Top 10 Most Depressing Movies

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1 Requiem for a Dream

Unquestionably the most depressing movie I have ever seen. I can't even listen to the soundtrack without reliving the horror

Just... Why would someone make a movie so sad?

The eyes of jared are amazing I want the same colour for my eyes. JARED IS FANTASTIC!

Wow... Just wow... Never has a film affected me this much... Awesome

2 Grave of the Fireflies

So depressing that you will want to slit your wrists, hang yourself, take an overdose of pills, or choose any other method of suicide after watching this.

3 Melancholia
4 Million Dollar Baby

Her story is really depressing Maggie Fitzgerald, a young brave boxer's drama - MatrixGuy

5 Irreversible

Boy is there anything more irreversible than what's already happened? "Irreversible" is a tale of time. The movie starts when every thing is ruined and nothing's gonna be the same again and by the time it's come to an ending every thing become so calm and peaceful. It's sounds nice but the fact is the movie is telling the story backwards. It's really great though. One of my personal top 10 best movie.

6 P.S. I Love You

This film is not depressing at all. Sure, the love of her life dies, but through a series of beautiful letters he wrote before his death, he helped his girlfriend get through her grief and live her life at the same time. It's a wonderful story. - Britgirl

7 Antichrist
8 Schindler's List
9 Dancer in the Dark

Bjork puts on an amazing performance and this movie will ' haunt you

10 Persepolis

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? Toy Story 3

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11 The Road
12 Into the Wild

This movie while amazing, still REALLY makes me want to jump off a roof or something. It also makes me want to go on a backpacking trip.

13 The Passion of the Christ

Not really depressing, just rather brutal.

14 Au Hasard Balthazar
15 No Country for Old Men
16 The Girl Next Door (2007)
17 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas

This is a pretty lame movie but the ending is too damn depressing. 3/10 - AlphaQ

The movie wasn't very good, but the ending was excellent - kempokid

Best! - murphy

18 The Wrestler
19 Ikiru
20 Precious

This needs to be much further up this list...

21 Sansho the Bailiff
22 The Pursuit of Happyness
23 The Human Condition III: a Soldier's Prayer
24 Crash (2004)
25 Full Metal Jacket
26 Silenced (2011)
27 A Bittersweet Life
28 Saving Private Ryan
29 Mystic River

good one. - RW700

30 Lilya 4-Ever
31 Leaving Las Vegas
32 Pan's Labyrinth
33 The Virgin Spring
34 Inside Out

Why is this 49? It's so depressing!

A lot of ups and downs. It is kind of a deppressing movie.

35 Manchester by the Sea
36 The Green Mile

Deserves to be higher.

37 Johnny Got His Gun
38 Bridge to Terabithia

The unexpected death brings you back from the wonders of fantasy lands and childhood imagination to a depressing and heart shattering reality.

39 One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
40 In the Mood for Love
41 Forrest Gump
42 What's Eating Gilbert Grape
43 Marley & Me
44 Synecdoche, New York

Great film but such a downer

45 Blue Valentine
46 American History X
47 Hachi: A Dog's Tale

I'm surprised to find that this wasn't already on this list, it's incredibly depressing, the fact that it was based on a true story makes it even worthy of your tears


48 Martyrs
49 The Martian
50 Finding Nemo
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