Top 10 Things Wrong with Warrior Cats

I LOVE the Warrior Cats series. It's a very good series, but there are things wrong with it. Here are some of them.
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1 Erin Hunter not giving Hollyleaf a power just because they couldn't think of a power for her

That sucks. No offense but that's one of the stupidest things ever. I know that she killed Ashfur but Lionblaze killed Russetfur and he's still part of the three

This is bad. Poor Hollyleaf she didn't get a power and how must she feel? She was a great cat and deserved to have a power like her brother.

Yes, this is possibly the stupidest thing ever. What I want to know is, if you can think of a power for Dovewing, then why couldn't Hollyleaf get Dovewing's power, hmmm? No offense, and I have nothing against Dovewing, but Hollyleaf is better and deserved the powers way more. Between the three cats competing for the spot in the prophecy (Dovewing, Ivypool, and Hollyleaf) I like Hollyleaf the most, even though Ivypool's pretty great too. This doesn't make any sense! Like, give Hollyleaf Dovewing's power! Maybe she would actually USE IT for something useful instead of just whining about ShadowClan and rejecting Bumblestripe and Foxleap all day long.

Unpopular opinion time: Dovewing is way better than Hollyleaf. Honestly, Hollyleaf was quite boring to me. Even after she murdered Ashfur, I felt like I needed a better main character than Hollyleaf. Dovewing was that better character for me. She was so fun to read about!

2 ThunderClan always being the hero while other clans especially ShadowClan are always the enemies

This is so freaking annoying! So first when I looked at the series title The Power Of Three I thought there was going to be cat from one of the other Clans not in ThunderClan, but guess what the three are all ThunderClan! I like how Jayfeather thought that the fourth cat was Mothwing or Flametail. Its like ThunderClan are the "heroes" when they are like the most disloyal Clan.

Ikr! Shadowclan is my favourite clan then it's riverclan. Shadowclan didn't do anything wrong its BROKENSTAR, TIGERSTAR and all that. It's the leaders not the normal cats in the clan itself.

This is really annoying. Even though, ThunderClan is my favorite clan, they don't always have to be the hero! There are lots of good cats in ShadowClan. Tawnypelt, Tigerstar (The son of Tawnypelt), Dovewing, Flametail, and many, many more! The good cats deserve to be the hero, at least one time. Even in the Warrior's Ultimate Guide it says that ShadowClan warriors are cold and heartless! That is so not true. ShadowClan cats have feelings, you know!

Argh, this is SO annoying! I mean, at first it made ThunderClan all heroic and stuff, but then it just started to get ANNOYING. ThunderClan shoves it's big hairy nose into EVERYTHING. RiverClan had a minor conflict? ThunderClan comes barging in. ShadowClan had new kits? ThunderClan comes barging in. WindClan caught a rabbit? ThunderClan comes barging in. SkyClan fought off a fox? ThunderClan comes barging in. The Tribe of Rushing Water has a new problem? ThunderClan comes FLYING in. ThunderClan is a clan full of mary sues and gary stus, since ThunderClan is victorious in nearly every single frickin battle.

3 Too many forbidden couples

I totally agree. It's supposed to be a series about cats who fight with each other. But instead it's become 7 series about cats in love with each other. Seriously, they should just allow cats from other clans to have relationships if people are gonna do it this much.

This used to be so in treating but now I'm like grr. Why can't we have a nice, loving couple who have been friends since they were kits. I mean some forbidden romances is cool. But now I feel like EVERYONE is doing it. And sometimes it feels repetitive. Also, almost every main character in the arcs have a forbidden romances. Not all of them. But seriously...A LOT of them

It's became expected by this point like in The Broken Code series it's like oooohhh we have a perspective of Rootpawspring in SkyClan and the perspective of Bristlepawfrost in ThunderClan I think they might like each other. And guess what happens? They end up confessing to each other but they don't have kits but if Bristlefrost didn't die then they could've ended up in a forbidden couple!

The forbidden couple is an annoying trope in general. What makes it even worse is how cats never get any sort of punishment for it. A good example is Leafpool. She ruined the lives of other cats, and what happens? Nothing! And that's just one example. It happens too many times to count. It's almost like the writers are running out of ideas so they grip onto the same thing over and over.

