Top 10 Moments from Finding Dory (2016)

The top 10 moments from the Disney Pixar movie and the sequel to Finding Nemo Finding Dory.
The Top Ten
1 Dory Finds Her Parents

After Dory ends up in the ocean she wanders around until she sees a trail of shells as she remembers when she was young her parents did the same thing for her so she could find her way home she follows it and when she gets to the end of the trail she finds an empty brain coral with multiple shells trails leading to it and as she's ready to leave she literally runs into her parents who immediately rush over to her and embrace her with a hug overjoyed with her return.

2 Dory with Her Family, Opening Scene

The movie opens with a cute scene of a baby Dory along with her parents at the aquarium where they reside as they where she gets to know she can't remember things due to her short term memory, as she and her parents are playing hide and seek Dory starts wandering off near the undertow as her parents pull her back telling her they need to stay aways from the undertow later she worries she'll forget them and them forget about her as they console her assuring her they will never forget her.

3 Dory Meets Hank

After being captured by staff members from the Marine Life Institute and placed in quarantine then tagged she meets up with Hank the octopus with the unique ability to camouflage his body to match any surface who wants Dory's transfer tag to avoid being released in the wild and agrees to help her find her parents in exchange for the tag.

4 Destiny Jumps Over the Wall

After Marlin, Nemo and Hank end up in the truck headed to Cleveland Dory calls upon help from Destiny the whale shark as Bailey suggest they need to jump over the wall but Destiny hesitates at first until she's coached by Bailey who gives her the confidence to jump over the wall as the two jump over the wall to help Dory.

5 Dory's Parents Teach Her "Just Keep Swimming"

While in the touch pool Dory remembers how her parents taught her the song "Just Keep Swimming"

6 Hank and Dory Hijacks the Truck

The pair end up hijacking the truck along with the rest of the fish inside as they take control of the wheel and proceed to drive into the ocean.

7 Dory Gets Lost at Sea
8 Dory and Hank in the Touch Pool

Both Dory and Hank end up in the kid zone and end up the touch pool as they get separated and the kids begin touching and grabbing the sea animals there as Dory searches for Hank while avoiding being grabbed, Dory finds Hank who hides from the kids as Dory gets him to leave so they can escape as she drags him out and they end up at Pokers cove where kids repeadiatly poke the sea animals and one of the kids pokes Hank who spurts ink all over the water as the kids begin screaming and run from the area.

9 Meeting Destiny

Dory ends up in Destiny's tank who is nearsighted and constantly bumps into things as the two get acquitted Destiny recognizes her by her voice as they talked to each other through the pipes when they were little.

10 Squid Chase

While helping Dory to find her parents Marlin, Nemo and Dory arrive at a shipwreck full of lost cargo where they accidentally wake up giant squid who gives chase and almost eats Nemo until the trap it in a large shipping container after which Marlin berates Dory for putting their lives in jeopardy.

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