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1 Monsanto

Monsanto is genuinely one of the most vile, corrupt, power hungry, and completely amoral organizations I have ever heard of. First is there most famous vile act, creating Agent Orange. The U. S government who wanted to get Viet Cong militants out of their forest hiding spots by destroying large amounts of forested land across Vietnam. They asked Monsanto to create a chemical weapon of such power and they did Agent Orange. Unfortunately the chemical weapon caused over 400,000 people to be killed or maimed,500,000 children to be born with birth defects,1 million people to have health problems or disability, and thousands of US veterans suffering or dying from it's effects to this day. Not to mention them dumping tens of thousands of pounds of PCBS into the waterways of Anniston Alabama which lead to the highest concentration of toxic pollutant ever recorded in history. A memo from a executive of Monsanto read "We can't afford to lose a dollar of profit". Also there is there ...more

Forcing farmers into their products, suing farmers who accidentally got some of monsanto crop blow into their fields from neighbouring farms, create toxic chemicals that are harmful to human health and wreaked havoc on the natural environment

Mon-STUPID is so evil I wouldn't be surprised if they're a subsidiary of the Umbrella Corporation...

Ah yes, the most hated corporation ever. They may not be around anymore (they were taken over by Bayer in 2018), but they left behind a legacy of chemical weapons. Worse than Nestlé, Viacom and LJN combined.

2 Nestlé

Because, according to them, drinkable water is not a basic human right, they will steal your groundwater and sell it back to you for a hefty buck.

Did you ever wonder where all the psychopath's hang out? Corporate America!

Nestle's promotion of infant formula to developing countries has demonstrably led to malnutrition and an unaccountable loss in terms of DALYs. Add Nestle's self-admitted involvement in child labour and slavery in Thailand and Cote d'Ivoire, the toxic contamination of groundwater in Pakistan, production of heavy metal infused instant noodles in India, its unashamed dealing with dictators like Mugabe in Zimbabwe, and general promotion of unhealthy garbage worldwide to name just a few other issues, and you have a very serious contender for the title of World's Most Evil Company, right up there with the likes of Monsanto and Dow Chemicals.

My favorite chocolate bar is kit kat, but that love isn't at all compared to the hatred I have for nestle, so that's why I have made a promise to my self to never by nestle products.

3 Apple Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company headquartered in Cupertino, California, that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.

They make people zombies.

The make the illusion of them being "the ones who are right when everyone else is wrong" even though they have made countless mistakes (unless those were on purpose too).

Their products are good, but insanely overpriced

Scamming people with awful product after awful product

4 Build-A-Bear Workshop

They pay your age scam which almost made them rich and bankrupt. Then they said if you have special online tickets, you can still get the deal. That was a pretty sneaky move if u ask me.

My son with autism got startled by a loud bang in the workshop causing him to panic and accidentally fall into the cotton condenser. Now I have a stuffed son in our living room

1 reason- The happy Birthday song. It was god awful and annoying to the extent of me thinking Fortnite is better

They said non binary didn't exist when I went there to make my bear and I wanted to put non binary and it offended me a lot!

5 Walmart

Evil company and evil heartless managers
You are in hitlers regime

Hortible company, abuses its power

It destroys history


Not a company, but screw it, I'm gonna vote for them anyway because they suck.

People Eating Tasty Animals: Stupid rotten bullies for animals since 1980

Killing animals for no reason while attacking people who kill animals for ANY reason is no smarter than returning a videotape without rewinding it or telling Joan Of Arc that women can't be knights!

Remember when they got onto Nintendo for the Tanooki suit

7 McDonald's

Exploit workers and animals and manipulate children into buying their junk

It's almost like they're competing for being the most evil on purpose. Torturing animals, waiting waay to long for callbacks when they KNOW they're selling contaminated food, resulting in children dying, passing garbage off as 'healthy food' (salads often contain more calories than their burgers), pumping their meat full of antibiotics... the sad thing is, I could go on for a long time. I'm not an activist; McDonald's is the only company I actually boycot.

To be fair, if anyone got fat from eating McDonald's everyday then that is technically that person's fault because he/she chose to eat McDonald's everyday.

McDonald's had some salads there.

8 Bayer

They don't own Mansanto, but they did sold heroin to mother to cure their babies

Number one for ever if only for what they did during WW2!

Remember they own Monsanto. Together they first make you sick and then treat you and make $$$$ selling you aspirin

9 Viacom

They're the reason why Nickelodeon, MTV, VH1, and many other television networks are so bad. They're a multimillion or MULTIBILLION company who manipulates lower networks into being taken over. They really don't care about the people's entertainment (at least I think that wasn't their mission until recently). They care about money! And it's not just T.V. networks, that goes for online services and maybe technology also! Just look what they did to Neopets! They're a corporation that must be stopped and a corporation that must be talked about more in order to stop them! But until then, they'll keep ruining our entertainment, and with all the money in their pockets, it's nearly impossible to stop them!

They also fired a bunch of their employees before Christmas one time. - alphadan12

The don't care about their employees. They only care about suing, or threatening others if they stand up for themselves and protecting their financial interests. The only time the peoples voice worked was when they got terrible publicity in NYC when they wanted to take away benefits to permalance employees. The employees went on a strike outside Viacom headquarters with news organizations and the bad publicity made them decide against taking away the benefits.

