Top 10 Moments from The Little Mermaid (1989)


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1 Under the Sea Under the Sea

Ariel becomes love struck after saving Eric's life and thinks of possibly ways to get his attention when Sebastian intervenes and breaks out into song to show Ariel how great life under the sea is compared to life on land, and as the song comes to its conclusion Ariel has already split. - egnomac

Darling, it's better, down where it's wetter... - arianatoris

2 Poor Unfortunate Souls Poor Unfortunate Souls

After her father destroys her collection Ariel is led towards Urula's lair as she vows to help Ariel fullfill her dream of being human as Ursula breaks into a musical number as she prepares to fulfill Ariel's desire to be human and fall in love with Prince Eric with a major catch not only does Ariel have to give up her voice but if she doesn't get Prince Eric to fall in love with her via a kiss of true love then she turns back into a mermaid and will belong to Ursula forever, even knowing the dangers Ariel signs the contract as Ursula casts a spell and transforms Ariel into a human. - egnomac

3 Ursula Turns Giant Ursula Turns Giant

Furious after she accidentally kills her eel henchmen thanks to Ariel Ursula uses the power of the Triton to turn her self giant as Ariel and Eric look on in horror as Ursula becomes a massive giant as she begins to control the waves and makes a massive storm as she sends Eric flying and sets her sights on destroying Ariel. - egnomac

It’s too bad Ariel didn't die during this scene. - MegaSoulhero

4 Kiss The Girl Kiss The Girl

Desperate to get Eric to kiss Ariel and prevent her from becoming Ursula's property Sebastian sets the mood via another musical number as he and the other seas and land creatures sing along to "Kiss the girl" and just when it seems like Ariel and Eric are about to kiss Urusla's lackeys Flotsom and Jetsam capsize the boat preventing them from making the spell permanent as Ursula watches from a far. - egnomac

5 Sebastian vs Louie Sebastian vs Louie

Possibly one of the funniest fight scenes in a Disney animated movie Sebastian finds himself in the kitchen where he is horrified by all the dead sea creatures who are being prepared as food by Louie the chief, not soon after he is found and stuffed and nearly gets thrown into the boiling water as Louie takes a close look at him Sebastian pinches his nose as a frying pan lands on his foot as Louie pursues Sebastian and eventually causes a huge mess in the kitchen. - egnomac

This was hilarious.

6 Part of Your World

Another beloved song number where Ariel sings about her dream of wanting to live life on the land. - egnomac

7 Ariel Becomes Human
8 Ariel and Flounder Get Chased By A Shark

Ariel and Flounder search around a sunken treasure as Ariel gathers more thnigs for her collection when they are attacked by a giant shark who chases after them tearing through the ship as Ariel and Flounder try to get away. - egnomac

9 Storm at Sea

During Eric's birthday celebration a violent storm comes out of nowhere and wrecks the ship and even though everyone including Eric's dog Max manage to get to safety Eric finds himself stuck on the ship as it catches fire then explodes but he is saved by Ariel. - egnomac

10 Max Licks Ariel

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11 King Triton Destroys Ariel's Collection

After King Triton forces Sebastian to confess he shows up at Ariel's secret grotto and becomes furious not only because Ariel has been keeping human objects around but because Ariel saved Eric and after Ariel boldly tells him she loves him Triton loses it and in a blind rage uses his Triton to destroy all of Ariel's collection then blows up the statue of Eric as Ariel breaks down crying as King Triton realizes that he may have gone way overboard. - egnomac

12 Ariel and Scuttle
13 Wedding Scene
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