Top 10 Best PDF Reader / Viewer Software

Which PDF reader, do you think, is the most seamless, fastest and overall satisfactory?
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1 Adobe Reader

Best. Product. Ever! For people like me, who are truly (still) barely computer lit, this has been a pure Godsend. It is on both of my devices, easy breezy. Makes me look super professional at work because I'm not fretting e-signatures like with Docu Sign! Highly recommend all Adobe products. IF they're a few cents higher, the ease & convenience is WELL WORTH IT.

A pro and con is that your phone will automatically download the file with or without your permission to enable you to open it and see it. Which depending on the file or your preface, that may not be a bad thing... Or a good thing lol. I hate that my Android even needs it to open a simple pdf file. I haven't ran into any ads or problems other than that.

2 Foxit PDF Reader

Simple and easy to manage and handle with PDF documents.
Create PDF from different file formats and web pages. Quickly interact with PDF forms to collect data.

Very very thanks admin for posting my favorite pdf editor and converter.

3 PDF X-Channge Viewer

Based on my experience with Adobe & Foxit, I would say that PDF X-Change Viewer is far & away better than those two. I think it may be due to the fact that Tracker Software has 'Professional Software Developers' in its staff & it shows.

Words can't describe how much better this is than any Adobe crapware.

4 Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF is small sized and can easily be fit into a portable device like USB which ensures that where ever you go you can view PDF files easily.

It's lightweight and fast PDF viewer. Quickly view and read PDF files with Sumatra PDF tool.

5 Cool PDF

Simple and easy to use. Create, edit and sign with ease. Supports a wide range of PDF page processing. Protect the PDF documents with watermark or encryption.

6 Slim PDF
7 Xodo PDF Reader & Editor

Finally! A PDF editor that doesn't need an arm and a leg to be used. You can hit the ground running with Xodo. I spent a few hours trying to find an editor that didn't need a subscription to fill in applications. There is only one downside I can see, and its that you need to keep clicking on the text tab every time you want to add text somewhere else. But it's honestly not that big a deal. Love this app.

This is easily my favorite PDF app. I use it on mobile and PC. Only thing something like Adobe does better is the Fill feature where it can guess where the text fields are, but it only does that on PC. For ease of use and functionality on mobile, definer Xodo.

8 Google PDF Viewer

Google PDF Viewer is best pdf reader all time.

9 Moon+ Reader

I love this app. The only feature I'd like to see implemented at this point is the ability to "stack" books in the same series. I feel it would help with organization.

10 ReadEra

Easily the best ebook reader on the app store. The fact that this app is free with as many features as it has is truly admirable. The paid version, unfortunately, is overpriced considering what it provides versus what's already in the app. I'd like to support the devs but the price point is too steep for what you get. Either way, phenomenal app and super generous with free features.

This app is one of a kind, probably because this is the first app I came across when I need one for reading purpose. I highly recommend this app, you won't regret if you try this one.

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11 Javelin PDF Reader

I love simplicity of this app! I just need intuitive PDF reader so from this point of view it's awesome. I can't appreciate editing features - still good to have. I think second click on triple dot should close menu - my opinion, refreshing menu seams not logical. Keep it simple, keep it function, well done!

Easy to use and convenient pdf reader. Great job.

12 PDF Annotator
13 Librera Reader
14 Nitro Reader
15 Expert PDF Reader

Expert PDF Reader is a free pdf viewer software that lets you view and print pdf documents on windows operating systems.

16 Gaaiho PDF Reader
17 Radaee PDF Reader
18 GoodReader PDF Editor and Viewer
19 Haihaisoft Reader
20 MuPDF
21 Skim Pdf
22 Soda PDF

The application making viewing, editing and converting more simple and reliable.

23 PDFSam Basic
24 qPDF Viewer
25 Expert PDF Professional
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