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1 Adrinette (Marinette and Adrien) Adrinette (Marinette and Adrien)

They will be the best,

"They are a perfect couples because they both are shy to tell one other how they feel about them."

I love this couple because it matches yin yang.

Best couple! They should be together!

2 Marichat (Marinette and Chat Noir) Marichat (Marinette and Chat Noir)

I love them they are so cute together. I can't even begin to explain how in love I am with this ship. I also love their mutual caring friendship towards each other. It's a way for them to get to know their crush without knowing so when the reveal comes they will relies they were already so close to each other. This by far is my number one ship and will stay that way. I think they should have more episodes together. They become so close even though they don't know it. I don't understand how anyone can not love them. I mean just look at them. They are perfect for each other. They are also each others support system when they have no one else to talk to. Like none of there other ship alternatives are as open with each other. This ship should number one. In conclusion I love they are perfect and deserve more episodes together. They could team up again or just talk to each other again. Either way they need to get their Marichat kiss like Ladynoir.

These two can be themselves with each other not worrying about what their crush thinks about what they think about them at the moment because they don't know each others secret identity. they can talk to each other, Mari doesn't know cat noir is adrien and cat noir doesn't know Mari is lady bug.

Oh my god! I internally scream every time I see this ship. The main reason that I LOVE Marichat is because they are so real and share a beautiful friendship. This is not only the reason...they are SuPeR possessive about each other and that makes me go like HELL YESS.

This ship is a way for them to fall in love with their true sides and it's just so cute like who wouldn't like Marichat and I really want chat to call mari princess such a cute nickname. honestly this ship deserves more screen time

3 LadyNoir (Ladybug and Chat Noir) LadyNoir (Ladybug and Chat Noir)

Love this! But, ya' know, if Adrinette were to happen, what would happen here? Or would they reveal their identities? - MiraculousStar

The have a very strong friendship and care about each other a lot I think ladynoir should be canon

The best ones

They are meant to be my favorite couple ever! I love how Chat Noir always tries to make Ladybug happy and will do any thing for her. Fingers crossed season 4 we will have LadyNoir

4 Ladrien (Ladybug and Adrien) Ladrien (Ladybug and Adrien)

I get why the pairing of Ladybug and Adrien is underrated, but to all (Especially Marichat fans) please at least stop with the Ladrien slow burns...? I love this ship and you can't change my mind. They're the classic lovey-dovey pairing where they both have a crush on each other. Oof. Goodnight, ladybugs and cats. Goodnight.

I don't CARE if Ladrien is underrated. They love each other, and are my favorite ship of the square no matter what!


Its true...

5 Rose and Juleka Rose and Juleka

Honestly I love this ship, but to that person saying negative stuff about the ship just because it's gay - I can understand if you don't like the ship and I can respect that, but that isn't an excuse to say stuff like all gays should die. There's nothing wrong with being gay and it's people like you who make REAL people who are gay scared to simply hold their partners hand in public in fear of getting yelled at or beat up. I don't mind if you're not a huge fan of gay people, you don't have to be, but that's not an excuse to say stuff like this. Again, I respect your ship, just don't go bashing other ships and DEFINITELY don't go bashing gay people just because you don't like gay people or a gay ship.

Just to cute! Love the little angel and the dark angel together! Match made in Heaven!

This ship is incredibly wholesome

Just. Yes.

6 Marinette and Luka

Honestly, Lukanette is just a healthier relationship. Adrien has put down Marinette so many times and hurt her feelings without her knowing. Luka would never do that, he cares for Mari and would do anything for her. That's pure love. Also, she obviously likes him and he likes her. If she is having trouble with liking two guys, go for the second because if you love two people at the same time, choose the second one. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second.

I agree, but Marinette has worked SO hard for Adrien, right? It's sweet, but Marinette should get her TRUE prince charming she had been working so hard for. - MiraculousStar

I love this ship for the simple fact that Luka and Marinette can communicate openly with each other. No scandals or anything truly complicated like the love square.

Sorry everyone but this should be the number 1 ship like come on you can see that they like each other and Adrian has already friend zoned her so like come on people! this is the ship of all ships!

7 Alya and Nino Alya and Nino

I feel like Alya and Nino need more screen time together, they are perfect. Don't ever break up - MiraculousStar

So adorable I ship it

They're so underappreciated! Love them.


8 Mylene and Ivan Mylene and Ivan

I love this couple so much. I ship it


9 Marc and Nathaniel

These guys don't get enough screen time for how amazing they are together. We really need to see more of them. I ship this coupe!

There perfect for one another, I need more of them

I want more of them! They are adorable!

Cause they are so cute and they seem like a cute couple and they just need to kiss just once or more I love them so much and I ship them together forever and this is the Boy x Boy OTP I had in my life.

10 Plagg and Tikki Plagg and Tikki

Plagg and Tikki are PERFECT together. - MiraculousStar

They are like Ladynoir and is just so cute my heart explodes every time they are together, even if is just Tikki threatening to kill him if he tells Adrien the truth right?

Its needs to happen

So cute I love them they would be a great couple


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11 Kim and Chloe

Love it

I am voting for this ship because, even though I don't watch the show, I am laughing at the fact that y'all are shipping characters in a show for children, and nobody has written an explanation for this one, so yeah. *cough*

12 Lila Rossi and Nathaniel


13 Luca and Adrien

Best couple ever.

Yes... that’s it just yes

14 Gabriel Agreste and Nathalie

I ship this to death. Okay, okay, I know Gabriel is married, but still. I think that this ship should sail in season four when it comes out next fall. I watched the season three final, and, wow!

Because it is great.

