Best Monster Jam Trucks

The Top Ten Best Monster Jam Trucks

1 Grave Digger

I have loved Grave Digger since I was a very little girl. I have gone to his very first shows. I have never seen Grave Digger lose a competition even when he has broke down which was only once. I have NEVER been let down by a show. Grave Digger is a legend

Grave digger is better than Maxd because he keeps more flow in freestyle and always goes big and is good truck in racing and if you don't believe me than check grave digger freestyle 2012 Jacksonville also Dennis Anderson is the best driver even though he is retired Maxd is ugly Dennis you rocked!

I like Grave Digger and I have a toy of him and the other monster truck is winning but Grave Digger wins.

I've got to say, Grave Digger may not have won as many world finals, but that doesn't mean he isn't the main truck in Monster Jam. He has always been the fastest and coolest truck on the circuit... He is Bad to the Bone! Watch out Max- D, Grave Digger comin'!

2 Maximum Destruction

Max d is the best he is a 11 time champion and has kicked grave diggers ass ever scents he started and has beat grave digger a lot more than grave digger has beat him max the first to do a double back flip and the first to do a front flip and he has jumped 7 monster trucks. Tom meets has kicked Denise Anderson ass for the last 20 years

Hands down the best. He won more world finals, he's the master of saves, he's greats at donuts, he's done the first reverse backflip, first reverse corkscrew, first double backflip (not a consecutive backflip like Mohawk Warrior), he does big air, and every time I've seen him at a show, he goes crazy! Max-D is the best monster truck, and he's WAY better than Grave Digger. Tom Meents = #1 driver.

Puts up a good fight with Grave Digger (best monster truck on Earth. )

I actually went to a show and M Destruction beat Digger by a few points. Only because Digger tipped over. - Alpha101

3 El Toro Loco

Always liked him he has always been my role model and I have always had competitions with my grandpa up between Grave Digger and El Toro and he has usually one for me

This truck is amazing along with it's drivers! El Toro Loco has a "mind of his own" they might say. I am and always will be an El Toro Loco fan!

El toro Loco has been my favorite monster truck since I was seven.

The coolest truck out there especially when the smoke comes out of the nose. He always tears up the field and goes absolutely crazy. - FFDP

4 Blue Thunder

Always the best RIP Ferrell

My son loves blue thunder

Simple name n cool blue monster...

Blue thunder is the best

5 Shock Therapy

Shock Therapy is my favorite monster truck ever! It is so cool and has a GREAT design! This is just my opinion. I love this truck! - skatefan1

I have the toy car

I hate thisguy

6 Grave Digger The Legend

Go grave digger you're the best legend

The best cat it is very cool

The best of the best

We need someone to kill Devil Hills NYC, oh wait the answer is right in our face, the legend of a legend the brother of a legend, GRAVE DIGER THE LEGEND!

7 Tropical Thunder

I love him and I extra like him because he is sometimes hated I myself can't wait to get the tropical thunder spinmaster 1:64 scale truck!

Tropical Thunder is a really cool monster truck! The design is awesome! I'm a huge fan of Monster Jam and this truck is one of the coolest monster trucks ever! - skatefan1

UH, It looks cool! - spongelover

8 Monster Mutt

You did an excellent kid yesterday, congrats monster mutt Dalmatian hope you do well at world finals

My brother and I love monster mutt he has great features love it

Monster Mutt has awesome features and I think he deserves #1.

He is my favorite

9 Bounty Hunter

World finals 20 racing champion!

Bad ass racer and back flips r sick


Work for the team. Best team EVER. WORLD CHAMPIONS BABY!

10 New Earth Authority (NEA)

This is on 8th just because it looks cool? God.

The Contenders

11 Bigfoot

If there wasn't Bigfoot there would not be monster trucks. (by my 6 year old grandson)

Seeing Big Foot as #15 is a joke! Its #1 period. Bob Chandler's Big Foot Is the pioneer of the whole monster truck movement.

Agree. Bigfoot is the father and king of all Monster Trucks! If not for Bigfoot there would be no Monster Jam. Hell before general public called these giant trucks monster trucks they were simply known as "Bigfoots".

Duh! This is the original Monster Truck. Very decorated and the truck that started it all. How is this not #1?

Bigfoot isn't apart of Monster Jam. This is the top 10 Monster Jam Trucks list - skatefan1

12 Zombie

This truck is awesome and I also have the toy

I like how the truck has big arms on the sides

Zombie is a great monster truck and the best monster truck ever and the driver is super duper duper cold

Zombie is the best truck in the world and looks hilarious

13 Northern Nightmare

Good monster truck my sister loves it!

Brilliant. this man can do anything he is challenged too and he takes monster jam to a new level.

Awesome truck and has one of the best drivers cam McQueen,he is a legend

My favorite truck is only number 14? this is obsured.

14 Madusa

Awesome truck MADUSA rocks

2 time championship winner - spongelover

The flips are badass!

Back flips r cool and pretty good racer

15 Disney XD Disney XD is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is owned by the Disney Channels Worldwide unit of the Disney–ABC Television Group, itself a unit of the Disney Media Networks division of The Walt Disney Company.

