Top 10 Moments from An American Tail (1986)

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1 Fievel Finds His Family

Truly the best moment in the whole movie and such a satisfying ending after Feivel gives up his search for his family he overhears them calling out to him while Papa plays the violin as Feivel calls out to him before Papa hearing his voice rushes through the water calling out to Feivel as the two embrace Papa calls out to the others that he has found him as Mama joins in as well as Tanya, Tiger, Gussie Muasheimer, Tony and Bridgette, as Don Bluth once quoted "You can show kids anything as long as you give it a happy ending". - egnomac

2 "Somewhere Out There"

During this scene both Feivel and Tanya sing "Somewhere out There" late at night. - egnomac

3 "There Are No Cats in America"

While on the boat to America the mice sing about how bad things were in their country due to the cats which were actually allegories for persecution with Papa singing about as a kid was left an orphan after the cats devoured his family, the Italian mouse's mother was eaten by the cats who represented the Mafia and the Irish mouse lost his love to the cats and in between these numbers everyone cheerfully sings about how there are not cats in America and hope for a better life unaware of how wrong they are. - egnomac

4 The Giant Mouse of Minsk

After Feivel is able to get the secret weapon free the giant monstrosity breaks through the doors terrifying the Warren T and the cat gang as the mice launch fireworks at them as the cats are all lured towards to boat to Hong Kong. - egnomac

5 Fievel Gives Up On Finding His Family

Was really heartbreaking for Feivel being forced to admit to himself that he will never find his family after spending a majority of the movie lost and his friends Tony and Bridgette not really being much help. - egnomac

6 "A Duo"

After Feivel is captured and imprisoned by Warren T and the cat gang he befriends Tiger who's not like the other cats whose a gentle sole who doesn't eat mice and the two break out into a musical number "A Duo" which ends up alerting the other cats leading for them to chase after Feivel as he makes his way to the peer where the other mice are set to release the secret weapon on the cats. - egnomac

7 The Cats Out of the Bag

After getting separated form Tony while on their way to the pier Feivel hears what he thinks is his fathers violin playing as he is lured to the sewers where he finds the hideout of the cat gang the Mott Street Maulers and their leader Warren T Rat who is actually a small cat disguised as a giant rat as he removes his disguise with Feivel on the other side of the mirror watching him before Warren realizes he's there as he grabs Feivel as he bites him causing him to howl in pain alerting the cats as he says the line "Alright the Cats out of the bag, BRING ME THAT MOUSE! " as everyone scrambles to try and catch Feivel as he tries to get away he almost makes it out before being grabbed by one of the cats. - egnomac

8 "Never Say Never"

Justin Beiber's got nothing on this version of "Never Say Never". - egnomac

Long before Justin Beiber's "Never Say Never" there was this version of "Never Say Never" which is sung after Feivel is found by Henri a pigeon of French descent who oversees the construction of the statue of liberty and teaches Feivel through song to literally never say never which means to never give up even if it seems hopeless which really lightens up Feivel as he sends one of the other pigeons to help take him to go find his family in to the immigration point. - egnomac

9 Fievel Gets Lost At Sea

During a stormy night Feivel carelessly goes up the top of the ships deck and is sweeped away by the monstrous waves that resemble terrifying monsters as Feivel gets separated from his family. - egnomac

10 Cossack Cat Attack

During the opening Feivel's family's home is attacked by the Cossacks and their cats who incredibly terrifying as they savagely attack the village and burning everything in site, after the attack is over Feivel watch as their home as well as all the other homes are destroyed in the fire with Papa quoting that in America there are no cats. - egnomac

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11 Warren T Rat Sells Fievel to a Sweat Shop Owner

Fievel meets up with Warren T Rat who claims to know where Fievel's parents, Fievel goes along with him as Warren takes him to where his parent are only for Fievel to be grabbed by a large mouse named Moe who Warren ends up selling him to as a worker. - egnomac

12 Tony and Bridget Kiss
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