Top 10 Nike Shoes

These include all types of shoes except cleats (futsal included).
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1 Nike Air Force 1

I first got a pair around 2005. It's now 2016, and I will only wear the Air Force 1 white high tops. These are the most comfortable shoes ever.

How are these number one? They are ugly and look like white dog poop.

Most iconic sneakers ever - minimalist at its best.

2 Nike Hyperdunk

I'm wearing the 2015 ones right now and have worn earlier versions too. They are awesome, comfortable, and offer great support. These are some of the best shoes ever. I love them!

Really cool, but the solid white ones get messed up easily. The NikeID for the Air Forces is extremely limited.

These shoes have style and comfort. They are also good for playing basketball.

3 Nike Air Jordan 1

It is the most iconic Nike sneaker.

One of the most iconic.

4 Nike Air Yeezy 2

Best shoes ever, no contest.

5 Nike Free Run 3

These are awesome: so comfortable, flexible, and lightweight. I am impressed. These are the best shoes for running. Others are also good, but this one is better. It's Nike's best shoe!

Best running shoes I've used. I switched from Run 5 to this one.

These shoes are the best. They are the best type of Nike!

6 Nike LeBron 11
7 Nike Foamposite

By far the best form-fitting shoe by Nike. It takes time to mold to your feet, but once that happens, they are amazing and stylish.

8 Nike Air Max 90

Great shoe I've ever worn. By the way, Eminem wears it too.

So comfortable. Good to wear on all occasions.

Comfortable and cool.

9 Nike Free 5.0

They're super comfortable and lightweight. They offer great flexibility, so I can use my feet to their maximum capability when running. Overall, an awesome shoe.

These are the comfiest trainers I've owned, alongside the Flyknit Free Run. I just ordered a pair of Socflys, which are also top-tier, seeing as they have the 3.0 sole.

They're awesome shoes! They match with anything, are comfortable, and are all-around great shoes.

10 Nike Roshe Run

Great running shoes that are comfortable and have a nice look.

These are the comfiest shoes ever.

Very good, very light!

The Contenders
11 Nike SB Janoski

Its simple, classy style makes skateboarding look more amazing. They are mostly fashion shoes.

12 Nike Flyknit

They are cool.

13 Nike Zoom
14 Nike LeBron 10

They're just the best there is, hands down.

LeBrons are the best from Nike.

LeBrons are the boss.

15 Nike Air Max 2009

The best Air Max over the years.

16 Nike Air Jordan Melo M10
17 Nike Air Max 95 360

They are just so comfortable!

18 Nike Kaishi

These are the best shoes ever, especially the triple black ones. They're amazing because they're good for jogging, just like Roshe Runs. They're comfortable and have a casual look with the raised Air Max style. Overall, they're a great buy and are very reasonably priced for Nike.

19 Nike Air Max 2012

This is one of my all-time favorite shoes. I love these shoes. I love this brand. The look is very empowering. I've purchased five different colors of these shoes. When I wear them, I feel like I'm swimming in the clouds.

Top 10 according to me would be:

1. Nike Air Max 2012
2. Nike Air Max Tailwind 2010
3. Nike Air Max 2009
4. Nike Air Max 2011
5. Nike Hyperdunk
6. Nike Air Max Griffey Fury
7. Nike Air Jordan
8. Nike Free Run 3
9. Nike Air Max Express
10. Nike Air Diamond Turf 2

So awesome! These are the best-looking shoes I have ever seen. Their look, durability, and comfort are perfect. These shoes must be at number one. They are available in a variety of colors. Please vote for these shoes!

Nike is the best shoe company, and their Air Max 2012s are awesome. I don't like their Air Max 2013s as much. Air Max 2012 should be in the number one position.

20 Nike Air Diamond Turf II

I think these are the best shoes because they are bulky, shiny, and have vibrant colors.

The style is so cool. They have great traction.

21 Nike Air Max 2013

The sickest ever! These shoes far surpass any shoe made by Nike, period! I would highly recommend this shoe to all men, women, and children. And for a price like that, you get your money's worth.

They will be launched on January 13, 2013, but I have seen their first look, which is awesome.

22 Nike Airmax 2011

They look so good, have superior design, and are very comfortable. I've bought a pair in green and black. They look just amazing. Everyone looks at them when I wear them. Although they are priced very high, they are worth every penny.

These are the best shoes on the planet. They deserve the number one position, so please vote for them. My next favorite shoes will be "Air Max 2012," followed by Air Max Tailwind 2010.

Not even in the top 3? This is the best shoe ever. Sleek design, full comfort, durability, and great looks, combined with Nike, equals the best.

23 Nike Air Max Griffey Fury

The colors are cool, and they fit really well!

They are cool.

24 Nike Lunarlon

It's so comfortable! I can't believe it's only at number 19! This shoe must be in the top 10.

25 Nike Air Huarache

Love these shoes.

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