4 Erin Hunter brought back Hollyleaf just to kill her in the next book

This was something I always hated. Why even bother bringing her back? Not to mention she's rarely seen in StarClan, with the exception of Squirrelflight's Hope. What irritates me more is the fact that Lionblaze and Jayfeather don't seem to even care that their only sister died. They just pretend she doesn't exist.

This pissed me off so hard when I found out (through spoilers) that I actually refused to read the rest of the books. Why give her all of that development just to kill her off again? Lazy writing?

What was that for I thought it was going to be better. But once you think about it what did she every come back in the first place and Hawkfrost that kills her why not Tigerstar

Omg, that's bad! Hollyleaf is one of my favs and I'm annoyed at the fact that she only returned to be killed. But at the same time I'm very glad that she saved Ivypool.

5 Cats being able to talk within days of birth

I think that cats in the WarriorCats series can that and open their eyes so quickly, is because cats have shorter lives than humans, 1 moon for a cat is like 1 year for humans in terms of life span. This for some reason does not apply to Mistystar, though.

I can't find why is that a big problem. Irl cats are able to meow from their first days (when they are hungry or scared) and that means that in the Warriors series they can talk. I had kittens on my yard so I know what kittens are doing very well!

This annoys me so much. It's so unrealistic! Why would they need to talk so soon, I mean give them at least a month before they can talk!

This is a book where cats live in the wild,
Use Old leaves to clean wounds, belive
In spirits In the stars and have powers and you worry bout this?

6 Impossible genes

I mean, the entire thing is crazy. Their wildcats, right? Wildcats are always grey or brown. You'd never see a white cat in the wild. And besides how are all of them so far? They get hardly anything to eat, it just doesn't make sense at all.

Graystripe and Millie are both gray, get Blossomfall is a tortoiseshell and Briarlight is dark brown. Technically, the Havanna Brown is the only cat breed to be dark brown. Also, in the wild, it is pretty hard to come across a pure gray cat, yet warriors seems to have 1/3 of all cats be pure gray. Ex. Dovewing, Cinderpelt, Mistystar, Stonefur, Bluestar...
Bluestar is also impossible, unless purebred. The Russian Blue is the only blueish gray cat out there. Also, MALE TORTOISESHELLS! Who's idea was this? Spiderleg: black and brown can't exist both on a cat. Why does he have a brown chest? Sandynose has ginger legs... There are many white cats with blue eyes who aren't deaf, except for Snowkit, which thankfully the authors mentioned this genetic thing, but then, WHY do all of the white cats have blue eyes and aren't deaf? Plus, out in the wild, it is pretty hard to come across a pure white cat. I have a BIG problem with this. The Erins should have done some research before coming up ...more

Genetics don't matter, this is a series where cats are very much human like and unrealistic. In real life, a cat won't give a darn about herbs and stuff like that, they can't swim and won't naturally, nor do cats live in packs or have love preferences, so genetics counts very little in the series.

Fire (ginger) + Sand (ginger) = Leaf (brown and white) LIKE WHAT

Golden (ginger) + Tiger (dark tabby) = Tawny (tortoiseshell) ?

Crow (dark gray) + Leaf (brown and white) = Lion (golden) Jay (light gray tabby)

Storm (blue-gray) + Moon (silver tabby) = Snow (95% WHITE)

Gray (gray) + Millie (silver) = Blossom (tortoiseshell) Briar (dark brown)

Red (tortie toms are rare, usually can't have kits, and are sickly)


Blue-eyed cats usually can't have blue eyes without white fur touching their eyes. They can, but it's very rare.

7 So many cats in ThunderClan

The cats from the first arc lived WAY to long and the Erins killed off all the new cats before I had time to know them. Now ThunderClan is ruined. I REALLY hope we get to know and love more cause better. That's probably just me but who knows.

They have so many cats because they are the main clan. If shadow clan was the main clan they would probably have so many cats.

Yes, I mean there must be like 40 or so now, I'm hoping for a huge purge in The Raging Storm because its getting ridiculous and I don't think the authors can keep track of them, let alone the readers.

In the beginning of the series Bluestar was like "we don't have enough cats" even though they had more than every other clan and to this day CONTINUE TO HAVE 50 CATS! It's just annoying.

