Tristam's uniqueness comes from his French lyrics... He only incorporated them once (that I know of) in "Pushed Away", but that was what pushed me to vote I guess...

One of the best electronic artists I've ever listened to. Makes music with emotion, deep lyrics and beautiful melodies. Listen to a Tristam track and lose yourself in the music.

Well tristam, rogue, and braken are pretty much the only solo artists (sorry if I forgot anyone else) while making their own vocals and each having their own original sound and technique that really shines. Their style sets them apart from all of the other artists.

Tristam is a monstercat legend! There may be better artists but there will never be another tristam

Really emotional songs and original and creative. After hearing Flight and My Friend I was blown away...And Crave is just...

Tristam is a legend, my mind blew away when I heard Frame of mind, and then My friend, then far away. I still can't recover in how great these songs are.

I love Tristam! His music is so encouraging no matter what I feel like at the time. Glad to see him at the top of the list.

Tristam is one of my favourite dubstep artists of all time he is really good at making the music he makes

I love tristam! His lyrics always seem to pick me up and I can really feel the emotion in a lot of his songs.

Monster cat has many great songs but every single one of them is either made or featured by tristam

Probably should only be number 4 in my opinion, but amazing artist. Fave song (by him) is Frame of Mind.

When he does lyrics, he kicks everyone else's songs AWAY from the top, ex. Till The End!

If u r actually hear a song which active your brain with positive attitude and discover a hole new era of vocal, you should start listening tristam songs.
No one can beat him.
"Follow ME" way to unique for Sound lovers

Tristam is indeed a phenomenal artist. With his top track "Flight" along with Braken, he has proven himself to be number one. I can't argue with the fact that he has some flaws, but he still proves to be the best.

Inspired me two years ago. Never going back.

Tristam is the greyest of them all

Best in everything, drops, lyrics...

Tristam is love, tristam is life.

Tristam is without a doubt the best artist. With tracks like Flight, Follow me, I Remember, Too Simple, eta, he's not only the most collectively viewed artist on the Monstercat Channel, but is most likely the most loved artist in the Monstercat community.

Tristam my friend, I'll be with you till its over. Ever since you have taken flight you have always made it shine. and when your dynasty comes to an end, we will rebuild it once again.

Tristam is the best Monstercat artist out there, especially when he works together with Braken.

Thanks Lachlan for bringing me here it was that youtuber who made me love Tristan as much as everybody here. Sadly he doesn't play minecraft as much but still when I was sad listening to his music was the happiness and joy that I had lost

Well his music is way awesome a recommend listening to filght

Tristam is a god! The PBNs are good but they have 3! IMagine if they were all tristams! HOLY CRAP

He has a deep meaning behind his songs, sure other people convey there feelings but only Tristam and one other person (Mr. FijiWiji) are acually brave enough to show us there truest emotions and deepest scars in the mind while making good music. Tristam is amazing (and so is Mr. FijiWiji)