Top 10 Most Beautiful Gemstones

Most beautiful gemstones / precious stones / jewels.

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1 Diamond

Come on girls, emerald over diamond? Who's a girls best friend again?

Diamonds have more marketing. Diamonds have to be enhanced or heated to bring out sparkle and a rainbow of colors. Sphalerite, demantoid garnet and zircon have it all NATURALLY. Put a yellow diamond next to Sphalerite, and the latter wins. Demantoid outclasses green diamonds. I'm afraid you are a victim of marketing where diamonds are concerned.

Last time I checked, Diamonds could come in ANY color. And the most expensive, valuable and beautiful gem in the world? The PINK STAR DIAMOND. Not some Emerald or Garnet.

Diamond is the most beautiful gemstone.

2 Sapphire

Sapphires are beautiful. I love them because of their blue tint, speaking of blue have you ever seen a blue cat before? I have not, I mean I have seen blue (sad) cats before and they are so cute. there is this beautiful cat named bluestar and she is almost blue but she has the most beautiful blue eyes and I first thought that she was really blue. I also thought that my birthstone was blue but it is orange. blue is my favorite color. anyway, back to the bluestar theory bluestar is a very smart and nice cat and she is regal and strong, but this evil cat tigerclaw tried to kill her which was sad but this good cat named fireheart saved her from being killed but she went crazy forever.

Sapphires are royal blue, made to adorn the fingers of royalty. Honestly, emeralds over sapphires, much less garnets? People are crazy. Sapphires are sleek, sophisticated, and regal.

Bluestar is a good cat...(spoiler alert) too bad she was killed by a dog pack trying to save Fireheart's life. I like sapphires they're really pretty.

Sapphires are very pretty, with the dark navy blue and all. It can make you fell very emotional sometimes. But this stone is very formal.

3 Emerald

Girls like Diamonds maybe, but boys prefer emeralds, rubies and sapphires. They are colorful.

Emerald? Really?

Emerald is my most favorite gem

My mothers birthstone, so gorgeous.

4 Opal

The most beautiful gemstone I have ever seen, they come in all colours, sometimes I can't believe they come from our world and it's no wonder they were seen as having magical properties in early times.

Opals are just so beautiful, and each opal that I see has to be the most gorgeous sight I have seen In my life!

Opal is my birthstone and I just love it! Opals seem to just capture rainbow inside of them, and they are so beautiful! I personally think diamonds are overrated and opals are perfectly unique!

Opal in my birthstone and is like a rainbow on your finger. No two opals have the same pattern and come in a variety of colors like blue opal, fire opal, purple opal...

5 Ruby

Diamonds a girl's best friend? Honey I don't want no clear ball, no I want something that stands out, not to fancy but still pretty, like me! I have 2 pairs of ruby earings and I love them!

Honestly not because it's my birthstone but because this gem looks beautiful along with gold!

I was born in July so it is my birthstone but I love it because it is just so pretty

They're really beautiful. Deep red. The colour of blood.

6 Amethyst

Diamond's a girl's best friend. Nah, don't think so hun, amethyst's are everyone's friend, and yes diamond's have value, but that's just a plain clear object. Amethyst's have beauty, color, life, happiness! Anyway, ya get the point.

Are you joking? Don't watch Sofia the first for gosh diddly darn's sakes watch Steven universe. I hope you appreciate my resisting the temptation to swear then. It wasn't easy

Yes this is very pretty in 1837 a man named roger griffin discorvered this gem while he was looking for a diamond but he found this wonderful gem is not a girls best friend ITS EVERYBODYS FRIEND

You should watch sofia the first she has got a purple amulet made out of this. Also my 2nd favourite colour is purple

7 Aquamarine

The clear pale blue types from the mountains of Colorado are absolutely beautiful.

The gem is actually my birth gem no wonder I like blue

It reminds me of calming, beautiful waters. Not to mention it is so pretty!

This gemstone is really pretty. It's one of my favorites.

8 Garnet

OMG love this stone it's so shiny and red and pretty and AWESOME!

Pfft! Girls best friend. I'm a girl and I don't fall for diamonds. Do you really think that white, clear, diamond's are what I need? Nope. I'm feisty as fire, AND I'm a Tom boy. So garnets are red, fire! And not too... stereotypical.
I GOT A GARNET BEFORE BUT I LOST IT AND I'M SAD AND I DIDN'T EVEN TUMBLE IT SO THAT MY FAMILY COULD LOOK AT IT well I guess it's okay. My brother would easily break it anyway...

Hey! Garnet is pretty and tough, in the real world and in Steven Universe. They use it for industrial stuff! How can you not love Garnet?!?! Comes in different shades, most expensive is Blue Garnet, which is over 1 million for a carat? I don't know, but yea.

GARNET IT AWESOME (watch steven universe thigh my opinion is not based off that) it's is a beautiful dark red and sparkles in sunlight

9 Peridot

Peridot...MY WONDERFUL PERIDOT!. They are so beautiful and I love peridots. Screw diamonds they are evil.