8 A very repetitive plot

Every ark after Firestar's point of view feels repeated.

I feel like I'm reading the same plot in every new arc!

It's getting boring at this point.

9 The Warrior Code itself

Some parts of the code I understand, some I think are stupid. But this is just one that annoys me-

Medicine cats not being able to have a mate or kits. I can kind of understand the kits part, because it gets to be a lot of work while you also need to take care of your clan, but I say if you have another fully trained medicine cat it should be okay to have kits. There is always the risk of the other medicine cat dying while you're already pregnant, but that doesn't happen very often. Also, once the kits can have prey, you can just let a queen take care of them. And then the mates part. I don't see why a medicine cat can't find love. Kits could get in the way, but I don't see what harm a mate could do.

Honestly, I like seeing the struggle between following orders, and doing what is right. Yeah, the code has its flaws, but having said flaws and overcoming them is interesting, and a vital piece in clan evolution. Man I just said a mouthful:) Anyway, I disagree with this because I think it makes for a more interesting novel. Tell me, where would thunderlan be if firestar didn't defy bluestar ? He learned so much from that experience. As do all other characters who are put in such a situation. Its neccaary. Besides, the code gets updated in TBC.

A few ones in the warrior code make me feel odd. Like the one stating that the leader's word is law. It's basically saying the cats in the clan can't question the leader if they're cruel or unjust. This rule has been abused by both the imposter, Brokenstar, Tigerstar, and multiple other bad leaders. -Fallen from before StarClan

It can be extremely stupid, as well as the medicine cat code can be. I mean, how many cats have broken the mates rule at this point?

10 StarClan being biased

Mapleshade: goes insane because her clan turns against her, her kits die, her "mate" not only says it's her fault, but has already become mates with someone else, and she goes mad from grief, then kills the cats she blames for her kits deaths.
Starclan: "You'll never be welcomed here after all that you've done! Burn in hell!"

Ashfur: goes crazy because his crush doesn't like him back, proceeds to try to burn her and her sisters kits alive, as well as plot with two of the most evil cats in the history of Warriors and kill his leader.
Starclan: "Oh, it's not your fault you loved too much little Ashy!"

STARCLAN LISTEN UP, so your letting in ashfrick huh because he tryed to kill everyone over love and he gets rewarded with cat heaven, but because maplequeen avenges her kits after a mate cheating on her you let her fade until she reincarnates?

StarClan puts favorites for who their kin is. Like the whole Hawkfrost and Ashfur thing, that was basically the only thing Hawkfrost did bad was try to kill Firestar. And don't say "he also faked a sign from StarClan" Jay, Holly, Lion, Flame, Tiger, and Dawn also did that, and they weren't punished. Ashfur helped Hawkfrost AND tried to kill some of his clanmates for Squilf not being with him. Toxic much? -Fallen from before StarClan

It's really annoying. Yellowfang broke the medicine cat code, so then her child is destined to literally destroy shadow clan. However leafpool breaks TWO codes, and her children are the shining three who are destined to save the clans. Why starclan.

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11 Dovewing being the third cat when she did almost nothing

what do you mean ALMOST, she did nothing at all. Just act super cute only to be a rule-breaking cat who brags about pointless stuff. If anyone deserves a prophecy its Hollyleaf the most.

All she did was whine! "Poor me, I'm in a relationship with Tigerheart that breaks the warrior code in so many ways, while my sisters risking her life for the clans every night and I have to yell at her about it! Life's so hard!" Her power did almost NOTHING! But everyone goes "Oh, Dovewing, what could we do without you?" All she did was waste her powers on spying on Tigerheart!

I see the ones below this and think wow most of those are ridiculously stupid better vote for a less stupid one. For example 14 because the injury that scourge inflicted on firestar wasn't as fatal as the injury inflicted to tiger star it mentions IN THE BOOK that firestar dodged the blow that had taken all of tiger stars lives. Sorry for the hate but this is plain stupid. Now another example is 9 Sorry your argument actually goes against science! Cats can have many different colour pigments and patterns also there may be dormant genes so ya broke the myth. This last one the no gay couples one isn't stupid but let's think your right there should be gay couples it would add more plot and is just rude to ignore them as these cats are sentient cats from what in know are only sexually attracted to the opposite sex. Though these are sentient cats and I agree there should be gay couples. Now look at the others with a new understanding really the farther down you go the worse it gets. Sorry ...more

What is everyone's problem with Dovewing? Compare her to Mapleshade, and see how much love that load of fox dung gets.

