Top 10 Moments from Bolt (2008)


The Top Ten

1 Bolt Comes to Penny's Rescue

After the studio catches fire with Penny still trapped Bolt manages to get in and come to her rescue though the two find themselves trapped with no way to get out except the vents which only Bolt could fit through but not wanting to leave Penny behind Bolt uses his super bark to alert everyone in the studio to come to their rescue. - egnomac

This movie is sooo good - CrypticMemory

2 Mittens Backstory

While attempting to convince Bolt that Penny isn't real and just an actress for their show then ends up revealing more about her backstory as she was abandoned by her family and forced to fend for herself while wondering what she possibly could have done to make them leave her. - egnomac

3 Opening Action Sequence

After the first scene we then follow an action chase sequence of Bolt and Penny which is later to be revealed to be for a T.V. show. - egnomac

4 There is No Home Like The One You Got

As Bolt, Mittens and Rhino make their way to Los Angeles Mittens shows Bolt how to act like a real dog including learning how to fetch, dig, among other things before arriving in Las Vegas. - egnomac

5 Bolt Meets Mittens

After meeting with a couple of pigeons who convince him that Mittens knows where Penny is and that she works with the Green Eyed man so Bolt tackles her and forces her to help him find Penny by literally threatening to drop her off a highway bridge. - egnomac

6 Meeting Rhino
7 Bolt Returns to Penny Only ti Find Out He's Been Replaced

After splitting up with Mittens Bolt arrives at the studio and sees Penny who's calling out to him and as he runs over to her he then sees another Bolt look alike walk over to her and sees the two all happy together leaving poor Bolt heartbroken realizing that Mittens was right about her love for him being fake as he leaves unaware that all of that was a rehearsal and that Penny still misses him as Mittens just happens to be there and sees everything. - egnomac

Really sad scene.

8 Studio Fire

The studio attempts to shoot one of the scenes for the show with the new dog filling in for Bolt but an accident occurs and the set catches on fire as everyone evacuates except for Penny who fails to get out in time. - egnomac

9 Train Scene
10 Bolt Breaks Mittens Out of the Animal Shelter
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