Top 10 Moments from Inside Out (2015)

The top moments from the Disney/Pixar movie Inside Out.

The Top Ten

1 Sadness Helps Riley to Show How She Really Feels

After returning to headquarters Joy turns over control of the console to Sadness who extracts the idea and reactivate the console allowing Riley to return home to her parents and breaks down crying telling them she doesn't like San Fransisco and misses her old home in Minnesota and to her surprise her parents tell her she's not alone as they too miss their old home. - egnomac

2 Bing Bong Dies

In an attempt to escape the memory dump before they are forgotten forever Joy and Bing Bong ride on his wagon/rocket to try and get out but fail time and time again until Bing Bong gets off as its taking off allowing Joy to escape the memory dump as he is left behind and he tells Joy "Take Her to the Moon for me! " before he fades away and becomes forgotten. - egnomac

3 Sadness Comforts Bing Bong

After Bing Bong's wagon gets thrown in the memory dump he becomes incredibly depressed fearing that Riley is completely done with him, Joy tries cheering him up any way she can but nothing helps until Sadness steps in to comfort him by listening and allowing him to cry it out while reminiscing of good times and while Joy scoffs at her approach eventually Bing Bong starts to feel a lot better. - egnomac

4 Joy is Sad

After she and Bing Bong fall into the memory dump Joy tries everything to get out but realizes that its hopeless and breaks into tears before she finds a sad memory of the hokey game that turned happy after Riley's parents and friends came to cheer her up after losing the game which gets Joy to finally realize Sadness's true purpose which is to induce empathy in others. - egnomac

5 Abstract Thought

Bing Bong convinces Joy and Sadness to take a shortcut through the abstract thought despite the obvious warning sign saying KEEP OUT and Sadness telling them it's a bad idea they go through it anyway as the abstract thought is turned on and the trio begin being abstracting as they go through the fours stages as they change shape, fall apart, turn 2 dimensional before becoming non figurative as they struggle to escape before being stuck forever. - egnomac

6 Family Dinner Scene

Riley is sitting down with her parents for dinner as mom tries to talk to Riley as Anger, Fear and Disgust try to fill in for Joy but fails as mom's emotions concerned for Riley attempts to get dad's attention who's emotions are completely distracted, things only get worse when Anger takes over for Riley and she gets more irritated as dad's emotions prepare to put the foot down as Riley snaps at him as dad orders her to her room. - egnomac

7 Riley Runs Away

After failing to maintain Riley's happiness in Joy's absence Anger inserts an idea into the console prompting Riley to run away to Minnesota believing it will enable her to make new core memories, she steals her mom's credit card which causes "Honesty Island" to collapse along with it the train Joy, Bing Bong and Sadness are in, but they realize too little to late that her running away is a mistake and try to remove the idea from the console but it shuts down due to all the islands in Riley's memories destroyed through their actions. - egnomac

8 First Day of School

Joy and the others prepare for Riley's first day of her new school as Riley is called upon by the teacher to introduce her self as Joy plays the memory of Riley and her parents playing hockey on the ice when the memory turns blue as the group turns around to see Sadness messing with the core memory as Sadness tells her to get back in her circle meanwhile Riley begins to cry as the emotions begin to panic as Joy tries to fix the situation but things get worse after a new core memory is formed which is blue as Joy tries to dispose of it but gets into a struggle with Sadness as the other core memories fall out and the two and the core memories are sucked up the pipe and taken to maze like storage area of long-term memory. - egnomac

9 Anger's Introduction
10 Jangles the Clown

After freeing Bing Bong Joy comes up with the perfect idea to wake Riley and get the train thought moving again by waking up Jangles the clown and luring him to the dream production studios scaring Fear who's on watch duty waking Riley up and allowing the trio to get back on the train thought. - egnomac

Pixar really has a thing the Shining.

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