12 Firestar being part of almost every prophecy

His arc was okay, but after it, he lost all personality as a leader and became Bluestar the 2nd. Condescending, disgustingly self-righteous, and a bit, no, a LOT biased. Of course, in his arc, he had to be the hero every time. If you think of it from a narrator's view, Firepaw was just an apprentice who happened to be an orphan and kittypet. Alright, interesting, but not so tragic and unique that Bluestar had to favor him for everything!

If anyone deserves a prophecy it should be Hollyleaf and Ivypool, Ivypool was forced to spy on cats from cathell while Dovedung brags and whines about useless relationships, and Hollyleaf gets killed off? If I was a cat I would've rather killed Dovewing and go to cat hell than be a normal cat.

Firestar is a fat, lazy Gary Stu. He walks in camp, and all of a sudden he's everyone's hero. And he has three she-cats going after him. Not that he can control that, but he hurts Sandstorm's feelings when he mopes about missing Spottedleaf. I felt so bad for Sandstorm when Firestar kept mentioning Spottedleaf in front of her.
Firestar sucks.

Firestar was alright in the first six books of the series but he quickly went down afterwards. The cat lost all of his personality and had to be the hero for EVERYTHING. It is so annoying! Firestar's arc is over, so get over with it Erin Hunters! Give him a break! Stop dragging him into everything!

13 Ashfur being accepted by StarClan

Ashfur, should go to the Dark Forest. He was jealous, angry, sad, heartbroken, furious, frustrated, envious, and mean! That's the definition of a cat in the Dark Forest. He should learn to accept that he lost to Brambleclaw/star. He keeps trying to win Squirrelflight, but she doesn't love him! He is very annoying.

Yes, Squirrelflight admitted she didn't feel the same way about him as he did about her. And yes, that is a reason to feel bad. But no, that is not a reason to try and kill your ex's children.

He tried to kill four cats.

End of story.

Thistleclaw goes a little crazy, goes to dark forest. Ashfur tries to kill Firestar, Hollyleaf, Jayfeather, and Lionblaze, etemps to ruin Squirrelflight's life, conspires against Thunderclan, and goes to Starclan. Logic.

Thistleclaw is a pedophile. He was romantically interested in Spottedleaf when she was a young apprentice and manipulated her. He was the reason why she turned from a warrior apprentice to a med. cat apprentice

14 Spottedleaf stalking Firestar even though she's dead

I disagree. Yeah come at me haters. I actually love Spottedleaf and think she's one of the bravest cats throughout the series. She died fighting for other cats both times even though she was a medicine cat and probably knew nothing about fighting. As for her "stalking" Firestar, let me remind you that Firestar was always HAPPY when he saw her in dreams. I wouldn't call that "stalking". It's two cats meeting each other willingly.

Spottedleaf really learned some leasons from Thistleclaw. She was 5 years old when she died! 5 - 0.6 = 4.4 She was 4.4 years older than Firepaw, and in cat years, that's like 34 years older. A 40 year cannot date a 7 year old child! It is absoulutly disgusting and horrifying! Spottedleaf even continued stalking Fireheart all the way throughout her death, even AFTER Fireheart grew up and got married!

Spottedleaf wasn't stalking firepaw they where meeting willingly nearly every night. They had a crush on each other. She was 4.5 years old or 56 moons old and firepaw was 6 or 7 moons old, but they could never have kits.

I agree with you, Featherstream. I believe Spottedleaf isn't stalking Firestar, but they are meeting each other.

15 Names that don't make sense

Names don't really matter but I wish we started getting some normal names again. I mean in Thunderclap we had a Thriftear. I know thrift is a type of tree but I feel like the first thing you think of is a thrift store. I wish they Brough back some new ideas and I feel like they are running out of name ideas.

