Top 10 Moments from Who Framed Roger Rabbit

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1 All Toons Singing Smile Darn Ya Smile

The final scene of the movie as Eddie, Roger, Jessica and Dolores leave all the toons start singing "Smile Darn Smile as they all return to Toon Town as the toon police tell everyone to move along as Porky gives his signature "That's All Folks" as Tinker Bell pops up and waves her wand or something and turns the screen black then flies off.

This is such a good scene! I can watch it all day..

2 Eddie Kills The Weasel's with Laughter

To rid of the weasels Eddie performs a vaudeville comedy act as he makes the weasels laugh until they die of laughter.

3 Donald Duck and Daffy Duck Piano Duel

Both Donald and Daffy perform on separate piano's before it turns into a full on battle that ends with Donald blasting a cannon onto Daffy as it smashes him into his piano as he laughs hysterically as the two are pulled off stage.

4 Judge Doom is a Toon

After Judge Doom gets run over by the steamroller Doom pops out of the ground all flat to Eddie's surprise as he realizes that he's a toon and not just any toon but the same toon who killed his brother Teddy Valiant as Doom reveals his true identity after inflating himself as with his creepy toon eyes exposed as he walks towards Eddie while saying "Remember me Eddie, when I killed your brother" then starts speaking in a very high pitch voice "AND TALKED JUST LIKE THIS! " as his eyes turn into swords as Eddie realizes he's in a real bad spot.

5 Jumping without a Parachute Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse Scene

After escaping from Lena Hyena Eddie finds himself falling he grabs onto a pole but Tweety releases his grip on it as he contuioes falling as he is joined by Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny who are skydiving as Eddie pleads for them for a spare parachute as Bugs gives him one but instead of a parachute he gets a tire as he continues to fall as Mickey and Bugs pull on their parachutes as Bugs adds one more line "Aren't I a stinker".

6 Opening Cartoon Intro

The movie opens with a cartoon segment "Something Cooking" where Roger tries to keep Baby Herman from harm only to find himself in one crazy situation after another the cartoon ends after Roger is crushed by the fridge as birds start circling around him as the director furious with Roger for not producing birds instead of stars like in the script as he calls a halt to filming as Roger pleads with him to let him do the bit again.

7 Why Don't You Do Right? Jessica Rabbit Scene

The famous Jessica Rabbit intro scene as Eddie goes to the Ink and Pain Club to investigate the rumors of Roger's toon wife Jessica being romantically involved with Marvin Acme a gadget inventor as Jessica performs and to Eddie's surprise Jessica is not a rabbit but a super sexy human toon.

8 Eddie Enters Toon Town
9 Eddie Escapes from Lena Hyena

Eddie follows who appears to be Jessica Rabbit to her room but instead of Jessica he finds Lena Hyena who merely looks like her as she chases after Eddie looking to kiss him as he shuts the door on her which she breaks down, as he tries to get away he takes refugee in a bathroom which is missing as he falls down and is caught by Lena Hyena who plants a big kiss on him as Eddie gets tossed around as Lena Hyena charges after him Eddie tears off the line on the road and throws it against the wall at which Lena Hyena runs right into it ending the chase.

I wanna be there to let Lena kiss me. I could go for some company.

10 Eddie and Roger Run from The Weasels
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11 Judge Doom Dips Toon Shoe in the Dip
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