Remove this company before water was removed by Viacom for copyright! Viacom once make youtube corrupt by copyright striking for videos that got nothing to do with Viacom. Why this isn't number 1?

When I worked there in the mid 2000's, they fired whole departments before Christmas every year and then these people had to leave that day and could not even go to the yearly Christmas party. Side bar, In NY, they do put on a good party though. They do not care about their employees.

10 Pearson Education

Go to hell you ugly bastards! Get standardized testing out of schools. Stop killing individuality!

They have customer support? Even when you pay for it? NOT.


The Newcomers

? Chase Manhattan
? Rothschild & Co

The Contenders

11 Dow Chemical

Have created awful chemicals damaging the environment and human health

What does Dow Criminal have to do with Dracula? The former was established in 1897, the latter has been stuck in copyright limbo since 1897 thanks to Bram Stoker... and they both suck!

This wretched company also conducted medical experiments on slaves in the US after purchasing them solely for that reason.

Parent company of Union Carbide, the corporation responsible for Bhopal Gas Tragedy that killed nearly 500,000 people to toxic gases. The biggest industrial disaster and they paid $0.00 compensation. The CEO responsible escaped from India to his home country USA, could never be extradited to face trial in India because of his lobbying in the US. He's dead now and probably serving in hell.

12 BP

The polluters.

BP probably stands for big penis


Yes indeed- ita vero

13 Google Google is an American multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. These include online advertising technologies, search, cloud computing, and software.

They're obsessed with parenting and children and are manipulating them to buy their products.

Anti-Competitive and steals your data and sells it to others... This is how they make money evilly...

It's always the same. "Power corrupts..." and you know the rest. For years now, Google has been filtering out and stifling conservative opinion and promoting progressive opinions through its search results. Anyone who thinks Google is giving them an unbiased source of information is sadly mistaken. I don't care if you are on the left or the right but don't you think you should at least be able to make up your own mind by seeing an unbiased list of search results?

This should be higher. There the only search browse people actually use. Get off of google. go on internet explorer.

14 Electronic Arts Electronic Arts, Inc., also known as EA Games, is an American developer, marketer, publisher and distributor of video games headquartered in Redwood City, California.

PvZ was good as a mobile game.
Than garden warfare and pvz 2 came along AND RUINED IT!

They bought one of my favorite game series, Plants vs Zombies, and turned it into a pay to win, disgraceful. Also most of the games EA has made were glitchy and pay to win.

They take pleasure in acquiring your former favourite game companies, draining their life force, and throwing them away as feeble shells of what they once were. They also enjoy turning the greatest game series into glorified slot machines, especially if they can release it on mobile. The only company where it is more ethical to pirate their games than to buy them.

In the past decade they have changed their business model to focus on micro transactions. These are after sales purchases which are meant to provide extra enjoyment or value. Their games have changed with them, from titles based on leading edge graphics and development, to games scripted to entice players to make these micro transactions.

EA's Flagship FIFA series is the prime example where the core gameplay has been so heavily scripted so as to frustrate gamers into spend money to improve their teams. This is done via a virtual pokie/slot machine where the gamer has no clue as to what they will get for their money. Of course like any casino they often offer special deals and freebies for logging in each day; EA's version of the free buffet.

This is a company that is grooming kiddies for an online gambling habit. The Big Tobacco of the 21st century.

15 Comcast

Outrageous prices! Paid $10 more than I would have for Verizon. There voice remote doesn't work right

Horrible Internet service provider. Xfinity is horrible, you pay $300 a month, and they still wont let you skip the 4-6 ads they play On Demand.

Price gouges customers. Extremely poor customer service.

17 Lockheed Martin
18 Exxon Mobil

Probably deserves one of the top spots. Exploits the earth's resources at any cost. No remorse for oil spills and ecological damage caused by them

Oil Spill on March 24, 1989

19 LuLaRoe

LuLaRoe is a horrendous pyramid scheme that, while only several years old, has proven itself nearly as evil as Amway and Herbalife. The 2017 lawsuit should've been the nail in the coffin, but their brainwashed "distributors" are what keeps the company alive. The fact that you have to pay up to $6,000 before joining says enough about this awful company.

Not to mention that it's literally classified as a pyramid scheme by the Direct Selling Association, an awful group that counts numerous MLMs (including Amway and Herbalife) amongst its members.
You know your company is doing something wrong when literal Amway supporters can tell that it is a scam.

20 Herbalife
21 Corrections Corporation of America

Largest owner and operator of private prisons and detention centers in the US. Has lobbyists promote laws that lead to higher incarceration and immigration policies that result in mass detention. This is a direct quote from its disclosure to investors:

"The demand for our facilities and services could be adversely affected by the relaxation of enforcement efforts, leniency in conviction or parole standards and sentencing practices or through the decriminalization of certain activities that are currently proscribed by our criminal laws. For instance, any changes with respect to drugs and controlled substances or illegal immigration could affect the number of persons arrested, convicted, and sentenced, thereby potentially reducing demand for correctional facilities to house them."

22 Amway
23 DuPont

Just watch Dark Waters (2019)

24 Koch Industries
25 Goldman Sachs

Money Laundering, Price Fixing, Almost single handedly caused the financial crisis of 2008-09 destroying millions of families. Manipulates currency markets on Wall St and dominates monetary policy in the United States Government. All of these combined should be enough to propel it way beyond Build-A-Bear.

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