I DO ship it. They just need to say THEIR 'I do's' but... maybe still be bad for another reason...? - MiraculousStar

What no gabriel is married

15 Marinette and Nathaniel

Nathaniel is very creative and lovable
Artistic or daydreamer he love comic books I think he follow is fate become superhero or comics artist or Nathaniel and Marc be friends with marinette end drawing impressed comics especially marinette or maybe Nathaniel have secret crush on marinette or cutesy secret couple ever or also lot in common or Marinette she love fashion very much
She is very creative and fashionable artistic

I ship it. If Adrinette doesn't become canon, I hope Marinath does - GlassweighanCountess

16 Max and Sabrina


Because it cool and needs to happen

We always seem to skip over Max and Sabrina when it comes to the ships. However, my love for this ship is unreal. I'm not saying no one ships it, I'm just saying not enough people pay attention to this ship. It's honestly an adorable ship and I think everyone in the classroom should have someone to love, and these two. Seem to make the purr-fect pair. ~

17 Chloe and Nathaniel

I never thought of this until now, but this is such a "YES! " - MiraculousStar

They are beautiful and wonderful and no one can change my mind

This shall is one of my favorite ships!

To be honest, I love this ship because it is following the philosophy of yin and yang. Nathaniel is the quiet, thoughtful one ( and he is a lovable tomato)whereas Chloe is the confident, self-assured one( even though she can be mean). they balance each other out like LadyNoir.

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18 Sabrina and Chloe Sabrina and Chloe

This sounds like it would be a toxic & emotionally abusive relationship. Chloe tends to be really rude to Sabrina, like when she said that Sabrina would be nothing without her. And she once got mad at Sabrina for not doing homework for her. - RoseWeasley

I LOVE IT! It's very underappreciated. Sabrina OBVIOUSLY has a crush on Chloe. It may be a bit one-sided, but it's still cute.

We all know Chole is in the closet and she treats Sabrina like how her mom treats her dad.

Chloe is mean but cool

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19 Juleka and Nathaniel

YASSS SHY LOVERS! I HAVE BEEN SHIPPING THEM SINCE THE VERY FIRST EPISODE! No hate to julerose and marc and nathaniel. But they are sooo cute jsksjkssjsj, I love them!

20 Kim and Alix

I honestly thought nobody else shipped this! They would be such a power couple and I wish Thomas would include it in the show. Alix and Kim would be so cute because come valentines day, Kim would come with something beautiful and extravigent and probably include diamonds, and Alix wouldn't care. She would have brought a pizza gift card and the two of them would go on a valentines date to Little Caesars and so cute!

They're so competitive with each other. Isn't it kinda cute?

I ship this one. - Stevenuniversefangirl

21 Nathaniel and Alix
22 Alya and Marinette

They look so cute together

Marinette+Alya is Mariya

23 Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng

They are married. That is why Marinette's Last name is Dupain-Cheng

Aren't they already married? I mean if not, cool.

24 Penny and Jagged Stone

Why aren't they together yet? - MiraculousStar

I have seen the episode which clues at this the most, Troublemaker, and that kiss just gets me every time! Definitely one of my favorites!

25 Lila Rossi and Adrien

Please, no. Lila's character is important, but please, no. - MiraculousStar

If you support this than you don't deserve to be in the fandom!

I hate this ship the most! - MarinetteNoir

26 Adrien and Nino

Wow, I wouldn't think that it would be so low. I might have different OTP but that's high on the list. So... I know people see this only as a BroTP, but... I think they would be cute as a couple too.

27 Juleka and Rose

In the episode "Zombiezoo" in the back of the bus Juleka is seen putting her around around Rose and and putting her hands on Rose's hands.
It is so cute and I am happy that a show is incorporating LGBTQ couples!

They are so cute together!

This is so cute, I ship it! ^-^

28 Ladybug x Luka

Nope... Sorry... Uhhh... Nope.. Sorry everyone but I hate this ship :(

29 Lila Rossi and Hawk Moth

They are both evil and both lost their loved ones...Enough said

No what that is not okay Lila is a student and she's probably 14 and Hawk Moth is at least 47 years old that is messed up and stupid - Iamcool

30 Max and Markov


Yes that would be so cute I fall in love with: stuffies, animals, a hawk ( yes I did ) and Markov ( and no this is not an joke or insalt )


31 Nino and Marinette

Just the thought is amazing. If they were a couple i... I would watch miraculous 24/7.

32 Hawk Moth and Peacock
33 Hawkmoth and Mayura
34 Marinette x Viperion

May I be the first to say... no. It's not like I don't like Luka, just... They do not belong together. - MiraculousStar

35 Kim and Aurore
36 Adrien and Alya
37 Kim and Max

Want this ship to become canon!

So Cute

Just yes

They cute as hell together πŸ’•

38 Kagami and Luka

YES! Love this ship, I really don't like Kagami with Adrien or Luka with Marinette, Luka deserves Marinette or better, but Marinette has worked sence episode one for her big break. - MiraculousStar

Honestly kinda cute

39 Rose and Chloe
40 Marinette and Kim

Well, if Adriennette and Lukanette fails let this be our last resort πŸ˜”. Lol😁

41 Chloe and Nino
42 Sabrina and Alya

Hell no

43 Lila and Chloe

They are kinda Similar

44 Hawk Moth and Nathalie

Cause she huged him end he smiled because his is forever alone #foreveralone jk #hawkmothandnathalie

45 Lila and Alya


46 Lila Rossi and Kim
47 Nino and Mylene
48 Alya and Mylene
49 Mylene and Juleka
50 Jaked Stone and Rossignol

It's not pretty clear if jagged stone likes rossignol that way but πŸ‘πŸ‘

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