Top Ten Miraculous Ladybug Couples/Ships


The Top Ten

1 Adrinette (Marinette and Adrien) Adrinette (Marinette and Adrien)

I really love this ship. I can not stand when people ship Ladybug and Adrien or Marinette and Cat Noir. These two are meant to be together. They need to open their eyes. They both think each other are perfect, so they should become a couple already.

My favorite because they're in human form

This the best ship ever!

This is my otp Miraculous Ladybug ship

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2 LadyNoir (Ladybug and Chat Noir) LadyNoir (Ladybug and Chat Noir)

They are both so confident in their superhero form and are a great team!

3 Marichat (Marinette and Chat Noir) Marichat (Marinette and Chat Noir)

Oh hell yeah. It is called the ship of sin. If so, take me to hell!

Simply the best!

They can learn to love eachother this way, it's perfect!

Geez... I've read too much fanfiction

4 Ladrien (Ladybug and Adrien) Ladrien (Ladybug and Adrien)

To the people who hate ladrien I don’t understand? It is still part of the love square and it’s the most adorable. I know they only really blush and smile and some may find that “boring” but has anyone questioned development? maybe they can get to a point here they can actually talk to one another and have cool convos. nevertheless, I I love ladrien and I’m sad it’s underrated..

5 Rose and Juleka Rose and Juleka
6 Alya and Nino Alya and Nino
7 Mylene and Ivan Mylene and Ivan
8 Kim and Chloe
9 Lila Rossi and Nathaniel
10 Juleka and Nathaniel

The Newcomers

? Marinette and Luka

Luka Obviously cares about Mari more than Adrien does. When Ladybug makes her appearance in episode 12 of season 2, the first thing he asked is about Mari. He also admires her braveness. Even if Adrien has a small crush on Mari, Luka thinks of only Mari.

The Contenders

11 Max and Sabrina
12 Chloe and Nathaniel
13 Sabrina and Chloe Sabrina and Chloe

Chloe is mean but cool

14 Plagg and Tikki Plagg and Tikki


15 Marinette and Nathaniel
16 Kim and Alix

I ship this one. - Stevenuniversefangirl

17 Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng Tom Dupain and Sabine Cheng
18 Lila Rossi and Adrien

I hate this ship the most! - MarinetteNoir

19 Ivan and Juleka
20 Lila Rossi and Max
21 Rose and Chloe
22 Juleka and Alya
23 Lila Rossi and Kim
24 Nino and Mylene
25 Alya and Mylene
26 Marinette and Kim
27 Chloe and Nino
28 Sabrina and Alya
29 Adrien and Chloe
30 Lila Rossi and Nino
31 Mylene and Juleka
32 Adrien and Nino
33 Kim and Aurore
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