Top 10 Moments from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

The Top Ten
1 All Toons Singing Smile Darn Ya Smile

This is such a good scene! I can watch it all day..

2 Eddie Kills The Weasel's with Laughter

To rid of the weasels Eddie performs a vaudeville comedy act as he makes the weasels laugh until they die of laughter.

3 Donald Duck and Daffy Duck Piano Duel
4 Judge Doom is a Toon
5 Jumping without a Parachute Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse Scene
6 Opening Cartoon Intro
7 Why Don't You Do Right? Jessica Rabbit Scene
8 Eddie Enters Toon Town
9 Eddie Escapes from Lena Hyena
10 Eddie and Roger Run from The Weasels
The Contenders
11 Judge Doom Dips Toon Shoe in the Dip
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