My favorite monster truck I love it!

Not a monster truck

Gonna rule the world!

16 Dragon's Breath

This is a inredible and fantastic truck

This website sucks and I'm never getting on it agian!

17 Avenger

The fact that he isn't even in top 5 makes this survey crap. He is one of the most popular trucks in the circuit.

Really good truck

Awesome world finals looks

He should be number 3 he is a 2 time freestyle champion and he is all ways a top contender

18 Prowler

He is a tiger

19 Dragon

Love Dragon, he is Awesome

Dragon Rocks, The Best

He's awesome

20 Bad News

Awesome truck! Cool looking and powerful.

UM, THE SAME WITH NUMBER 5! - spongelover

21 Mohawk Warrior

I think that mohawk warrior is so awesome and I think that I want it to be in the top 10

It's so cool that it has a Mohawk

Mohawk warrior is awesome

Mowhawks though he is the best and stylish!

22 Lucas Oil Crusader

I love him I have a toy truck of him

Race winning machine baby!

Huge sponsor and great driver

23 Son-Uva Digger

Son uva digger is quite the truck! He's the single greatest in my opinion and he can easily win racing AND freestyle, he's in the top of the double down books.

Yes son uva digger is the best, he is the son of a legend, he even drives the truck of a legend!

He rocks, way better then other grave digger truck.

The best driver around

24 Bulldozer

This is probably the best truck ever in skills, it basically looks like el toro loco except its better at stunts and it doesn't crash or loose its horns.

This truck is not the best in skills

This truck is one of the best El Toro Loco styles out of the red, black, orange, yellow, chrome red and now bage ya dude Bulldozer is one of the best

25 Goldberg

love wrestling

It sucks

Tom Meents Drove This Truck Before Max D And Team Meents This Truck Was For The WCW Wrestler Bill Goldberg - christangrant

26 Razin Kane

A Classic Monster Truck Design for the Modern Monster Truck shows, Love the Blue and White, and it does great stunts.

The white and blue Razin Kane is the best

Razin Kane raised the bar in monster truck competitions

Awesome Truck that stole the show!

27 Equalizer

Best truck of the 90s.

28 Iron Man

Best avenger

29 King Krunch

One of my favorites, will destroy the beast to achieve applause!

No truck looks better or has a cooler name.

He is awesome!

30 Brutus

This truck is so awesome

Best cyclones and awesome at freestyle

Awesome looking truck

Cool truck available a a ECX RC

31 Higher Education

It is a cool design

32 Nitro Circus

Nitro circus is rubbish at monster jam. Travis Pastrana isent the one for monster jam he's better of doing fmx, rally and other serious sports but he just isent the type of driver for monster jam unfortuantly... No efenss travis if you see this message

Dude really he is the best truck and I love the show.😐

33 Team Hot Wheels Firestorm

This truck is cool

+we love hot wheels

They have a super sick truck


34 Gunslinger

Should easily be in the top 10 both in the sport and out. One of the best guys you could ever meet, and definitely slays everyone

35 Monster Mutt Dalmatian

Awesome you rock too pup

Idc what y'all say monster mutt's the best monster truck EVER period BIG DOT

Candace Jolly rocks!

This truck is amazing

36 Black Stallion

Very true. Mike Vaters even drove longer than Dennis Anderson!

Best driver in the world next max-D

37 El Diablo

Truck looks awesome

I really like his tounge that goes up and down.

The best car

38 Monster Mutt Rottweiler

Awesome truck named after a awesome dog YEAH

39 Captain's Curse

This monster truck is the greatest I also have the toy

Your comment is meant for pirate's curse

Really cool truck ,Also I have the toy

Best truck ever I also have the toy

40 Reptoid

Always an awesome looking truck


Great Driver, Beast Truck. Put together solid runs without tearing up his truck. Put Anderson, Meents, and Hartsock in their places when MJ entered GA or FL.

41 Zombie Hunter

I like that truck so bad that I want the big to truck

I have not herd of zombie hunter

What are you trying to say mate

I'm Cuthbert calculus

42 Crushstation

He is my actual dad like no joke


43 Jurassic Attack
44 Inferno
45 Doomsday

Cool but really weird

Really good truck

46 Maverik Monster Trakker
47 Pirate's Curse

Son uva stone crusher this dude though amazing design cousin of captain's curse, he is amazing

Fun on path of ditruction

so awesome

48 Titan

He is great when he dose not break

Like the world finals designs

49 El Toro Loco (Yellow)

BECKY MCDONOUGH the best monster truck driver in the World and she is a hot Girl monster truck driver to el Toro loco yellow is the best monster truck in the World of monster jam trucks.

BECKY MCDONOUGH IS THE BEST MONSTER TRUCK DRIVER IN THE world OF MONSTER jam she is a hot monster truck driver to EL Toro Loco yellow is the best monster truck in the world

I love her and her car bring her to at least top ten

He is a cool monster jam truck

50 Monster Energy

Monster energy is the best at leap I think he should be number 2”

Damon Bradshaw is the beast does he use monster energy drink for gasoline or what

I think this truck should be 1-3 rank because this monster truck is cool and strong

Love hm drink the drink to

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