Top Ten Road Bike Brands

Which bikes deliver the best combination of performance, handling, speed, etc.

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1 Giant Giant Giant Manufacturing Co. Ltd. is a Taiwanese bicycle manufacturer that is recognized as the world's largest bicycle manufacturer.

I own a Giant Defy advanced 2 (2012 version) with full ultegra and I cannot fault the bike.
Rides, accelerates and handles like bikes costing twice as much. It's a bike that you can easily
Ride all day, so comfortable and smooth just irons out the road in front of you.

Hands down, the most for your money! Giant is OUTSTANDING for ride and technology. Maestro Suspension, OverDrive 2... Did I mention PRICE?!

All the GIANT bikes are really nice, the price of the bike is cheaper of what you take! Really try a GIANT and you will loved!

The best

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2 Specialized Specialized Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc., more commonly known simply as Specialized, is a major American brand of bicycles and related products.

Just bought this custom bike used for $300 from $900. Amazing quality this is my forever bike!

Great Bikes at a great value

I own a 2013 Venge Comp, have put well over 5,000 miles on it - a perfect balance between power and comfort and those are two difficult things to balance in a race bike.

I own two Specilized bikes including the 2018 Diverge Comp E5; exceptional engineering and quality. Fits me like a glove.

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3 Cannondale Cannondale The Cannondale Bicycle Corporation, is an American division of Canadian conglomerate Dorel Industries that supplies bicycles.

I went from a Specialized city to my 2014 Synapse 105 disk alloy and am convinced that it is the best and most comfortable bike I have ever had. By far the best fit and finish of any alloy. I am on the verge of turning 62 and have never enjoyed riding more then now on my Cannondale. Now my Harley just sits in the garage...

I love my 2011 Cannondale cad 10, I got the bike, joined a cycling team, and raced for a season and even completed my first century. Now I have just joined 15 and starting my second season, my coach says that this year I could be one of the best in the state. Thank you Cannondale!

I have a new Cannondale Synapse Carbon 105 11-Speed and love it. Certainly better quality than it's nearest competitors. The paint work is exceptional and the comfort levels are superb. Very happy!

The best bike in the world and much more stuffer and lighter then any others bike 😍😍😍😍

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4 Trek Trek Trek Bicycle Corporation is a major bicycle and cycling product manufacturer and distributor under brand names Trek, Electra Bicycle Company, Gary Fisher, Bontrager, Diamant Bikes, Villiger Bikes and until 2008, LeMond Racing Cycles and Klein.

I have a trek 1.1 and I absolutely love it! It's amazingly light for an aluminum frame it's comfortable on long rides while being a stiff enough frame not to flex when I stand and really dig into the pedals. ( 6 ft 2, and 215 lbs) I paid $769 brand new and this bike rides like some I've tried that were 3 times its price. I love this bike so much I just bought a trek 3500 mountain bike as well to have as my off road bike

I own a Trek 3500, it's of excellent build quality, I've owned it for 2 years and really put it through the paces for around 3000 miles and it's still going strong. I would recommend Trek's bikes to anybody who is hard on the pedals.

I own the Wahoo (aluminum frame mountain bike) and Madone 5.2 (carbon fiber road bike) Both are incredibly well built bikes. Since I am now 64, I don't ride hard core any more on the mountain bike but I have put well over 6000 miles on the road bike. Very comfortable, if you get the right saddle, and very powerful and fast. You get what you pay for and these bikes both deliver great quality and durability.

I like this brand

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5 Felt

Great features for the price, and good liking bikes too. It's impressive that Felt bikes won 4 stages in the 2013 Tour, and like all the top brands, the R&D trickles down to the lower-priced bikes.

Felt makes bikes of the top quality and often sales them much cheaper than the competition. It does not make economic sense but makes a lot of sense to ride the bike. I have mine endurance road bike and it's a horse for life.

Their AR line is arguably the best looking bike on the road. It's nice that the performance matches the look

Been riding my 2014 Felt F3 for 4 years now and I am very satisfied with it. I ride 120kms 2-3x a week and my bike hasn't shown any signs of slowing down, I'm planning to upgrade to FR1 next year for safety purposes though

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6 Pinarello

Amazing bike! I've been riding a Pinarello FP for 2 years now and I see no signs of stress on the bike, or the need for an upgrade. It's comfort, lightweight and the is awesome too!

I have a 2004 Prince. I have other bikes but this is the one that gets the most rides and miles. Fab bike.

Pinarello Galileo is my first road bike since I was 16 years old (a few years ago! )
I wouldn't change this for anything, well another Pinarello. Sweet ride comfortable smooth just makes me want to stay in the saddle longer ever ride.
Awesome Bike.

F8 rigid, reactive!