Uh...if you're worried about that, why are you even reading Warriors? StarClan doesn't make sense. The Clans fighting doesn't make sense. Mapleshade's existence doesn't make sense. The three don't make sense. And much more major things don't make sense. I don't see any of these on this list, but people are complaining about names they don't think are good or make sense...jeez, if that's such a problem, you don't make sense.

It's a book. Just like in real life, names don't make sense

Like people have the name jack, but it doesn't make sense

And twigbranch's name does make sense. It represents her growth from a twig to a branch.

So many of these names don't make sense it's so confusing. who had the idea of making bristlefrost? I don't like to read all the warrior's apperance so the first rime I read the broken code I seriosly thought she was all white. my oc is named gingersnap which I think is canon and it makes a lot of sense because she has a ginger pelt and green eyes.

16 No gay couples

A few gay couples
Jake and Tallstar
Barley and Ravenpaw

Yes, these are subtle, but at least they are there. However, I think Wings of Fire does this much better than Warriors does. Tbh, having a gay couple for the first time in a cat world could be a sweet subplot, since they'd hafta go through a lotta stuff to have kits and all.

They can't exactly have "gay couples", at least not in Clans because...the main reason why a lot of cats even got together is to have kits. That, and because cats are not humans. They don't have a complex mind like humans do.

This may sound controversial, but reproduction is a part of nature and animals IN nature, plus it's seen as a good thing when a couple has kits. Kits = more Clan members.

Maybe there is a gay couple in a Clan, but they wouldn't really mention it because it barely affects the plot (unless there's a conflict that results from it, which would make sense). Maybe they would mention two cats touching noses or twining their tails, but not much else. Warriors likes focusing on a lot of (forbidden) romance, which is pretty dumb now that they've done it so much to the point of cliche, but that's a "conflict" because it's "forbidden".

If this whole "no gay couples" thing is only due to people and their "shipping", that's a bit of a ...more

Yeah, unfortunately Harper Collins won't let them publish anything with gay couples, but it would be amazing to see some lgbt characters. (And not Erin mistakes like Rowanclaw who had his gender changed like 5 times) I like how they (in theory) made some subtle couples like Jakestar and Barleypaw.

They gave gay/lesbians in wings of fire. Gimme some in warriors ya homophobics! No gays is UNREALISTIC! Sure, these cats are too dumb to think of it, but if they're so human-like, GET US GAYS

17 How much walking they do in The New Prophecy (TNP)

This one is just whiny. If you have trouble with walking, why are you reading books and living? Plus you do more than 3,000 to 4,000 steps a day?

OMG YES! They litteraly spend the first four books of The New Prophecy walking, and then we get more walking because Leafpool finds the Moonpool and then Leafpool and Crowfeather leave and come back and we get about one book of story and plot and that's it. The rest is just... walking. And that's it. It's so boring, definitely my least favourite arc!

Lol love this one. Walking is annoying, fully agree, though I liked the walking in dawn cause it was fun to see the clan evolution.

18 The Warrior Code is broken so many times

I'm the beginning I felt like the warrior code was respected, never broken, and sacred yet.. after that it was broken time and time again, by now to me it's practically nothing

I don't know, I agree I liked it when it was respected but there are a lot of flaws in the code, hence updated in TBC.I agree with Tallstar (in his book Tallstar's revenge), there is a life beyond clan life ! Follow your own code!

Why even have a code if it's going to be broken every arc? It was also broken before it was even created! -Fallen from before StarClan

I totally agree and Thunderclan has BROKEN the Warrior Code more times than I can remember. Why can't most cats follow the rules of the forest. I still don't und understand why did their ancestors even lay out the laws in the first place if every warrior we now has broken it! I can list numerous cats that have broken the Warrior Code:


Those are some rule-braking cats though I bet there's more out there.

19 The Erins not being able to decide on colors (e.g. Crowfeather's eyes, Dovewing's eyes, Scourge's collar, Bone's collar...)

YES! Dovewing has eyes that change from amber to yellow to blue to green, and it won't stop. Like, I understand that all cats are born with blue eyes, so obviously they start like that, but their eyes don't change twenty times. Scourge is always drawn with a purple collar, so let's just keep him with that. It doesn't make sense to picture him with anything else, and Bone's collar is always drawn as rainbow, which also makes no sense! This inconsistency needs to stop. It doesn't make sense, and I don't understand how it's even physically possible for a human being to be this stupid.

