Top 10 Moments from Cars 2 (2011)

Personally I was never a fan of Cars 2 but in continuing with this list series of the top moments from Disney movies I'll just have to push forward and get this over with, as always if like the movie feel free to add a comment or item.

The Top Ten

Final Chase, Lighting Chase After Mater

During the final minutes of the movie as Mater arrives at the pit area as he is told he has the bomb so he drives away as Lightning McQueen confused by the situation chases after him. - egnomac

Miles Axelrod Exposed

Despite very dim Mater manages to expose Axelrod entire operation. - egnomac

Of course they just had to throw in a plot twist at the end - Randomator

Rod Torque Redline's Death

After Bering captured Rod is interrogated by Professor Zundapp and the other Lemons as he is filled with Allinol then use a electromagnetic pulse to cause it to the Allinol to explode despite Rod never giving the information to them they realize he passed the info to Mater as they leave him to his death as Rod explodes which is pretty graphic even for a Pixar movie. - egnomac

Italian Village Scene
Oil Rig Chase, Finn McMissles Escape

This was pretty intense - Randomator

Airport Chase Scene

While returning to Radiator Springs Mater is abducted by Finn McMissle as they are pursued by Grem and Acer as Finn drags Mater along then switches places with him to stop the two from following them. - egnomac

Wasabi Scene

During the event in Tokyo Mater makes a fool of himself mistaking wasabi for ice cream as he asks for a whole lot as his tongue burns and interrupts McQueen's speech as he tries to cool off in the water behind them as Lightning becomes really embarrassed by his actions. - egnomac

Mater Gets Knighted
Bathroom Scene

During a World Cup Prix event in Tokyo Mater ends up needing to use the restroom and while there things get a little too crazy not knowing how to operate the machine in there as he gets sprayed with water from below as he begins panicking. - egnomac

Mater Gets Mistaken for a Spy
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