Top 10 Warrior Cats Tribe Names that Should Exist

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1 Night of Fallen Stars

I like night of fallen shawdows better but night of fallen star is BEAUTIFUL
Sounds like a black she cat with shimmering green eyes and a small dash on chest. She also has one blind eye.

Name: night of fallen stars (night)

Mate- weasel (loner)


Current- tribe of rushing water

Past- skyclan thunderclan loner

Current rank-cave hunter

Past ranks- healer cave guard.

Mother- unknown

Father- thrush that runs swiftly-thrush

Foster mother-mouse that sleeps softly-mouse

Brother- bear that’s claws are sharp-bear

It's beautiful! I picture a black she-cat with beautiful blue eyes.

Love it! Thick-furred black she-cat with white flecks on her back and pale blue eyes. Her mate is Spark of Sun on Water. Their kits and Bird that Flies through Clouds, Mist of Cold Sunrise, and Swallow that Swoops on Stream.
~ Skyheart

2 Whispers of Fallen Shadows

I love this name. I came here looking for some inspiration due to the fact that I'm writing a book about griffins that uses names similar to these. This gave me the most inspiration, but the others gave me plenty of inspiration. (Except for the last one. That one just made me laugh. No offense to that cat, but the mother should have chosen a better name... That poor cat probably got made fun of.)

I love this name! It's going to be in my fanfic

A gray she-cat with a black tail tip and paw and amber eyes

(Clip of my book)

Whisper was running around the nursery cave "Whisper, Whisper!" Her mother called. Her father padded in "Whispers of Fallen Shadows..." he called. Whisper finally stopped, finding this was urgent.

Oof... a silver Leopardstar.

"Why now?" Cloud That Crosses Sky yowled. Feather That Falls Down poked his head in. "Is everything all right?"

"Of course it's not! It's coming!" Cloud snapped back. "Grab the healer!" Feather told Bird That Sits In Nest. Bird dashed off.

Moments later, Rock That Crushes Snow came in with a bunch of herbs as a small silver head with shining cyan eyes poked out of Cloud. After yowls of pain and stress went by, and Rock emerged from the Kit-Mother's den, Cloud said: "What a lovely daughter. I shall name you Whispers Of Fallen Shadows."

And Whispers had a lovely life as a prey hunter.

3 Bird that Soars High

I imagine her a golden brown she cat with white patterns around her body. She's a beautiful she cat, but there is only one Tom she loves called Shadow of fluffy cloud. They have two kits, one dies by being carried away by a hawk.

4 Sparkling Dew on Spiderwebs

The problem with this one is it starts with an adjective. The tribe names need to start with a noun, because they are called the first word in their name. I don't think the name "Sparkling" would work. Try "Dew That Sparkles On Spiderwebs" instead.

Amazing name!

5 Bird that Soars Above

I imagine a Large Ugly pale brown almost white she-cat with bulging white egg-shaped eye balls and large paws and claws that kill everything, bUt I like Sweat that Taste Goos better though I still like this name!

Realistic. Exactly like the real ones. This is similar to Bird that Rides the Wind in Moonrise. I see Bird that Soars Above as a scruffy, light brown she-cat with bright green eyes with a long, fluffy tail. She sounds like a kit-mother to me. Kits would be Hawk that Flies Away Quickly, a dark brown tom with bright green eyes, and Stream Where Minnows Swim, a blue-gray tabby she-cat like her father, Storm With Stirring Clouds.

Light brown tabby with blue eyes.

6 Flowers that Sway in Breeze

I love this name! I imagine a tabby and white she-cat with blue or amber eyes.

I don't know. I just love it.

7 Snow that Drifts Down

This seems like a she-cat who's pretty much just white with blue or gray eyes maybe blind. Simple but cute

8 Light that Shines Upon

Love it! Just needs a noun, but other than that, I love it! Using this in my story as well!

Needs a noun to about Light That Shines Upon River?

Thinking of sleek turkish van she-cat (Hunter) with blue eyes.

9 Bush that Bristles Like Fur
10 Dappled Leaf of Oaks
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11 Trees that Grow Rapidly

I would picture this cat as a brown spotted tom with green eyes and a white tail! Love it!

12 Shadow of Large Tree
13 Feather Drifting from Sky

Perhaps named after feathertail?

14 Flowing River that Moves Quickly

I picture this cat as a sleek speckled light grey tom with ice blue eyes and a white paw

15 A Fart that Makes the Air Fresh

Ha ha lol this made me laugh my head off where do people get the ideas from LoL

Farts always freshen air. Beautiful. I'm crying.

This definitely the most beautiful one, if I make a tribe fanfic, I will definitely use this!

16 Creek Where Minnows Swim
17 Hawk that Flies Everywhere

Dark ginger large tomcat with green eyes and hawk-like tail.

18 Flame that Burns in Darkness

I LOVE IT black or dark gray she cat and amber eyes

Sounds like a black she cat with amber eyes

19 Dusk that Slays the Dawn

A wonderful name!!! You can change it to Dusk that slays Dawn - without the "the "

This is a really beautiful name!

This is amazing!

20 Mud that Sticks Like Sweat

For some reason, this is my favorite. I love it!

Sweat? Cats don't know what sweat is

Do cats know what sweat is?

21 Butterfly that Lands Gently

A graceful, tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat with small white paws.

My name now thanks

22 Song of Falling Rain

Beautiful, I don't have time right now to write my usual long summary, but silver she-cat with icy blue eyes.

Song is not the best name...

23 Fart that Cuts Through Silence

Crazy fun! Sounds like my sister!

Beautiful, my friend

24 Dark Cloud of Storms
25 Feather from Dove's Wing
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