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7 Cervelo

Best climbing bikes on the market hands down (R3). So lightweight it feels like you're riding on air!

Great bike with great feel.

These bikes are fast and light weight

If you want to ride? there is only one solution for you with Cervelo!

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8 Fuji

I think Fuji is a very great brand. They make good bikes, they handle great, and they are very cheap for a very great brand like that. I think they are a lot better than most brands.

I think Fuji do some very good bikes, and considering their price bracket being quite affordable across their range, I thin they should be included.

Been looking at a lot of bike brands based on price, looks and history. Fuji is the best dollar you can bet in terms of quality, performance, price and a good history behind it. It is also one of the best looking bikes around

Great value. Innovative engineering.

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9 Bianchi

Bianchi has been making road bikes for the longest time as I can remember. I grew up looking at magazines for their bikes, dreaming of one day being able to own one, and cruise around on a proper Italian bike. Bianchi has been making the same great bikes, with the same, hand-crafted quality for 133 years now. Their bikes are made in Italy and designed by people who have an eye for design, innovation, and craftsmanship. Bianchi is number one in the world, and forever, number one in my heart.

The oldest Road bike company still in existence so it must be one of the best. For people who know bike brands other than giant and trek they would agree Bianchi should be in the top ten at least.

Great bikes with industry-leading quality.

I love my Bianchi!

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10 Scott Scott

Scott is the best, I buy specialized tarmac but after few months the specialized frame has a crack from the head tube. So I decided to buy a new frame and I bought scott foil and now my scott foil is 2 years and it has very good condition. Salute to the scott bicycles

Scott solace are lovely frames very light and responsive..

I have Scott Solace 2016 and I must say it is one of the most complete bikes that I've had so far, I just enjoy it!

Very good all round road bikes

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11 Cervello

I have an S2 for almost a year now. The ride is excellent and smooth and It's a head turner on the road.

It's written on the side of your very expensive bike and yet you still spelled it wrong.

I'm 12 and I'm a keen cyclist. I brought the cervelo s5 road bike and it changed my life in road cycling

I have a p5 and it is incredibel

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12 De Rosa

Dope ass gets much attention but costs like 25 k

One of the most beautiful bike ever built
and built from top quality materials, plus the welds are great looking
i previously owned a steel bottechia, I really regret selling it just looking for her nice tubing was a bless
Viva Italian bikes

13 Koga
14 Merida

I have one merida the ride lite 93 2013 model, it's very valuable

I have warrior 500 and its good for mountain terrain

The best bike

My best merida scultura 4000..5 star

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15 Raleigh

Hands down one of the best road bikes you can get. Excellent balance and overall road performance.

I have a 1983 Raleigh Zenith - still goes like the clappers 33 years later

Very good bike make

My fave too..

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16 Canyon

World class frames and top of the range groupsets with great value for money

Stiff frames, superior quality price ratio.

Great bike with great value


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17 Litespeed
18 Orbea

Awesome modern designs from one of the oldest manufactures. Superb lines unmatched by the usual ho hum of the mass production builders - the ride matches any competitor - unique and value for money.

Best finish, excellent shock absorption with minimal flex in carbon range, balanced and extremely stable and unique designs

Lots of art and design made in the frames very unique bike very planned out and made

Thas incredibly is a great brand

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19 Wilier

I own a 2014 gtr. This bike is so much bang for the buck. Super light for an intermediate level bike, responsive and wilier design is one of a kind.

I have a wilier road bike I through it off my triple story house and it didn't brake.

My 2012 Wilier Gran Turismo is one of the best bikes I've owned. Looks great but more importantly ride and handling is fantastic..


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20 Polygon

I have helios road bike, and I think its very good bike, good quality with reasonable price

Polygon bikes may not be the stiffest or lightest bikes on the planet, but they're still top notch, and they often come in an incredibly competitive prices. Many of their range-topping models come with all the top-tier spec (Dura-Ace Di2, etc) at a fraction of other companies'.

Own a heist 2.0 2015 edition and loving every moment with it!

My first RB is Polygon helios c3 model 2016.

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21 Cube

Simple, robust and precision-made bicycles. German quality, reasonable price and nice painting job.

Good quality for an affordable price

22 BMC

Well, you will see in Tour de France, at the front group. I have a Team machine SLR02, nothing to describe, just amazing

I just got a team machine slr02, best bike in its price range, by far!

Team machine is the best for the best price

Best of the best TT excellent bike I got TM01 and it is amazing

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23 Scattante
24 Lapierre

Affordable price with high performance

25 Colnago

Design, build quality and ride quality all are assumed without discussion. It is the intangible quality of a hand built Italian beauty that makes these bikes so amazing. I've ridden many different road bikes and nothing is quite like a lugged carbon Colnago frame. If you will only have one bike in your life, make it a Colnago. The best!