This gemstone just seems to speak to me. I love it! Also, to the person who said they hate that it is their birthstone, I say you're lucky. This stone is gorgeous!

Sure it's no diamond, sapphire, or ruby, it's a pretty cool gem. Also my birthstone.

I think it's BEAUTIFUL screw diamonds

10 Alexandrite

This is just a beautiful gemstone, why?
The color. Blue or purple... semi-transparent... and you know, shiny, some gems are like rocks and don't even shine. I might go on about the shape too! It's simply even, unlike some gems, naturally even!
Next! It can color-change in different light! I'd like a rainbow quartz gem though it isn't on the list really. I'd prefer a color-change fluorite too, but you see, same as before.
Blue and purple are calming, deep and sweet colors. yoo-hoo

How is this gem not on the top? Alexandrite is beautiful, It’s also PURPLE, but not too purple, more like a calming indigo, plus IRIDESCENT! This gem is certainly better than the generic, clear, colourless, but somehow famous diamonds.

Alexandrite is absolutely glorious! It's colour changing ability just makes it one of the best!

An amazing gem! Who wouldn't like this gem?

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? Snowflake Obsidian

It is awesome.

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11 Topaz

I was born in November, and this is a VERY beautiful gemstone in my opinion.

My birthstone love it

My birthstone!

I was born in November, and that's the gemstone of the month! Plus, most of the Topazes are VERY pretty XP

12 Paraiba Tourmaline

This gem is so beautiful. It is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds and emeralds. It is neon blueish green and glows in the dark. It looks even brighter in dim lights than down lighting (the kind of lighting they use in Jewelry stores).
Check it out!

Awesome gem that has the most amazing color of the Caribbean sea. You have to see it to believe it. It's that mesmerizing.

Why is this gem not more well known? It's the most gorgeous color ever!

It was crystal clear, very beautiful

13 Apatite
14 Trapiche Emerald
15 Padparadscha

It looks lovely! I never knew that this was an actual gemstone!

The different colors within the depths are lovely.

Padparadscha is the most beautiful sapphire

16 Bixbite

Bixbite is actually red beryl with incredible red color similar to ruby (well, all beryls are great - emerald, aquamarine, morganite, pale green beryl, etc)

17 Lapis Lazuli

She is my FAVORITE character in Steven Universe, and therefore she is my favorite gem.

I feel so bad for lapis because it stinks when being cut and polished.

Nice blue color


18 Turquoise

Along with lapis lazuli, turquoise is my favourite gem, and my birth stone for December. I love it's rich, blue-green shade buy sadly is not very popular even though it isn't nearly as expensive as some other gems.

Turquoise is nicer than topaz I think

I like comments

Agreed! Although sometimes turquoise Jewellery is fake. D:

19 Benitoite

That blue color is awesome

20 Tanzanite

Very rare gem and very beautiful

21 Moonstone

YAY! My birthstone! It's so pretty, and the colours reflect all along the stone. It is a bluish colour with different shadings.

Love it! Beautiful colors, and it stands out from most other kinds of gemstones

It's GORGEOUS. It speaks to me on a spiritual level.
"You Rise with the Sun, but I rise with the Moon."

It's like the MOON.

22 Jeremejevite

It is awesome we shall put it on number 1

One of the rarest gems in the world

Between the ice,the aqua blue gemstone looks stunning

23 Crystal

Crystals? Like the ones with the starbits inside in Super Mario Galaxy? Those things are absolutely beautiful! They're so pretty, I hate having to break the things in SMG, but I love them so much! Apparently, when meteors strike (in SMG) they trap things inside these crystals. Take the beginning for example, when Bowser's Airships shoot meteors at the Toads at the Star Festival, note how the meteors trap them inside crystals. My question is if meteors would trap things inside seemingly electrified crystals in real life. I don't know about the crystals being electrified, but they say that the prehistoric meteor that killed the dinosaurs froze the Earth... Noneoftheless, Crystals are absolutely beautiful!

Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubbies, and Sapphires are too overrated! Crystals are never perfect, because they are all in different, unique shapes and the shapes are always random! Purple is my favorite color, and I consider Amethyst Crystals to be breathtakingly beautiful!

Have you seen any photos taken in Skaftafell National Park, Iceland? The crystal caves are breathtaking in the photos, despite that they are made out of ice! However, if you watch videos of the cave on Youtube, they don't look near as beautiful as they do in the photos! Make sure you look at the photos of the crystal caves in Iceland's Skaftafell National Park before you vote!

24 Rose Quartz

Lol I thought the same way. But yeah, Rose Quartz is a gemstone

WHAT!? This is a gem? I thought it was just a character from Steven Universe with a strange ungem name.

25 Sugilite

Not only in steven universe is she cool, but the color is pretty!

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