THIS IS SO ANNOYING! One moment Whitestorm has amber eyes, the next moment he has "cloudy blue eyes"! Dovewing has green and blue eyes! Leopardstar has amber and green eyes! Crowfeather has amber and blue eyes! Scourge's color is purple and red! This is SOO annoying! Whenever I try to draw art of any of these cats, I'm so confused on their eyes! I have to look on the warriors wiki and. guess what it said for Dovewing. "Dovewing is a sleek, pale gray she-cat with green to blue eyes and a torn ear". All I can say is the Erins should remember these basic things.

Yeah, that's really funny! I think that Dovewing's eyes are green but when she uses her powers her eyes are changing to blue-green. But I respect everybody who don't think like me and that's not a problem because everybody has his/her imagination :)

First off, its 'The hunters' not 'The erins' and two this is so true.

20 Mapleshade going to the Dark Forest

She deserved to be there. Why do you hate Hollyleaf? She killed 1 cat. Mapleshade killed Ravenwing, Appledusk, Frecklewish, Minnowkit, Willowkit, Willowbreeze, Spottedleaf, Rainflower, Shellheart, Hailstar, Oakheart, maybe Crookedstar, Silverstream, Feathertail and a couple others, mouse-brains!

Mapleshade should have gone to the dark forest, everything she did just leads to her consequences, and nothing justifies the fact that she killed 4 cats.

Um...what...? You think she should have gone to StarClan? Listen, she even wanted to go to the Dark Forest...

Yes, and ASHFUR gets to starclan, what type of nonsense is this?

21 Snowkit dies just to move Speckletail to the elders' den

This was messed up and pretty unessacary; made me cry and hate the book as a little kid. And why treat a dissabled cat like that :/ it would've been nice to have Snowkit throughout the story! Would've made it interesting.

Whey even have snowkit then?

That was depressing

22 Tigerstar losing all his lives when Scourge killed him, yet Firestar only loses one.

I just voted for this so I can set things straight... Tigerstar never got his nine lives from Starclan. He didn't actually randomly lose every single life when scourge killed him.

I wish Firestar died, he became emotionless and so boring since becoming leader.

Ummm, in Yellowfang's Secret
Yellowfang or Sagewhisker literally says a leader can lose all of their lives if a wound is severe enough. this is not a problem guys!

Tigerstar did get his 9 lives. read the Ultimate guide! Scourge's blow litary ripped his throat open! The blow Firestar got was different

23 Spottedleaf having a gross crush on Firepaw

Think about it: Spottedleaf was about 4 years old/49 moons when she died, meaning she had been (If my reasoning correct) somewhere around 45 or 44 moons when Firepaw arrived. FIREPAW WAS 6 MOONS OLD AT THE TIME. Firepaw had just barely reached sexual maturity, whereas Spottedleaf would have likely retired to the elder's den in a year or so. THIS IS LITERAL PEDOPHILIA. The Erins are just horrible with relationships like that; revolting age gaps, love after very few interactions, incest (e.g. Graystripe's parents), etc. It's absolutely disgusting.

It's so creepy! He's like half her age, and it's like Thistleclaw, Spiderleg and Starflower all over again! He's married, she's a dead med cat older than Whitestorm! It'd be like if Longtail hooked up with Swiftpaw!

Who ever did the 46 moon comment, FALSE! Spottedleaf was barely 1 year old when Firepaw came. It's not gross, foxhearts!

Spotted leaf gave fire star a life for his love for sand storm I don't understand anymore

24 For some reason the clans aren't united into one clan even though it would end all the drama in the series and make the group stronger.

The clans aren't united into one giant clan because of certain events that happened during the Dawn of the Clans. Plus, the books would be boring with just one giant clan.

Ummmmm we need four- sorry 5 clans, six including star clan ! They will fall apart if any clan gets too big ! Its like the Roman Empire, gets to large it'll fall apart. Far more organized like this.

25 Cats being able to die in Starclan/Dark Forest

Fun fact: when a StarClan cat dies or fades they get reincarnated. So why is this on the list

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