give him/her accessories (collars, earrings, bracelets, etc.)

Well, give them a collar if they're a kittypet. But let's say you give your OC earrings and a necklace...

Yeah, because then everybody will think they are kittypets. You can only give them collars if they are in BloodClan or are a kittypet.

Have you ever seen a cat with earrings?

22 Be creative

It's your OC. Do what only you can do.

23 Don't be afraid to be creative with names

There are no set names for cats. I'm not saying name a warrior Lilly or Perfect. Stick to the normal prefix-suffix names, but don't just name your OC Darkfur. Instead, call it something like Duskstripe, or instead of Swiftheart, name them Rabbitleap (since rabbits are pretty fast).

24 Give them a not too sad backstory

Okay, I'm going to give you a sad backstory and point out what's wrong with it.

Once upon a time, Dawnpaw went on a walk with her mentor, family, and leader. They ran into BloodClan, and they were all killed except Dawnpaw.

Okay, first of all, how would your mentor, family, and leader all die? Sure, maybe one of those people. But why her entire family? And why would they go so close to BloodClan? Make it logical, too. It's okay to be tragic, just not that tragic.

25 Don't use weird suffixes like Grayscale or Margoildpath
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