I have a master, it is incredible when I ride it everywhere. Somehow, I dare not to ride outside when it is raining.

Colnago obviously makes the best bike in the world. The c60. Why it's so far down on the list is beyond me.

Best of all!

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26 Ridley

Great looking bikes but you pay a premium price. Very stiff and fast. You feel every rock and pebble but you will probably win the race.

Very nice clean looking bike. Maybe a bit stiff, but seems very fast.

Good, genuin, all round quality. the brand has a good cyclo cross section but caters to other styles as well.

27 Trinx

Dbest and affordable

I love Trinx

28 Eddy Merckx

Best bodygeometry bicycle

29 Focus

Without a doubt, best value for money, fantastic design and technological advancement.

Best Bikes!

Best value

Genuine quality brand. good for cyclocross riders.

30 Carrera

My friend owns one brilliant getting one soon

Brilliant bike for the price

31 Schwinn

My first bad choice corvette 2

32 Motobecane

Only brand that offers not only a complete line, but also road bikes in steel, aluminum, carbon fiber, and titanium

Motobecane, Immortal Force, is an awesome bicycle. Mainly it's affordable for an all carbon fiber bicycle, lightweight, and very strong.

Getting one today looks amazing, 15lbs full carbon fiber only $900

I own Motobecane Super Miragre vintage road bike in great condition. It's fantastic! Also very quality and nice. It should be in top 20 for sure!

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33 KTM

Very good quality perfect handling well priced

34 Avanti

Really nice bike, smooth and confortable.

35 Jamis

Jamis Ventura Comp is an excellent endurance road bike at a great price.

Love their touring bikes... Steel!

36 Kuota

Very stiff bike, without being uncomfortable. The value is great. You get a lot ob bike for the money.

Nice bike

Very noce bike


37 Mongoose

If you buy a Walmart bike, expect problems. I have an old Mongoose Mountain bike, from a bike shop. It's a top line bike. Never a problem. I don't think they make them anymore.

Mongoose is one of the worst bike brands out there. Mine broke on the first month of using one.

38 Norco

Don't own one yet, but shopping online, I can't believe this bike isn't rated much higher. Great price/value for some very high end components. Haven't seen a bad review yet.

Just bought one - steel frame feels good, well built. Bought at discount as end of season, but price:equipment is good.

It is a really good brand I have a few and they have all lasted for a very long time

Love my Norco 9.3 MTB

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39 Kestrel

Founded in 1986 Kestrel Produced the first fully carbon frame bike (not tubes with lugs). Then in the late 1980's they developed a carbon fork that was sought after by many racers. The Kestrel 4000 was their finest frame. in my opinion.

A standard bike is 11 pounds.

I love mine... won a sprint tri with it.

40 Hero

Hero is the best bike company and Indian company hero is the best company ever I love India

Best one

Hero I love ❤

41 Tommaso

The carbon bikes of the past few years are excellent frames and top line components at amazing value. You have to get it adjusted at a bike shop (order online) but that only affirms how good the bike is as my bike shop marvels at the bike, particularly when I tell them the price. I am not a pro, but I after a Trek Madone with top components, this one has the same components and equally good frame for more than half the price.

42 Ideal Bikes

Value for money!

43 Basso

Italian Frame passion

44 KHS

Very nice finishing and light to ride.

45 Devinci

Little known high quality bike brand made in Canada.
The company scraps a frame that is more than 2mils off the standard. They really take pride in building light quality racing bikes.

I've had a 98 Devinci since it came out of the factory. Still in good shape. Components comparable to my friends' bikes that are recent and above average quality.

Very impressed with the quality, not regret for sure. I had a Trek before but, I'm sold to Devinci now.

Sono interessato alla Spartan 2019, sembra essere un gran bel mezzo.

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46 Argon

I am on my third Argon 18. I started on a E80 tt bike that my local bike shop recommended after testing riding plenty of others. And it just seemed to fit and fly better than any of the others. I sold it after a couple of years ears and upgraded to the E112 TT bike and it is even better for me. Wow. What a great bike. Fast and comfortable. Great bike. Then recently I purchased their track bike frameset "the electron" and built it up and that too is an amazing bike. What can I say they fit and work for me best. Why ruin a good thing.

47 Silverback

I have a Silverback Strela 3 and must say I am impressed with the power transfer thanks to the frame stiffness. It is relative inexpensive and good performer bike.

I thick its very good one I like it

Must be top ten

I am a beginner and I have a Silverback Strela sport and I am loving every mile/Kilometre I am on the bike, well price value for money in my opinion

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48 Apache

This should be the top 5 its superstions are really cool

49 Phoenix

Best company ever!


50 Firefox
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